March 22nd, 2005


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Im moving to Utah in August and Im driving I would like to make it into a road trip sort of thing. I dont know the exact route yet because I havent decided what I want to see yet. All I know is I want it to basically end in Las Vegas, from there I know how to get to Utah etc etc. Any suggestions on stuff to see in any state between Michigan and Nevada? Any weird or semi amusing road side stuff.
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A few months back, I saw one of the most disturbing things on the internet. It was a picture of a man (probably photoshopped) sticking his head in a woman's vagina. I am trying to find it now, and I cannot...
Can anyone help?
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have you ever had your car stolen? did you get it back?

do you ever wear an article of clothing multiple times between washes? what clothing and how many times would you wear it before washing?

does it get annoying when one person posts multiple entries to the same community within a few hours of each other? even if they vary their usericon to try not to seem overbearing?

do you think this community has a level of modesty making certain topics (such as blatant, or even crude, sexual questions/answers) somewhat taboo? or do you think that the community as a whole seems open-minded about all possible topics? would you rather that we were MORE open about personal subjects; or even less open?
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What's with rappers adding the word "what" to the end of every sentence lately? Eve does it several times in that song with Gwen Stefani, and Mariah Carey is doing it in her new song. Is that supposed to mean something? Could I, too, make millions simply by putting the word "what" at the end of every sentence, WHAT?
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I'm filling out a job application and I don't know how to list my current work. I'm technically a contractor at a camera company, so doesn't that mean that I work for myself? Technically, would I list the camera company as my employer? I wouldn't think so since I don't get benefits or anything and have to file a 1099. In my job app, what do I list as employer? Self?

Did you do your taxes yet? Do you do it yourselves or have another person do it for you?
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About guns in America...

I want some serious answers please - not just the kind of jokes that get bandied about after a story makes the front page...
1) America has laws that allow all citizens with a 'clean record' (no convictions, mental illness, etc) to own a gun. You can even buy them over the counter in the States. So...
How common is it to for a person to be killed by gunfire, percentage wise? Is a gun more likely to kill you than a car, for instance?
2) One thing that worries me about gun ownership is the risk of stray bullets. I mean, if I lived out in the woods, I could shoot at a burglar and not risk hitting anyone else. However, my house is surrounded by buildings in all directions. If I shot a burglar and missed, there is a good chance that the shot would go through my window, through someone else's window and hit an innocent person. Opening fire on a mugger would increase the chances of hitting a bystander immensely. How common is 'accidental shooting' in the States?
3) Does the US military have a worse record that any other army for incidents of 'friendly fire', or is it just the way the media repors things?
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I'm looking for a clipart/animation site that specializes in very small graphics-- no more than 22x22. I've Googled it a few times, but I can't find a search string that will hit exactly that. Does anyone have any ideas?


Where exactly are these quotes from (as in person/movie/etc)?

"The difference between fact and fiction? The fiction has to make sense."
"Why doesn't she like me? Is it my hair, my overbite, the fact that I've worn the same shirt and pants for the last four years?"
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if you lost the face to a detachable car radio,is it possible to just buy a new face or do you have to reinstall the whole thing?

the face is a jvc55050 cd player
and the comparison shopper web search said it was from $76-95.00

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religious/spiritual/social questions

I go to a Christian college... because I can live at home and I got a scholarship. And I am/was a Christian, but because of the way a lot of things have been handled around here and the way some people who call themselves Christians handle some very decisive moral dilemmas, I've decided I don't want to be a part of this anymore. I don't want to be part of a faith where its members are constantly having to say "but most Christians aren't like that" and I'm tired of being asked what my faith is and then what church I go to (I don't do the church thing) because people around here judge me on that. I'm not looking to switch faiths, I've thought about that before, I just want to be dissociate from the whole religion thing.

What would some of my options be to tell people what I believe when they ask me what my religion is? I'm thinking agnostic but I'm not sure what that means in context or what else is out there.
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unfortunate events


What are you up to?

I am just about to go get lunch, and when I get back, work will have hopefully materialized on my desk.
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I have a banquet in a week. Orders due tomorrow. Should I order Chicken Parm, Roast Beef or Backed Scrod?
I gave up meat for Lent (ending Sunday), if that influences you.

Also: how should I respond to hateful remarks?
Example one: I heard an acquaintance I'm on good terms with say a while ago that "our history teacher is obsessed with colored people". I wasn't sure how to reply, but then, neither was our math teacher, who she was saying this to. Yesterday, she came into play practice announcing that there was "a spic cleaning in the hallway". What do I say to someone my age who I'm usually friendly with?
(My boyfriend suggested: "I'm sorry, am I on the wrong floor? I was hoping for 2005. Did I press 1955 by mistake?")
Example two: The kids on my bus got so intolerable today with racist jokes, the word "fag" and relentless teasing of a Jewish kid; I told one of them off as best as I could manage and resolved to walk home for the rest of the year. However, I have to work at a summer camp for eight weeks this year, what do I say if one of the little darlings shoots off something similar in my presence?


How much is too much to spend on clothes? I need to get some new clothes for a new job where I'm going to be really visible and have a lot of contact with people. I'm especially interested in nice suit jackets and combos, but everything I'm looking at is at least $100 for just the jacket (not to mention the pants/skirt and whatever shirt I'd pick to go with it.)

I'm having a hard time coming up with a high quality, nicely tailored, professional looking new wardrobe for under $1000 (omg eeeek). It's not that I couldn't shell out that much if I had to, I'm just not sure I *want* to, even if I keep these things for years and years like I've done with all my other nice clothes.

So, how much do you think is too much to spend on a new work wardrobe? Argh!
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OK, I have Paint Shop Pro 6 and have been having some pecular problems with it lately. I've got pictures all cropped to make icons, but when I go to put the text on them, the whole program closes! What's the problem here?

I come seeking knowledge

Hello all. I hope you're all having/had a great Tuesday.

Anyways, I'm looking for a car. However I'm not sure what model I want yet. Thats where you guys come in. I want something that is a cross between a car, wagon, and suv. I know this sounds weird, but I've seen these cars on the road and I don't know what model they are!

I don't want a huge SUV type car, and I also don't wan't something as unhip as a station wagon. If it's a cool wagon, thats allright. Basically I'm looking for something midsize with lots of cargo space. It also has to be reasonable cheap too.

Any ideas?
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I came home and AOL IM said I was signed in at two locations. I don't know how, as I have my own computer, and can't access this at work. So I had it sign me out of the other location, and changed my password.

I have other accounts with the same username and password, not IM, but other things. Should I change those passwords too, you think? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
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Southwestern Company.
Selling encyclopedia/study guide type things over the summer. I know the company is, like, 150 years old. Alot of magazines have said good things. But, has anybody here worked for them? Or has anybody heard anything else about them? good things, bad things?
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Bizzare computer problems

Whats the strangest you've had?

Me... it was an MS-DOS 3.3 system. 8088 processor- internally 16 bits. I ran chkdsk, a disk diagnostic program, on a 360k floppy, and it reported back over four gigabytes of bad sectors.

Now, this shouldn't be possible. MS-DOS 3.3 didn't even beleive in hard drives over 132MB. The 8088 couldn't even count past 64,000 without some fancy(and then rather expensive) programming stunts. The idea that it could somehow recognize 4 gigabytes, much less that many bad sectors on a disk that only held 360K(less than 1 percent of 1 percent of four gigabytes), is just bizzare, and should be impossible. But it displayed it. In several locations on multiple runs. HEll, when this happened, the concept of four gigabytes of anything was just absolutely astounding.

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If you own a digital camera, what kind do you have? How much did you pay for it?
I am searching for a camera that will take excellent pics, and I wouldn't mind paying a bit for it if I have to.
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Who is your favorite painter? Why?

I personally really enjoy Francisco Goya, because his paintings are so dark and full of symbolism. When I look at some of his art, I feel somewhat sketched out, yet I like it. Weird, I know.
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1. i'm sending a package out, but i've never really mailed a package before (haha)... it's a dvd box set so it's 2 x 5.5 x 7.75 and weighs like a pound (guessing), so i have some questions. (for the record i'm in the US)
  • can i just drop it in the blue mailbox drop box or do i need to actually take it up to the counter at the post office to have it mailed?
  • do i need to put it on an actual box or can i wrap it in like brown paper?
  • if i can drop it in the blue mailbox, how do i know how many stamps do i need?

2. what have you been surprised to learn about the people in this community? i was suprised at how many people use manual toothbrushes, how many people re-wear clothes between washes, and how many people waited to get their driver's licenses (me being one of them ;P). haha. not in a mean way, just suprised.
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playlist/mix CD

Thanks to my love of music, and my coworkers' love of Pepsi/Mountain Dew, I have 12 song codes for iTunes. I've already downloaded 20 free songs already, so here is the challenge: suggest an artist, an album, or make a mix list of songs you think I might like. What am I missing out on that is vital, or totally awesome?

My current mp3 playlist can be found here, so you have an idea what I have, and what I like. (excluding my iTunes purchases) My favorites include Alice in Chains, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Moby, Zero 7, Grant Lee Buffalo, and 70s music.

So make me a playlist/mix CD/artist/album recommendation. Now I don't want to hear that anybody is bored! ;-) I can't wait to see what people suggest.

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I bought Grape Nuts cereal, and I'm totally pissed because it doesn't taste like grapes OR nuts!

Do I just put it in with my cheerios or something? I guess it's never too late to be fiber conscious, yes?
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Did you know?

OK, did you know that if you click on the little LJ user icon guy next to a name on your friends list, it brings up the user info of that person instead of the journal??

I just stumbled upon this. I always thought they both linked to the same thing (their journal).


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My friend has been bugging me to get back on AOL. About a year ago we switched from aol cable to roadrunner due to wireless network and having 3 computers on at the same time.

My question is- if I pick up one of AOL's free trial disks and install it, will it work with my roadrunner/router and make a connection? is it worth trying or should I not even infect my computer with AOL again? I do miss the chats and the people I used to know on there. Any help is awesome
Friends: Unagi.
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I just go to gmail and I get Collapse )
Has anyone else had that? I wouldn't know what unusual usage there could be as all I really use it for is school and LJ. In the past week I have used it for yousendit links quite a lot. Could that be it?

Edit: Problem solved: I clicked "stel Safari opnieuw in..." (sorry, I can't for the life of me think what that is in English. My mind's drawing a blank) and everything seems to be ok again.
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