March 21st, 2005


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Ok, so try not to think Im some selfish person this is a little more complicated then Im in the mood to write about.

My 18th birthday is in 17 days. Ive always wanted this to be a relativly important event in my life. My sixteenth was non existent (depression, moves etc) and my immediate social circle is small to say the least. Anyway, my father is on me about what I want. and Im stumped. my older brother got a car. I have a car of course I would love love love a new one especially since Im driving out west in August and Im a little worried about mine now. but my father has ruled that one out. So..I can think of things that I want but at the same time..they add up to like $200. My brothers car was over $3000. This is my 18th birthday. and I realize that I dont have to compare my gifts with my brothers but it would be nice, especially cause...thats all I get from my father, material things. There's a lot of issues between him and the rest of the family. and Im not really expecting anything at all from my mother. So..I dont know. Ive thought about an IPod..but Im not really sure, and even that seems like it should be "part" of a gift. but, I really dont know what I want.
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My great aunt recently passed away during her lifetime she worked for the government and traveled the world. She would always bring back dolls from everywhere for my aunt My aunt, in shock that her mother actually kept these dolls all those years, graciously gave them to me to sell. Some of them are in bad condition and probably arent worth anything but others are pretty well preserved. Im having problems finding a place to go to to see about selling them though. We're trying to avoid Ebay though. Anyone know of any place that collects antique dolls?
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how often do you brush your teeth?

do you floss? how often?

why do you or why don't you floss?

do you use a tongue scraper?

how often do you see the dentist?

what's your favorite flavor of toothpaste?

do you use an electric toothbrush or a manual one?

do you chew gum regularly? what kind and flavor?

do you prefer answering lists of questions or open-ended questions?

what's your favorite lj community?
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I want to repaint my bedroom. What is a good color, that not only sets "the mood", but also becomes a good balance between night and day. I don't want it so bright, that at night, it's uncomfortable....or too dark that in the daytime, it's dreary. Right now, I have neutral walls, with 1 bright red wall. It's been long enough, and I'd like a change. Any suggestions? I really don't have any dislikes as far as colors go, except pinks.
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Math Question

I'm at work working on a report. But I'm stuck. I have to compare two numbers and show the result in a report. Is there a comparison symbol in math that I can use instead of writing "compared to"?

EDIT FOR CLARITY: Workers' Compensation Injury Rate: Q(uarter) 1 (20)04 compares to Q 1 05 = 5% increase.

I want to make the equation look cleaner: Q104 "compares to" (I want to put a symbol here) Q105 = 5% >
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Digital photographers: Can anyone recommend a cheapish photo printer, ie one dedicated to printing photos, ideally up to A4? I'm in the uk if it makes any difference.
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For those of you who choose to not let your eyebrows grow naturally, what do yo do to maintain them?

I pluck. Nearly every day. I think it feels good and it calms me down, but when that happens I find that I over-pluck. Right now my right eyebrow looks horrible.. oh well.
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Odd collections

Do you have any odd or quirky things you collect?

For example, I have to force myself to avoid the "paint" section in stores like home depot or sears, etc, because I have a habit of taking every single paint color sample card from the display. I used to have an enormous collection of them. I just like the names they give the colors, and I used to use them in art pieces and stuff. I have since forced myself to throw them all out and avoid the displays whenever possible, because it was getting ridiculous. I don't go into that kind of store very often anyways, so luckily it hasn't been a problem lately.

I also collect monkey things. Stuffed monkeys, monkey pictures, clothes with monkeys on them. Any monkey items you do not wish to have in your possesion can be donated to me if you like. =)

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If you have seen the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe, please answer.

1. How does the film address the issues of Rome returning to a republic?

2. Describe the religious/spiritual aspects protrayed in the film.

Anything will help! Thank you.
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Two questions

1. What do you think in? Pictures, words, auditory thoughts... what?

2. What if two lovers could read each other's minds or see into each other's inner worlds/memories? Would this be a good or bad thing, and why?
To me, the obvious benefits would be that the person couldn't fucking lie to you and cheat on you. The bad side, though, would be the complete lack of privacy. I'm sure there are some deeper sides to this issue if we think enough about it...
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Im moving to college in the fall and my dorm has high speed internet access in every room. We are selling my desktop and getting a laptop. preferrably Dell...anything other than HP really. anyway, I know the specifications that I want for my computer but when it comes to laptops and internet I am extremely uneducated. What will I need to get extra for the computer if anything.
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Hi! This year, I’m participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. I’m part of a team that is raising money to help in the fight against cancer. Did you know that more than one million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year? It’s alarming, isn’t it?

But the American Cancer Society is working hard to change this. With two million volunteers nationwide, the Society fights the disease on all fronts: research, education, advocacy, and service. I’m committed to being a part of this amazing work.

I am posting this because I feel so strongly about eliminating cancer. I know so many people who have lost loved ones to cancer and would like to spread awareness and help fight against this silent killer. Please join in the fight and make a donation. I hope you can help me with a donation to this incredible cause. Your support will help people all over the nation.
You can make a secure online contribution from my Personal Donation Page by clicking on the link below. If you prefer to mail your contribution to me, please send it to:

Woodsies for Life
PO Box 789
Le Fer Hall
SMW, IN 47876

or donate online here:

Thank you!

Kimi Anderson
Team Captain for Woodsies for Life

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shaving, totes, and shoes

1. does anyone here use an electric razor to shave their legs? would you recommend it?
it's getting warm enough for skirts with no stockings and shaving in the shower without my glasses on is going to get me killed one of these days.

2. i need a cute -not cutesy- tote for carrying my lunch and my purse and shoes to work and back. where do you buy your bags?

3. how many pairs of shoes do you own AND how many of them do you wear on a regular basis? i have 7 pairs of work shoes in rotation right now. and the 3 pair of casual. plus the trainers i wear when i exercise.

4. how do you pamper yourself? i get spa pedicures, and they make my feet feel amazing.

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If there are rumours circulated around your office, implying sexual relationships, and nothing is done to prevent them or discipline the person responsible is there anything that can be done legally to the employers for not taking action? I’m in the UK.
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Whenever I talk to this boy that I like, we both have huge grins on our faces the whole time.

Does this have any significance as to whether or not he is interested in me?

Sorry about the stupid teenage dating question. :(
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My law class is writing essays for this huge assignment, and before the spring break, we told our teacher our topics so he could ok then. A lot of kids got ther ideas turned down, but I didnt (hooray). My topic was somethng along the lines of how the right to remain silent is one of the most fundamental rights Canadians hold today and therefore, should not be abolished. I have a ton of notes and research and quotes and facts and whatnot, and then, bam, today he says "Oh, thats not an essay topic"... ok, thank you Mr. Teacher. RRAAAWWWRR, we have our thesis staements and purpose statements due tomorrow, and if mine is REALLY good, maybe I can convince him. Anyone have any good ideas for me? Just, little tips or tricks? I know this community looks down on homework help, but I've done all the work, I just was wondering for backup.

Also, have you ever had this happen? Doesnt it suck?
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1.How does a close friendship with sex/kissing hookups differ from an actual romantic relationship with said physical intimacies?

2. If you are currently single, why do you want a romantic relationship? What are you looking for in a relationship? Why?
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There is a thought that if a guy walks past you, then turns around behind him to look at you then he is interested in you – now, do you think this is true or do you think it is just a guys way of trying to subtly [or not so subtly as the case may be] look at your ass?

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I was really thinking a lot today. Truth is, I am afraid to live. I always tell everyone that I dont have many fears, but its a lie. Im afraid of almost everything, and that is going to be the downfall of my life.

I am afraid of throwing up. I am afraid of shots. I am afraid of the eye doctor. I am afraid to have sex. I am afraid to (someday) have a child. I am afraid of heartbreak.

I could say prolly 300 more things that I am afraid of, but, it makes it so much easier to say that I am afraid of life. Its pathetic, and I know it. I am too afraid to change it, though... Does anyone find this is them?

Also, do you ever think about you being a well-rounded person? Is that something you crave? My teacher said to us today that "some of the questions on the test are sports, just to see how well-rounded we are." Okay, I found that really unfair. I like to play sports, yes, but watching them is another story. I would LOVE to be thought of as a well-rounded person, I crave for it because I see it as such a good thing, but am I really going to sit through something that bores me and something I dont want to do to achieve that title? Would you? Honestly.

And last, am I the only one who thinks about what people think of them, and cares so much its sick? I dont want to conform, but I want to be liked. I wonder SO MUCH about what people are thinking of me, its gross. I always tell everyone else "dont worry about what anyone else is saying, all that matters is you." I try as hard as I can to believe it, but truth is, I care. I am NOT looking to be perfect in the eyes of anyone else. If you hear me complain about being fat, its because I am not happy with me, not because some ass hole guy/girl who think they are hot shit told me that I am. I do care what people think of me, and that keeps me from being myself sometimes. I think thats what bothers me the most of any of this...

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full house.

on full house, jesse, rebecca, and the twins all live in the attic in the later seasons..... the attic has a little room of to the side that is the twins' room after they were born.

but the attic was built before rebecca ever got pregnant.... so what was that room before the twins room?

am i forgetting it ever being used, or did they just pull it out of their asses and try to pull it off like it had always been there?

I've been thinking about this for awhile

Why is it so relieving to listen to people who have the same problems as you talk about their problems, even when you knew beforehand that you could not possibly be the only person in the world experiencing them? Isn't that a little morbid to find comfort in other people's problems? Is there a psychological term for this?
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CSI Music Guide, Music Supervision

Alright - two somewhat related/unrelated questions.

1. Does anyone know of a comprehensive music guide for the music used in the various CSI shows? I've googled and there are a few "guides" that only have a piecemeal listing of the songs used in the episodes, but not one with all the songs.

2. What sort of qualifications would someone need to have in order to pursue a job as a musical supervisor? Does one have to have a college degree? What? (I mean musical supervisor in the sense of the television/film job -- the person who chooses and arranges for music on television shows and in movies).

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Am I bad person if I occasionally feel superior to my peers?
Do you ever feel this way? Do you feel bad about it?

I mean, I certainly don't think I'm better than everyone. I suppose it's the fact that I don't get spectacular grades, but often find I'm smarter than a lot of my classmates. Though, really, I know a girl (senior in high school, mind you) that asked a Chinese exchange student if China was a country. I'm absolutely bewildered at the fact that she's graduating. With a better sociology grade than I have, I think.
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what are you thoughts on circumcision?

would you prefer to be with a partner who is or isn't cut?

are you circumsized?
do you wish you would have had some input on the matter?

do you intend to circumsize your kids? why or why not?

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Can anyone tell me how not to crush on every single goodlooking dude who becomes my friend?

EDIT: On a completely unrelated note, I heard somewhere that eagles have one of the longest lifespan of all birds, but when they are 40 years old, they have to undergo a painful process to regrow their beaks, claws and so on. Is that true?