March 20th, 2005

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oo1. what is the difference between erotica and pornography?
oo2. have you ever done absinthe? what is it like? is it possible to obtain it in the united states?
oo3. i am twenty-two years old, in good health, and not sexually active, but i have frequent urinary tract infections ((uti's)) and i do not know why. they are really painful too. any thoughts and suggestions to alleviate the pain before i can get to the doctor?
oo4. do you prefer cats or dogs? what is your favorite breed(s)?
oo5. what are your favorite websites to visit for entertainment purposes?
oo6. this is going to sound really silly, but i do not understand what the hand gesture 'the shocker' is supposed to mean and of course it is everywhere. what does it mean, exactly?
oo7. does green beer taste any different than regular beer?
oo8. what publications do you subscribe to?

thank you!
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easter treats

1. Cadbury creme eggs or the caramel eggs?
2. What's your favorite kind of jelly bean? Store brand, smuckers, starburst, jelly belly... any favorites?
2b. Do you eat the black jellybeans? My mom hates them but I don't mind them so much.
3. Chocolate bunnies: hollow or solid?
4. Anybody like Peeps?
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Is there a website or a way where I can listen to radio stations across the country. I grew up in Vegas and visit the Bay area, CA a lot but I live in MI and I miss good radio stations..
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Real Player stupidity

Real Player now opens up near the upper left corner of my monitor. It's a little bit off from it. It won't move from that spot, the top left of the window is like its glued there.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Either something buried in the RP preferences, registry, some configuration file hidden somewhere, whatever can be done to fix this.

I'm really hating windows right now. This may push even more of my computing time onto the mac.
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Late night questions...

What places are there to eat where you live that are open 24 hours?

What place do you wish was open 24 hours?

My ansewers...
Jack-In-The-Box, Taco Bell, Dennys, iHop, and if all else fails there is Win-Co, a grocery store open 24 hours that's really cheap and has good stuff.

About an hour ago I could have SO gone for a sub sandwich from another Grocery Store's deli or a Quizno's sandwich. Don t ask me why but I was craveing it.
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Sleeping Patterns.

It's 3AM here and I'm still up (though about to go to bed). Which is quite a regular thing for me to do, these days - at least a couple times a week. I do sleep in afterwards, though.

How often do you stay up past midnight or even later into the small hours (like me)? Anyone who's mostly or even entirely nocturnal, or who pulls regular all-nighters, or otherwise really messes with their sleeping patterns?



When you take a taxi, how much do you tip the driver?

Or how much are you supposed to? Are you even supposed to?

I don't know how much you are supposed to, but I usually end up giving the guy something like a 20% tip 'cause I have no change.
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I have tons of underwear, but I keep wearing the same ones (boy cut briefs from American Eagle).

What on earth do I do with all of my other underwear?

Creative answers, please (keep in mind I'll probably keep all of it, but I thought I'd ask a really random question.)
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My DVD drive doesn't seem to be working properly. It reads everything but DVDs. I went through the troubleshooter and updated the decoder, but I still get nothing. It doesn't even detect that the DVD's there. I also tried uninstalling the drive and reinstalling it, but that didn't work either. Help?
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Question (uh, duh?)

Is there a (REPUTABLE!) place online to, say, buy a money order and have them send it to a specified address? I ask because I am lazy (yesyes, i know), and someone has something I want, but they don't have PayPal (gasp!). Something like BidPay (I'd use BidPay, but this isn't an auction.)
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Whats the appropriate amount to tip your hairdresser? If say you get your highlights redone, and maybe some type of color/contrast added. Im not positive what I want to do yet and I wont be until I ask her what she thinks probably but I just want to be prepared. also its a pretty upscale place. getting my roots will probably be 50-80. I dont know exactly. It cost 100 to get highlights.

Does anyone have any ideas for what I could do with my hair? Im a naturaly brunette and right now I have caramel highlights but I want to add something else. Ive toyed with the idea of going red with blondish highlights but Im scared. undertones? anything
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procreation, not recreation (points if you know what TV show I'm referencing)

How do you think ancient man stumbled onto HOW to procreate? I mean, it seems simple when you think about it, but think if you had no point of reference, primitave language at best, and you were the first of your you think it was instinct or just trial and error?

For some reason I thought of this question, and it won't leave me alone.

Oh, and a bonus question: What's your favorite radio station?
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(no subject)

In your opinion...

1. What responsibility does the media have in bringing us the truth?

2. Do you believe that what the media gives us is the truth? (Or, how much of what the media gives us do you think is the truth?)
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Why do gauged ears smell so bad?

Actually, my un-gauged holes in my ears smell bad too. Do all piercings do this?

I clean them regularly, so they aren't dirty. But, I fidget with my ears a lot and my hands always smell all ear-y. It makes me feel unclean.
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CD burner acting up

My CD burner refuses to burn :-( Whenever I try it it tells me that there's no CD inside. I've tried restarting and using different CDs and brands but to no avail. Does anybody know what to do? I know this is pretty vague, please ask if you need any additional information. Oh and I'm using Windows Media Player.
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Wireless security

I'm looking into adding wireless to the home lan for use with my powerbook. the common security options on wireless routers and access points, would they be sufficient or should I put the other PCs on harder lockdown?

Currently I rely on NAT for all my firewalling needs, but wireless access would bypass that entirely, as it would give someone behind the router access... But, if the security options on my wireless router/access point would make that as difficult to achieve as breaking through NAT, I don't really have to worry...

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Everyone is obsessed with weight. Me too, I must admit.
Post a picture of someone you consider fat, not obese, fat.

I am curious to see what others consider as too big, etc.
Then along with it, post a picture of someone who is perfect, in terms of body weight/type.

Who do you think is fat?

EDIT: I think Kate Winslet has a great body, she looked beautiful at the Oscars.
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(no subject)

I'm leaving for Italy in a few days:

- What are some some easy phrases I should learn to slightly communicate with the people (I know some, such as Buon giorno, Quanto coasta?, grazie/prego, si/no, etc.)

- I'm visiting: Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Venice, and a bunch of little towns inbetween. Anything in particular I should be aware of in these areas?

- Is it ok to haggle in Italy? I like to bargain, but I know some countries are quickly offended.

- What should I bring with me on the plane? I'm probably bringing a couple of books, my iPod, some homework.

- The U.S. Customs Declaration Form: What's that all about? Should I be worried?Do I have to keep and *exact* tab on where my money goes? (Not that I shouldn't, but I'm very forgetful.)


(no subject)

1. (This one is rather complicated. My apologies.)

My first question is related to a problem I've experienced recently. I'm using dialup Internet. Generally it runs around 44 kbps. Fairly recently I installed a web accelerator (MFE Accelerator) which seems to help with the speed but has caused some interesting problems; the most annoying one being that my computer doesn't display animated images on various sites (Livejournal specifically.) It loads the first frame but after that, nothing. I also recently switched browsers to Firefox but I don't think that has much to do with it since I was having the problem before with Internet Explorer. To see the full graphic with Internet Explorer I have to right click on the image and click "Show All Original Images." I can't find a way to do even that much in Firefox. As an interesting side note multi-frame/animated images on JournalFen seem to be loading without any problems at all. I've tried all I can think of and frankly I'm baffled. Any ideas?

2. If all that above blather is too much is there some sort of good computer help community I might question further?

3. I'd like to buy me an image editing program. I've heard good things about both Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. So which is better in your opinion? Which of those two (or something else entirely) do you use. What/Which should I purchase? I don't mind paying extra money if the program is going to be better for it. (I run Windows XP if that helps)

So basically, which is better: Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop?
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(no subject)

1. Is there a german word for "Polyamorous"? and, if it's a big long word like streichholzstrechelchen or geschwindigkeitstempo, is there a "poly" kind of short-form?

2. I was watching tv at the boyfriend's before he dropped me off, and it was VH1 I love the 70s, 1978. I believe I saw porn? What movie did they talk about?
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housewarming party.

my sister's boyfriend's family is having a housewarming party this weekend.

they are a filipino family with four grown kids under one roof. they make a reasonable amount of money so they aren't in need of little "necessities around the house." my family isn't close to their family (i've actually only met than two or three times ever) but we are very close to my sister's boyfriend.

none of us have ever been to a housewarming party.

what is a good gift idea to bring for housewarming? my dad suggested a plant, but BLAH.

i guess we're looking to pay in the $30 - $40 range.

any suggestions are appreciated =)

EDIT: i was thinking about how some stores sell those little $6 fuzzy individual sized blankets.... would it be a good idea to get one in different colors for each member of the family? would YOU enjoy a little blanket or would it just sit in the back of your linen closet?
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(no subject)

I have Sprint cell phone service.

Is anyone else having problems with getting texts re-sent to them several hours later? I just got an entire string (about 8 of them in a row) of messages that had been received HOURS ago. How annoying.
You would think they'd be a little better at keeping track of this.. or have some sort of way to verify that a message was sent AND received. What's the deal?
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Why would someone want an iPod shuffle?

  • It holds what, 200 songs?
  • There's no screen, you can't see what song you're playing.
  • You can get something of a comparable size that holds more songs with a screen for a comparable price or cheaper.

I can see why someone would want a shuffle in addition to their preexisting iPod (you've already got your normal player for normal use, you can just grab this little one if you're going out on a run or something and you don't want a bulkier player; I've contemplated getting a shuffle in addition to my Mini myself), but why as your only mp3 player? It just doesn't seem practical to me.


(no subject)

I want to have some articles put into some magazines, articles dealing with menstrual subjects, what places (websites, magazines, zines, etc) would you think might take said articles?
How would you go about submitting articles to a magazine or website?

(no subject)

**edit**: I'm a sophomore

Is there really a significant difference (as far as getting into college, a selective private liberal-arts college to be specific, is concerned) between taking standard level US History, Honors US History, and AP US History my next year in high school? Right now I'm thinking of going for Honors...

Also, I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally hate math with a passion. When I complete Algebra 2 (which I will have this summer, I have to retake stupid first semester because I got a stupid D) I will have fulfilled my basic graduation requirements? I hate math. I don't want to take precalculus next year. My dad's leaving the choice up to me. Should I take Newspaper or another class that actually interests me and get an A, or sludge my way through precalculus and get a C? I took Algebra 1A and 1B in middle school and got A's all 4 semesters. I took geometry last year and got B's both semesters. I just have a block on Algebra 2 or something, and I imagine precal will be even more challenging.

My other classes will be Spanish 4, IB Environmental Studies, possibly newspaper (see above), standard English, and IB Anthropology.

It's time for me start seriously considering what colleges I want to go to, so anticipate a lot of questions here on that topic. :P Anyone know of a community where anxious people like me can specifically discuss getting into college?

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(no subject)

For those of you who gave something up for Lent...

How has that been going?

Just curious. Didn't do anything, myself. :)

EDIT: And what's the strangest thing you've said in a late-night comment (or early-morning, or whenever you're the slowest. :P)?
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(no subject)

this is for mac users as i'm trying to learn some stuff about apple compared to regular ol' pc's.
note: i currently use an hp comp system with xp pro. i'm looking into getting a notebook computer eventually so i'm trying to do some research on some of my options.

1. what mac comp do you use (powerbook/ibook/mac mini/etc)?
2. why do you use mac as opposed to a regular pc?
2b. what are the pros and cons of being a mac user?
3. what do i need to know before getting myself into the world of mac users (i mean, i've been a pc user for about 10+ years...would the transition to a mac be overwhelming)?
4. how is apple's service/help/etc?
5. on a mac os, can you use the same programs you use on pc like mozilla, aim, etc?
5b. or are there better programs?
6. i obviously know very little...what's some good advice or knowledge to have about apple in general?

for ipod users...
note: currently i'm thinking of getting a 4gb ipod mini.

1. what ipod do you have (type & generation)?
2. is it better to order it through apple's website or buy it at a store?
3. if you ordered it through apple's website, do you recieve good service from apple?
4. what all do you really need for an ipod as far as all the accessories go (this includes cables and battery stuff as well as sleeves, etc)? i don't want to buy an accessory i don't really need.
5. what should i know about ipod's before dropping the moolah on one?
6. how do you think ipods compare to other mp3 players out there?
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1. how old are you?
2. are you in a relationship? for how long?
3. how many relationships have you have?
4. how long did each one last?
5. what made each one unique? (edit: you guys are SO uncreative. you don't need to limit yourself to one sentence.)
6. how long were you "single" between each relationship?
7. were you having sex with any of them? which?
8. how many of them were members of the opposite sex and how many of the same sex?
9. do you get your comments e-mailed to you or do you just check back at the post every so often?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had a friend that became homeless?

2. Why do you think homelessness occurs?

3. Do you volunteer anywhere? Why or why not?

4. If you died tomorrow, would the world be a better place for having had you in it?