March 19th, 2005


Speeding Ticket Update & Greatest Accomplishment?

I wrote an entry on getting my first speeding ticket a while back and just wanted to update on the results.

A lot of you offered that since the guy let me off easier by writing me up for less than I was really going, I shouldn't fight it.

Well, I didn't fight it, but I wrote a small, professional letter to the court accepting responsibility with an explanation. I apologized and all that good stuff, and I ended up getting the points dropped and they changed the ticket to "Impeding traffic" :) The fine went up a little bit, but I don't care about that. It's nothing in comparison to how my insurance would've went up!

So thanks for your advice everyone! :)

And now, on another note, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment in your life thus far?
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You only get to listen to five albums for the rest of your life - not mixes! What are your 5?

Mine are The Beatles - 1, Dispatch - Gut the Van, David Watkins - Without Words, RENT original cast recording, and Campfire Girls - Tell Them Hi.
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I need some advice.

One of my friend's lives has really been going downhill since she met her boyfriend. One of the things she seems determined to do now is try crystal meth. Luckily, her friends convinced her that crystal meth is not a good thing to try if you've never done any drugs before, and if she were to try anything, try weed. So she did, and she's been doing it for a couple of weeks now. Last night she was doing it again, and she also decided to try shrooms.

The weed, I could handle. Lots of people smoke weed, and if she just wanted to try it once, then I can forgive that. But she's done it more than once, and now she's starting with shrooms. I'm worried that it'll just get worse from here. She's had eating disorders in the past. She used to be a self injurer. She's got self esteem problems. Another one of my friends says that the bulimia and cutting has a good chance of resurfacing if she continues down the path she's going (BTW, I found out she's been purging every once in a while for the last month or so).

I really want to get her to stop before she gets into anything worse, like crystal meth, but I don't know what to do. With eating disorders, telling people that they look fine and they should stop usually just worsens their condition, and I could see the same thing happening with drugs. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help her? :/
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What do you think about our punnishment system?

I believe that someone should be put in jail, etc, if they are potentially dangerous to society. But, what do you think should happen to someone who probably isn't potentialy dangerous to society?

Some examples:
A wife who kills her husband because she can't take the physical abuse anymore
Someone who does drugs( by the way, not sure, if this qualifies as dangerous or not because they could cause you to have pyschotic reactions, who knows)
a drug dealer (also not sure if this is dangerous to society or not)
a prostitute
martha stewart
someone who cheats on taxes/corporate fraud, etc.
crimes of passion

I think anyone potentially dangerous to society to should be jailed. However, in crimes of passion, I think the person should be required to go into therapy or if they don't have the money to choose their own, take government sanctioned classes for anger management, self-esteem, etc. With intensive therapy paid for by perpatrator being the best choice. I'm not sure how I feel about drug users/dealers. I think CEO's, tax cheaters etc, should be disallowed to ever run a company again or be a major shareholder in any one company. They should probably be audited for the rest of their life every year. Maybe not allowed to ahve a passport so they can't escape taxes, but not go to jail. Our jails are alredy crowded enough. I think we need to focus more on rehabilitating the ill/immoral/bad decision makers in society who do have hope instead of condemning them to hang out with the psychos who have no hope in jail. Of course, it is always hard to decipher who will probably be a danger to society and who will not, but it is also hard to decide when someone is guilty and when they are not in many cases. A jury could still decide these things.

What do you think?
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Who saw The Ring Two? Are you going to see it? What did you think?

What's with all these Japanese films being remade into American films?

What movies are you looking forward too?
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When observing the feeling one gets when they meet someone new that they are attracted to; the butterflies, the feeling as though there is some great spiritual connection, the intense obsessions or physical reactions to those people and if one indulges and years go by, they seem to die, I ask myself, what is happening scientifically and biologically? It is almost as if these reactions to people we fall for are similar to drug addictions. Thoughts or comments?
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what ever happened to Joe P. Smith who was seen in 2/04 abducting a girl who was walking home from school (it was caught with a security camera). her name was Carlie Brucia

what happened to the case? haven't heard about it.. wonder if he got life in prison or the death penalty

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is it true that different colors hurt worse than others when being tattooed? ive heard this a few times, but i dont see how different colors could result in different amounts of pain. im going to be getting color put in my calf/shin tattoo. the outline was dreadfully painful (its large, has lots of straight lines, and is on my lower leg, a somewhat painful place for ink in my mind). since ive heard the color blue supposedly gives a good amount of pain and im getting a lot of blue, i wanted to find out if color having anything to do with pain was hokey or not.

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Winamp/Divx/Real/Windows media and AVI files

I have all of the above mentioned programs, and not a single one of them can play a simple AVI file I have here. It plays on other people's computers just fine, and I think I may need a codec for at least one of these. I've got Real v10, Windows media 9, The latest winamp, and divx 2.6

Any help on figuring out why I get no video but sound plays fine, would be VASTLY appreciated.


Afternote: When played in divx...there are pink bars and assorted greenish colors flashing all around, it's very odd. It is a sign I've found to be indicitave of having the wrong/missing codecs.

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Why am I peeing so frequently today? I just went about 20 minutes ago and have the urge to go again. Im not drinking more than usual. Im only 21 so I doubt its overactive bladder. what the heck!

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If you delete a site from the history is it gone forever or is there a way I can find out what sites were cleared? I am looking for a site that I visited a few days ago and my dumbass husband cleared everything, and now I can't find it.

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If someone isn't Catholic but his/her girlfriend/boyfriend is, and they want to get married in a Catholic church, does the none Catholic person have to be "converted" into Catholism or take any classes?


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What do you usually do in the bath/Shower? What are your surroundings? i.e candles, incense, music etc.

I always light candles no matter if its a bath or shower, I dont like the bright lights of my bathroom. When I take a shower my radio is usually blasting. and if Im taking a bath Ill usually have the radio on low in the backround, the candles on the tub and a book.
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