March 18th, 2005


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to those of you who are in college, have been in college, will be in college soon (enough to have an idea of what some of the core required classes are at your school), or even just have some input based on experiences of friends and acquaintances even if you haven't done college yourself. . . . . (and I suppose this is *probably?* applicable more to 4 year colleges and universities, than community colleges and such, although I'm not sure. . . )

Did your school have any foreign language requirements (as in, that you have to take, or at least prove your proficiency in before you can graduate)?
What school, if I may ask?
And where is that school? (country if it's not in the US/or state if it's in the US, works for me =)

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Do you get upset when movies/TV shows give away the ending or surprises from other movies/TV shows? Like when the Simpsons blew the ending of Planet of the Apes (which I saw for the first time tonight) or when Stephen King gives away endings for his earlier books in newer books. Ugh, I can't stand it! Or, do you get upset when other people give away the ending/surprises for movies/TV shows before you see them? My dad gave away the surprise in Sixth Sense while driving my boyfriend and I to go see it in high school. D'oh!
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Next Sunday, my boyfriend and I plan on cooking Easter dinner for my father. I can't remember the last time I spent Easter with my dad, since he and my mom divorced (12 years ago). I want the steaks to taste perfect. Can anyone suggest how to marinate them? I usually let them sit overnight. I'm one to just start throwing stuff in there, and they usually turn out pretty good. But, if someone has any "special" concoctions they don't mind sharing, I surely would appreciate it.

The Questions of Life

This is a two part question

The latest on Terry Shiavo's drama

I'm sure most of you have heard about the story of Terry Schiavo. She's severely brain damaged, and kept alive solely by a tube. She suffered her brain damage back in 1990, and for the last few years, her husband, Michael, has legally tried to have her tube removed, thus bringing forth her death, by saying that she would not want to live like this. She's been this way for a while, and there's little medical hope for recovery. Even if she does recover from the necessity of using the tube, her brain is so severely damaged she'll never be more than severely mentally handicapped the rest of her life, and will have to undergo extensive therapy to even resume normal motor functions, like walking and talking. Her parents are religious people and feel that there's always hope, and want her tube to stay. Michael wants to move on with his life, and feels no reason to keep her alive. Her parents feel that he wants her to die just so he can make off with insurance checks and property and stuff like that, being the sole beneficiary. Considering that this is taking place in Florida, where Jeb Bush is governor, he's intervened illegally to bar the tube removal. The courts have been back and forth on this issue, and eventually the higher courts are taking a role in this as well. Bush himself has addressed his this issue, supporting the idea to keep her alive. What finally happens to her is undecided as of now. My questions are as follows

1) Who do you feel is right in this case? The husband, or the parents and the Bushes? Does the date of her mental injury play a factor in this case?

2) Suppose you were in Terry's place. What would you want to happen to you?

My answers
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What's your take, people? There's no right or wrong answer. I'm just curious where people fall on this issue.
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i can't find the code anywhere. does anybody know where i can find the code to see the percentages of who comments in you lj? i just want to know.
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What are people from each state called? I mean, I'm from Virginia, so I'm a Virginian. Someone from New York is a New Yorker. People from the Carolinas are Carolinians.

What about people from Kansas? Massachussetts? Maine? Wyoming? Oregon? Any other state that doesn't seem like it would have a simple title...?

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Aw sheeit.
So, I spilled tea on my key board about an hour ago, and now it won't work. I unplugged it and then plugged it back in, and then it kept making error-type sounds. I got scared and shut down the computer. Any suggestions on how I can fix this without having to, say, tell my dad who will get pissed?

EDIT I drained some of it out, which I guess might have been dumb because that would just spread it around.
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This has been driving me nuts. :>

In a lot of school districts (public) in the United States, especially on the east coast, schools get out anywhere from a half hour to an hour early on Wednesdays.

But why?

Our school district had us out at 2 on Wednesdays in elementary school, 2:30 in middle school and in high school we just get out normally at 2:50, but the elementary/middle schools standardly ended at 3. What's with this early-on-Wednesday system, and where did it originate from? Nobody here was able to tell me.

Note: when I lived in Harlem, this never happened. On moving to Westchester, it did. That's part of the reason I've always been so confused about it.
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What were some of your favorite TV shows when you were younger?

I was one of those kids who was a Nickelodeon freak in the early/mid '90s, so my favorite shows were The Secret World of Alex Mack, Clarissa Explains it All, My Brother and Me, All That, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and Rocko's Modern Life.
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For those of you who are old enough to own one... Do you have a credit card? Is it "weird" to not have one?

Yesterday, I was talking to some co-workers, and they all seemed amazed that I don't have any of them. I've never really had much of a use for one — I don't see the point of buying stuff (stuff other than houses or cars) on credit if you don't have means to pay for it up front.
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I like tomato soup, but alone it gets. . . . too "tomatoey" when I eat just a bowl. Like it's overkill of one flavor.

To all the tomato soup fans out there, do you eat anything else with your soup? What do you eat with it?

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Ack! I'm going crazy. I've been googling this for a good while but can't come up with anything so I'm hoping someone has better searching skills than me.

I'm trying to find a bus or any kind of transit that would go from Middletown, New York (10940) to Newburgh, New York (12550). Do you know of anything, or a specific website that might help me out more than google?

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my best friend is toying with the idea of joining the Army Reserves. Im dead set against this, and just about anyone joining the military especially right now. and Im scared for him, but I only know first hand stories of people who have gotten screwed around with (not getting placed in the field they were promised, getting shipped over etc) in the Marines and the Airforce. and Ive always heard that the Army is the worst at sticking to what they tell you. and I know nothing about the Reserves, that whole "one weekend a month" shit. Anyone have any info?
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The Receptionist Classic


You know that little desktop icon that sits down there on your toolbar (on Windows - sorry Mac folk, I don't know if y'all have this or not)? Does it really freak anyone else when you accidentally click it and have ALL your windows minimize?

Do you know your mail carrier's name? Or UPS/FedEx/DHL delivery person?
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Two questions...

1. When you are sick (cold or flu), do you feel that getting some excercise helps you, or makes you worse?

2. Do you use anything special to clean you computer monitor, or just windex & paper towels?
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Not the most interesting question the world, but it randomly popped into my head on the bus;

How do you pronouce words that have an 'oo' sound in them e.g poor, moor?

For me, 'poor' is pronounced poo-wuh. (Yorkshire-English accent).

And that is all.
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So, the post about how 'poor' is pronunced got me to thinking. I was very surprised some people say 'poor' like 'pore'...
So, question is (and please say if this should go behinde a cut) how do people say 'whore' I say it hoo-er, but my friend swears blind it should be who-er, so which is it???

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Can anyone suggest a good, free virus scan?

I had "Avast" but during the scan it talks to you and will stop the scan when something is found meaning i cant run it over night, i have to babysit it until it finds something to quarantine. GRR

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Does anyone here have a chinchilla? I want one more than life itself. How much was it? Whats taking care of it like? Smell? Activity? Does it bite?

Actually, while we are here.... What are your pets and what are they like?
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I see her fingers trail across the polished steel - tip of each finger the same colour as her lips.

1. For those of you who wear make-up, how old were you when you started wearing it?
2. Why do you wear make-up)

3. Those of you who don't wear it - why?

4. At what age do you think it's 'acceptable' to start wearing make-up?

Questions inspired by my English teachers 'question of the day' and the by the creepy 8 year old I saw wearing make-up (mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow) combined with fishnets, a short skirt and semi-high heels.

And one last boring question;

5. What song are you listening to right now?

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Switching cell phones

Hey all- apologies if this is a stupid question, lol

I just bought a cell phone online. It specified that it's compatible for my carrier (Verizon), but I am wondering what I need to do to transfer my number/account over to the new phone when I get it. Can anyone help me out?
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Driving question

I used to wonder this all the time before I got my license, and I never really got an answer.

Say you have a driving permit -- the type that only allows you to drive with a licensed driver over 18 -- and you get stopped by a cop, alone (ie, no licensed driver over 18 in the car). What happens? Is it any different than getting stopped and not having any sort of license/permit? I live in Michigan, if it matters.

green on thursdays?

I was recently reading a book set in a high school; it mentioned that in this particular school, people who wear green on Thursdays (?) are "considered to be gay" and are either beaten up or mercilessly teased. I had never heard this before in my life, but a couple of my friends have.

Granted, I don't condone beating people up or teasing them for any reason, whether it be their clothes or their sexuality, but I am curious to know whether this is really a fairly common belief among schoolchildren. Did any of you have this practice during your schooldays? Where and when was this?