March 17th, 2005

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This is completely a stab in the dark, but has anyone here heard of a piece of music called Spiritual Moments? If so, where can I find an mp3? I've found the sheet music online, but that's it.

I played this at a band clinic about five years ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

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Just wanted to check on something that I found in my survey.
If everyone could answer these two questions, that would be great.
1.) Favorite sexual position? (and this is a serious question too)

2.) Do you think that drilling should be allowed in national parks and wildlife refuges? (yes or no)
Thank you

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1- age?
2- sex?
3- why do you have lj/are you in tqc?

4- do you have a SO?
5- for how long have you been together?

6- good or bad long distance relation experiences (stories to accompany are welcome)?

7- favorite funny quote?
8- favorite meaningful, impowering kind of quote?
9- fav song?

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Something About that Name

Cruise Control Question

I use cruise control on my car...a lot. I love it! There's 4 buttons on the steering wheel:

1) Activates cruise control
2) Sets the desired speed
3) Reduces the speed by holding down the button until desired speed is reached
4) Resumes previous set speed

My question: When I'm reducing my speed by holding down button #3, do my brake lights come on so the person behind me is aware?

(I don't want to step on the brake because then I'll have to reset the CC all over again.)

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I was wondering if this just happens to me.

Why, when people are in lifts/elevators, do the people who need to get off first always stand at the back of a crowded lift? Then they have to shove their way through pissed everyone else off in the process.

One of my classes is on the top floor of the building so I always stand towards the back. However, people who need to get off at e.g. the fourth floor always seem to stand at the back of the lift as well!
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1. I just noticed that when I look right *over* the computer screen (I'm sitting in a computer lab facing a window), I can see the screen flicker. I'm also in a room with fluorescent lighting, so that could have something to do with it... but does this happen to you too?
2. Did you wear green today?
3. I had a really good question to ask you guys and I just forgot it. What was it?
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Stop making that noise!!

Why does my '91 Saturn make that "your keys are still in the ignition/your lights are on" ding-ding-ding-ding noise every time I open the driver's side door, every time I get in or out of the car, even when the keys are out and the lights are off?!

I seriously can't get it to stop so I have to listen to that god-awful annoying noise until I can get the door closed. Argh!

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I just got off the phone with my friend Harrison, and well, this may seem kind of strange, but we were just wondering, how does Hooters get away with hiring only pretty people? I mean, if someone who was unattractive applied and got turned down, couldn't they sue? Does Hooters get special permission to turn away uglies?

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1. Is there a such thing as people looking the same who were born or grew up around the same area? Not just whole countries but different states. If there is, what is it called?

2.Why don't people ever get sick of chocolate? I know that if you eat too much of a food and you throw up you never want to see that food again because you begin to feel sick whenever you see it (like classical conditioning or something like that), but never ever with chocolate. or maybe thats just me.
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Please settle my disagreement. What color is one supposed to wear on Saint Patrick's Day? Please, no smart answers like "whatever you feel like, durr."

One party states that all who celebrate ought to wear green.
The other party believes that if your family is from Northern Ireland, you wear brown. If your family is from the Republic of Ireland, you wear green.

A third party has randomly thrown in that people of French decent should wear blue today.
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Which of these should I watch tonight?

The Last Unicorn

The Andromeda Strain

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Boondock Saints

Star Wars: A New Hope

[ [ EDIT: I *am* aware of the Boondock Saints / St. Patty's Day correlation... that's why I listed it sillies!! ] ]
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I'm applying for a job as a "librarian" at a small public library. I really love books and reading, but I have no experience in a library-type job. However, the job only requires a high school diploma (or equivalent), and I'm a college junior majoring in English/Secondary Education, so I'm pretty sure I'd be qualified. Do you have suggestions as to what I could add to my resume to help me get this job?

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What are your favorite vocabulary words to use in everyday conversations? What are good words to use that aren't too obscure, pretentious or forced but still are indicative of an intelligent and/or well-read person?

Thank you.
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High Schoolers: how many periods do you have in a day, and how long are they? Is there time between each one to get from class to class? Do you have any free periods?

Edit: At our school there are seven 50-minute periods a day, no time between them, and a half-hour lunch. We have a six-day cycle, but on each "day" most people have at least one free. They're changing our schedule to have 8 periods.
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Hi, i have to do a speach on depression for my public speaking class. I wanted to present it with a chart of percentage of people who are depressed. I actually dopnt care what the chart is of as long as it has to do with depression but i have looked all over the internet and i cannot find any tyoe of graph chart diagram... and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could look, or maybe if anyone knew of any depression statistics. Thanks


I know it sounds like I'm "desperately looking for a label for myself" or something, but I am mostly just curious. Okay anyway, what is it when a guy is not gay/bisexual nor even meterosexual, but has sort of feminine traits in personality and attitudes of taking on things in life?
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tongue pierces, walk bys and proms

1) when you walk by someone is it rude to make eye contact and not smile?

2) i don't want to go to my senior prom. what's the best part about prom?

3) those who have their tongue pierced: does it hurt more when you get it pierced or afterwards? how long were you unable to talk and eat? how often do you have to clean it?

4) what's a weird snack you like to eat? for me it's ovaltine... without milk... just the mix... mmmm
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Where would I go online to find a good antique pricing guide? I'm looking for some resources that would help in identifying antiques (eg markings on china and pottery) and list approximate value. Think, hm, do-it-yourself antiques roadshow?
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Whenever anyone uses thhe cordless phone in the part of the house where the computers are (They're connected by a router) the internet cuts off on my computer.

I figure it's some sort of interferance. But why is it happening and what can I do to stop it?
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When TV shows or movies have a character typing on their computer and the camera continuously pans the screen to show their text (I'm thinking of stuff like Doogie Howser and X-Files), do they hire a typist and do as many takes as possible for a consistent speed and no typos, or was/is there a kind of typing program that would do that for them?

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I have DVR from Comcast. It says I can record programs, and I have, but I cant find anywhere the list of recordings so I can watch them...bah!!!

I don't even know how to find maybe a number to call to ask someone..

so, please, someone, anyone, help me ! ;)

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in the sixties, mad magazine put plastic records in their magazines. my mom told me about one once, that her dad found on the floor at work and brought home for them to listen to. my mom and her brother were both very young at the time. they didnt know what it was until they played it on their record player.
it was a simple organ-like melody being played, and every once in a while someone would belch really really loud.
my mom wanted me to ask if anyone knows what this recording is called and/or where she could find a copy of it?
thanks in advance!
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I just got a really bizarre IM from somebody I don't know.

person: Thank, thank you!
me: um... you're welcome? :-)
person: Yeah, well goodbye!
me: i'm sorry, i'm confused. what did you thank me for?
person: This!
me: ???
Previous message was not received by person because of error: User person is not available.

At this time I have two theories. It might be a creepy guy who IM'd me 2ish weeks ago who got my sn off facebook and was being really weird and said he wants to cuddle with me. So I blocked his screenname and if he got a new one, he would be able to see that I'm online. If that's the case, I don't care because he is creepy.

Alternately, as I am on a huge network, I have heard stories about people's computers being hacked into over AIM. I've even heard of somebody who got into this chick's computer without ever encountering her. Should I be worried?

If you think I should be worried (or even if you think it's probably no big deal but should consider it an option just to be safe, which is how I feel), what should I do?
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health related question

this may sounds really weird.. but i was wondering if anyone else feels this like heartbeat in their stomach? i feel it just above my belly button. if you just press your stomach (above your belly button) can tell me if you feel it too? i got some of my friends and family to do it and they don't seem to have it. i guess i'd like to get a broader sample of people to verify if this is common or not.
maybe i'm like this total freak???
and just to let you know.. i'm NOT pregnant! :P
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I'm in the process of getting a degree in photography and was wondering something.

I was told that you don't need a degree to open up your own studio, is that true?

and if it is true, wouldn't you get more customers/clients if you did have a degree?
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  • what is the difference between four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive?

  • how willing are you to say "i was wrong, you were right"?

  • do you like frosting on your brownies?

  • what do you suggest for a midnight snack?