March 16th, 2005


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There's a punk song about necrophilia. Maybe Social Distortion? A part of the lyrics goes something like I can do what I want and they don't complain/I wanna fuck, I wanna fuck the dead! 

And then another line was something along the lines of their cold blue flesh makes me turn red   Another clue was that the first few notes sounded like the song they play at funerals in moovies, but with an interesting twist at the end.

Anyways, it was pretty awesome and I forgot/cannot find again that song. Thanks!
P.S. While I'm here, does anyone else have the sampler CD called Look! ? It's pretty damn old.

Hello Pot? This is Kettle.

-- sarcasm --
In the spirit of the community guideline, specifically this:

Please be respectful and friendly; i.e. no flaming. Rude or offensive comments will not be tolerated, period. This shouldn't need to be said, but threatening other members also will not be tolerated.

Can something be done?
-- end sarcasm --

While I don't completely agree with the posts that angel_ii I can understand her concerns. I advocate more online awareness for her kids along with monitoring their usage. Ad hominem attacks really don't prove anyone's point. Very few people who commented actually had something constructive to say or suggested some other methods which may work better.


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Wish people would know?

What's something/s that you wish people would know about your job? What it entails, what the reality behind the scenes is, etc?

Mine: I'm a market research interviewer, aka, I call people and ask them to do surveys on the phone.

I wish people would realize that if we're calling you asking to do a random survey about random shit (i.e, not a customer satisfaction one and thereby we are not asking for a person by name), WE HAVE NO LIST. So don't ask us to take you off it. It doesn't exist. Your phone number was randomly generated by a computer. I cannot take you off something that does not exist. If you do not want to be called again, then politely say "put me on the do-not-call list". Yes, you need to be on a list for us NOT to call you.

So what are your random work knowledge tidbits?
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It's the ducks, isn't it?

Why does a printer inkcartridge only last for about 250 pages? I paid 50€ for two and the black's almost completely empty.

Why does my cddrive not work propely anymore since my iBook went on a three week holiday to Ireland to get a new harddrive? The "suction" thing doesn't seem to work like it should. Either it won't take a cd and if it does it won't let it back out.

Why won't dvds play anymore? They don't do anything. It's like it's not even there.
Why, when I download something, does it say "activation failed"?

Does my iBook hate me because it had to go to all the way to Ireland for three weeks?
Or did it get in to fight with another iBook?

Or was it a general in the Pentagon trying to print a paragraph?

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Ah, late night commercials...

Did I just hear David Duchovny's voice in a DentaStix commercial? He only said one sentence, so it wasn't really long enough to tell for sure.

It was either him, a good sound-a-like, or I'm very sleepy. I actually googled it, but all I found was someone wondering the same thing.

Is there such a creature as Sugar Free Jaffa Cakes (or something similar)? My grandmother loves jaffa cakes, but she's diabetic & can only sneak little pieces.

I almost bought a jar of Vegemite today just because I've never had it. Should I be brave? Most of the sites I've looked at either make fun of it and/or say it's gross. Wikipedia says "many find it quite nauseating". If you actually like it - any tips for first time eating enjoyment?
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Wtf, body.

I suppose this is one of those "Wtf is up with that?!" things.

Pancakes make me queasy, as does whipped cream/topping, and cream horns, as well. It never lasts long -- 20 minutes, usually -- but during those twenty minutes, I feel really ill. Apparently, my grandmother had the same problem, and she was never able to figure it out. Every type of whipped topping and pancake I've tried -- even non-dairy, the only kind I'd eat since becoming Vegan, so I'm doubting it's something to do with milk.

Anyone have any ideas?

(And, as a side note, yes, I still eat pancakes, even though they make me sick {as did my grandmother}. They're good!)
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Give Peace A Chance

Haunted mp3s

OK, that does it... for the umpteenth time, I had a song in my head that I wanted to hear, so I pulled up an mp3/Winamp list. I always have it set on Random. HOW THE HELL DOES IT KNOW what song I want to hear, and play it first? It keeps happening, and it's freaky! No BS, today I had U2's Vertigo in my head, I opened a list and it randomly chose that song. Yesterday, same thing, Annie Lennox's "Don't Let It Bring You Down." This has been going on for ages, more so lately.

Understand that the song is in my head BEFORE I open the playlist.

Does this happen to anyone else?

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Weekend trip

Is it crazt to spend almost $600 in airfare to fly out and see your husband for just the weekend? (We've been living 600 miles apart for the last 3 months due to work relocation snafus, and the last time we saw each other was a month ago, and I almost don't care how much the tickets are at this point, and it's a 10 hour drive if I don't fly.)

A Question

3 friends went to a restaurant for dinner.

Each forked out $10.

They ordered a meal that cost $25 altogether.

The waiter thus returned them $5.

But $5 is hard to divide between 3 friends.

So the waiter took $2 from the $5 change and gave each of the friends $1 each.

Therefore the 3 friends actually spend $9 (because $10 - $1)
So the 3 friends in total paid $27(3 x $9)
The waiter kept $2
Therefore in total its $27 + $2 = $29

So... where did the $1 go?

[been trying to figure this question for days... I am not even sure if it can be solved. But if you can then thanks very much! :D]

EDIT: Yes, and I got it. Thanks for the all the help.
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What's on your mind?

(As for me, my Current Music is stuck in my head, and I've got a lot of work that I'm not doing... and it's almost time for class [but not the class of the work I'm not doing].)


Do you collect anything?

(I collect bells, which are on three shelves in my bedroom, and pins/buttons all over my backpack)
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Is there a song that just gives you chills up your spine, it's just so haunting?

Nearer my God to thee, from the Titanic soundtrack does it to me. I get goosebumps anytime I listen to it.
The Receptionist Classic

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Do any of you (or your families) picnic or have a festive gathering at the graves of family members anymore? You know, on their birthdays or special holidays.

I went last year to have lunch with my grandpa on his birthday. I was sitting on the ground between his headstone and his brother's, having a sandwich from Togo's. One of the caretakers came up and made me leave. I don't understand. I thought it was still a common thing... (This is also the cemetary that doesn't allow us to put those small flags on his headstone for Memorial Day.)

hockey icon

i used to have an AIM icon that was a blue hockey was animated so that it looked like the guy was constantly moving towards you, anyone know where to find this??
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I know I just asked some this morning, sorry...

But if you have Windows, what is your favorite game that comes with the system? I'm a huge fan of Freecell myself.

Also, I'm curious about caffeine. I'm horribly addicted to it and I hate that, so I just went on a "little-to-no caffeine" spree for about 3 days. I definitely slept better and... that's about the only positive difference I noticed. The only other thing that has really caught my attention is water retention (because caffeine is a diuretic).

I had a doctor's appointment 2.5ish weeks ago and my blood pressure was absolutely ridiculous. But it was weird - it was 162 over 80. So my heart was pumping really hard, but still relaxing...? I can only assume that it's related to my massive caffeine intake combined with family history of hypertension, because I'm relatively healthy otherwise.

Ooh sorry. The question. I'm so used to having a ton of caffeine in my system that I don't notice its effects until I'm not 'under the influence.' I'm wondering - how does caffeine, a completely legal drug which is very often abused, affect YOU? Does it wake you up? Make you jittery? Cause your heart to speed up and you black out because you have a syncopy (this actually happens to a friend of mine)? Hmm.

i hate taxes.

uh. shit.

today i received a tax correction in the mail. i have already filed the taxes, and received the return. now it says that the figure they had given me for the amount earned is 1700$ off, but that money is now included in the "other" section. this seems like it is going to create a problem. what the hell do i do?

call h+r block, who did my taxes, or do i call the irs? or...will it be okay to ignore it? (i wish.)

i called h+r block, who told me that they are over-charging bastards, but if i want to not get screwed by the IRS, i will need to file a form 1040x, which is an amended income tax return. so, i called the irs and they are mailing me one.

cherry trees

TV Episode titles.

On The O.C., the name of every episode starts with "the."

All Smallville episiode titles are one word.

On The Amazing Race, ever episode is named after something said during that episode.

And every Friends' episode title starts with "The One with..."

Are there any other shows that have a specific system for naming episodes? Current or past shows are fine.
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Translation and music feedback.

1. I'm translating a project introduction to English, it's about environmental awareness and nature camps.
But I've never written anything on those subjects in English and am afraid I might be using the wrong vocabulary.

Is anyone here involved with environmental issues or the like and willing to give me a few tips or look over the introduction?

2. A lot of you recently sent me music, do you want me to update about what I thought of the music?
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french translators?

I'm doing a debate tomorrow in french and I would like to discuss women being called "bitch, slut" while men are called "aggressive, player". I'm having some trouble translating them accurately without losing meaning.

I've come up with "garce, salope" for women, but I can't seem to find the french equivalent of "player" for men in the context of womanizing, etc.

Also, how does "role model" translate?

Any help would be much appreciated.


I'm sure this question gets asked alot, but..

If you could be doing anything right now, just one thing, what would it be?

Me, I just posted in my journal about what I would be doing, I would be on a roadtrip through desert country (Nevada, New Mexico) in a vintage convertible Olds, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, driving at night and stopping at greasy diners. And I would be gone for a long time.
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baby clothes. . .

So tonight is the night that I'm washing all the baby clothes, towels, bedding and so on. I bought Purex Free and Clear, so it doesn't have any dyes or anything and it's baby safe. Some of the clothes, blankets, etc, say to wash in warm water and other say cold. I don't really want to have two tiny(hehe) loads of laundry. I also don't want to take the chance of the colors bleeding or the clothes shrinking, so would I be better off just washing everything in cold water in one load????

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More political stuff

I know, I know... but you guys give the best answers

Should physical hiring standards for jobs like police officer and firerfighter. (Or anything else you can think of) Be different for men and women applicants?
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my husband and i are looking into buying a lap dog (no more than 10lbs is our criteria abouts). i have never owned a pet in my life ever so have a few questions in mind:

1> do you have any suggestions about a breed of lap dog we could look into?

2> how easy would it be to train a dog on my own with not having any previous experience of actually owning a dog?

3> do you have any good/bad experiences with buying/adopting?

4> do you know of any online sites where you buy/adopt and browse through a good amount of dogs?


5> i'm also wondering about pee pad/litter box traning a smaller dog...can it be done? what are your thoughts?