March 15th, 2005

Ahh! Babies!

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sorry, so many questions lately, I keep thinking of new ones.

When in war, and someone throws a grenade and a soldier covers it with his body to protect everyone else in the squadron, does it actually protect anyone? I mean, how powerful is a grenade? Would someone putting their body over it really make any difference? And if it would, why wouldn't they just put like their hard hat or a big rock over it, I don't know. Is this a realistic situation or something the movies made up?

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I've got a bit of a question.

I've seen many people get pissed at some company and write an "Open Letter to bleh" and paste it on their journal or maybe even got brave and submitted something to the 248 person circulation local paper's editorial. But the fact is some pepole are doing it.

Now, have there really ever been open replies? Like I've never rememberd seeing like

An Open Reply to Bill, a disgruntled non-customer, probably pirater of our software:

Dear Bill,

We're sorry that you feel we at Microsoft make "pure shit" as you call it, but we look forward to having a product that will soon meet your needs and expectations"

Bill Gates

But I might've just missed the paper that day.

Any references to any? :)
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Your Religion of Choice

Spurred by the recent posting about God and the replies therein, I've tried to create a mostly encompassing poll to investigate the religious station of our Question Club members. This is not designed to isolate anyone because they don't believe as everyone else does, as, after all, that is the strength of communities like this: variance of opinion and knowledge.

Please select the option that most closely fits your religious preference. A few notes:
* I presented the third option for Christianity because of the viewpoint of the first two. Regardless of shared beliefs, the majority of the Christian church places LDS and Jehovah's Witnesses outside the mainstream of Protestantism, so I wanted to have clarity in that sense. Please note, however, that a lot of individual churches classify themselves as non-denominational but have belief systems that fall under the range of Protestantism. If you fit into this case, please check the Protestant box instead of the "Other" box.
* I tried to divide non-Christian and non-world stage religions as clearly but as closely-related as I could. That said, you may consider your religion of choice equally divided between two options. Some mystic religions are also ancient religions. Some ancient religions are Asian in origin. However, please select the option that you would believe more people would classify it in for clarity's sake.
*If your religion is not mentioned by name but would fall into one of the categories listed with some form of certainty, please don't check the "other" box. No, I didn't list Confucianism or Maoism, but we know they're Asian / Eastern in origin, so check that box.
*If your religion does not fall into any of the specified categories, please select the "other" box and feel free to drop in a comment about what it is. Who knows? Maybe what you believe is right up someone else's yet-fulfilled alley!

Poll #454848 Religion and You

What is your religious system of choice?

Christianity - Protestant (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.)
Christianity - Catholic
Christianity - Other (LDS, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.)
Asian / Eastern (Buddhism, Taoism, etc.)
Natural / Mystic (Wicca, Druidism, Neo-Pagan, etc.)
Ancient / Revived (Hellenistic, Kemetic, etc.)
Agnosticism / Non-Practicing
Other / Not Mentioned
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Broken CD Burner...?

I wonder if the CD burner on this computer is rather broken or if it is just having problems. It has acted weird for awhile now and currently it does not appear to be able to read any CDs. If I try to burn a CD all I get is a message that the CD drive is empty no matter what kind of blank CD I put into it. The computer can find the CD drive, but it can't read any CDs from it. It used to work just fine and only recently has been acting up.

It's a TDK veloCD 32X aka 32/10/40B. I went to the TDK website and could not find an answer as to why the drive will not work. Apparently it possibly needs firmware, but there does not seem to be any that exists for the 32/10/40B. The website does not list any firmware for this CD burner at all. It's rather frustrating. I would try another kind of firmware on the drive, but apparently there is the possibility of damaging it... more...

Is there any way to flash the CD drive to see if it will work again? Maybe I should search for a new driver for it, even though I already installed all the software that came with it. I don't know what else to try aside from replacing it...
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SCARY!! We were just woken up by a weird noise in the computer room that stopped whenever we moved. And it looked like the shadow of a human from the glow of the monitors (we're at the end of the hall, it's towards the end on the side). I was convinced someone was in our apartment, despite locking it, putting the deadbolt on, AND the chain as always (and the windows are all locked, but we're on the third floor).

So my question being. . . . we had a cordless phone in there, but I was afraid if they heard me calling the police, they'd flip out and run in or if they heard us moving (like if we moved to the closet before calling) and hurt us. What should we have done? Eventually I ended up quietly grabbing the squirt bottle we use on the cats (we have NOTHING of defense in there, and I thought that could at least stun them if I sprayed it directly into their eyes) and sneakpeaking into the room where the noise was coming from, and everything was in order. And then I carefully looked through the rest of the apartment, and it was all in order. . . . and all locks were still on, perfectly in place, nothing broken through and everything. Even all the windows were locked.

I think it was one of the cats doing something weird in the litter box, from how the box sounded when I accidentally kicked it, but I've NEVER heard it sound like that before.

Now I'm kinda glad I didn't call, becuas eI would've looked like a moron.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5150, I found out that I have to get the motherboard replaced. I'm not 100% sure as to the reasoning as to why it needs to be replaced but the a/c adaptor stopped working and it overheated a lot.

I was wondering if anyone else owns a Dell Inspiron 5150 and has had to deal with similar problems?

Also, I was wondering what a replacement of a motherboard entails.
I've heard everything from it clears your memory to a reinstalation of Windows is needed to it doesn't even do anything, so what exactly happens when you replace your motherboard?

Thanks in andvance!
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Infomercial Products

Have you ever bought anything off one of those infomercial programs? If so, what was it? Was it worth your hard-earned money? I think my brother bought a juicer or something once, but I don't think he ever actually used it. To my knowledge it's still sitting, pristine, in its virgin packaging, gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. Other than him, I don't think I know anybody who bought something off the tv.
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As an atheist who does not believe in God, but logically has an open mind and realizes it could actually go either way:

For those who have some sort of spirituality or religion, what is it that gives you your faith in whatever it is you believe?

I have been told before by some that their beliefs cannot be proven, but that leads me to become confused in that something must be telling you to believe rather than not, even if it's a feeling and not a fact. It doesn't need to be something tangible; even a general description of a sensation of direction would be helpful in understanding the choices people make.

EDIT: I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful replies. I joined this community hoping for just such a reaction: asking the same thing anywhere else, including my own journal, would usually degrade into religious arguments or such. For the first time, I feel as if I'm begininng to come to an understanding about people's faith, and I appreciate everyone's help with that.
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I have a question that has been bugging me for some time but no one seems to be able to answer so here we go, be prepared!

You know that the city of Araba from Aladin is a Muslim city.... and if they are all muslims then how come disney has dressed all the girls in such skimy clothes?

I know it sounds stupid but that does baffle me... and also, the women are all really skinny and large breasted... so even the little kiddies are being exposed to our modern version of beauty where you have to be stick think and big chested.... maddness.

What do you think? Any other beefs and bones to pick with disney or any other animator... preferably about the animation but you can go more personal if you like.
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What's the term for people whose parents were from one culture, but they themselves were raised (and sometimes born) in another culture?

It's something like "third-country kids" or similar, but I can't remember the exact name.

EDIT: It's not first-generation. It's something to do with the number 3, that I remember. It's usually applied to children of diplomats, or children of parents who migrate often.

EDIT 2: Found it! They're Third Culture Kids. thanks for your help, everyone :)
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What is your job title (according to HR, your business card, etc.)?
Okay, and really, what should it actually be?

I'm "Customer Service Head" but I think my business card needs to read "Customer Service/Shipping/Marketing/Dog Sitter."

Job Application

I want to apply for two jobs at a university, both of which go to the same email address. One is for days, the other evening and weekends. Should I send two separate emails? Two with their noting the other one? One email with one cover letter?

I'm not sure of the correct protocol. Thanks.
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Through the miracle of imaginative technology, you now have the ability to order food from anywhere on this planet and have it delivered to you in less then 30 minutes (and it's perfectly fresh and ready to eat, too).

What are you going to order? Is there a story behind your choice?

I'm calling Whitecastle and ordering a jumbo bag full of Sliders. I don't know why, but I'm really craving those little things right now.
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Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

Out of all five released movies, which is your favorite Star Wars character? My favorite needs no introduction:

Jar Jar, despite his bad rap from "fans," is the coolest character in the two Star Wars trilogies. I don't know why people disrespect Jar Jar and his contributions. Is it so hard to accept that someone like Jar Jar wouldn't be out of place in the Mos Eisley cantina?

We can't dispute Jar Jar's importance to Star Wars canon. After all, it was Jar Jar that helped the Gungans defeat the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo, earning him the promotion to and honor of Bombad General. It was Jar Jar that sold out to Palpatine in Episode II, setting into motion the events of the next film.

Jar Jar is also a revolution in filmmaking, a completely digital manifestation of a vital character. He predates the beloved CG Gollum in LotR by an entire year, but does Jar Jar get all the hoopla that Gollum (a boring and annoying character, btw) gets?

Let us not dispute the incalculable value that Jar Jar brings to the success of Star Wars as a whole. Kids in my generation had the Ewoks; without Jar Jar, what would kids of today have? The crappy young Anakin? Watto? That stupid Greedo-esque thing that fucks up the high-five after Anakin wins the pod race?

I'm sure there will be countless posts about how much Jar Jar sucks, and Luca$ ruined $tar War$, but I think the evidence speaks for itself. Jar Jar deserves respect, okeday?


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I've only ever purchased things off of before, and now someone has finally bought something from me! :o) For all of you sellers, help me out here. I'm reading through the FAQ's and such. I just confirmed the sale. Do I ship it now, without waiting to get paid for it? Does the buyer pay, then pays me? It said something about getting direct deposit every two weeks. What's up with this? :o) Selling on eBay was so different, using PayPal. I got the payment right away, sent the item right away. Is this not how it works on

OK, who has to wait for whom - the car turning right or the pedestrian crossing the street? The light's green, the walk sign is on.

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The Australian (newspaper)

I need to get all of the articles from the Australian newspaper from between December 26 and February 28 that deal with the elections in Iraq. However, the website only stores the past week's articles, and it costs 1.75 AUD to get access to each article I want. I also can't even see the articles unless I make an account with a 17.50 balance, regardless of whether I use it or not.

This is highly frustrating! Is there an online archiving thing that would have these articles or anything?!
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a thin line between love and hate.

is there anything that you LOVE and HATE?

like something you're really good at or have a huge interest in.... but then hate that people assume that you ALWAYS want to talk about it, or ALWAYS give it to your for a gift, or ask advice on it or something?

what are they and what do you love and hate about them?

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I have no recollection of any other detail about this film.

There's a group of women talking about how you should kiss at your wedding. Some guy comes into the room, I think, and they ask him to demonstrate, and he does it just right.

What the heck movie is this?
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snuggles, cuddles, and all things warm and fuzzy

1. Do you ever get an overwhelming need to be hugged/cuddled? To the point where it makes you want to cry?
2. For the single people: what do you do?
3. Would it be odd/weird to have someone in your life who isn't a love interest that you can just snuggle up with? I'm looking for both personal views and what's generally regarded as normal/acceptable by society.
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"Birthrightisrael" -

- a free 10-day program-trip to Israel, offered to young people 18-26 y.o.Did anyone participate in this (or similar) program? Any thoughts and details are welcome, since the website does not provide enough information.

biology is the enemy

ok you guys. i'm new. and what's more is i'm using you for homework. lame? yes. effective? yes. entertaining? absolutely. so here's my question:

tell me, do you have a hitchhiker's thumb and/or can you roll your tongue?

(*note* a hitchhiker's thumb is when the tip of your thumb bends way back when you give a "thumbs up" sign. rolling your tongue is simply making it into that tube shape.)

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i'm bored today, if you couldn't already tell

feel free to answer any or all that you'd like!

• on the series finale of 'roseanne' it was revealed that she had written that things had gone completely different than they had, because she didn't like the actual outcome.... but did she write ONLY the last season, from the point on from when they gave her a writing room in one of the earlier seasons, or did she write the entire series?

• if you could rewrite a portion of your life like roseanne, what would you change and how would you change it?

• why do people include "x-posted" on their posts that are posted to multiple communities? does it matter? do they expect us to go to those other communuties so we can read their question there too?

• don't you hate when oprah shows a couple week's worth of reruns with a new one randomly thrown in there, so you might miss the new one by not watching the reruns if you're not carefully paying attention to which days the new ones are on?

• who are you favorite degrassi characters?

• what song reminds you most of your relationship with your partner? or if you're single, what song reminds you most about your life right now?

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Hair question...

I think dreadlocks are awesome, and am considering trying them as a hairstyle myself. However, I'm not certain of the logistics...

I know that you can put them in yourself with beeswax, rather than waiting for your hair to get nasty and matted. But can you wash your hair after you've put them in? I knew someone who claimed to wash his, but I don't see how you could do it, and my dear mother insists that you can't.

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Would someone please explain this pickup line to me? Or is it just weird and nonsensical?

"Your daddy must be a thief, because I saw him stealing candy from a K-Mart."

None of my friends or I can figure it out...

circa survive

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For some reason, at random times the tip of my ring finger will start to hurt underneath the fingernail. It happens a lot and I have no clue why...any idea what could be causing that?
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Cures for razor burn? Really, really painful razor burn? *cries*

Do you ever have a really simple question for this community, but you dont want to ask just one pathetic question, so you make up another? (Example: this question)

for those of you who have graduated high school/college:

were you popular in school? just to clarify, by popular, i mean you had a lot of friends/acquaintences. i don't mean the "elite" group of fascist asshats that everyone associates with the term "popular".

do you still talk to the people you did back then?
if no, where are all of your friends now? do you even know?

i guess i was pretty popular. (i was a freak, without a doubt, but i knew tons and tons of people in my school, and had no enemies.) it's only been two years and i barely talk to anyone from school. i have no idea what happened to a lot of my old friends. i'm not sure i care?

american idol

Is it just me, or did I miss something? Why is Nikko still on American Idol...didn't he get eliminated last week? In that case, where did Mario go? So confused!! Maybe it has something to do with missing the first ten minutes of the show....
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why did Head & Shoulders change their formula a few years ago? seems to me it worked a lot better before they changed it.

and why is it orange now? (at least the intensive therapy formula is)
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Yeah, good luck.

A while back there was a show on that was made by the same people who did Sex in the City but it was made for regular television. I know there were... three girls and a gay guy I think but I'm not sure. The main character was... I believe a redhead woman.

I am TOTALLY blanking on this and I really want to know who this redhead woman is! I can't think of her name or what the show was or anything she was in! I know I thought she was the sexy and flirty type... since that was her character.


[edit] Found it! It was called Leap of Faith and it BOMBED bigtime.
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I am looking for a good program to install on my computer that will log all of my childrens chat sessions, they use MSN and Yahoo, mostly. Its not that I dont trust them, but one they are teenagers, and two I dont trust alot of people in the world.

Thanks in advance
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Faster than a speeding bullet
Faster than a startled cheetah
Faster than a...?

Any other idea's? It'd be much appreciated!

P.S It's for a story set in the 1700's, so nothing modern!
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1. Do you use your feet like hands? Example do you pick things up with your feet or open doors with your feet.

2. I have very skinny heels, making it impossible for me to wear shoes that have backs. I wear nothing but backless shoes. I have been this way since I was little, I would go barefoot all the time unless I was at school, then I would have to wear bandaids on my heels or I'd have huge blisters on them. Anybody else have this problem?