March 14th, 2005

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ok, i've been dying my hair black for almost a year. but then i got bored of it. so just a few minutes ago, on a whim, i misted it with peroxide.

when i had blonde hair, i used to do this to keep it looking bright and stuff...... but i've never done it with black hair.

i did a google search but they didn't really give me any useful information other than "peroxide can lighten your hair." duh.

so umm.... does peroxide ONLY lighten with the sun? i used to only spritz when i was going in the sun so i don't know....

will just "spritzing" even lighten black hair?

is it going to make it ORANGE?

how long will it take for the color to change, if it even changes at all?

have any of you ever peroxided your black hair?
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Freckle on the palm of the hand...

What does it mean if a person has a mole on the palm of their hand? I mean, in terms of superstition and spiritual beliefs and things such as that. So far I read from one source that it is 'a sign of the devil.' But then there are about a million things that are supposedly the sign of the devil. I wonder if a book on palm reading would mention it at all.

How rare is it to have a freckle on the palm of the hand? I've gathered that it's 'very rare.' I just wondered if there was a calculated percentage as to how many people have such a thing.

I have a mole on my right palm directly below my pinky that just appeared one day... It's been there for a couple years now and I just wondered how common it was and everything...
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For a project...

What would a good estimate for a monthly power bill in Tacoma, WA be?

And, because I don't want to spam, if you had a choice between Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, or Osama bin Laden covering your back, who would you choose?
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I'm thinking of making a nice dinner for my boyfriend for his birthday this year instead of taking him out, cuz we're both kind of tight on money right now. Plus I think it'd be nice to make it extra special.

I'm a pretty good cook, I guess, but that's in MY opinion according to what I like, lol... healthier stuff, lots of veggie stirfries and whatever. Stuff he thinks I'm crazy for loving. He's more the typical guy. Favorite food is mashed potatoes. I'm scared of him not liking what I cook, lol!

I have no idea what to make him. Can anybody give me some easier, no-fail, tried-and-true ideas for a special dinner?

Thanks everyone :)

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Is it true that using high-tech science stuff, by testing a strand of hair, you can tell someones entrie drug use history from the past 2 years?

To contact lens wearers- have you ever them rip in your eye? I keep having that problem with mine. Is it my fault? I've been wearing these lenses for over 3 years, why now?
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Is it illegal to use a recipe you found in a cookbook to make money? For instance, putting it on the menu at your restaurant (maybe changing the title of it), or mass producing it and selling it in stores?

Jes' curious. (I'm not actually planning on doing this, it's just something I've always wondered)
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Marching Cadences

I did a few years in the Marine Corps, and I have fond memories of the cadences we used to sing. As the military becomes more integrated and PC, a lot of these songs are being "cleaned up" or simply forgotten. For historical and sentimental reasons, I want to document as many of them as I can.

Do you know any dirty old marching cadences? If so, please add them to this post.

lalala, questionclub rocks.

1. What's the name of the houseplant that grows shoots like crazy so it climbs around the room?
(no, not ivy..)

2. What are you listening to right now?

3. If you had to sever contact from all family and friends for 5 years, but get paid 1 mil/year for those years, would you?


My friend is having a theme dance party. DANCE being the key word. No drinks so there'd better be good music.

Well, one of the rooms is 80's. While I have some great ideas, I feel they're sorta biased. Not everyone likes Prince, at least not all night long..

So what are some great dance tunes in the key of 80's??

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When you see someone writing 'LJ' in their journal, do you read it as "ell-jay" or "livejournal"?
And (related) - which is closest to being grammatically correct: "a LJ" or "an LJ"?

I read 'LJ as 'Livejournal', so it creates an awkward disconnect when I read people's entries who have typed "an LJ", because "an Livejournal" just isn't right.


So my girlfriend dumped me today.

We were an interracial couple. We dated about 3 months. She dumped me because while she liked me alot, I wasn't the type of person she say herself marrying. She became confused because the longer we dated the more she liked me but the more she wondered if she would ever come to resent me for not being that ideal guy. She held onto these ideals since she was 6. On top of that some members of her family weren't happy about us dating, and she was tired of fighting with them.

So we worked on it and things got okay, but then we started talking about ideals this last week and it went bad again for a day. So we talked again and she was crying and broke up with me saying that this relationship didn't make her happy anymore because all it did was stress her out this past week. Despite us being very happy the past 3 months.

She says this is something (the ideals) she's thought about since we were dating but never let them get to her cause she was so happy. I know that she broke up with me purely off the emotion and bad vibes from yesterday and not wanting to handle the situation. There's no way she was going to elt go of ideals she's held onto for over 14 years after dating me 3 months. We needed more time, but she didn't want to invest it if she wasn't sure we were gonna work out.

My question is, Is there any chance I can get her back once she calms back down? Or is it even worth chasing?
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I'm going to a therapist soon, to talk about family problems, and realtionship problems.

What are some things I can/cannot tell them? I don't wanna come off as open and stuff. But can I tell them that I have a verbally abusive alchoholic dad? Any tips? I'm nervous.
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There was a music video by U2 (I believe) that had a guy sitting in a chair with a black background. The guy has stuff wrapped on him and either they're unwrapping him or wrapping him up while he sings, sitting there and looking at the camera.

What song was that for?

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Sex Education for Spanish Speakers?

Do any of you know of a website that is at least close to that is in Spanish?

I ask because my boyfriend's native language is Spanish. I think he would better understand information on sex if it were in Spanish. Sadly, he has had little sex education thanks to the traditional school system in Mexico. Fortunately, he is very open-minded to most things but really knows little about sex and the reproductive system.

And, on that note, does anyone have any links to information on a male's and female's reproductive system that is in Spanish? As it is now, I am teaching him a good bit about a woman's body, but I think it would be better if he could read about it in Spanish and ask me any questions afterward.

I know I could Google it, but since my Spanish is rudimentary, I would have no idea if I could trust just any website.

If this is off-topic, I will delete it.


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I just recently built a darkroom in my basement. Like half an hour ago. No joke. I was wondering if anyone knows if i need to have the sink a dark area? Because there is no possible way for a sink to be in there. Thank you.
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To a friend who answered in monosyllables.

I believe this was part of a meme that was going around a while back, but anyway;

01. What's the title of your journal?
02. What's the subtitle?
03. What's the title of your Friends page?

Explanations would be interesting too! :)

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ETA: 04. This may be a ridiculous question, but how is Livejournal pronounced?

Is it live as in 'Tom went to live with his Grandma' or live as in 'It was a live show'.

Or, more 'simply' put - long i or short i?

Both make sense to me in the context of Livejournal (and I pronounce it in my head as 'a live show'), yet I have no idea if that's the right meaning/pronuciation.
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my question: does anybody else have a fear so bad that they begin to panic very quickly and easily, even if they just see the word in print of the thing of which they are afraid? has anyone ever overcome such a fear, and if so, how?
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Just a few questions for everyone today!

1. Does anyone know of a website that lists average/approximate costs of living for various cities in North America/Europe? I'm looking at relocating to a few different cities, but I have no idea how expensive they might be to live in.
1b. On that note does anyone have any experience living in any of the following: Key West, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Vancouver (those are just a few - I really don't know where I want to relocate save for the fact that I do).

2. If you were guaranteed at least $2000/week for the rest of your life -- as long as you were "working", what would you choose to do? In other words, what would be the coolest job you can think of having (taking out the monetary "cool" part of it).
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(no subject)

What's the longest amount of time you've been involuntarily unemployed? How did you deal with it?

It's coming up to two years for me and I'm losing hope and starting to get depressed.
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(no subject)

If someone breaks up with you, should you always let go and move on? Why or why not? Is there ever a situation where it would be better to keep loving or trying to work things out with that person? If so, what is that situation?
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relationship issues

consider you dated a drug addict, you were a drug addict as well. You both took pills and snorted coke and smoked weed. You 2 would flip the fuck out on each other but one particular time he beat the shit out of you. You find out your pregnant press charges against him cause that is what your parent's wanted, you get the option of putting him in jail but you decide probation would be best with some anger management. He calls you after not talking to him for 8 months because of everything that has happened begging you back. You have unmistakable feelings for him and he swears he hasn't used in 3 months and he has changed because of you and he swears he won't go back to his old ways, you've stopped using as well, because your pregnant. You talk to him and meet up with him without parents knowing because they'd have him locked up for broking probation. You 2 kiss and it is still the same fireworks as before. Do you take him back regardless that your parents don't want you to and tell you they will disown you or do you keep moving on doing as your parents say cause that's your best option?
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Control P print! Control P print!

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Also, does anyone know if you can download the software that comes on the cdrom when you buy the printer. I can't seem to find the cdrom. Would that be on the same website where I found the driver?

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When you're doing notations on a paper, what do you put if the page you got info from doesn't have a number?
I'm supposed to be doing a paper on Salvador Dali, and one of the books I'm using has a section in the center with photos and some tidbits of info, and there are no page numbers. :(
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(no subject)

-How do you deal with a boyfriend/partner who has ADD? (I'm being patient, but it's so frustrating sometimes. And neither of us are okay with him being medicated.)

-What do you think makes a good marriage last? (Outside of the obvious: honesty, communication, trust, etc.)

-What should I name my two new baby cats? One is solid black, the other is black and white with a pink nose. (They're so cute! But I don't want boring names like 'Shadow'.)

FRandT paid web hosting service - good or bad?


I have a free web hosting account with FRandT. Lately, I was thinking about upgrading my account to a paid one. Has anyone signed up for a paid account with them? I would like to know if their paid service is any good. I don't want to end up wasting my money if their server is as slow as the one for their free account.

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Am I the LAST person to have figured out what the phrase "PIV sex" meant??

Maybe it's because I don't think of it in those terms...but anyway, I'm less confused now.
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Exercising and colors

So I'm exercising a lot more these days (to the tune of about 4-6 hours a week), but I don't seem to be eating that much more. I'm not noticeably hungrier, even though everyone tells me I should be. Is this normal?

Also, how do you work on sprinting faster? Just do sets of sprints back and forth?

On a different note, how do I know if one color "matches" another? (I've been going by two rules: If it's black, anything will match it. If it's [color], pair it with [a different shade of same color], or else black. Apparentely this is deeply wrong.) And why the hell is it a sin to wear black shoes/belt with brown clothing, or vice versa?

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When you have an opinion or a cause that seems to go against everyone else's how do you keep yourself from loosing your principles without being open to the possibility that you might be wrong? How do you face total opposition, ignorance or apathy towards that cause?

When you have an opinion or a cause which are starting to get recognised how do you carry on with the same passion without finding yourself being swept under the rug?

When you have an opinion or a cause which has taken such a big part in your life, which everyone now recognises, what do you do with yourself?