March 13th, 2005

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If anyone out there speaks French, then perhaps they could help me...

For my French class, I need to write what I have in my schoolbag at the moment. Ergo, there are a few things I need translated:

- Book (as in, a novel)
- A bottle of green tea
- iPod (I don't think there is a translation for that, but I'm not sure if it's a masculine or feminine noun)
- Headphones (for my iPod)
- MetCard (a subway ticket)

and if someone could tell me if they're masucline of feminine nouns, then that'd be great too.

Animated Kitty :)

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Okay, I need some advice from the web-geeks of the community. I don't even know if this is possible, but here goes. I have a website of sorts (here),and right now it's just a list of links to picturtes, which is fine, but I'd realy like to know how to do thumbnails instead of text links. I know very basic html, and I don't even know if there's html for thumbnails. I've been wanting to update this page for so long now, and I guess my motivation levels are high today.

Any help is appreciated :)

What's wrong with Tracy Chapman?

I unfortunately caught a glimpse of Cher's dopey face on television the other day and it got me wonderin' about the gays. Why are some female entertainers practically worshiped by gay dudes and some not? Madonna, Cher, Lucille Ball, Marlene Deitrich, Jennifer Lopez...

Why not Catherine Zeta Jones, Joni Mitchell, or Jennifer Aniston?

And how come so many lesbians like Melissa Etheridge and The Indigo Girls?

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Has anyone ever written a "death letter"? Not a suicide note, telling people why you did it and all that jazz, but a letter explaining how you feel about everyone, how you felt about your life, just anything? A letter that would give you peace of mind just in case you were to die?

I never have, but I think it would be a good idea to do so. I'm about average when it comes to telling people how I feel about them, but I still think it would be nice to have them read on paper how much I loved them, etc.

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Every time I've stepped into a moving vehicle this weekend, I've suffered from motion sickness. I'll become queasy, overheat and develop a headache. It's been the same regardless of the method of transportation: subway, car, bus, train. I know I can't ride roller coasters or read in cars because those give me motion sickness, but this is a little extreme. What could be causing this?
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Printer Issues

Hey are any of you printer experts?

I have a Espon CX5200, its one of those 3 in 1 printers (scanner/copier). Lately it has not been able to print a single page. The print order goes through to the printer, but every time it jams the paper--like right as its trying to feed it in. I've tried looking in while it loads and I've isolated the problem to the middle loader part. Does this sound like something I have to take it in to get fixed? I cant figure out what to do!

Anyone have a similar problem? Any suggestions?

Tech questions

I just re-installed AIM, and am trying to get rid of the toolbar it installed in IE. Any suggestions?

IE keeps crashing, I don't know if that is the cause or not.

Also, I have a pop-up ad that only shows up the first time I sign on after I reboot. Always the same ad. Only shows up after restarting. I've scanned with AdAware, Norton Anti-virus, and AVG Antivirus, still no luck getting rid of the thing. I use Earthlink w/ pop-up blocker.
I'm paranoid that this is some kind of tracking thing, watching my every mooove or something. Am I just crazy, or should I be worried?
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paypal--is it worth it?

I have an eBay account, and I've previously just paid with money orders.

I just recently did an order through, and they took my debit card with no trouble.

So is there a point for me even signing up for PayPal? I can just ask people to sent money orders if I ever DO sell anything, right? Might be a hassle, but it sounds better than paying fees to PayPal.

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I found a site a while ago that showed you advert images and clips as well as gave you the informaiton of which advertising company came up with the advert, I thought I bookmarked it but I can't seem to find it now - does anyone know where I could find another site like this, particularly for UK based adverts?

Best company name?

Still trying to choose a company name, so help me out here :)

Which name do you prefer for modern web/IT company?
Digital Unleashed

Would you remember one more easily than the other, if you were trying to find their websites again?
Is Irukado too hard to pronounce for you? Would you be curious to find out what it meant and how to say it, or just turned off?
Would Digital Unleashed be hard for anyone to spell?

Any other thoughts?

Thanks :)
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Adelphia Mail

My step-mom's using adelphia mail (through her cable provider) and it's telling her that her mailbox usage is at 18,677 kb (out of 25,000). She doesn't even have 2000 kb in her inbox and her trash is empty. Why would it be telling her she's out of space and how can I fix it?
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song lyrics

I've tried finding out what song this is, and have been unsuccessful.

It's a country song (or at least I've only heard it at country bars), and the chorus starts with

"Wrapped around your finger since the first time we went out" and it ends with "That ring on your finger I'm wrapped around", or something similar.

Does anyone know the song?
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OK, this question is for the ladies. (Well, guys too, I suppose.)

I went to a gun show today, and I saw a pink handgun. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I think it was a Smith & Wesson, and it was chambered in .40S&W. The slide was engraved "Lady Defender" or something. And the receiver and grip were molded from bright pink plastic.

My question is: if you are the type of chick who would pack a large-caliber handgun, would you be caught dead with a pink one?

[Edit: it looked kind of like this.]

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Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Finding Nemo on Ice besides this one?

There was a really funny one in my newspaper, but I can't find it. But just looking at those people in fish costumes sends me into the giggles, and I want to find a bigger picture.

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Do you know of any websites where I can download TV show theme songs, but only have the music? This can just be a concert band playing it or a marching band or anything. Or any music that sounds like it could be used as music for a TV show? Thanks in advance.

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If you have a cell phone, what's your ringtone? :o)
Do you have different ringers for when different people call?

My default ring is Linus and Lucy, the Peanuts theme. When my friends call, it's Super Mario. When my family calls, its a generic happy tune that came with the phone.


Can anyone tell me anything about Morpheus? Like should I have it on my computer? Is it bullshit? Should I uninstall it? Should I not worry about it? Also, I think my computer is laden with viruses. My parents (it's not really my computer, it's theirs) had some virus program called Kapersky, or something, but I don't think it's doing anything. What should I download to clean this computer up?
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Im in charge of creating the yearly slideshow from pictures for my FD banquet next month. Now, I've started out with a few different song combinations- just stuff i already had downloaded. I liked one combination, but i'd like to try a couple before deciding. Heres what i've tried:

Wind Beneath my wings/Its my life (bon jovi)
Hero (mariah carey)/Under pressure- David bowie from Rescue Me
Wind/Friends in low places (garth brooks)

I want something slow/sentimental then fading into something upbeat. Most of the pics are of car accidents we've been on in the past year, a big warehouse fire we had, training burns, public relations events, med helicopter taking off after a call, training with jaws and eggs, etc.

Any suggestions would be great!!
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ink cartridges

Is there a place online to buy discounted ink cartridges? I just dropped $53 on two black cartridges at Office Depot... I'd really like to avoid that in the future. Is there any disadvantage to buying the refilled ones?
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Three questions today:

1. a. What are the expected duties/responsibilities of bridesmaids?
    b. What are some good wedding gifts for a 19 year old bride?

2. A few years ago someone told me that there are only three words in the English language that end in "gry". I know angry and hungry... what's the third word?
ETA: Huh. Didn't think to check Snopes. Thanks kiffany.

3. My friend's looking for the name of a movie. This is all she knows: it's French and it's about this girl who would give random people on the street an hour of her time (she had an egg-timer to time it). They'd be able to make her do anything and they'd never see her after that. Any ideas?
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1. What is the point of "claims" communities?

Well I realize you can "claim" your favorite character or whatever else, but why? What's the appeal?

2. Why do some people show such strong distaste for a color?

"Ugh I hate pink, it's too girly" or "I hate brown, it's so ugly," or whatever else. It's just a color. Wouldn't it be easier to just not think about it if you hate it so much? I like all colors =)
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people say you should like what you do (for a living).. obviously not everyone likes their job

work is seemingly slow for me for the past few months.. and i've been dreading going everyday.. yes, i have asked my boss for work to do.. there simply isn't any.. i can't do homework or read at my desk.. and i'm not quite ready to look for something else. I work as a receptionist/operator at a credit union.


do you get depressed about going to work? what gets you through the day?

(yes, i am tanking anti-depressants which are working fine.. FYI)
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I need to write on an episode on TV show (preferably one not in syndication) buttt I dont watch tv, and the few things i do watch, i DL from the internet lol. So I kind of dont know about many shows. My paper is on the show and the american dream. What new show (or on going show so long as it has new episodes) would be good to watch? I wanted to do the simpsons to talk about how it satirizes the american dream, but they only have a new episode every sunday and i need backups just in case i dont like the episode. thanks

Converting .doc to .pdf

I need to convert 2 pages in word into pdf. But this is a one-time thing, so buying/downloading the whole program would be stupid. I know there are some converters out there, and I downloaded 2 - Easypdf and Aldo's - they didn’t work. The document is a folder, with images etc., and those converters I found could not convert everything, just the text.

So... Do you know a good (free) program? Or... do you have the original program, and feel like helping me out? It's for charity, so if you need some karma... ;)

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Guu Dance!

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I just got my parent's old, very burnt orange mini-fridge moved into my room. It's so cool ugly that I want to make a collage of interesting pictures and designs. Maybe abstract or something. I'll actually leave this pretty open, as long as you think it's cool. :D

So, does anybody know of some nice images along those lines? :)
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I got a picture that I want to turn into an icon, but it has to be so many do I make this picture that many pixels so I can use it as my icon?? I don't have any programs except for paint any help is appreciated.