March 11th, 2005

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I got my nose pierced 2 weeks ago this Sunday.

About 10 minutes ago, I took it out for a second to clean my nose, haha.

Now I'm having trouble getting it back in.

Could the hole have closed already??? It was only out for 10 seconds?
What do I do? Suggestions??

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oo1. what is the difference between an issn number and an isbn number?
oo2. what is crust punk?
oo3. what song are you currently listening to, if any? i am listening to "kid a" by radiohead.
oo4. were any of you born on march ninth?
oo5. if you support the legalization of drugs, what drugs do you feel should not be legalized?
oo6. i need help. i am failing out of school. i am losing interest in everything that made me happy and motivated -- work, school, friends ((the few friends that i have)) & next week, i fear that i will be taken out of school as my parents are not going to pay the remainder of my college semester bill since i am failing. i do not know what to do. i do not know how to fix this, because i have messed up before. i am scared. of course, i want a degree & i know that i cannot have those things unless i work for them and motivate myself to at least show up. any advice?
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Sexy music?

I'm currently writing a lot of "smut" (erotica, porn, whatever you want to call it) and I like to listen to music while I write. Can anybody suggest good music to listen to while writing this kind of stuff? I'm open to really anything as long as it's good (in your opinion).

And for the record I'm not downloading the music free, I'm actually paying for it.
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forgive me, i know this has been answered about 300 times, but it wasn't put in the memories and i cannot find it looking through the community: if i want to friend all my old entries, do i really have to go back through every single one and change the security setting? there has to be an easier way! :(
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If anyone out here has Paint Shop Pro 6, I need your help. How do I get one image to copy onto a background? I try and try, but I can only get the first image's background to show up rather than the image itself! How do I get it to select the *picture* and not the background?

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So, there are a ton of sites out there like Audioscrobbler where you can list the music you listen to the most, what you're listening to right now, etcetera. But my question is, are there any sites like this for books? As in, being able to post what book you're reading, how far you are in it, and what books you've read recently and whether you'd recommend them or not. I tried keeping a reading list in my journal, but seeing as my reading schedule had me finishing one to two books a week, I'm having trouble keeping up with it.

Secondly, can anyone recommend a book-orientated community (either on LJ or otherwise) that isn't:
- based on assigned reading, like book clubs
- ridden with teenagers wanting help with book reports
- deader than a doornail 90% of the time?

I'd like to participate in a forum or community where people see reading as a hobby, not a chore.

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For extra credit in my Writing class I have the option of reading a novel and writing a response to it.

Can anyone recomend to me a good novel that wouldn't be too much of hastle to read?

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What can I bring to an engagement party?

I'm going to an engagement party this Saturday. This is a long time friend but I only see him about twice a year now. I haven't met his fiance yet as he has only known her about 4 months. I don't really have a budget for a gift, what could I bring instead? Is just a card appropriate? Or what about flowers for his fiance? Suggestions please!
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what should my boyfriend and i do today? we don't want to spend a lot of money.... and it has to be something fun for just two people.

we really want to get out of the house, because it's such a nice sunny day..... but the "what do you want to today?" game is getting boring.

any suggestions will be appreciated, and kept in mind if not for today, for future reference!


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FedEx lost a package for my company.
I'm looking for a picture to help them find it.
It's a box with a 10 foot pop up display for a tradeshow.
I'm looking online to see if I can find a picture of one but so far no luck.
It's red. 38" high and 14" square.
If anyone happens to have a photograph of one such box or is bored out of their mind and would like to help me find one online. I'd MUCH appreciate it.
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are people so fuckin' hung up on that Napoleon Dynatmite movie and
WHY ARE YOU SO HUNG UP on him BEING ALIVE that you have to create a rumour that he died.
Debra Hill. DEAD
Jon Heder, ALIVE.

FMI why the fuck is Napoleon Dynamite soo good?
the ads make it look soo stupid.

BTW Which arthouse movie (LIKE ND) do you think kicked ass last year?
For me.
Havign walked through feeder bands of a HURRICANE to see Shaun of the Dead, I would have to say Shaun of the Dead.

because it kicked soo much ass.
books = good

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I want to do a fairly detailed painting on the back of a jacket. What's the best kind of paint to use for this (i.e., something that won't come out in the wash)? Should I use something to seal it?
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font problems.

Last night I downloaded the font Wendy Medium from over here. I loaded it on my PC and everything, and even used it to add text to images in Photoshop. But a few minutes ago, I tried to use it in both a text file and Photoshop and it's gone. What happened? If I delete some fonts I'm not using, will that clear up space so that I can keep that font? And if there is something wrong with the downloaded copy of the font from the linked site, where's another site where I can get it for free?
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What are good ways to stay alert and focused during the SAT tomorrow?

What about while I'm trying to study?

How often do you get the hiccups? I seem to get them a lot more than my friends do, and I'm just wondering if that's normal. (I'm 17)
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Why do some people get carsick and others don't?

If you're taking the SAT tomorrow, are you glad its the new one, or do you wish it had stayed the same?
(I don't know for myself.)
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I love those sites where you put in your username or some thingamajig from the source code and it tells you thinks like how many times people have commented, how many friends/mutual friends/friend of a friends, stuff like that.

My question is: Anyone know of any other shnifty LJ type things like that?

One I'd particularly be interested in is one that shows me all the titles I've ever used for entries.


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i have a baritone in my room. i want to learn how to play it, but there is a problem. the keys are kind of jammed. actually they work pretty good, its just that everytime i press the last two its like the air is being blocked. i already tried taking it apart to see what the dilly is but i cant figure out what it is. do you think i can fix it myself, or will i have to get it done somewhere, and will it cost me lots of money?
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gmail... thumbs up or thumbs down? Any experience with it?


I'm having a very bad experience with gmail. I just signed up for it this evening and I can't get into my account at all. There is no customer support listed (that I can find). This is the error when I try to sign in: Google Error Not Implemented The server is unable to process your request.

I'm sure I'm typing in the right username and password. But just in case, I clicked on "forgot your password?" and this is what happened: Not Found
The requested URL /ForgotPasswd? was not found on this server.

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We finally got cable internet installed in our apartment today. It's set up wireless since the place is kinda big and wires aren't pretty.

Anyway. My computer wwon't work correctly with the wireless. I had it in my old apartment and it was fine, but that place was lots smaller. My roommate's computer seems to work fine. I'm on it right now.

It says it's connected, but it's not receiving packets, just sending. How on earth do I fix this? Is it because my computer is too far from the router or is it something else entirely? What's going on? How are you today?
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What are the groups on your instant messaging buddy list?

Mine are Women, Men, Otakus, Techies, and Other.
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1. dolphins have the ability to see through things because they have an inbuilt 'radar', dophins 'see' with sound.

2. pi is 3.141592653589793 to 15 decimal places.

3. sharks can sense electricity (all living things are electrical).

do you know any facts that are really interesting?
they have to be true...
...and they should be something that you know off-hand and not something that you just randomly looked up on the intraweb ;)

Why is this joke funny?

Because no one I've told it to gets it and neither do I. :P

"A young man knocks on the door of a house and asks the father if he can take his daughter out. The father say "Well, you know, she has no arms or legs, but you can take her out if you want, I guess." And the young man replies, "I know, that's ok, I really want to take her out anyways." So the father says "Ok, you can take her out, but you have to promise to bring her back afterwards". And the young man says "Sure, I'll bring her back." And the father says "Well, you better, because he last guy left her in the tire swing".

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Do you get mad if someone yoinks your user icon without telling you and then doesn't credit you?

Usually I wouldn't but this one I worked really hard on and got it looking perfect, it was unique, one-of-a-kind, and this bonehead stole it and is taking credit for it. :o(

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In our dorm we have a community laundry area (like most dorms do). When I do my laundry I usually leave my detergent sitting on my washer until I go to put the clothes in the dryer, then I'll bring it back to my room.

Do you do the same?

If so, have you ever noticed if someone used your detergent?

Have you ever used someone's detergent? Perhaps you forgot to bring yours or ran out and really really needed to wash clothes.

Have you ever removed clothes from a washer or dryer so that you could use it? (assuming the clothes had completed washing or drying and the owner had just left them there)

Have your clothes ever been removed from a washer or dryer? How did it make you feel?

Any horror stories?
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I think I have acid reflux or something, can someone tell what is going on?

All day, since 11 am, it feels like my tummy is melting. No vomit and nothing nasty..just burn burn burn.
At 6:30 I took some Alka Seltzer..worked for an hour..then grr..then I ate like 5 tums and nothing! And some more alka..and now it only worked for 30 min!

Ugh! What's going on? I have no idea and it's never happened.

I'm so unhappy.


in the movie trainspotting, how does the baby die? i saw this film for the first time in quite a few years tonight, and somehow i missed it. i don't remember how that happened...

also, which unhappy drug movie is your favourite: trainspotting, or requiem for a dream? or something else? i love them both.