March 10th, 2005


ped·o·phil·i·a ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pd-fl-, pd-)

The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children.

How common do you think pedophilia is among the populations (male, female, and or both?) I believe it is much larger than most would assume, or admit to.

Considering history, cultural differences, etc. what do you think is the crossing point between young and too young?


snail sexx0rs

So, I just cleaned my snail's tank. Snail has not yet opted to slide fully out of shell and ooze up the side of the tank. Instead, snail (named Sluggo) has opted to come out only a small way and produce a smallish cloud of what almost looks like wet cotton batting with flecks in it.

A) Sluggo is dying?
B) Sluggo is female?

And if option b, how long do i have to get that out of there before I have how many baby snails?

Sluggo is a black snail of some sort from walmart, whom I've had since winter holidays. S/he was housed shortly with a yellow walmart snail, maybe a week or two until the yellow snail apparently committed suicide. ... so... what colour snails would that even make? I didn;t think they were the same species... or is it more like white chicken/red chicken?

cvs job

what salary would be reasonable to request for working as a pharmacy cashier in cvs? my previous job was cashiering at sam's club where i was making $8.50/hr before i left if that matters any.

(no subject)

1. Tips and tricks for messing around with a guy in a car?? I just mean, avoiding things like hair in seatbelts or foot through window and finding utter comfort, because lately, it's been a bit too sore afterwards.

2. Boy A and I went out, broke up, were awkward, now are friends, but just not as strongly. We always swore we'd ytake a bus to NYC together and spend a day running in central park and laying in the grass and whatnot. Now, Boy A and Girl A, who arent a couple, just friends, along with maybe a few other people are going this Thursday and I'm not. Why am I insanely angry? Why can't I just suck it up?

3. Do you ever make yourself cry? I do if I havent for a long time, bcause it releases so much. It that nuts?
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Netflix, again

Inspired by the last Netflix question.

Those of you that are subscribers or have been in the past.

I'm just curious as to what's location your movies are shipped backed to?
Basically, is it within the same state? I'm trying to see if they have many different warehouses or just a few or what.

Mine go to Santa Ana, CA.
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Netflix rates

I keep seeing these ads for Netflix saying they only charge $11.99 a month, yet I have gotten no email or anything notifying me that my rates are going down (from $17.99). I had been thinking about switching to Blockbuster's new deal, which is $14.99 a month.

Should I call Netflix and bitch? Do you think I'd get results? Has anyone here done this?
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(no subject)

So in your opinion...Is Pixar going to be the new Disney?

And am I the only one who is totally psyched that "The Incredibles" is coming out on dvd soon?

Actually I'm not sure what I'm more excited about. The movie itself or the short film they played before the movie in the theaters.

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what's a good way to word this for a classified ad?

"1985 black blazer, 4x4. when i bought it last year, i was told the engine was relatively new. there were no working locks on the doors or tailgate, no emergency brake, and no backseat seat belts. since then, the back window has disappeared, new oil needs to be added at least once a month, and there is a chance that the transmission is not in top shape. on the plus side, after i bought it i had the following things fixed or new parts put in: alignment, driver side wheels, brake calibers, brake pads, fuel pump, and fuel tank. all in all, i've spent at least two thousand dollars on the vehicle. sadly, i have a newborn and have no where to attach the car seat. overall, it isn't worth it for me to try and fix the blazer, given my current situation. but, it is still a good off-road vehicle that deserves a good home. i'm looking to sell for $1000, or best offer. if you are interested, or know someone who might be, please let me know and i'll get you some contact information right away. feel free to ask any questions."

obviously, it needs to be much shorter. is there a particular classified lingo i could use?

many thanks.
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(no subject)

If you were working in somekind of shop:
How can you improve working there and that workmates get along well?

If you were the boss, how can you improve working there?

What kind of people are working in/around the shop but not in the customerservice? When do they get in contact with customers?
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Because bus journeys' result in random thoughts.

Do you think people (or you) are more likely to friend a friends-locked journal than one that isn't?

After all, you can simply bookmark and come back to an unlocked journal if you want to 'check out' that person more before you decide to add them, whereas often that sort of information isn't as available on locked journals.

ETA: While I'm not much of a 'friender' (being utterly rubbish at appraoching people), locked journals seem to put me off even more, no matter how interesting the person seems. Which probably says more about my state of mind than anything else.

I should remember to take my cd player to college with me. It stops all these random thoughts.
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Follow-up/completely unrelated question

We put in our application at the apartments today, and they wouldn't accept the SoftPaws alternative (the manager personally would have, but corporate policy is declaw, no alternatives). So I have a lot to think about tonight....

If anyone feels like sending a polite email or letter to the company to bitch about their vain, horrible policy, let me know and I'll provide the info.

Anyways--When I was cleaning the restrooms at my job this morning, I noticed someone left a used home pregnancy test in one of the little wall-mounted trash cans, which begs the question--why take a pregnancy test at a gaudy Latin-American themed restaurant? :/
(For thise curious, it was a one-liner--don't know if that's pos or neg, does it depend on the brand?)
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infidelity excuses?

i was just watching an episode of oprah on infidelity with the guys giving commentary on what was going through their minds during an affair.

it reminded me of an incident when i found out my ex had cheated on me.

he owned up to it when i questioned him, but his reasoning was "if a guy cheats, it's not that big of a deal.... a dick is like a finger, he can just wipe it off, go home to have sex with his girlfriend and it's like he never had sex with someone else. if a girl cheats, the other guy's sperm is still swimming up in there, and she goes home to her boyfriend who then has to stick his dick in all that mess."

oh how can you argue that logical brilliancy? ::rolls eyes::

so what was the stupidest argument you've heard from someone trying to justify cheating?

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Question about DVDs

I have never had a DVD player before. I am looking into getting one, and I have a question. Since I am deaf, I need movies to be closed-captioned in order for me to understand them. Whenever I look at DVDs online, it always references subtitles. Is that the same thing? Can anyone who is familiar with closed-captioning let me know if it is the same thing? I am also thinking of joining Netflix, but I need to know if subtitles are the same thing as captioning. Do all DVDs have this? I think someone told me that the extras on a DVD aren't usually captoined. I would appreciate any info. Thanks!
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Sad Magic

(no subject)


How do all of you feel about the usage of the words "alright" and "alot"?

I'm more interested in "alright", because "alot" isn't accepted at all.

EDIT: I *know* it's "a lot", but some people write "alot", which is why I was asking. :)
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unfortunate events

it's bad luck!

where does the tradition of not seeing your fiance before the wedding stem from?

if you don't know, make something up. you can win points for imagination.
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(no subject)

As you good folks are good with coming up with answers I was hoping you'd help me out again.

1)It's my boyfriend's 21st birthday in April and I'm trying to find a website that can give me information on songs, films, world events etc. that occured around that time. Can anyone else recommend a website like this? Everytime I do a search on Google I can't find anything.

2) Following on from that question is it too cheesy to give him a copy of 1984 for his birthday?
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User 411

Does it annoy you when you check out someone's userinfo page and find out that they have various graphics posted in there? You know, stuff like colorbars, countdown time ticker lines, banners, etc.
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My friend just told me of an article he read recently about a study done on the relationship between how many days per week you go to the gym and your perceived sexual ability. He thought it was from cnn, but I can't find it--I've googled, checked the ny times, etc. Anyone remember reading this and can point me in the right direction?

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Ice cream

Feeling a little down today.. so...

Does ice cream go bad? Usually you can scrape the ice crystals off the top, but does it ever get to a point where the ice cream itself is bad?

I'm curious because... well.. I think we've had this ice cream since summer, and it doesn't seem to be smooth anymore. As if the sugar separated or something.
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It&#39;s All Good
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(no subject)

Do you tend to "think less" of a celebrity if they have "sold out" and appear in a stupid commercial?

(e.g. Mr. Miyagi in those dumb commercials for some real-estate company, Mr. T in that godawful 1-800-Collect campaign a few years ago, etc.)
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(no subject)

two things i've been wondering about lately:

1. how many people actually make their bed? like in a weeks time, how many of those seven mornings do you neatly and really make your bed?

2. ever had your tonsils out? i'm facing this soon and looking for advice/stories?
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(no subject)

What's the song that plays during the end credits / dance scene of Empire Records? I can't remember and it's driving me nuts.

[edit] I mean the scene when they're all dancing on the roof at the very end of the movie, by the way.

Answered! Thanks!
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Web Browser Question

For all you Firefox users out there:

Do you ever have a problem with Firefox closing all your browser windows at random times? I just had 3 browser windows open, and I was trying to switch between two of them, when all of a sudden they all closed out. Very annoying.
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