March 9th, 2005


So I've gone through TWO of them in the past year, and I'm getting sick of paying to fix them. Can anyone recommend me a good brand? Something not terribly expensive (around 50 bucks or so,) and that's fairly durable/comes with a warranty. I like the large bulky ones with 10,000 functions that guys have, but I have a tremendously tiny wrist, so those never work out for me.

In the same vein, I've been looking at Swatches lately. Are they any good?

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How would one translate "si tu savais" from French to English? I don't speak a lick of French, but it's a line from a book I have to write a paper on and I should know what it means. ;o) Online translators are being confusing and incoherent, as they are wont to do.
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On Friday I'm going to a charity bowling event. There's a 70s theme so I have to dress up in something 70s. I'm not so clear on the fashions of the 70s so I was wondering what I could wear/do to achieve that?

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How many people have you met IRL as a result of using Livejournal?

Any good stories to tell?

Personally, I've met one eljay friend. We went to a park, talked and chainsmoked for about four hours.

Kitty question

We're applying to lease an apartment, and we're adamant about keeping our cat, so we chose a place that allows pets. The only thing is, they require that your cat(s) be declawed, at least in its two front paws. Even though I am *highly* against declawing, I may have no choice--the only other option is to leave her here, with her boyfriend's dick of a father, where her fate will be uncertain, or take her to the pound. I'd declaw her before resorting to the latter options, or try to beg one of my relatives to take her.

Are there any safe and painless alternatives to declawing they might accept?
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What's your favorite fast food restaurant where you live? When you go there, what do you usually order?
Me: Culver's. I always order the same thing - Reuben Melt, onion rings, turtle sundae mmmm...


1)I have finally got my beloved mini I-pod. However, I've been looking everywhere for a case for it. I'm getting so mixed up between skins, wrist cases and so on. I'm looking for a hard plastic (or something close to it) case I can keep my mini I-pod in when I'm out and about and a supplier that will ship to the UK.

Can anyone offer any help?

EDIT: Another question has cropped up.

I've just accidentally broken my charger for my mini disc player. The non metal prong on the plug has broken off and is now stuck inside the plug socket. It's an extension plug with about 3 other sockets. Should I stop using any of the sockets?

Again, thanks in advance!
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I love pickup lines!

The worse they are, the more I love them:

You must work at a lumber yard, cos you've been giving me the wood all day!

I'm gonna love you like a snowstorm; I'm gonna give you 8-10 inches and you won't be able to leave the house for 3 or 4 days.

If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

So what are your fave pick up lines? Com'on, give me your worst!
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Do you keep an accurate checkbook for your checking account, if you have one? Do you record purchases/credits as soon as you make them, or at another time?
I'm horrible with this. I collect my receipts with the intention of recording it all, but then I forget and overdraw. Frequently. D'ohh!

Who's your favorite stand-up comic?
Thus far, George Carlin, but I'm looking for other funny people to look into.

Are you paying more attention to your capitalization/grammar since that question from a while back? Or in general, when someone makes mention of lack of grammar/spelling/capitalization/punctuation, do you become more aware of your own typing?
I'm trying to do better with capitals, but it's so out of habit at this point. :o)

What's your favorite carbonated beverage, if you partake of those?
I'm addicted to Diet Coke.

Whenever my monitor is on, my speakers buzz. As soon as I turn it off, they stop. If the image on my moniter is mostly dark (such as a screensaver), the speakers buzz less. It is obviously correlated with the amount of white/light colors on the moniter screen. I've tried everything! Moving the cords around don't help at all. Plugging the two power cubes into different outlets doesn't help either. Moving the speakers away from the moniter doesn't help. It's just the two satellite speakers, not the subwoofer. This has started since I got a new power cube for the speaker set, having destroyed my old one. :o) What do you tech savvy people out there think may be the problem, or something I could try to do to fix it? The buzzing is driving me crazy!!!

Do you have more than one LJ name? Why? What do you use each one for?
Yes, I use the other one to post in communities of which people I once knew are also a part, so they don't know it's me. It's childish and stupid, but then again, so is high school. :o)

sharing your sickness

If you met someone who had a cold or flu, spent a max of 20 minutes with them but did not get close to them other than shaking hands at initial meeting, can you catch it from them and feel symptoms the very next day? Or would be it more likely that you probably got it from someone else?

It was my understanding that these things incubate a few days before showing symptoms. Am I wrong?
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For any economists out there

Do GDP growth figures subtract deficit spending by the federal government?

In other words, if the Feds spend an extra $427 billion they don't have, it pretty much goes straight into the economy, right? So does that get counted in GDP growth figures?

In other words, since the 2004 economy grew by about $484 billion last year, was all of that PRIVATE growth, or does it include the $427 billion in deficit spending by the Feds? And if that's the case, doesn't that mean the economy actually only grew by 0.5%, discounting direct injections by the Federal government?

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Is it common to fantasize during sex? I'm not talking about imagining being with someone else, just mental images or ideas and once in awhile, not every time. Is there a difference between men and women in this area? What about imagining that the person you're with is of the opposite sex?

Please don't read too much into these questions...I'm just curious, and a straightforward answer will do.
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i was typing an e-mail, and a frigging pop-up came up, and i didn't realize, and i hit enter. the friggin stuff downloaded itself onto my laptop. i thought i had gotten all of it deleated, every now and then, a word will show up in green and be underlined, and it's a like to a site. how the (^*&^*( do i get rid of this? i have no idea what it is.

do i have spywear on my laptop again?
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How does one pronouce "vehemence"?

When I try, it doesn't sound like English ... but it does sound kinda like this "vuh-heh-mence". Would that be correct?


Edit: Got it, thanks!
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made up words

I'm trying to think of a company name. Most words combinations mean something though, and I could be making up a bad word latin or greek or whatever. So, are there any sites or programs that can break down a word into individual sounds/root words, and tell me what they mean?

The environment

Hey everybody,
This survey is for an english report that I am doing, and I would love to have your input.

Do you think that the environment will attempt to reassert its previous balance (500+ years ago)?

Do you believe that drilling should take place in National Parks and Refuges?

Do you think that there should be a national bottle law (charging a deposit on containers, to be returned when the container is)?

What do most environmental problems result from?
A) Excessive Pollution C) Technological Development
B) Complex, interrelated problems D) Urban growth

What significant positive changes do you think that were occurring pre 1950 to the environment?

What do you think that was major aspect in the past that has lead to environmental problems today?

When do you think that the first environmental law was passed and enacted?
(Take a guess)

Thanks in advance!

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What's the coolest-sounding official job title you've ever had?

Did it live up to how it sounded?

I ask because I'm officially a "curatorial assistant" at my college's paleontology museum, but my job basically involves typing things into databases, which isn't as much fun. :)
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Grammar question

Ok, all you grammar whores, I have a job for you:

which is correct (or more correct, as the case may be):

(A) The Participating Reader


(b) The Participant Reader.

Really, what I'm trying to say is "active reader" (as opposed to "passive reader"), but I also want to play off the word "participate" (it has to do with my English Literature seminar on Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony and my argument that the reader partakes in said ceremony). I need participant to describe the reader.


Got this one, too. The consensus appears to be (A). Thanks all!
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Saddest song meaning? Like, actual meaning to a song?

Mine would have to be Bob Dylan - Knocking On Heavens Door. It's basically what his dad told him as he was dying, "I feel like I'm knocking on heavens doors" ect. It's very, emotional.

Pepsi, or coke? Or water :P

Favorite flavor of Snapple? Kiwi Strawberry for me.

Favorite Disney movie? Mine would have to be Little Mermaid.

Most embrassing movie you've cried too? Fox and the Hound.

now it's your turn <3
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Why is my LJ style not what it was this morning?

What songs should I download? Since I have my quasi-legal filesharing thingy open to get "Swing Swing"... Fairly wide range of stuff I have now. A little Goo Goo dolls, a little Pink, a little Nikki Lunden(think Ani crossed with Jewel), Matchbox 20, Linkin Park, Avenue Q soundtrack, Jet, Flogging Molly, Evanescense, APC, dashboard confessional... yeah. If that helps.

Why do I have little patches of dry skin on my face?

I'm wearing a shirt with a tiger kind of leaping down the front. I've had it since 7th grade, when the foreign exchange student we were hosting at the time determined that she had to reduce the clutter in the closet... so, it's about 5 years in my possession. Don't know how long she had it. I think she got it in Ulaan Bataar (sp), capital of Mongolia, if that helps with either of the next questions.

1. Like I said, 5 years+. This shirt looks nearly brand new, no significant fading or thinning... and I have spilled ink, paint, spaghetti on this without staining. It doesn't have any sort of fabric care tag, is there a way I can find out what the material is.

2. It says Chengjia near my left boob. I've just taken a closer look at the non-useful tag inside and realised that the scribbly letters on the tag also read chengjia. I figure this is a brand name, but does it have a technical meaning(like "gap" and "hot topic" are brands/stores but the words still have meanings)?
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What's the weirdest name you've heard parents name their kids? What's a unique name you really like?

My answers:
Apple (I'm never gonna get over that!)
ugh I can't think of any more....

Also fave names:
and I helped my best friend name her son it's Kael Rylan
Winter (for a girl)
Ahh! Babies!

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how do i get my user icon at to change from that stupid line drawing? I edited my profile at youthink and uploaded a different icon and it shows up on youthink but then when I post a comment on i am bored, the stupid line drawing still shows up. What am I doing wrong?

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Arg. I hate that I can't punctuate this properly.

Anyway, what you think is the worst thing out of these?

-Having your husband/wife die
-Having your husband/wife suffer from amnesia
-Having your husband/wife's personality completely change from what it was due to brain injury or mental issues.

I know this is an odd question, but it's research for a book I'm writing.