March 8th, 2005

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Arranged Marriages

What are some examples of famous rich couples that were set up through an arranged marriage in which one of them was having an affair, but pressured to stay with their spouse, and they did?

Sorry if that's hard to understand, it's about 1:00 am.
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Does anyone else get annoyed when people never capitalize anything or use any punctuation when they type? Even when the people can spell? Like this:" i went to the store then i came home its raining outside and bob isnt mad anymore"
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(no subject)

  1. Have you ever donated money online? If so could you take my quick survey?

  2. Is there anyone on your friendslist or on a website that you frequent that is asking for donations? What is their username or website? Have you donated money to them or thought about giving them money?

  3. Do you know of any lj communities for someone who has requested donations? What is it?
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(no subject)

How do I know what jobs are in demand?
Or will be in demand in the next few years?

Is there like a census beuro where I can look at staticics?

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(no subject)

Are you right handed or left handed?
Why are people right handed or left handed and how come some people can write with both hands just as well as they could with their preferred hand?

(no subject)

1. How did you decide your college major? How long did it take you? Did you swich at all?

2. Have you ever been in a situation where two of your closest friends started hating eachother? What'd you do?

3. If you have a dog, what breed is it?
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Question for paid LJ members

If you have a paid LJ account, have you ever used the friendsfriends feature? And if so, have you ever added any of the people or communities you find there? Or do you just lurk in your friend's friend's journals and communities? And if so, how often?


why would ★ show up on some computers but not others? how do i fix this? both the black star and white star are not showing up on a laptop like they should.
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(no subject)

It is currently snowing here. On the local news at noon they have several reporters out in the freezing cold and snow to give their reports. They're not reporting on the snow, but rather any number of other stories today. I've noticed this a lot. Why do reporters have to be standing outside when they give their reports? They're always out there no matter what the weather is. Have you ever seen the white house correspondents on any of the news channels? They're always outside on the White House lawn, no matter the weather. Why do they have to be out there?
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Apartment / Building Manager

How does one become the manager of an apartment building?

I see these ads all the time for places that are hiring, but "experience is needed".

Is there like, some special manger school these people go to? Also, some say you need your own tools, but every apartment I've lived in hasn't had the manager do any type of repairs; they have a handy-person on site or on call for that.
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Has anyone ever eaten a pomegranate?

If so, can you liken it's taste to anything? Is it sweet or bitter? Are the seeds edible?

And for that matter are persimmons and passionfruit at all similar to the pomegranate?

I've googled it and have a general idea of what these fruits are.
But I'd like to see what you all have to say.
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(no subject)

I need help.
I need my social security card because I just got hired at a store, and I don't have it with me. I was wondering where I could get a new one? Any ideas??? I was thinking city hall?

I found it!!
Thanks for the help guys, now I know what to do if I end up really losing it. I appreciate all your help.
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i'm a bit of a beef addict, but i get a little bored of that natural flavoring. i've done various seasonings with like garlic, pepper, A1, ranch, things like that..... but even these get boring after a number of times. i did the bbq sauce thing the other day and i nearly gagged on it. haha.

what do you like to season your steak with?

i don't have the option of running out to the store just yet (although i might keep these suggestions in mind for further reference), so prefereably something i might already have in my kitchen, or a combination of things....?
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(no subject)

For a runny nose, I usually just take the Target brand Cold & Allergy Elixir, which is an antihistamine. The convenience store on my campus has a very limited selection of medicine, all of which are brand names. I am not sure what brand name drug is an antihistamine, so what should I take to make my nose stop running? They're behind the counter, so I can't just go back and read every package to see if what is an antihistamine.
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(no subject)

I have a kitten who is now about 4 months old and he has this annoying habit. When you pick him up he likes to suckle on your t-shirt or jersey or whatever.

When he was 2 weeks old his mother died, so he was never really brought up with a mum.

I think he does it for comfort reasons but I was wondering if anyone knew how to stop him from doing it? Or how to gradually ease him off it? I try not to let him do it anymore but he still tries to do it constantly.
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Dressing Up Those Eyes

Oh ladies of thequestionclub... (And because I'm not sexist or anything, guys, if you have comments, please feel free.)

What color mascara do you like to use? Any particular brand that you like to use?

Do you follow that suggestion that you shouldn't wear the same color eyeshadow/liner as your eyes?

Do you generally use the same color combo for day-to-day or do you mix it up? (I don't mean for going out, just daily wear - like to work or school.)
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Are motorcyles really as unsafe as people can make them out to be?

(I argue that while there's obviously way more potential for injury if you're involved in a crash, if you're sensible, wear the correct protective gear always, get training, avoid driving in bad weather or stupid situations, etc. you're probably going to be just fine.)

(no subject)

Trying to install The Sims again.

A window pops up, "16 bit Windows Subsystem". It says:
"C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications."

What does this mean? I suppose more importantly, can I fix this?

(no subject)

My hands are always cold. Year-round. They range from mildly cool to so icy my nails turn blue. In fact, in my freshman year of high school, some of my friends forbid me to touch them because my hands were always freezing.

Why are they like this? No other part of my body does this. Why are my hands always so cold?
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Has anyone gotten bartender certified?
Is it hard? Is it easy to find a job? I'm sure it varies by location but that seems to be a competitive job to get maybe.
Is $200 for a course a good price?
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(no subject)

Which are better, Gateway or Dell Computers?

Keep in mind I'm looking for something easy for my parents to use, and they've flat out told me they want one of the two above mentioned as they have lots of customer support. So any huge arguments for one over the other, or are they both basically the same?
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1. Does anybody else find networking to be the most frustrating aspect of computers? I really hate it. A lot.

Two network-related questions:

2. Ever since I got cable internet, I've been having a problem with my connection dropping about once a day. I suspect that it's my modem, but I've never actually watched it when my connection dropped to see if the lights do anything. It's a Toshiba modem, and I heard they aren't all that good. My (Linksys) router seems to be fine. This also occured in two separate locations with the same equipment, so I doubt it would be anything related to interference/crosstalk. Any thoughts on this?

3. For whatever reason, I can't get port forwarding to work properly. I've read from several different places on how to do this and had people double-check it for me, but p2p programs aren't recognizing the ports. I've done all the router settings correctly, I'm sure of that much, but do I have to configure some settings in Windows (XP Pro) to get it to work? I've disabled firewalls as well.

I have little patience to try and figure this out myself, so any help is greatly appreciated. ^_^;

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baby clothes. . .

I want to wash all the baby clothes and bedding before baby gets here, which is in a few weeks. Is there a certain washing detergent I should use? Should I go out and buy a hypo-allergenic(sp?) one? Just in case the baby could be allergic to the detergent that we currently have. Or should I just go ahead and wash it in the current detergent we have??

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A Question About Sleeping

During the school year (which is hectic for me), I end up going to bed at 2 or 3 am, and getting up at 7 am. I would only wake up once during the night (at 3 am, on the dot) for no reason. It would only take me about 2 or 3 minutes to fall back asleep.
Because my bad sleep patterns started affecting my health, I recently changed some priorities, and started going to bed at about 10 each night.
The problem is, now I wake up 3 or 4 times a night from odd nightmares, and it takes me about a half hour to get to sleep each time.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Do you think it's smarter to go back to sleep at 2, or keep going to bed at 10?
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(no subject)

Is it called procrastinating when you're working, but just not as fast as you could be working?? (Assuming, of course, that you're not working slowly on purpose.)
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What is a movie that you hate, but almost everyone else seems to love?

What is a movie that you love, but almost everyone else seems to hate?
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What are some unconventional or really good yogurt toppings?

So far I've thought of nuts, chocolate chips, and granola. If I had any granola I'd so be eating it with yogurt right now. I was thinking about crunched up honey nut cheerios but that might be a little... soggy-ish.

Problematic younger brothers

My younger brother and I both know the same girl (lets call her...Mandy) (who is about 14-15 years old). I was talking with her online just now and she was telling me how my brother was flirting with her. Turns out she has asked him to stop and just to leave her alone, but my younger brother has apparently decided not to, and instead annoys her like a guy does in 6th grade (he is in 10th) with the whole taking things and not giving them back. For instance, he took her phone and then gave it back - minus the battery. After that, he started making fun of her because "because you [me] were hitting on me[Mandy] and picked me[Mandy] up at soccer and I[Mandy] am a freshman and you[me] are in college" Now before some of you people out there think that I am a pervert let me explain. I referee soccer, as does she. I was taking my sisters to their comp soccer practice, and so instead of doing nothing I decided to watch the game. I noticed that Mandy was having some problems, so I went over there during half time and introduced myself as a fellow referee and asked her nicely if she wanted some suggestions on how to referee (as I have been doing it since I was 9 years old... and don't you people tell me that I haven't been). She accepted and I pointed out what I saw as being incorrect and how she could fix it (simple things like blowing the whistle loud and not letting the coachs give her any shit about her calls as what she says and does on the field is final.

Anyways, after the game she came up and talked to me and asked how I thought that she did the second half of the game, so I pointed out a few more things that I thought she could do better. After we had talked for around 20 mintues or so my sisters were done, but she hadn't been picked up yet, so I offered her a ride home. She accepted and I took her home. She asked for my number and so I gave it to her and she gave me hers. So she tells her boss about me (whom I used to referee for) and her boss calls me up and thanks me and offers me a job as head referee for an upcoming tournament. I accept and then call Mandy to tell her about it (I knew that she kinda helped me get the job) and so we get to talking and so we become friends.

Now for the question: How do I (or her) tell him that she finds him annoying and to back the F**K up or else I am going to kick his ass for being an ass to women?

(no subject)

I have to do an informative speech for a public speaking class. It can not be a persuasive or procedure, my question is, what would be a good topic to inform my audience about? Thank you.
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(no subject)

I always thought the term "queer" was quite politically incorrect and generally not used in polite conversation, but while researching some articles on gay marriage I came across several phrases such as "queer studies" and "queer theory" in reputable journals and dissertations. Is this an acceptable usage I was not aware of? How acceptable do you think the term "queer" is?
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Who do you think the half blood prince is? Why?

For some reason I think it's Dumbledore... or Hagrid... or Snape. I don't know why yet. Haha, I'm so undecided and excited, it's killing me! The book covers came out today :D
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(no subject)

What kind of person do you expect yourself to be? Do you live up to your personal standards, or do you constantly catch yourself slipping up when it's too late?

Do you agree with the statement "You are what you hate"? As in, everyone subconsciously possesses the exact traits that they find undesirable in others?

(no subject)

What are some real good sad songs on the subject of an ended love relationship that you had to end but also breaks your heart? I've only thought of 2 so far...

I'll Be Okay - Amanda Marshall
Selfish - NSYNC

LJ comments

I need a new saying for my comment link (you know, where you click "leave a comment" at the bottom. this journal has "is that your final answer). Every time I go to change it I can never think of anything good. Right now I have "Lightbulb" and then after you leave a comment it says "1 idea generated" or however many people commented. I need a better one, desperatly. Anyone see one around that they liked or have any original ideas?

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