March 7th, 2005

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Why is it when I am watching a DVD, there is a one time blip somewhere in the middle of the movie? It looks like the footage is stalled for an 8th of a second. Is this because of my DVD player, or is it something that all DVDs have?
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Director or writer?

When talking about who is responsible for a movie, is it traditional to cite the writer or the director?

i.e, the specific case in question...

Would I say "Rupert Wainwright's Stigmata" (the director) or "Tom Lazarus' Stigmata" (the writer)?
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Do you remember what your first question was in this community? If so, what was it?

I do. :)

"if a woman were to run for president, do you think that many women ( or men ) would vote for her just because she is a woman?"
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SITUATION: we have new neighbors right across from us.

DESCRIPTION: our neighborhood is not exactly friendly in the slightest. no one waves to each other, says hi, nothing--totally not friendly at all.

HISTORY: when we moved in no one said hi or welcome and it was really discouraging.

QUESTION: i really want to say hi to our new neighbors and give an attempt to welcome them so they dont feel alienated like we did/do in this neighborhood. how would you go about saying 'hi' without being forced/cheesy?
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A Date?? Basic Baked Chicken Query

Hiya there. Tomorrow, or today rather, I'll be cooking lunch (more like early dinner) for myself and a female friend of mine. We're not actually dating, as in having titled it as such, nor have we discussed it. We will be doing lunch then watching movies all day. It has been expressed that there will be cuddling involved during movie time (how's that for passive voice? Yeah, I'm an english major). Would this be a date? Or something like it?

I'm preparing a basic baked chicken and pasta dish. Four boneless, skinless chicken breasts, baked in just a tiny bit of chicken brote with seasonings, sided with chicken-flavored egg noodle pasta (the $.60 variety they sell at Wal-Mart, that stuff is awesome!) and green beans, crescent rolls for bread. I'll be preparing the chicken by dashing on a little bit of the seasoning, wrapping it in alumnimum foil (somewhat lightly), leaving a bit of room on each end for seepage, placing the pieces in a pyrex baking pan and putting just a light layer of chicken broth in there (just enough to touch the chicken). I'll bake it for about an hour or so at 325o until tender and browned. I'll place the pasta and greens on the side.

I'm also baking my famous "Diabetic Coma Brownies" for dessert. These are double fudge brownies with Reese's peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and caramel.

For everyone: Do these plans sound about right? Any hints on preparing the chicken with the resources I've already expressed? (I don't plan on getting any other marinades, sauces, dressings, etc. Neither of us like that kinda stuff.) Hints on juicier baking technique?

For that gals: Does this sound like a nice thing? I'm not a cook by any means, she knows this. I think she can see that I'm really trying to do something nice and special for her. What would you think if a guy did this for you? (Mind you, there are subtleties which might signify the possibility of a romantic relationship coming between us.)

I'll read your responses in the morning before I start cooking. Responses to the latter question can keep a-flowin' even afterward, however.


Sick boyfriend

How do you ladies keep from killing your boyfriend when he's sick?! Why do they always act like they are going to DIE because they have the sniffles. I need some advice or I'm seriously going to cause him some bodily harm.

cat question

Say I have this male cat who's about ten months old. Now say I have these other male cats about six months old. Now let's say the younger ones like to "nurse" from the older one. Keep in mind that we still have the mother (who is also the older's mother), though she's obviously not producing milk anymore (but the male they nurse from never did). Also, the older male looks completely different from the mother (white long fur instead of black short, blue eyes instead of yellow, etc). Now, should I just sigh and let it happen, despite the fact that it defies all logic (that I can see), or should I stop it when I see it? (Esp. when I'm trying to sleep, and they're all on my bed. It's not that big a bed.)
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What to do?

I fell last night on ice, and went over on my ankle really bad.

I've been doing the Rest Ice Compression Elevation thing since it happened, minus the 4 hours I was able to sleep. The swelling hasn't gone down AT ALL :/

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do you like the path that you are on in your life?

is it the same path you thought you'd be on five or ten years ago?

are you afraid that in twenty years you might not like where you've ended up?

do you regret your bad decisions or do you embrace them as learning experiences?

is there one past event that could have resulted in your life being 180 degrees different? do you wish you would have handled the situation differently?

"yes or no" is okay but details are funner.
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A Trilogy Douglas Adams Would be Proud of

What the eff does "I've got Big Bird on a fishing wire" mean? ("Talula" by Tori Amos being the song in question.) I've been wondering about that for years...

What's your favorite guilty pleasure song? Album?

And finally, if your cell phone has nifty ringers, what is your general/default ringer right now? (Mine is "Won't Get Fooled Again" from CSI: Miami. Because I'm a geek like that.)

What record did you sneak from your parents and secretly listen to all the time?

Do you have a song or album that gets you motivated to clean? For some reason, "Sweet Home Alabama" makes me want to clean all the windows and mirrors...
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Movie Questions

I watched Almost Famous for the first time last night. I have a quick question about a song in it. It's the bit when Russell gets back on the bus after being on acid for three days. On the bus everyone starts singing this song and I really loved it. However, because it was sung by the cast, I doubted it would be on the soundtrack before I started trying to Google.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.
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Update to Baked Chicken Date

Hey there. Thank you to everyone who posted with comments and suggestions for my date. It went wonderfully!

The chicken came out tender and juicy. It needed a little bit more seasoning (something I can fix next time, hehe). The pasta and green beans complimented it well. The brownies did well. Not quite as well as I was expecting, though. I melted the caramel to go on top and it ended up hardening and become even more chewy than caramel usually is. Ah well. I also forgot to bake the crescent rolls until after the chicken was done, so I've got crescent roll stuff in my fridge waiting for another day.

She was very impressed with everything. I don't think the day could have went better, hehe.

Concerning the movie times, ah, it was heavenly. It was one of those progressive cuddling things that I just love. When we started watching the first movie (we watched three and we have very odd tastes in movies), The Grudge, she sat "next" to me, about a foot or less away on the couch. 20-30 minutes into the movie she suggested I get a blanket as it was a bit cold in my apartment (mwahahah, wonder how that happened???). I did and when I got back, she kinda tilted and leaned into me, one arm somewhat around her. Then, at the next movie (Cube), she sat right next to me and leaned against me, nearly full arm around. At the last (Cube Zero), she scooted down a bit more, reclined against my chest, and I had full arm around cuddling. It was great. I even moved my hand over top hers and at one point my thumb was in the space between her thumb and forefinger and she did the thumb caress move with hers!!!

She had to leave before we got to the final movie (Homeroom), so we hugged and said byes and whatnot. She said she was going to come bug me tomorrow at work (I work at Hollywood Video, it's great to have someone come bug me not involving loud yelling, cursing under the breath, or remarks about fleeing to our competitors).

So, to put this in question form, how great is life!?

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Anyone have any good ballad songs about love, but that arn't horribly hokey ones like KC and Jojo and whatnot? More along the lines of indie bands or more underground music?

Do you usually ask questions here because you need to know, want to know, or because you're bored?

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any accordion players here?

i want to learn how to play the accordion.
do you recommend a certain company as putting out an exceptional accordion?
how much money am i looking at spending on a new accordion?
any other advice is appreciated.

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MISC: Go Ask Alice

Not a fun question by any means...

Anyone else having issues with Photobucket?

I hopped over to my icon journal (ophelias_icons) to find that absolutely none of my icons were visible. Just pages of red x's.

Funny enough, images from other folders in my album are still visible!

And my bandwidth and album size are all in the green.

Anyone else ever have anything like this happen before?

I'm confused like woah. ;)
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1. what does "six degrees of separation" mean? i hear this term from time to time, but i have never understood it.
2. is anyone here a pharmacist technician? how long did you have to go to classes before you got licensed?
3. what's your favourite jones soda?
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please answer as many of these you can, it would be greatly help my curiosities!

1. do you know what straight edge is? just a yes or no will really do
*edit* i dont mean "a straight edge" i just mean straight edge like as in saying "he is straight edge"

2. have you ever wanted to have a conversation with someone from this community based on their comments/questions they ask?

3. has anyone seen the movie The Wedding Date thats out in theaters? if yes, what did you think of it?

4. favorite cable channel?