March 6th, 2005

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OSX on a G3?

I just got a used Powerbook G3 Pismo, 400Mhz, 192MB ram, 6GB hard drive...

I'd like to install OSX on it. What success am I likely to have?

I've seen conflicting reports. Some say max it out to 512MB before thinking about it, some reports indicate that even the required minimum of 128MB will be sufficient for real use. It will obviously run as-is, but the question is how well? I've successfully dealt with Windows NT4 on a 486 with 24MB ram, so I can deal with fairly slow computers, so long as its reliable and I can get stuff done(main uses will be internet access and doing homework, plus some programming).

Also, the 512MB ram limit, is it a solid limit, or was it just because 256MB was the largest SO-DIMM available at the time? If the latter, can I just plug larger modules in or do I need to do some sort of BIOS update?

And finally, what tips do any of you mac users have for a 19 year veteran of the PC world, who hasn't touched a mac in 5 years, and hasn't done any real work on them in over 10(and even then, it was just light word processing) years? This is the first Mac I've ever owned, and the first that I'll actually be relying on to any extent. So far its really confusing... my mind is heavily warped towards the DOS/Windows/UNIX styles of interacting wtih a computer, which is quite a bit different... Thats half the reason I want OSX... its UNIX base will provide a point of familiarity to me, even if the GUI is unlike any of my prior experience, the UNIX base will at least help me feel more confident behind the keyboard.
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in the past 2 months i've moved halfway across the country, quit my job, postponed my education, gotten married. i'm not really complaining because I LOVE MY LIFE, but would these things at once make you feel overwhelmed?

i've heard that it takes one full calender year to fully make a house a home. have you found this to be true in your life?
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Is anyone else REALLY grossed out by lint?

I can't stand the sight of lint. And I really can't stand to touch it. I rarely put my hands in my pockets, at least not very deep, lest my fingertips come into contact with some disgusting lint. I really hate sorting through coins or other things that are well-handled or come out of pockets/purses because of hair and lint and the general dirtiness of it all. If I should accidentally touch some lint, I want to jump out of my skin or pour Clorox all over myself or something. I don't know how on earth anyone can manage to clean out those grill-things on clothes dryers that get full of lint-clumps. So the point is, I hate lint.

The one thing worse than lint was the time I put on a cozy bathrobe, stuck my fingers into the pockets... and they touched gritty dirt grains! EWWW!
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This is without a doubt the most painful and embarassing thing that has ever happened to me.
I have hemorrhoids.
This is so embarassing.
I'm currently single so it wasn't from sex and my daughter is 6 years old so it wasn't from giving birth recently.
The only thing I can think of is this monster bean burrito I had about 2 weeks ago that gave me diarrhea the entire next day.
This past week, I had the flu and hemorrhoids at the same time. It's been pure hell.
The flu is getting better but my backside isn't.
I'm in so much pain.
I went to the doctor. I don't feel like she was much help. She gave me hydrocortisone and told me to get plenty of fiber.
I've been using creams and baths but I'm still not feeling like it's getting better. At all.

My question:
What can I do for IMMEDIATE pain relief?
I'm willing to try anything.

Da pope

How come the pope hasn't stepped down yet? Do they normally keep going 'till they drop? Wouldn't it be more graceful and more useful to allow someone younger to take over? Is there no one else he believes to be ready for the role?

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I want to start making a dress for prom, and I want to base it around Medieval styles, very much in the romantic era and Shakespeare and what not. Does anyone have any good photos I could see for some ideas?

Bottles water or tap? Why?

What light do you need to fall asleep? Light, some light, no light, etc?


After having to move out of a friend’s house last summer, my boyfriend and I have been staying at my boyfriend’s father’s house until we could find a place of our own. Of course, we haven’t yet, because we were both unemployed for months, and I was the only one working for a time. Now we’re both employed and have some money saved up.
In December of 2005, my boyfriend and I made a tentative verbal agreement with his father and his father’s girlfriend to pay off a second mortgage in exchange for living in my boyfriend’s father’s house after they moved downstate. They had an assessor come and assess the house for the re-mortgage. They found out a month ago that the payments would be far too high for us to afford, so they decided to put the house up for sale instead. Here’s the thing: THEY JUST TOLD US YESTERDAY, after having known this for a month. His father is retired, so he had ample time to tell us. The house is going up in a week, and I assume they want us out of the house within that period of time, and they may try to force us out or take our belongings. We may have a new place lined up, but it’s not definite. We now have no guaranteed place to live and get to work from.

There are more sordid details--check out my latest journal entry for details.

What can I do to protect myself and my belongings? Can I sue him for this? Is what he did illegal?

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I always seem to be posting questions about the freaking gym in here.

Anyway, on Wednesday I tripped over and hurt my ankle. I didn't twist it but it still hurts if I have to walk a long distance (which is what I've been doing for uni). I haven't been to gym for over a week now. I was wondering when would be a sensible time period to go back to the gym and not risk buggering up my ankle even more?

Thanks in advance.

parking ticket

a couple of weeks ago, i parked momentarily outside my building here at the university i attend with my emergency lights on while i carried groceries up to my room. there was a ticket on my windshield when i got back down to move my car. there were no spaces in the lot, so i had parked off to the side with plenty of room for people to pass. anywayz, the ticket says that a court appearance is not required which according to the rules on the back means that i can plead guilty if i want and pay the fee. according to my ticket information which i just looked up online the fee is $56. what should i do? should i pay the ticket or just ignore it? this is the first time i've ever received a ticket, so i'm thinking maybe they'll let me slide or something. i'd really rather not have to pay so much just for an offense this small...


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Where'd you get your default icon? Why do you use that one?

I made mine from a jpg I found online of a daisy. :o) I love daisies, my favorite flower, and it makes me feel better to see one. That, and I thought it looked more fun rotating than standing still.
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Jerry Springer

What are some negative things you can say about Jerry Springer and his various deeds/shows/effects on society/etc.?

I have to make an argument against him for a debate, and I don't know much about him at all.
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i have fair skin and i want to go tanning to get a base before i go on my trip. i've been tanning before, but just on occasion. how many times and how often should i go? i don't to go more than i have to.
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Agent Smith

Were the multiple Agent Smiths independent duplicates?

Were they a collective conciousness?

Or, was there a Master Smith that controlled an army of drones?

I haven't seen anything in the movies to clearly indicate which, was wondering what ohter people thought and why they think that.
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My friend and I are going to a pretty big concert - Taste of Chaos - this week. Neither of us has been to an actual concert before, so... what do we need to know that might be glaringly obvious to you, but not us? Also, do any of you know how long it runs? (It starts at 6, I believe.)

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What can I do to motivate myself to finish... um, to start this essay about medieval literature due tomorrow? I'm already requiring of myself that I finish before I call my malefriend tonight. But that won't kick in until nine, when we usually call.
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OK so I'm probably using all the wrong terms, but anyway - I don't exactly understand how music is put to CDs, but I heard that basically during the recording process, there are different tracks that are later smashed into one to make the finished song. On some speakers you can hear the different sounds really well, you know, like the vocals coming out of the left and the guitar coming out of the right, and i'm wondering -

Since the speakers seem to be able to split the sound (sort of) Is there any way (program or whatever) to split these tracks back to the original however many there were? Vocal track, bass track, guitar track, etc.?

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would someone be able to explain to me how to set up a gmail account in thunderbird? i just downloaded it, and am always very clueless about how to set this up. (i.e. what to write for incoming and outgoing server)
thanks a lot


Do you have any scars you are proud of? Do you like to tell their stories? What are their stories?

Do you have any scars you are ashamed of/embarassed about/don't like?

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I have just hennaed my hair for the first time and have some paste left over. If I find that I've missed some bits, what's my best course of action:

a. Microwave the leftover paste
b. Add a bit of boiling water to it
c. Use it as it is


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I need to know if same sex mounting in canine spieces includes penetration.

EDIT: I need to know that because I am writing a fanfic which includes homesexual relationship between wolves.

I am sure you all feel better knowing that. :P

P.S. No, it's not bestiality. I don't think. It's for "Wolf's Rain", so it's
complicated. O_o

BRIDE OF EDIT: And now I am wondering if wolves develop penile knots after ejaculation like dogs do.

Please shoot me.


Can anyone recommend an online store that sells different kinds of tea? All the places I've been have had very little variety.
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Ok, this might seem like a stupid question but, awhile ago my mom said that there was a street in Washington D.C. that was considered gay street. That was before I came out to her though, so I'm not too keen on asking her. So I'm going to D.C. tomorrow and I want to walk along there, but I don't remember which street she said it was. Anyone have any clue which it could be? I do remeber that it was only a letter. Thanks!