March 5th, 2005

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wedding question

Would you attend a wedding as a guest of a member of the wedding party?
If you do so, are you condemning yourself to sitting alone at the ceremony and with people you don't know at the reception?
if so, would that affect your decision?
I know the couple getting married and one person in the wedding party, nobody else. I am the rather serious SO of someone in the wedding party, and he wants me around, but I feel as though I may end up sitting by myself all day--which happens to be one of my least favorite activities. Then again, as the bride seems to like to keep him around and single as "dick in a glass case" (break in case of emergency) and the bride has broken up with several fiances before, my primal urge is to curb the boredom in hopes of at least spending the dancing portion of the evening peeing a primordial circle around my b/f. (Note, this is *mostly* farce.)

Even so.
1. Is it appropriate to attend a wedding with someone who is in the wedding party, if you are NOT in the wedding party, and will barely get to spend time with your "date"?
2. If he *has* to dance with a bridesmaid for a dance or two, am I then allowed to swing dance with a guy or two if music permits, seeing as I *do* have a date present, whose best friend is getting married, but that I won't get to spend time with? (Unfortunately, the bride is the type to make a huge deal out of it if I DO dance with anybody else, even if my guy wouldn't, because he understands how swing/social dancing works.)
3. How much time, on average, do wedding party members actual get to spend with the general public at these sort of things? Should I arrange for my own transportation to the reception? The bride is *not* being forthcoming about this info. I do know there's a couple of hours of pictures sometime.


Sexual Appetite and Attraction

I've found myself being teased by my male friends whenever I make a reference to sex, be it an actual topic of conversation or giggling over something that could be taken out of context. Some people have told me my approach to sex is cute, others guilt me about being a pervert. Some have even insisted in a conversation brought about by this situation that the cold, hormone-less personality is more attractive than the sensual, touchy-feely kind. I was curious enough to make a poll as to whether other people feel the same way, and whether the gender of the person in question matters.

So, to get to the point: Is a large sexual appetite attractive to you? Please only answer the section that pertains to you.

Poll #448986 Is a large sexual appetite attractive?

If you like females:

Yes, very attractive!
Mildly attractive.
It doesn't bother me, but it doesn't excite me either.
No, it's unattractive.

If you like males:

Yes, very attractive!
Mildly attractive.
It doesn't bother me, but it doesn't excite me either.
No, it's unattractive.

If you aren't particular about gender or like both:

Yes, very attractive!
Mildly attractive.
It doesn't bother me, but it doesn't excite me either.
No, it's unattractive.

There are probably a bajillion ways this poll can be improved, but this isn't anything scientific, just my own curiosity. And it's late, so it'll have to do. XD
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(no subject)

How do they recruit executioners in the US (or anywhere else with the death penalty for that matter)? I mean, what sort of person applies for a job as a state sponsored murderer?
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Hey kids, what's your favorite euphemism for male/female genitals?
And use it in a sentence, if you'd like.

I think my favorite for both is "junk".
"I didn't know you shave your junk."
"OMG she kicked him right in the junk!!"

(no subject)

What is your favorite lame pick-up line?

Mine is "I wish I was your problem set because then I'd be hard and you'd be doing me on your desk." :) 'twill make my day the day a guy ever says that to me. Haha
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ab lounge.

does anybody have the ab lounge, or have used it?

can it be sat in like a regular chair, or will it tip over?

i want to get it but i don't know where i'd keep it so the thought crossed my mind that i could replace my sitting chair with it and give it a dual function.
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(no subject)

1-- My teacher claimed that someone translated Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walking" into French when it first came out. Is this true? If so, where can I get my hands on this?

2-- What is your favourite French website?

3-- If you live in Canada: how many of your French teachers were anglophones? I'm asking as I just noticed that almost all of my teachers since I arrived in Ottawa were anglos, with about two exceptions.

4-- Favourite piece by Klimt?

edit: are there any good websites for Canadian-based stores which sell girls clothes? Also, any good Canadian store that sells hoodies would be lovely.


scanner darkly

(no subject)

Was the Comedy Central show "Drawn Together" canceled? It hasn't been on since they had the episode where they were in a helicopter, and the professer was like "was this going to be the last episode?" TO BE CONTINUED...

So I'm confused. =/ I liked that show.
Flogging Molly

Capral Tunnel Question...

Ok I'm like pretty sure I have Capral Tunnel and possibly something else. My wrists, hands, and fingers will start to hurt and get sore periodically and lately it's becoming more frequent. My job requires me to type all day basically transcribing half of special phone conversations so really it's not suprising for something like this to happen.

What I'm curious about is if anyone can give me tips on how to deal with this. Any special excerises or home remedies that I could do to ease the pain would be a life saver right about now. I got some from work from the ergonomics lady when I made the mistake of MENTIONING a TINY bit of pain before it really started and I was refused working overtime for about four months and I need the overtime to live at this moment so going back to making a remark at this moment is not good. What I just need are some good ideas to help ease the pain and make it easier to do my job. Oh and I already have one of those wrist splint thingies [sorry don't remember the name] so that is helping.

I also am thinking of going to a Dr to have it checked out and I'm just curious if I end up getting the surgery to fix the Capral Tunnel what exactly will happen. Like I know there is a surgery but what do they do, how long is recovery, and what's it like after the surgery. Are you able to type again and all is well or are there differences?

I know I could look up this info online as well, and I plan too, but I also wanted to hear some things that may have worked for people and your personal opinions on what would be a good idea, etc...
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(no subject)

Is it true that preparation H can be used to bring down spots and help puffy eyes?
Does it actually work?

Whats the best way to get rid of a headache you've gotten from lack of sleep - and why does lack of sleep cause headaches?

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Are there hardy fish available for smaller tanks?
I kindof want a fish in my 1, 1.5 gallon tank... it's one of those vase thingies that you get bettas in with a plant and they lie to you and say the fish will eat the plant... not really something that you can get a heater/filter/air thingy for.

What would make a good tank mate for two snails? a betta, since that was the original occupant? or would it eat the antennae eye stalk thingies?

and, I usally clean the tank by plunking the snails into a cup of water while I scrub out the tank. I assume a fish would protest this by dying. how would I clean the tank then?

Or, is my tank too small to add anything to?

Edit- another question: do snails float when they die? the yellow one is floating again. Last time I asked, I was told it's just something they do... but how can I tell if it's dead or not(besides how bad it'll smell)?
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(no subject)

Ok so here's a dif question to answer:
Have you ever stayed overnight in a hospital? If so for what?

(In the movie Mean Girls, when Gretchen is applying makeup right before the recital of their dance to Jingle Bell Rock...what brand of lipgloss is she putting on? The color is AMAZING and I want it! I think it's MAC but I'm not quite sure. And unfortunately I couldn't find a picture online. Sorry for the randomness..) Already answered!

(no subject)

1. Do YOU use a resolution of 800x600, 1024x768, or other?

2. Is there a way for my background image to take up the same amount of screen space on no matter what resolution the viewer is using?

(I thought there was, but I can't seem to find a code for it.)
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JAM <3

moving with pets

My parents just bought a house in North Carolina and will be moving there by the end of the month. I'm staying here in California, where I've lived my whole life. I'll be getting an apartment here and my mom thinks it would be best if I took the cats with me. We have 2 cats, both are 17 years old from the same litter. We got them when they were kittens, so they've been around forever.

We have a huge backyard here. They are constantly going in and out of the house. Since they're so old and so used to being able to go outside, will they be able to adapt to living in a small apartment? I wouldn't even be able to let them out on the balcony because they would have no trouble jumping off the side. I'm just worried that they're not going to make it. And they are trained to use a litter box so that's not a problem.

Also, how hard would it be to just sneak them in without the apartment office people knowing? Can I get away with it? $300 deposit plus $40 a month 'pet rent' is just too much.

(no subject)

do you think everyone might be bisexual? think before you answer. have you ever thought about it, just for a split second?

please dont say "the bible is against it, so no"

i know what the bible says

Happy Birthday to Me!!! YEAH!!

Are there any programs that could make editing the Properties and Names of mp3 files more efficient and less time consuming?

And is there a list of things I could legally do now that I'm 18? Because I don't feel a day over 17. Any requirements--do I have to file tax returns (I don't work) and such every year now?
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