March 4th, 2005

abby genius

Women-centered Christianity

Can anyone name any modern Christian religiously-themed movies, books, etc. (i.e, popular culture) that are quite women-centered, or, at least, women-focused in such a way that it presents a different interpretation of Christianity and its relation to women as a whole. Serious or funny, doesn't matter.

I can think of three - Stigmata, Dogma and DaVinci Code. But I'm sure there's more. And this where I come to you. Give me all you've got!
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File cabinet lock replacement

I've got an OLD file cabinet. The keys may or may not exist anymore, but probably don't.

I'd like to be able to lock the thing- it would be useful to have a somewhat secure place to store things that I have instant access to, unlike my dads safe, which is secure, but even my mom doesn't have the combination.

Anyone got an idea what it might cost to replace the lock? its a small key lock, the sort you'd find in a modern file cabinet. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I could pull a lock off a file cabinet in a random office building and install it on my cabinet despite its rather advanced(20+ years) age.

Also, can tritium bond with oxygen and form radioactive water?

(no subject)

What is the rudest thing anyone has ever said to you?

*I was at work one day and people always compliment me on my hair. Well, this one lady goes, "Where did you get your hair done?" So I said, "I color it myself, but I get it cut at Salon Santina's." And she says, "Do you like it?" I was sort of confused, but said yes. So she replied with, "Well...atleast you do it yourself. I was gonna say, if you paid for that, I would SO get my money back."

She left me feeling really confused, and then slightly annoyed. WHY would you say that to someone?

Foreign Country Living

If you were born in another country from that which you live in now, which language do you primarily speak - your native country or the one you currently live in? Also, do you celebrate the holidays/customs/whatever of your new country, or stick with the old? Finally, do you support the new country as far as sports teams, and things like that nature, or stick with the old?
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rain rain go away.....

what is the term for in movies, when it's a sad part and it's raining in the background?

my english teacher in high school once mentioned it when we were analyzing movie terms, but no one seems to know what i'm talking about.
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icon maker

does anybody know which icon community would be best for me to get an icon w/ some lyrics from ana nalick's 2 am on it? i'm interested in the line "life is like an hourglass glued to the table" if that helps at all. i just don't know which community to go to.
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Can the cigarette smoke smell get into the walls?

Can cigarette smoke and the smell get into the walls?

One of my roommates just moved out and left the room reeking of smoke. We are a non-smoking home but he lied about being a non-smoker and waited until after he moved in to tell us he smoked. Now that he's moved out we're making him pay to have the smoked up smelly carpet professionally cleaned. Should we also charge him to re-paint the walls? He claims that smoke and the smell can't get into the walls.

(no subject)

Is there a way to delete all my old entries without editing each one individually?

Would you rather be the parent of Bart or Lisa Simpson? :o)

Anyone here from southern California?

Why does my lip keep twitching? It's been doing this for a couple weeks or so. What's going on?

Let's say a meteorite was heading for the Earth and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Nothing at all. How would you spend your last six hours? :o)

OK, let's say we spent our last six hours cramming ourselves into a bomb shelter. Then we discovered we wouldn't all fit. One person had to go. How do you decide which person has to leave the bomb shelter and die when the meteorite hits the earth? (Yes, I am watching the Simpsons. :o) )

When posting questions like this, do you post your own answers?
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Short chapters in writing?

Once again, bugging you guys with random questions. :D

When I'm writing a story, I usually have the problem that my chapters are terribly short. Or if the length is okay, the action is still divided into tiny, tiny little scenes. I can't seem to keep the focus in one small area for a longer period of time. (This most recent story being what's worrying me. I'm just writing this thing as the ideas come flowing, but for the love of Frank, those scenes are short.)

I usually have two or three things that I want to happen in a scene -- so they happen, and people say what they have to say.. then I jump to another character in another location.

Any tips for getting out of this habit?

And is it really such a bad habit, anyhow? What do you think of short chapters?

If you need an example of how my longer writing ends up as, just pop around the most recent chapters of Allucinari.
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My left ear feels really clogged up...kind of like when you have water in your ear after swimming. I think I have a cold or something and it's been making me burp a lot (weird, I know!) and it hurts my ear a lot when I do. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this clogged feeling?
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(no subject)

I have an odd question that I hope someone will be able to answer. I work at an apartment community in Dallas, Texas, and we're trying to figure out the market rents back in 1975. I've done a search for it, and found nothing. I called a research company, and they'll tell me for $400, but we can't spend that. Would anyone know where to look? Thanks so much!

Internet Safety

How easily to you give away personal info in your journal?

I read a few public journals where the writer gives almost everything about themselves away. Things such as the route they take to work, what city they live in, what their apartment looks out onto, what softball team they play on, where they go on the weekend etc. They also post pictures of themselves, and sometimes even of their children!

These people could easily be tracked down if someone wanted to find them. Do people just not worry about their safety anymore, or the safety of their children?

I'm extremely nervous every time I make a public entry, plus I never give away too much specific information, and I'd most certainly never post a picture of myself or my children (if I had any, I don't even post pictures of my pets!).
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(no subject)

1) Hey, does it cost money to send a letter to Canada? Besides the stamp? I know I sound dumb asking this but I haven't sent a letter out of the country.

2) What is the temperature where you are?

3) What is the dumbest song you've ever heard?

4) What is/was your worst subject in school?

What do you TiVo?

What shows do you regularly record on your TiVo, VCR or DVR?

Right now, I record L Word, Degrassi, Dance 360, Daria, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Ellen.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also record American Idol. (By looking at the shows I record, I bet you'd never be able to guess my age.)
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(no subject)

My school gave out goldfish yesterday, and one of mine has an odd eye. One of the eyes looks like a normal fish eye, with both the cornea and the pupil, but the other eye is the same size, but just a black pupil (bad photo, it's the white fish on the right that I am worried about). It's as if the black bled into the white area.

Is my fish sick? Blind in that eye? If it's sick, should I separate it from the other fish?
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(no subject)

Say you've bought a car on credit. After 2 months this car develops a big problem which will cost about a thousand to fix. You don't really have this money. The warranty company is refusing to pay for the repairs. You got screwed on the credit deal, and it has an appalling interest rate. You really need a car for work. You could potentially get a few hundred from a kind benefactor but no more than that. Your credit history is not great. What do you do?

a) Get the benefactor's money and/or try to get a bank loan to cover the repairs.
b) Stop paying the car loan repayments, let them reposess it and use the benefactor's money to get an old, cheap, debt-free car.
c) Something else (tell me about it).
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Does anybody know of a simple program to edit MIDIs with?
...And by edit I mean crop.
...And by simple I really mean free.

I'm looking to put some ringers on my phone, but I'm not willing to use so much space for 5 minute songs I will never completely hear. =P
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2 questions

1. I just got off the phone with a friend. He applied for a job on a Hawaiian cruise ship and he says he has to pass a physical. What's the point of a physical for working on the ship? (I don't know what he's doing exactly, but I'm guessing probably janitorial work, cooking, or waiting on customers in the ship's cafe).


2. Where does everyone get those rubber Livestrong, Breast Cancer, etc. bracelets? I know you can get these cool Livewrong bracelets at, but where can you go (stores, etc.) for the others?

(no subject)

Is it better to have lived than not lived at all?

And remember the special hypothetical case where you're born into the most miserable life--you have a terminal illness, gigantic blood-sucking tumors, were abused physically, verbally, and sexually, and are an orphan with no family and cannot make friends because your tumors weigh you down, and all you can do is listen to life according to the distant radio of the trashman who works at the dumpster you live in.

Sorry, I tend to use second person a lot.

(no subject)

1. I'm looking around to get some of my short storied published. Anyone know any good websites, magazines, etc. that would be interested?

2. If you are in a room in your house, and someone else is home, but you hear a loud noise or thud from another room, do you panic? Do you jump? Do you go figure out what the noise was?
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Mac OS9

Yes, I'll be upgrading to OSX as soon as I can afford the memory upgrade I've been advised to make. It will run it as is, but I want it to run well, not just run at all.

But until then, what are your recommendations for a web browser and IRC client for Mac OS9? It's a G3 powerbook, 400 Mhz, 192MB ram...
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An earlier question got me to thinking about this:

Would the world really be a better place without STIs/STDs?
If they didn't exist, we would have very little left to scare young minds with.
But on the other hand... they're, well... BAD. =P

I know the answer is obvious, but I was just trying to imagine how parents/teachers would try to back up abstinence without that major argument. heh =P
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