March 3rd, 2005

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PoA question! :D

Maybe this is obvious ... I dunno. I don't get it.

In HP: Prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Lupin gives Harry chocolate after every encounter with the Dementors/Boggart, saying "It helps, it really helps." Hermione says something along the lines of "That's how Lupin knew to give you the chocolate."

Why does Lupin give him chocolate? What does it "help"? How does it "help"?

I've been pondering this for some time now, and haven't come up with anything. :/

Thanks for your time! :)

(no subject)

What do you do for a living?

Do you enjoy your work?

If not, what would you rather do?

If you're still young and unemployed, what do you hope to do when you get older?

If you are not yet settled into a career, what other job would you prefer to have?

When you were little what did you always dream of doing?


Update on boil and a question

So the boil wasn't a boil. (Or a spider sac) It was a cyst. The doctor numbed it, cut me and removed the cyst. Now I'm full of packing and it hurts worse than it did. Anyway, on to my question. Do you call your doctor by his first name or Dr. Whatever? Does he/she call you by your first name or Mr./Ms./Mrs. Whatever? I call my doctor Dr. Wurtz and yesterday he called me Mrs. Hall. My previous doctors have always called me by my first name, Pam. I just thought it was weird that after seeing this guy for 6 years he still calls me Mrs. Hall.
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Yellow sticker ribbon magnet thingies

I don't get the "Support Our Troops" little sticker magnet ribbon thingies. WTF does that mean, and what exactly are they protesting? I really doubt there are large numbers of people out there walking around thinking that they want our army to suffer defeat and perish horribly (that's the only thing I can think of that would be the opposite of wanting to "support" our troops), so what the hell exactly does that sticker mean? Oh, and why would I change my mind just because someone spent a dollar and five seconds to stick a sticker on the back of their SUV?
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I have pet snails, a smallish yellow one and a largish black one. They live together in a vase-kindof-fish thingy, with a plant and some rocks.
The black one oozes around and up the walls and whatnot. The yellow one oozes about and licks the glass. I've been informed that snails usually lick the walls like that, which I actually remember seeing my boyfriend's dad's snails doing.
Why doesn't my black one lick the glass?
And why was my yellow one floating on the top of the tank this morning? I poked him and he sunk to the bottom, and eventually came out of his shell and went about business as usual. I was weirded out.
And why does the yellow one have a big air bubble in his shell?

And, the yellow one looks as if there's a huge crack around the shell at one point... and from then forward, the shell is bright yellow and algae free. Before the crack, it's all green/spotty ness.

getting a job...

im 17, and ive never had a job. its kind of embarrasing to live off of my father all the time, and id really like to get employed. what are some tips you can give me? should i call or go to places and ask if theyre hiring, or do i look for signs outside of places? do you think id have a good chance getting hired anywhere if i never had any experience? i have some volunteering experience, but it was helping out at the special olympics and therefore probably wouldnt apply if i was trying to get a cashiering position or something.

im so clueless =0(

Stat... bzuh?

Okay. I have a Stat 101 test tomorrow. Between having talked to the TA yesterday, and the roommate today, and the boyfriend a few days ago, I understand pretty much everything that the test is going to be over.
Almost. I have r issues.

Issue 1. My book lists it as (screen shot from the notes)

Do I multiply the result of the first bit by the result of the second bit? {edit}okay, I totally blanked on the big parentheses. they weren't in my other notes. and in the second bit, what order does the top line go in? (Sum of all x-xbar) multiplied by (sum of all y-ybar), or (Sum of all x-xbar) multiplied by y-ybar?

Issue 2. What does r^2 mean? We're supposed to be able to interpret it "in the context of the problem." The best example I can give of what they want is for the slope of the least-squares regression line, which we're supposed to interpret as "For every one unit increase in (explanatory variable), there is on average a/n (increase for positive slope, decrease for negative) of (slope) in (response variable)." So, some sort of fill in the blank statement about what r^2 means. I have "% variation" written next to it on my paper from when he started saying it, then he said it was in the notes online... I'm not seeing it.

So far I've asked the roommate and one two of the geeks in my house(I have to wait for the rest to get back from class). They boggled and said my stat book was on crack. Haven't asked the boyfriend yet, but I know he thinks my book is the least helpful book ever written.
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My first question post :)

1. Does anyone know of any lj communities that give certain personal tasks to do each day? I'm looking for something like the daily challenges in 28dayshealthier (doing something new/helpful/productive) without the dieting stuff. I get bored here with nothing to do so often that I'd like to find something like that to challenge me to do something different. But I haven't been able to find any communities.

2. Is it illegal to download episodes of tv shows if you delete them after watching them? Do you think it should be illegal?

3. Do you enjoy watching The Simple Life? Which season was your favorite?

4. Please recommend a band/artist or song that you think people should listen to.
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Playlist, A to Z

Just out of curiosity, alphabetically speaking, what is the first artist on your playlist? The last?

Mine are:

AC/DC, "You Shook Me All Night Long" from Back in Black


Zero Seven, "Destiny" from Simple Things
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Kami berdua amat takut pada kegelapan. Untung saja, aku segera sadar! Masa aku harus
takut pada kegelapan? Tiba-tiba aku teringat pada hantu pohon nangka

What language is this? O__O;; I can't seem to figure it out...
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I'm moving very very soon (this weekend) and I have TONS of stuff to sell. I've been trying ebay and other such places with out much luck. I need to get rid of this stuff ASAP. I can't throw it away, and I can't give it away. What do I do?
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1. do any of you know of communities where people show off pictures of their babies or their pregnant tummies?

2. are you less likely to respond to a post that already has a lot of comments?
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1. what kind of laptop do you have?

2. what do you use it for, primarily? (internetting, graphic design, gaming, a coaster...)

3. if given the choice, would you purchase the same again?



a while ago, someone asked about free online ftps, but i've lost the post. could you recommend a site or did you save a link to the post in question?
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taxes are a bitch.


i am trying to do my taxes. in order for my efile to get direct deposited, i need to know my last year's adjusted gross income. i am entering it exactly as i entered it last year, but this thing is telling me that i'm wrong. the only thing that i can think of is that i got a letter last year stating that my "earned income credit" was disqualified because i am not yet between the ages of 25 and 65, so instead of getting the $800 i thought i was getting, i got about $400. would that have something to do with this?

if not, what is it? and, if i were to call h+r block, would they answer my question or would i have to go in and pay them to help me?

Window's XP

Is it possible to bypass the password to log onto a user account on Windows XP?

The reason I ask is because one of my roommates has been using my other two roommates computers without their permission. I have no reason to think he's using mine but I'd like to password it anyways. Will he be able to bypass the password or am I safe in thinking passwording my account will prevent him from using it?
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We have two people, Person A and Person B. They are getting divorced.

Inititally, Person A was going to move from the house they jointly owned, while Person B was staying. Then Person B realizes they can't afford the house, so the roles reverse--Person A is now staying, and Person B is now moving.

They sign their papers, and it is stated in the papers that Person B must move out by April 1st. The papers are filed, and they are days away from being final, when Person B says to Person A, "I feel like you are pushing me out of the house, can I have past April 1st to find a place?" Keep in mind Person A REALLY wants the divorce and is looking forward to being alone, and Person B has dragged this thing out seven months already.

So would Person A be a total idiot to let Person B stay? And since it's on legal documents, can Person A even LEGALLY let Person B stay there?

One of the parties involved is a friend of mine, so I'd like opinions. Thanks!
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(no subject)

1. is everything in life a test?
2. is everything in life an opportunity?
3. was a missed opportunity an opportunity to miss an opportunity?
4. why is my handwriting so bad?
5. do girls have better handwriting than boys? why?
6. if someone helps you but you don't want their help is it right to decieve them by pretending that their help helped you or should you so the decent thing and be honest?
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(no subject)

Isn't it illegal for someone else to take your prescription medication (in the US)?

I had a doctor's appointment today and my mom brought up the idea of getting me on a prescription allergy medication, then she told me later that she's going to take it too. I don't think so, mom.
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(no subject)

I had an ex-boyfriend at school today get busted for cocaine. We're in Ontario, Canada, and he had about 0.7 g of coke on him, and probably some weed and alcohol too. He is seventeen, and this isnt his first drug offence. The police did show up, so I know its beyond school powers. What are we looking at here in terms of jail time/explusion?? Anyone know?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of a decent reputable site where one is able to complete surveys/register for phone surveys/etc and where you get paid for completing the survey?

I love doing surveys, and even love it when people call my house to ask me questions, and I've seen all those spammy type of things about paying money for surveys, but I highly doubt that a company who spams me with unwanted e-mail is going to actually pay me.

So - does a reputable survey site exist?

EDIT: I should add that I live in Canada; thus can't sign up for the US only survey companies.
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i feel like lovecraft in brooklyn.

Random questions. Lovecraft and showers.

1: H.P. Lovecraft. Yes or no? :D

I've been seeing Cthulhu everywhere and playing Lovecraft-inspired text adventure games, so I figured, I should probably read something of his. Eventually. So how many of you like his work? *curious*

2: Why is my face so dry after I've taken a shower? D:
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(no subject)

I read a really good kids book when I was 10 or so but I don't remember the name of it I figured perhaps you all might know the title. It concerns a boy whose family lives on rafts in underground caverns, he figures out they are just going in circles and jumps off the rafts and goes into the outside world and has many adventures (and gets really sunburned), ring any bells? Thanks, Nemo
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Free Money!

1. What are some good scholarship sites - that will match you up with ones that apply to you? I've tried FastWeb because it's the "big name" one, but none of them really match me - they all seem generic.

I've tried just typing things into google, but I keep getting school-specific scholarships, and I don't have a school picked out yet.

- Just for reference, I'm female, not an ethnic minority, but looking to study mathematics in grad school.
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I was wondering...

What kind of fruits and veggies are good for what?

like... carrots are good for your eyes. and I heard strawberries are good for woman's breast.


Anyone know any other ones?
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(no subject)

I have an extra credit project that I can do for my english class over spring break. And i definitely need that extra credit with the way things have been going. I have to choose a novel that relates to the theme of the course, "The Self, Human Rights, and the 'Other' in the Modern World". Can anyone think of a novel, one that an english professor would actually accept, that I can read and do a paper on? Any ideas for a paper topic?

Thanks! ;)
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(no subject)

Are woodwind players supposed to be good kissers? If so was it just that person, or do you think the playing had something to do with it?
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First of all, bear in mind that I suck at naming genres/labeling music.

Shakira's "Te Aviso, Te Anuncio" (aka "Objection") is listed as a Tango on one website. Is it a specific type of tango? I've recently heard a couple other songs that sound almost the same and I was wondering what genre I should look up to find more like them. I always thought tangos were much slower and more mellow than this, which is why I'm asking. Come to think of it, only the beginning sounds like a "tango" to me, but like I said, I'm not good with music genres.
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Photo displays

So I've got just tons of really neat photographs sitting in boxes. I take them, I collect them...


However I'm becoming quite bored with picture frames and don't wish to tack them to matte boards or directly to the wall...

Anyone have any suggestions on how to create a unique and attractive display out of my photographs?

Most of the photos are 4x6 and 5x7. I've looked into those ready-made "collage" frames and they don't quite float my boat.

I'm moving this summer and not opposed to the idea of taking up a wall in my new place to create a mural of sorts...but I'm kind of curious to see how you all display your photos...or art even.

Gah. It's late. I'm tired. Hope this makes sense.

I wish to keep the photos in question in one piece and free of pin holes and stuff. So no cutting or altering or, I'm really making this difficult.
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