March 2nd, 2005


WMP Annoyance

Is there any way to get Windows Media Player 9 to simply list the files you have in a particular directory in a playlist without it automatically categorizing your file into Arist/Genre/Album, etc?  I just want to see my list of .mp3 files without having to dig through 20 subdivisions to get to them.

If there's not, please don't recommend another media player because (surprise) I do know they exist.

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I don't know how many of you could answer this question, because it might just be a regional/Midwestern chain, but does the Family Dollar near you have a subtle sewage smell to it? Every single one I've been to in a 200-mile radius has that same stink to it.
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This is *very* vague but does anyone remember a book...I think it was a kid's book but it might have been a little more grown up...and the book is centered around this turtle who only has three legs. I believe the plot is something like how it journeys through various places but I'm not totally sure. Sorry that's so vague...

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How do you react near your birthday? How old are you?
What did you do for your 18th birthday?
What is your favorite birthday memory? Worst?

Completely off topic: When somebody says that they live in New York do you automatically assume the city?


anyone know when the next gorillaz album is going to be out?
their site is fun, but hardly informative. XD

edit: ah ha. looks like it'll be may 23rd and titled demon days.


Has anyone taken them within the past year or so? How did they go for you? Did you think they were difficult?

I'm especially interested in hearing about the analytical section. Was that part hard? I really suck ASS at math, so I'm wondering just how much studying I'll have to do for that section.
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The Receptionist Classic

Language for Dogs 101

What language does your dog (or other trained pet) respond to?
My uncle trained his dogs in both English and German for simple commands (sit, stay, lay down, roll over, etc). Does that make the dog bilingual?

And do you think that dogs respond to the words themselves or the way you say them?
My mom's dog is so easy - all you have to do is say "Who's that? Who's here?" and he goes apeshit to look out the window. I just wonder if he hears the words or if it's the tone and way we say the phrases that gets him excited.

Does anyone else's dog get "sit" and "lay down" mixed up?
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Picachu music video

A couple of years back my little brother downloaded a video wherein someone had edited together a bunch of animated clips of Picachu to the song "The Bitches Love Me". It was the best video ever. And now I can't find it and I'm sad. Anyone know if that is still floating around out there somewhere?

EDIT: It was found, thank you thank you thank you! :D
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in need of major therapy

Because I'm reading the "TV Moments That Have Scarred You For Life" thread at TWoP...

What are some of the TV/movie moments that have scarred you for life?

When I was younger, I was terrified of Unsolved Mysteries after watching one of the episodes about this house that was supposed to be haunted. People reported seeing apparitions floating down the staircase. On the movie front, most of the murdered victims in Se7en were traumatic. Especially the sloth victim. And in Identity... the criminal. And the baseball bat. Oh my GOD.

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I'm wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about...  I've had this song stuck in my head on and off for ages, but I have no idea what the name of it is, or who it's by.  It's a quiet, slow song, male vocalist, and the lyrics go something like:  (Apologies if I get them horridly wrong).  "Wearing your best...  But really, you're...  ...  *something*.  Can't let your friends see you cry...".. 

Vauge, I know, but lyrics searches have been of no earthly use, and I do like the song..  Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
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(no subject)

How often should I get my hair trimmed?

Especially if I'm trying to grow it out, but it's already pretty long (almost mid-back) and I'm prone to split ends?

Bonus Question:
If you could only eat one flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Okay, cell phone experts, here's a dilema my mom needs some help with:

My mom had/has AT&T Wireless. Three lines - one for her, one for her friend, and one for my brother. Mom & her friend have CA numbers (seeing as how we live in CA), but my brother still has a NY number from when he was at Columbia. Mom went ahead and switched her plan over to Cingular (you know, since they've swallowed AT&T now). Then a couple weeks later, her friend moved her phone to Cingular, too. Brother needs to migrate to Cingular and get a CA number now that he's back home. Now comes the problem.

AT&T can't issue him a CA number seeing as how they can't issue new numbers. He's got to get a new number from Cingular. Cingular can't give him a new number until he migrates over from AT&T. In order to do that, he has to buy a phone. BUT he can't buy a phone online and ship it to himself in CA because his number is a NY number. Fine, we tried to order the phone and have it shipped to my friend's address in NY but no, that won't work either because the area codes are off. My suggestion was to cancel brother's phone number and just add a new line, which would automatically be a Cingular line. Oh wait, nope, can't do that without paying the early activation fees because he just upgraded a year ago and the contract isn't up yet.

Confused? Me, too. But here's my question: Does anyone have a possible solution that we can take to a store and try?
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Jupiter as a star

Ok, I realize that it isn't going to happen, not big enough to sustain a reaction, wrong sorts of hydrogen and all that.

But let us assume for the moment that there are currently unkown principles of physics that would allow Jupiter to ignite as a star. What would it mean for Earth if someone were to go and ignite Jupiter?

Jupiter Star would put out the same energy per unit of mass as the Sun does
The reaction would be equally as stable as that of the sun
The reaction starts up at full power instantaneously
The ignition method itself does not affect Earth, only Jupiter being a star causes noticeable effects.

Wont' happen, but I'm curious anyways.

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OK, quickly...I have a doctor's appointment in 1 1/2 hours for him to look at what I believe is a boil under my right breast. This thing hurts like a MoFo! I have to hold my boob up because the weight of it is killing me! Anyone out there ever have a boil? If so, did you have to have it lanced? Did it hurt? Should I take someone along to drive me home? Thanks!!!
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My neice did something really fucked up to me today. She brought home a severed cat paw from her class and put it right in front of me on the desk. There's a reason I didn't dissect in class even when I wasn't a vegetarian. Now... what I need you to do is to help me figure out what I could do to her to get her back. I thought about the dead fetus in the bed trick... but that's just not possible right now.


What could I do?

Everyone's input is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Underrated TV

What, in your opinion, is the most underrated show on television right now? How about the most overrated? If you really want to, you can pick more than one.

My answers?

I am a fan of "Arrested Development" and know it's not doing so well, but it is at least *recognized* as being a good show (it has won awards, etc.) So my vote goes to "Veronica Mars". It's a great show about teens written for adults, it's much smarter than it appears, and it's managing to keep a lot of plotlines in the air without doing much ball-dropping. Plus, it's pretty and vaguely Buffyesque (except without the monsters and stuff. :)) (An LJ friend said it better than I could here: ) I guess it's recognized in the sense that critics tend to like it, but it's ratings are low and it's not as talked-about as AD.

As for overrated...Hmm. I tried to watch "Joey" when it started, but I find it incredibly bland and stereotypical. And it's doing just fine ratings-wise. There is no justice in the world.

(no subject)

1. My birthday is on Friday, and I could care less. I'm only going to be sixteen, who cares? It's just a digit. Anyone else feel this way about birthdays?

2. Cures for brain freeze?????

3. Who is soooo excited for Americas Next Top Model, the new season? (As well as horribly embarased to admit it?)

4. What part of your body hurts right now?
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Inheritance question.

This is for a story I'm writing and I'm not really sure what to do about this part. Here's the basic background, and then the question, and hopefully ya'll can help me out.

A woman gave her daughter up for adoption, but years later when her daughter was in her early 20's the two reunited. The woman, her husband and her daughter are in an accident where the woman and husband both die and the daughter is never found. She's presumed dead but there's no body, only a torn bloody bit of her shirt. The woman's only living relative at this point is her estranged brother.

What would happen to her belongings if she didn't have a will specifying who they went to? Would they not have gone to the daughter anyway because she'd been put up for adoption? Would they automatically go to the brother because he's the only living relative?
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Halloween 2008

(no subject)

1. A friend defined a "mole" as one of those busty chicks who sit looking prettty and distracting (to the other players) at poker/card games. Is he right? I can't find it in the dictionary, so what is the proper name for them?

2. I curently am making two mix cds - an 80s dance (not necessarily from the 80s, but has to sound like it) and a Top 40 hip hop mix - which cd would you put J.Lo's "I'm Glad"?

(no subject)

My sister and i need to pay for $10,000 worth of our car by ourselves, we had $5000 together up until recently, when my sister got in a little car accident that didn't do a lot of damage, but costs an arm and a leg to fix. So, because it ends up being my debt as well..i have come across a dilema. during the summer, my school has an exchange program to England...and i REALLY want to go, the thing is, i could use that time to get a job and work a little bit.

So my question is whether to go to England and do the exchange program or work from the beginning of June. (if i would go on the exchange, then i would begin working towards the end of July)

Ad-aware vs. McAfee

Okay, my college requires virus software on the computers before you're allowed to get on the network. They give us McAfee free.

Every time I run ad-aware, McAfee pops up saying something about catching a Trojan "Expliot-Byte Verify" thingy, and deleting it.
Every. Time. What is this? Ad-aware program glitch, my mother's paranoia over Ad-Aware, a McAfee glitch? A genuine issue?
Drink Me


last year everybody was saying "word" to everything. what pray tell, did it mean? and is it still in common usage today?
i also heard people starting to use the expression "phrase." is that similar to "word" or is it something different.

this is coming from someone who uses phrases like "me thinks," and "pray tell" on a regular basis, so i'm really pretty ignorant, and my mom expects me to know the answers because i'm a teen.

also, is there an easy way to creat a "traditional" french costume for a class project. one of my friends needs one, and i'm stumped. (i do better w/ scandinavian cultures.)

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(no subject)

I have another project for a class. I'll have to charm my way into getting a meal for free.

So, how do I charm people and where should I apply my persuasion? Any particular time of day, also?

Fun-time Questions.

Name 5 old school classic movies. Like...The Blob or something. I've been deprived as a child and haven't seen MANY of the scary movies. [example: Jaws, Alien, Thing, Chucky, It Came From Outer Space! goes on]

Has anyone read the book House of Leaves? If you have...tell me how you got through it. I'm barely sleeping, my mind is scattered brain, I freak out all the time...

Or: share your experiences with a book that was a serious mind-fuck. I'm talking getting that creeping, sinking feeling that something is just behind you all the time and being unable to wrap your mind fully around the subject.

And name one Pro for drinking. Not excessively, just in a general sort of healthy way.
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