March 1st, 2005

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ok... so for about 3 weeks my big toe (where the nail meets skin) has been very very sore, almost bruise-like soreness. today i was comparing my two big toes and the sore one definitely looks different. it hasn't grown in a month (my toenails are painted and that one is the only one that the paint line hasn't moved); i have NO CUTICLE, like the skin just overlaps the nail; and the toe is very thick and swollen.

now of course i expect all the responses to say "go to the doctor," but i go to such a ghetto ass doctor that they've never hesitated to give me a guilt trip for wasting their time with something that "isn't really an emergency" (even with my last UTI that lasted over a month, they made me feel bad about being worried about it.)

so needless to say i'm very hesitant about calling up with something as trivial as "my toe hurts," and i was just wondering has this ever happened to anyone, and what did you do about it? i've pretty much assumed it's an infection, but can it be treated from the outside with like epsom salt or something, or do i really need antibiotics or something from the doctor?

breaking contract

What are the legal reprecussions of breaking a contract you signed to work if it is only a summer camp job, but you were told that once you singed the contract you cant get out of it?
What if you changed your mind, is there any way to break it without getting in trouble?
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Food questions....

Ok yeah it's um 3am and these are the thoughts that come to me when I don't want to sleep and am bored. Does peanut butter go bad? Like ok I moved out on my own last June and when I moved out I ravaged what I could from my parents house, still do actually...heh it pays to ask, and anyways my step-mom gave me an opened jar of peanut butter and I'm just wondering if it's safe to eat. It smells ok and um I don't think I've actually eaten it yet, would help if I ever brought bread so I could make sandwiches, but yeah don't have my brother here to use as a test subject so I'm just curious.

On a food related matter, can anyone recommend some good, cheap, and healthy foods and/or meals for a single person living on their own? I need to start eating better and well everything I can think of is either too expensive, comes in bulk and will go bad, or just I have no clue how to make it. Really I just need some ideas and motivation so yeah any takers?
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Character name -- Lux

Can you remember any book where a character is named Lux?

Or even an old story, or something from mythology, or whatever. Anywhere they're named Lux. It just rings a little bell somehow, but I can't remember what I've read that could have had a character called Lux. XD
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Do any of you Americans put snow tires on your car? Is it a common thing?

I see these news briefs from New England, and it's like, any day here in Newfoundland, but there are cars going off the road and things being shut down, I think it's so strange. The only reasoning that I see is that it's uncommon to put snow tires on your car, and therefore you're all over the road when a random storm comes.

Here (Newfoundland), they don't shut things down unless you can't see across the road. Also, my parents put snow tires on in October, or November at the latest.

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Has anyone been to a Nike Volleyball Camp or knows someone who has? What did you/they think of it?

Also can you recommend any volleyball camps in California or surrounding states, or in the Chicago area?

Gracias:D (thank you)

**Edit** I'm a 15 year old girl, I am currently playing middle blocker and some back row. I started playing in August (I play school & club) and I'm an okay player but I have the motivation and want to get better and make varsity next year.
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How does one figure out the percentages of something? For example:

7 students out of 51 have red hair. What percentage of the students have aforementioned red hair?

Maths is, alas, not my strong point. :s

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What kind of light source is used in medium- to high-end LCD/TFT flatscreen monitors? Is it fluorescent? One tube at the bottom, or maybe one on the bottom and one on top for even distribution?

And what are the bulbs' typical lifespans, assuming that you never turn the monitor off?

(I'm specifically interested in desktop monitors, not laptop screens.)
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first question

My friend is running for one of the student council spots and has set up a pretty decent website. It's on Freewebs, though, and the URL is looong and I thought I would set up a redirecting URL for her, like all the kids on the web used to have those short URLs to redirect everyone to their free long-ass web address sites. The only site I know that does it, ("), pretty much floods the site with popups when it's used though. The site I went to that I remembered had one of these redirect things managed to get a popup past Firefox, which is like the first time that's happened since I used it, so I can only imagine what it would look like on IE.

Does anyone know any other free redirection thingies? Or where I could get one set up? I could always buy her (hername) but that's 5 quid I can't really spare. Oh well.

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For smokers:

Is their a particular reason why many of you find it necessary to throw your cigarette butts out the window of your vehicle? How hard is it to reach over and use the ash tray that comes standard in your ride? Or is it just laziness?

Really, this isn't an attack. I'm just honestly curious why this is. I guess you can say it's one of my peeves.
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Is anyone else having trouble staying logged on to LJ? Everytime I go to a new page, I have to log in again. Its making me angry.


Have you ever hit on a teacher in high school?
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I'm just full of questions today!

For you PHP/etc coders out there -- what editing tool do you use? I'm assuming there's something better out there than just notepad/editpad.

For that matter, what do you use to edit your HTML if you edit by hand? (If you use Frontpage/Dreamweaver/some other WYSIWYG, I'm not interested in knowing about that. Just if you hand code.)

If you have a web host (your own "paid" webpage), who is your host? Would you recommend them to someone?

Do you think there's a market for selling used VHS tapes anymore? I need cash, I have 300+ VHS tapes. I'm wondering about selling them.

When do Canadian (Ontario) tax returns generally come back? For that matter, when are they due? I could google that last one, but I'm already asking a question, so I'll just throw it in there.


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so, i just got my new nomad.
but i have a small problem.
i cant get the music to stop, and i cant find a stop button.
ive looked everywhere on this thing, and ive tried turning it off, but when i turn it on, the music keeps playing.
what do i do??!!
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Have you everbecame interested in a singer/band because of something that someone wrote in a post/comment or had in the "current music" field on an LJ post? If so, which singer/band(s)?