February 28th, 2005

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So I was cam-whoring a little while ago because it's something I don't get to do often, seeing as how I don't have a digital camera of my own.. I just fool around with my mom's when I'm home.

I took a few pictures normal and then I was doing some without glasses and I was still getting a glare on my face so I turned off the flash. And without the flash there are red rings around my eyes.

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Does anybody have any idea what this is? I would guess it's just a shadow from my browbone but why would it be red?? I know the photo is grainier and darker because I don't have the flash on.. but should having no flash (in a fully-lit room) make me look different?

Just trying to make sure the camera isn't seeing something that's actually there and I just can't find, ha!
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Literary Inquisition

I'm an English major. So, here are some literature questions.

1. Has anyone ever read the Riverworld series by Phillip Jose Farmer? If so, what did you think? Could that actually happen?

2. What about "The Goats" by Brock Cole? I read it back in middle school and really loved it.

3. The Xanth series by Piers Anthony? I think I've asked about that in here before, but perhaps not. Anyone reading it or read it?

4. Nathaniel Hawthorne's short stories?

5. The Canterbury Tales?

6. What other good books have you read that are considered more like "literature" than Pop Culture books (i.e. Beowulf as opposed to Harry Potter, Emily Dickinson as opposed to Michael Chricton)?

Stupid Lappy!

Why is my computer refusing to play DVD's and video media, and how do I fix it? None of the media players I have will play video files, and I keep getting the "Overlay Failed" message. I've had this problem since I completely restored the system last month. Is it the disc drive, driver software, a missing codec? GAHHH!
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bed & breakfast.

1. what is your theory on SLEEP? why are our minds and bodies so *disconnected* for this period of time? where are our minds? some cultures believe we are actually traveling to alternate realities. some believe that we are just exploring our own subconscious. what do you think?

2. why does my boyfriend's breath turn to morning breath the *instant* he falls asleep? shouldn't it take a few hours, or at least a few minutes?

3. do you have something i can eat? i'm famished.
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1. Sometimes when there's a magazine or something near me with a face on it, I have to turn it over so it isn't staring at me. Anyone else? Or am I alone in my neurosis?

2. Have you heard of the band Garbage? If so, what's your favourite song of theirs?

3. Is there snow on the ground where you are? Where are you?
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Cheap places to stay in Norfolk and PMI

I am going to Norfolk, VA March 18-20.  We are looking for a cheap but safe place to stay.  The event is near downtown.  We are driving in from St. Louis.  Because of this, I don't want to go out as far a Virginia Beach or anything.  Does anyone know of anything?  The college I went to had rooms that they would rent for $15/night.  Does anyone know if ODU does that?  I think a hostel may be out of the question because I am coming with my boyfriend and we want to stay in the same room.  Ideas?

Also, if anyone is a member of PMI (and if this is legal), would you be interested in downloading a file for me? I would like the PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures (EXCERPTS), but I am not a member. It is for a class that I am in.
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Ikea is not shabby chic

Is it just me or do designers get Indian and Moroccan styles mixed up? I was watching one of those interior design shows this weekend and they were doing a Moroccan themed room, but were putting pictures from (and of) India up on the walls. I don't get it.

Do you ever watch these shows and argue the designer's themes? "We're going to do a French farmhouse theme!" when it is clearly something totally not French farmhouse? (Or something like that.) I'm no designer, but c'mon, I'm not stupid.
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So I've been having problems with my hearing this past year and I finally got around to going to the doctor. After tests upon tests, I found out that the cause for the hearing loss is my acid reflux. This is news to me - they mention cancer as a result of GERD, but never hearing loss. I'm reading up on it now, but I was wondering...

Has anyone else had this happen to them or know of someone it's happened to? I'd really like to know from a patients POV what the treatments are like and if the treatments worked. Surgery is my most likely option, but hey, anything to avoid going under the knife again, right?
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What's a good (natural?) way to treat excema(eczema)? Not the weird peeling, bubbly-looking kind, but the raised red kind... Cortisone cream works really well, but thins out the skin in that area, so it becomes sensitive to everything, and then only lasts for maybe a couple of days. I hear sunlight is supposed to help, but what about the rest of the year when it isn't warm and sunny out?
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1. I took some video (brief and poor quality) footage with my digital camera, and now I'd like to upload it to my computer... but I don't have any programs that seem to work for this, right now. Any iea what program(s) might work? I have Samsung camera, and Windows on my computer.

2)If you're going to be on hold for awhile in order to tell someone your computer needs to be fixed, any coping strategies to keep from just offing yourself? Arrrgh.

Thanks. :)

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I am an educator with 3-4 year olds....

I was wondering if anyone knew some activities or themese that you would teach to children in febuary other then things like: winter, v-day, love, feelings, family etc.

I was thinking about police... since a week ago i did firefighters/fire saftey? Anyone know a good site or?

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Cached Entry?

argh! I thought I saw someone ask about this earlier but I haven't been able to find it...

I typed up this huge LJ entry using the "Update" block. Before I sent it, my cat jumped up on my keyboard and then a error code popped up that said "The computer will be shut down". My screen locked up so I couldn't go in and save the text. Then, the internet appeared to go down (disappeared from my bottom toolbar to show that it wasn't active anymore). Anyways, I clicked on the icon again to open the internet back up and found I was still signed into my e-mail. So, I was never totally off of the internet (it seems).

Does anyone know if what I typed is saved in some kind of cache and I can find it again?

Thank you.... *hoping*
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Did you have a religious upbringing? If so, what religion, and how "strict" was the upbringing? How do you feel about it today?

Did you keep the religion you were brought up with or did you choose another one (or become atheist/agnostic)?

Also, for those who had a non-religious upbringing: did you stay non-religious or become religious? (And keep in mind that by "religion" I don't just mean Christianity-- I mean any religion.)

tropical application

Do you think anyone has ever confused exfoliant with defoliant?

What would happen if they did?

Also: are there any other highly-unusual or artificial growing methods, besides hydroponics?
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stock trading?

Do any of you trade shares online? If so, what site do you use (especially if you're in the UK)?

Any recommended reading for someone thinking of trading?

And... any well-performing but ethical organisations to consider?
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unknown journal error with gmail?

I'm asking this here because all the non-invite-request/giveaway gmail communities are dead in the water.

Starting earlier today I started getting an error message when replying to comments through gmail (which worked fine till today). The error says "Unknown journal, please go back and try again."

I couldn't find anything on lj support or lj maintenance about it so I opened a support ticket on it. LJ support claims that all the complaints they're getting about this problem are from gmail users and that gmail must have changed something which is causing this error.

So my questions is, have any of you who use gmail for lj replies and who've gotten this error found a way around this? A way to prevent it?

I really love gmail and I hate to have to switch back to Yahoo mail for lj replies, but it's better than having to go directly to each individual thread to reply. Please tell me someone's figured out how to outsmart this new change in gmail?

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I was arrested for shoplifting from Wal-Mart (I was with someone else, but together it added up to 300$+ and it was more of an abundance of small items that just added up..). I went to youth court and I was appointed to a counsellor type person where I then attended a meeting with other youth violators. We talked about what we did and who it affected. I learned a lot from it (the employee's take home pay is affected :/) and we each signed a document vowing never to do it again.

It was the first time, and absolutely the last.. Getting arrested was completely embarassing and I swear on my life that I learned my lesson.

The charges were dropped as well as my banishment from the mall.
The incident in question occurred near the beginning of September of 2004.

My question is, what is your honest opinion on my chances at getting a job there?

I'm still going to apply anyway and if I don't get hired, I still have other opportunities.. But they're desparate for employees who actually show up to work and I've always wanted to work in the toy department....
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What has been your worst (or most interesting) experience at the dentist's office?

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I've never had anything done except fillings. I fear the idea of a root canal or having wisdom teeth removed or something....
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What recent anime series or movie should I check out next?

I like chicks with guns, dark themes, evil robots, slapstick comedy, and self-parody.

Favorites from the past:

Furi Kuri (FLCL)
Lupin III
Bubblegum Crisis
Dragon Half
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Anything from Studio Ghibli