February 27th, 2005


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Ok, im doing a career day at an elementary school soon, and since im an EMT im going to demonstrate that.

My question to you is this- what do or dont you know about EMT's, ambulances, things we do etc. that you'd be curious to learn about?
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how long should i stay in hawaii on vacation?
let's say i could stay up to a month. how long before i get sick of it? if that's possible?

edit: also, i'm going with my boyfriend and we're staying at his relatives' place in honolulu in may.
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Random Movie Questions:

1) In Boogie Nights, what does the "colonal" get in jail for? I didn't catch that part becuase my boyfriend was stuffing his face with popcorn =/ men and their food.

2) In Pulp Fiction, was it supposed to take place in "present" time(94 or so at the time), or in the 80's, or when?

3) Have you seen Requiem For A Dream? What were your feelings afterwards? This is my alltime favorite movie, it's so dramatic. Did you feel bad for any of the characters? Which one the most?

4) Has anyone read the "Electric Koolaid"? (about acid tests in the 60's)

5) Can someone, in a nutshell explain Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind? I mean, I understood it, but so much was going on. Someone explain the end please? I don't wanna ruin it for anyone else by saying what I understood here, so I'll cut it. Collapse )

banking is evil.

i do pretty much all of my bill paying throuh my bank account's website, because it's easier than writing checks. last month i had thought i paid my $10 balance for my credit card, but apparently i didn't, because when i got my statement this month, it said that i owed like $72.50 with late and finance charges. so, i went through my billpay website, and put in to have a payment for that amount to go out on the 2nd, when it wasn't due until the 25th. well, the credit card company apparantly didn't receive it, because now i owe like $150 or something. i called the credit card company, and they told me that because they never received it, and even though i did send a payment, the charges they added to me are valid and i get to fuck off. of course my bank is closed on sundays, so i can't even call to bitch about it. i am beyond irritated at this. you know, you expect a bank to actually send your payments out.

don't most banks do it so that they just send a payment electronically to whatever company, and it's received instantly? 'cause my bank prints out checks and mails them out, which i think is retarded. i also have to do this like two or three weeks in advance or else the company will get it too late.

i don't think the check was sent and stolen, either, because it has not showed up as being cashed.

so, yeah. my questions are these:

1. is this normal for a bank to send out paper checks like that?
2. if the bank didn't send the checks out, is it possible for me to make them pay my late fees?
3. is it possible that the credit card company did receive the checks, but because they did not come with the stub from the monthly statement, that they just didn't apply the money to my account?
4. do you think it would be okay if i drove over to my bank and set it on fire? because i would like to.
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On Windows XP, is the guest account really different than any other account on the computer? If so, what is the account limited to?

And for everyone who read my "things that do not go with cheese" thread.. we found something: cereal.


I want to get away for the summer, or at least for awhile this summer. This is unlikely to happen, but still... I won't be in school, but I also probably won't have a full-time job yet... but I need a cheap way to be able to go do something, somewhere. And hopefully get a job, at least a crappy part time one, wherever I went. Unfortunately, I think pretty much all my relatives live in Ohio... and while I'm sure some would let me stay there for an extended visit, Ohio's really not my idea summer-escape location. And I'm still going to have to pay rent for back here... so yeah, the cheaper the better.

Has anyone ever done something like this? How did you do it? Any ideas? At all?
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About cheese

The Danish Havarti I just bought has a bit of a "kick" to it, which slightly concerns me, since I don't recall any previous Havarti purchases to have tasted aged, and I tend to be wary of any noticably aged cheese. This cheese is on the cusp -- has a bit of a tingle -- and I am wondering if this is normal for Havarti.

damn caps

Ok, this is probably a dumb question but I'd really like to know:

Any tips on how to open a SEALED bottle that just won't open??
(The cap is like the kind you would find on a water or soda bottle)

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When I was younger, I read this book that I can't remember the title of. It was about a black girl who was from New York, and her mother was a dancer or an actress or something. The girl's mom sent her daughter to South Carolina to spend the summer with the girl's great-aunt or great-grandmother, who lived on this tiny island. The girl thought her great-aunt was old-fashioned and antiquated. One of the girl's distant cousins lived with the great-aunt too, a little boy. I remember that they went to church at one point during the book. There was a single white family that lived on the island and the girl talked to her some and got picked on for it. Near the end, the great-aunt died, and at the funeral the little cousin was supposed to get in the grave with the coffin because it was some kind of local tradition. The girl wouldn't allow it, and at the end she brought her cousin back to New York with her because he didn't have any other family.

Has anyone else read this? Do you remember the title?
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If asked by a customer would a company be likely to divulge information such as sales increase, gross turn over etc.?

If asked by a customer does a company by law have to inform the customer of their manufacturing methods - if yes what can you do if they do not answer your question?
on and on and on

creepy cell phone calls

i received a very strange phone call last night, and within the same hour so did two of my friends.

the number was 612-524-0455.
we looked it up online, and it's a number out of twincities, michigan. we're from upstate new york.
mine was the first phone call. at 11:20, it beeped through when i was already on the phone. it told me someone was trying to contact me via a computer. then it explained instructions that the person would type and the person speaking to me (sounding as though an automated voice) would read off what they wrote. i then could reply and say "go ahead" to prompt the computer to continue. the person i was on the phone explained that was how TTY worked. i was a little curious so i kept listening until it went "hey sexy. go ahead. want to make love to a woman?" and then i was switched back over to my other phone call.

i don't really know how to hang up on beeps, so like 20 minutes later my phone signaled the other line had hung up.
my friend called me at little past 12 and told me he had gotten a weird phone call from a computer that he hung up on right away, and then a phone call a little while later with some irate man being like, "who is this?" and claiming he had received a disturbing phone call from my friend's number.
the friend he was with checked HIS phone and he had in fact missed a call from a 612 number at 11:40ish.

they thought it had been someone prankinghim because it sounded like a kid we know, who would know all of our numbers. i thought maybe someone had given all of our numbers to some place that calls people like this, because their computer voice (which sounded remarkably like a real person and repeated a question when he said "what?") was male, and mine sounded like a southern woman.

so i have a lot of questions.
does a phone system such as this exist?
has this ever happened to you?
is there any way to forward your calls to a different area code?

okay i have no idea.


I am wondering why people try to define certain sexual acts as sex, while others are not. Perhaps, I should also add this addendum: Sex consists of, Oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex. Perhaps, This is a strange way of defining it, as one of my friends actually said, "Do you mean, sex, or clinton definition sex?" So, my question is, when is sex, not sex, and why do you feel that way?
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I'm looking for a new cell phone plan. Verizon says it has free nights and weekends, but their website doesn't say what time "night" starts in the USA. Are they the ones that start at 7PM? I can never remember...

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Do you have any memories or stories that when you think of them, they automatically make you smile? Would you like to share?

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When I was 17 I had my bottom wisdom teeth cut out. It was a horrible experience and I was in bed for 3 days. I did not get my upper wisdom teeth taken out and for the past few years they've been growing in very slowly. Recently however, I've been experiencing alot of pain and headaches. I know that I have to have these teeth taken out as soon as possible and I'm totally dreading it. I'm nearly 25 years old and it's gonna suck to have these things taken out now. Has anyone else had their wisdom teeth grow in at a later age like me?
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1. I use Firefox, and suddenly the text on my tabs is huge, a definitely visible increase and apparent font change. Why? I had one window open, went to open a new one, and bam.
And, I just noticed there's a 2mm or so grey border around everything- like I had resized the window and the insides didn't come along. wtf?
[Edit] I also have two squashed/stacked buttons instead of one for the live feed thingy.

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Does anyone know if they're going to replay the Oscars anytime (like on E! or something)? I was away from the TV for 10 minutes and completely missed a song performance that I was waiting for for a really long time. *sigh*
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One more....Sorry.

What are some of your favourite musical pieces from movies? I dont mean well-known songs from their soundtracks, but like, more instrumnetal pieces from scenes where it was the background?
Ahh! Babies!

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What are some good songs to put on a mix CD that you want people to dance to? I like top forties music so I'm thinking of songs like Pink's I'm coming out or something.

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Has anyone ever paid one of those "people search" websites their $9.95 to find info about someone? Is it worth it? I have 2 people im trying to get in contact with and im wondering if its worth the $$ to get what this website "knows" about them sent to me?

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Why do people have a problem with liking something that is popular? For example, I read The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, both by Dan Brown, and I loved them. Da Vinci Code has been on the best seller list for almost two years now, if I'm not mistaken. It's an incredibly popular book, and when I tell people that I've read and liked it, they act like I'm a sellout or something for liking the book, because the book is popular. I liked both books because they were good books, not because other people told me to like them. Same with music. I like some songs that are mainstream and popular. I know people who refuse to listen to some bands because the bands are popular. Or they get upset when a band that they like becomes popular, because now they can't like that band anymore, it's popular. What is the deal with that?
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lose weight

if you know what the ab lounge is, i hear it's good to help lose some fat... but it only works on your abs.. you still are missing your cardio so aren't you fat in other places?

anyone have any experiences (positive or neg) with diet pills? if so, what pill and what effects? have they worked for you?


I am having a printing problem that is driving me crazy. I am using Microsoft Word XP and a Lexmark printer. I have exhuasted on-line on both of them and have got nowhere.

I want to print off a page which has a border around it. The border is 3D hearts. However, when I go to print the document an message flashes up telling me that the page borders of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. When I print the border is not on the bottom of the page. I have tried fixing the margins on the Borders and Shading tool on the Format menu but nothing seems to work. Looking at Lexmark on-line help didn't leave me any wiser.

Is there anyone out there that knows to fix this problem? It's part of my dad's 50th birthday present from my mum so it is a kinds big deal.
Thanks for all the help, the problem now appears to be solved.

EDIT: another question that just occured to me.

Do wasps and bees poo and pee?
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i'm gonna dj at a party.
can you recommend a good song to dance to?
may it be indie, 80s, cheesy, rap, poppy, etcetc as long as its good to dance to.
(spice girls, mariah, nsync, the faint, hot hot heat....whatevs)
(edit: dammit, sry about the repeat)


What do I need to do to be able to see graphics/images instead of those damned red X's??!!

It doesn't happen with every site, but many websites I access won't display correctly. But before you tell me to check the 'show images' box in internet options/advanced...

I don't like to go into open forums asking for help until after I've done my own research to try and fix the problem and it fails. Everything I have tried hasn't worked:

Checked the 'show images' box
Encoding IS on western european (windows)
File associations are fine (has Windows picture and fax viewer as default)
Java checks tell me Java is fine
Java enabled in options/advanced tab
Virus software tells me there are no viruses
Cleared my history/cookies/temp files on and offline
Don't have any firewall software on my system other than what came with SP2
Deleted any DLed or unnecessary programs
Not running any extra protection software other than virus protection
Read every support article existant to man on MS website about this
Tried to repair IE in add/remove in control panel, but IE isn't in list (?!)
Auto Update tells me there are no updates to DL
When I try to install IE over existing IE, my OS says I'm already running a more current version
Articles I read say it's a pain in the ass to uninstall IE6 and reinstall
Even tried altering the registry in an effort to repair IE and still nothing


I have DSL
XP Home