February 26th, 2005

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annoying ljers.

has anyone had a friend on livejournal who posted nothing but negative, emo, "i'm dying inside" type poetry?

did you have the urge to unfriend them?

did you actually do it?

did they ever ask you why you removed them?

have you ever removed yourself from a community?

for what reason?
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(no subject)

Around the mid-1980s, when I was a young'un, I remember renting a video of some anime or other. The heroes were a guy and a girl in a giant robot (real original, I know), and I think they had talking animals for sidekicks. The guy wore a blue uniform, the girl wore a pink one. The villains had their own robot, and I think that one of them may have been sort of Dr. Wily-esque. The plot involved the heroes going through some sort of fantasy world and helping out Snow White (there may have been more to it, but that's all that I remember). It might have been part of a series, but this was the only one I ever saw.

Any leads on what it might have been?

stupid question..

My friend has asthma, but she'd really like to smoke some weed soon, and wonders how badly it would affect her; like would she just be able to use her inhaler and be fine? Or would there be some weird effect from mixing the weed and the inhaler? TIA, if anyone knows..
abby genius

Travel and Family

I'm travelling to Latvia this summer for a month, to visit the country and relatives, being as I've never been before.

I will be staying with relatives while I'm there. But each of the family of relatives (there are two families in question here) seems to give off the impression that they believe I will be staying with them for the entire time, and not staying with other family during any time there. Some of them also seem to be wanting to go to elaborate measures, such as taking a good amount of time off work and such, for my visit, and I don't want them to do that.

What's a polite way (over e-mail) to let each family know that I plan to spend some time staying with each of them, but I will not be staying exclusively with one of them? And that they don't need to fuss over me?
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ice cream

I am having huge cravings for Graeter's ice cream. I still remember the smell of my husband's ice cream cake that we purchased from there. The smell was in my car for over a week. :) The problem is I am like 6 hours away from one.

I guess what I'm wondering, is since it costs like $112 for 12 pints of the stuff, if we go back to Kentucky, how would I go about shipping it back here. Keep in mind that we have two kids, and our six hour trip could involve an overnight "layover" somewhere else...

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(no subject)

What are some slow led zeppelin songs? I've been in the car so many times when my friends play really slow ones, and I'm a sucker for them. I'm not really into them, but I loved these. Or just like, some slow songs they have?

(no subject)

Old: I'll likely go with the industrial(or eyebrow... or industrial... agh... will re-read responses...), thanks for the help.

New: I think my birth control pills have been making me sick. I've been blaming it on tiredness or still menstruating or the flu(roommate's boyfriend had it). But, I can't ignore that I start feeling really queasy about half an hour after taking it. I've been taking them on an empty stomach along with a vitamin.
I'm already on a fairly low-dose pill, I don't want to go any lower because of news articles with people getting pregnant on Yasmin or whatever.

Besides the fact that vitamins work better with food- should I start taking the pill with food? Like, 10:00, make a sandwich, eat, pop pills? Would it make me less nauseated? (I was told I could take it woith or without food)

Also: whenever you post a question, do you go back and answer many things? Like, I'll answer a few that stick out, usually, but whenever I ask a question I'll go over again and see if anything else strikes me.

(no subject)

Hi first time poster here. I wanted to ask whether short films are available in the commercial marketplace? I've been a big fan of short films for a few years now and I have yet to find a way to personally own short films (If I don’t take into account Clive Owen's BMW ads). Perhaps I'm just inept at finding them, either way if anyone knows how I could get hold of any short films I would be eternally grateful.
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It's All Good
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A Few Computer-related Questions

1.) Does anybody have any reccomendations for a reasonably-priced, decent quality monitor?
Collapse )

2.) Do they make PCI USB 2.0 cards that have the little "pegs" so they can be connected to the USB plugs on the front of the case? Collapse )

3.) How many icons are on your desktop right now?
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  • lynbug

So many Americans

Not that there's anything wrong with Americans, I just rarely see people on here from my area..

So 2 questions

1. Is anyone from Southwestern Ontario? I'm in Cambridge

2. Any Newfies around here? :P My mom grew up in Conception Bay North, and my dad grew up just outside Stephenville

lumpy lashes

Women who wear too much makeup including cakey mascara with lots of lumps. Can they not SEE how bad it looks, or do they have a self-destructive urge to make themselves look bad?
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Too Much Coffee Woman

Need help with math symbol

Does anyone know the ASCII code for the square root symbol? I've been Googling it up, and I did find this one:

Ö (Alt + 0214, Symbol font)

But I need the one with a bar on top (the one where the V part has a bar next to it...? you know?) :( *sigh* And I need to insert it in a Word document...

Any help will be enormously appreciated.



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location stuff

Is there a website where you can type in your street address and it'll tell you the latitude and longitude?

I'm in Canada...it has to give Canadian results..

I was going to google it, but I don't exactly know what to put... latitude and longitude finder ?

edit got one, thanks paulttt

(no subject)

What does [sic] mean? Usually it's found in the middle of a paragragh or quote. I think it has something to do with someones opinion.

German Radio. I'll be moving to Germany in a couple of months and I was wondering if they have rock radio stations over there that play a good variety of new and old rock/alternative music in English? I'll be in the Frankfurt region. I read somewhere that radio in Germany doesn't have commercials and its paid for with taxes.

Can anyone recommend some cheap/quick ways to get around Europe?

(no subject)

1. Why do people say 'G-d'? Are they mocking the way God offends some people?

2. Does anyone else have compuserve and get the creepy hacker email supposedly from the Compuserve people, asking you to give them information or they'll terminate your account?
Flogging Molly

AIM Chat Bots...

So after having the AIM Chat Bot SmarterChild tell me to get a life yesterday, which was quite fun by the way, I'm not up for finding some other Chat Bots to abuse converse with. Anyone know of any?

So far I know of the following Chat/Info Bots:
- SmarterChild
- ZolaOnAOL
- SantaClaus [in hibernation till december]
- RecipeBuddie [good for recipies]
- AOLYellowPages [yellow pages, very helpful]
- AOLBuddy [kinda like zola & smarter child, but not as fancy]
- Austin Powers [from the movie, but gone away doesn't work]

Any others out there? I know most of those are just like info ones, but those are all I have been able to find.
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is there a way to cancel an iTunes account? i signed up about a week ago and i hate it, so i want to cancel it completely so that there's no longer this account linked to my credit card. i've searched the site but all i can find is a way to cancel an allowance. even that i found only by googling. help?
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(no subject)

so, after seeing the infamous Christo Gates today in Central Park, I got into a huge debate with several of my friends, one that has been spreading around the city these past few weeks.

Anyway,for those who don't know, Christio and Jeanne-Claude are these two artists who do all these insanely large scale works of art, along the lines of wrapping the Reichstag in fabric and covering the Califonia valleys with hundreds of umbrellas. Here in New York, they filled all the pathways in Central Park with 15,000 bright orange Collapse )

Here's their website, for more info

Point is, do you think this is art? my friend claimed it was nothing more than a large scale ad for Home Depot, but I personally really liked them. Yes, they aren't paintings that were slaved over, or the likes, but I thought they were quite interesting, and I've never really seen anything like them.

Anyway, that's where I stand....what about you?

(no subject)

I've just spent the past half an hour trying to peel a load of prawns - now I realize this question would make more sense if I had asked it before I started to peel them but...is there an easy way to peel prawns?