February 25th, 2005

Two Questions:

1. Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where? If not, do you want want one? Pictures?

2. Any idea where I can find a good, clear picture of the origin of love tattoo Hedwig has on her hip in the movie version of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"?
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I'm having a birthday party this weekend for myself.

What are some good [birthday] party songs?

Sadly, I should know this, haha.
(I have a lot of parties.)

Nothing seems singable/dance-able lately.

barely scrapin by

There have to be some fairly eaasy ways to make money if you are a horribly broke college student with no car. Can anyone think of any of those ways, prefferably legal ones.
As of now i'm sraping up to take a bartending course to try to make money over the summer, but really, what do college students do to make ends meet?
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Music question #2

A follow up for yesterday's music question. The song I was looking for is by Lou Barlow, so my question is, does anyone have any of his cd's and are they any good? I'm listening to the little samples of the cd Winning Losers but samples don't really tell you a whole lot.
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So I got my first speeding ticket today.

I was going 62 and got pulled over (a Dearborn Heights, MI cop). He ticketed me for going 55 in a 50 zone, so I was only cited for 5 over.

I've heard lots of schtuff about fighting tickets to reduce fines or get the points off your license.

What's the best, least-costly way to approach handling this?

P.S. I know I've read questions like this in here before, but couldn't locate them... thanks very much. *trying not to freak out*

EDIT: You all have made very good points about the cop giving me a good break, and I really do appreciate it since a lot of the cops around here are VERY petty in giving tickets just to up their pay.

With that said, is there any way I can go to court and do it the honest way and plead guilty to a lesser charge or something? To try to convince the judge I really am a good driver and this was undeserving of points on my record? It's not the fine I'm concerned about, it's the insurance rates.
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Hooray! I won a free song on iTunes!

What one song do you think I need to have in my collection? (I'm open to just about everything... but no Polka. Please.)
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They (medical folk) say that when you're on a rollercoaster your heart rate can reach that of a proffesional athelete at top performance. In theory, could you ride roller coasters instead of working out?

Mostly crossed from my journal, since I'm not getting many responses.

Survey: I want something pierced. But:
-Even if I wanted it, I have no nipples to pierce.
-Not a fan of my own belly button, don't want to draw attention to it.
-Fucking everyone has a nose piercing right now.
-Not thrilled at the thought of nether region piercings.

This limits my selection.
Also, I don't really want any sort of oral piercing as they can fuck up your teeth.

Except, one of my friends has a very thin lip ring that I don't think would mess with her teeth unless she were sucking on her lips. So that looks cool.

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Double the Pleasure!

For the Writers

My mom writes a ton of fiction and recently she's been posting her work online. She often refers to people who beta her work. What exactly does that mean? Is it just a term for proofreading and making suggestions?

For the Tall People

I'm 6 feet tall. My whole life I've gotten obnoxious comments about my height...nothing malicious, just annoying. What height-related comments do you get from strangers most often? Does it still annoy you or have you gotten used to it?

My Top Three:

"Do you play basketball?"
"You should be a model/Rockette!"
"Geez...you're tall." (It really does get VERY old...I'm well aware of my height.)
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(no subject)

Alright, there are plenty of rational reasons for not having kids.
There's enough already, money-saving..etc.
What are good rational/maybe somewhat cynical reasons for having them? And marrying?
Nothing like "cause you love each other" etc etc. I want, good solid reasons. No pathos kinda crud.
I don't want to have a child for the sake of having one/because I have to/because I should/because I feel the pressure of some bullshit inner clock.

Come on ya'll realists!

Heh, thanks.
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(no subject)

does anyone use lip blam that comes in a container so that you have to use your finger to apply it....after applying it where do you wipe off the extra stuff on your finger?
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FAQ isn't helping...

how come other people's lj cuts look nice and neat w/ multiple words w/ spaces. whenever i try that, the link only shows the first word. if i want multiple words, i have to do an _ between_words. what am i doing wrong??

(no subject)

Does anyone know of a website or something whre it can tell you "if you like this kind of music, you'll also like _______________"???

How do you decide on the socks you buy?
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Car stuff

Exactly how bad for a car is it when you drive for about 50 miles after the coolant has run out? Does it damage the engine? Can it be sorted out without taking the car to a mechanic?
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Yarr, a pirate I be.

Is there a program out there for ripping streaming media into mp3 format? (Preferably something that I can download for "free".)

Also, Suprnova.org seems to be down. What other good bittorrent sites are there?
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Hey I was just wondering if you guys knew how I could switch my paid account to a free account I just created? As in I want to delete this name but keep my paid account..under a different name.
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Just a few minutes ago, I came across an argument about the Bible that pretty much said that the King James Version was infused with certain... well... translations, or assumptions, etc. (that weren't in the original Greek/Hebrew/Latin translations of the Bible) about witch-hutning.

In other words, the argument said that the people who translated the KJV threw anti-witch/pro-witch-hunting translations in it for the sake of their morality/convenience.

I'm curious-- seriously interested in the argument-- and would definitely love to know more. I asked the original poster about it, and they said they don't remember exactly where they heard it, but that it's a fairly common argument that I might be able to uncover if I dig around a bit.

So I decided to come here. Can anyone help? :)

And thank you. ^^
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Stock options, saints, etc.

1. Can anyone name a few companies that provide the option to acquire company stock, either through benefits packages or as simply an option available upon working there? I know they exist, just not sure which ones they would be.

2. Does anyone know a website/book that provides a comprehensive list of saints and their relics, and where their relics are located? I'm morbid and I like knowing these things ever since being in Italy last summer and seeing Saint Catherine of Siena's head on display in a Siena church. I've been Googling, but no luck so far.
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Cracked CD Cases

Is there any place that can fixed cracked CD cases? I just want the front part of the case fixed. Does that sort of thing exist?

I don't want to put my CDs into new clear cases because I like to have the back cover of the original CD case with the song titles.

EDIT: Ohhh. I got it. Thanks everyone. I feel stupid, haha.
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more on wisdom teeth

sorry to be asking yet another wisdom-tooth related question, but it's important.

i'm having an impacted wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow morning, and my stupid dentist's office gave me like zero instructions or information. so for those of you who've had it done:

will i be able to drive myself home or should i have someone give me a ride? (they didn't tell me if i'll be getting gas or just novocaine or what)
should i eat beforehand? is that better or worse for the anaesthesia or does it not matter one way or the other?
assuming i'm having just the one tooth done, is it likely i'll be able to talk properly by monday morning? i'm a receptionist and i have to be on the phone a lot.

they really told me very little, so i apologize if these are stupid questions. i've had teeth removed before but it's been years now and they were never wisdom teeth.