February 24th, 2005

no tax?

I just made a purchase on Amazon.com and it looks like I didn't get charged for tax. Is that true? Do they not charge tax?

What was the last thing you bought on Amazon.com?

Today I bought 2 ASL books and the newest Tori Amos CD called The Beekeeper.
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1. do you ever see people's picture in their user icon and think they resemble you in some way?

2. how often do you wash your face? what's your favorite cleansing product?

3. have you done your taxes? have you gotten your return?

4. which of your physical attributes gets the most compliments?

5. what color do you wear most frequently, other than blue jeans or black jeans?

6. what's the longest you've gone without working and going to school or anything else considered financially productive?

7. who do you live with? parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouce/roommates/alone?

8. how old are you?

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for those who are pierced...

For those who are pierced in the nose, did you get it done with a needle or gun?

I want to know if one hurts more/less or if it even matters...?

I'm aiming for quick and painless, neither painless I assume, haha...but quicker works.

Pro's/con's and things to look for (aside from things being clean) when getting a nose piercing?

Thanks kids.
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License Plates

How do "regular" (non-custom) license plates work in your state?

For example, in California:

For cars and minivans, there're 7 spaces that need to be filled. The first space is always a number, 1-5. The cars that have a 1 as their first number are the oldest, while 5s are the newest, and 3s are inbetween. Then there're 3 letters, which go the same was as the first number-- AGH would be older than FZA, and JKL would be newer than FZA. Finally, there's the last three numbers. I'll assume they follow the same pattern, although it's extremely hard to tell.

For now, the newest cars seem to be coming out as 5Js. Early last year, they were pushing out 5Fs and 5Es. You can pretty much tell how long a person's had a car for by reading the license plates. :P

Now, for trucks (pick-up and otherwise), it's a little different. They seem to start around 6, and only have one letter (from what I've seen, and I don't remember very well). So the oldest trucks would be something like 6Fs, and the newer ones are-- I think-- 8somethings.

Yeah, being young and sitting in the passenger seat gets boring sometimes, so I've deciphered the way the license plates work. Of course, when you see plates from other states, they're completely different. So how do yours work?

Also: What's your state's license plate... form? (Picture? Default? Whatever. :P)

California just has the boring white license plate with "California" written in red cursive at the top. I know other states have pictures and fun stuff of the sort, so. Hm?
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About love and so on...

I can never ask a good question. Many of you who have read some of my questions know.

Ok i found my girl. We talked over a year, and we been together for about a year now. I got to meet her. I cant stop thinking of her. Now that away from her i feel so empty, so alone. Im live in California. Its a great place to live. She lives in South Carolina, Very nice, very friendly people. I want to take the big step of moving there. I always wanted to live in the south i guess its just something of mine. I know many of you are thinking "you just got to see this girl once..(i was with her for 10 days) and now you want to leave california and move to be next to her are you nuts" Yeah i guess im in love! I want to know how many of you would actually leave your family, friends, your hometown to be with someone you love and feels the same way about you. The things that kill me is leaving my mother and father. Their lives is just to help me. I know leaving them will leave them empty and so alone. So why not ask her to move with you..? No.. we talked about it. She couldnt she has her grandma to take care of. I want to live there. I guess im saying im a mamas boy yup!!! =( lol. If any of you have gone thru this.. Please help me. I know i need cash and im working and saving, but im so confused. I lover her i love my family, Is it time for me to fly and be a man? i am already but i never been on my own. SO if anyone can give ideas? comments? please i would really appreciate it. Thanks, Ralphie.
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(no subject)

That girl in Florida that everyone is fighting over keeping her feeding tube in or not ... what originally landed her in the hospital?

I saw a piece of a story recently about a girl in a coma with a feeding tube that landed in the hospital due to the effects of an eating disorder.

Is this the same girl or am I getting stories crossed?

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1. Sixteenth birthday is next Friday. What should I do for it?

2. I can't find my black pants... where are they?

3. You find a dollar on the floor. Save it, or spend it?

4. A raccoon has broken into your house and has eaten your bed sheets. First thing you say is?

(no subject)

For any of you who watched the ending to Dawson's Creek, do you think it was right that Joey ended up with Pacey instead of Dawson? Afterall, Joey was obsessing how much he loved Dawson for lots of seasons. For Joey and Pacey to end up together was stupid if you ask me.

This is a dumb question, but it's on TV right now and I just thought of it.
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(no subject)

1. What song are you listening to right now?
2. Are you one of those people who copies all the questions and then makes the font of your answers look differently?
3. Is it SNOWING where you are??
4. Do you think that thequestionclub could use a layout update?

1. Love Is All Around Me
2. usually
3. YES!
4. YES!

(no subject)

if you were to have an interview, and they asked you "what would you bring to our company?" or something of that sort, what would you say? would you describe yourself and how well you think you are for the job?


This is quite an odd question I guess, it just occurred to me this morning out of nowhere.

If someone is a professional player in any sport, say football, then the chances are that before they became really good at it, they would have been a fan of the sport, and therefore probably supported a particular team. But, when they enter the sport themselves, what if they don't end up playing for that team? Say a lifelong Arsenal fan gets offered loads to play for Man U, and takes it up for the money, prestige whatever, what do they do when Arsenal play Man U? Play their best and hope to win? Play badly and hope the other team win? Not be bothered by the outcome? What would you do if your loyalties were divided like that?
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Who pays the rent after you move in together?

This question was motivated by another question that was asked today. Girls, if you moved into your boyfriend's existing apartment or home (instead of you both moving out of your homes and finding a new one to live in together) how did you split the rent or mortgage? I mean he was already paying the full rent before you moved in, so did he continue to do so? Or did you start paying half after you moved in?
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Song question

Does anyone know what the song that plays during the credits for Session 9 is? And if so, do you know who sings it, and if it's on a cd somewhere other than the Session 9 soundtrack?

I couldn't get the all of the first line but it begins something like (don't mock me if I'm horribly wrong please): "______ you never shut up // needs keep you empty // freedom spins you out of control // till someone chokes you with a (the?) chain"

[edit] Okay it looked in the credits like it was called "Choke Chain" but that's all I could catch.

And while I'm asking about movie songs, does anyone for some bizarre reason know what all the songs are on the Donnie Darko soundtrack? I don't mean the score, I mean the lyrical songs that are in the movie but were never released on a soundtrack cd. Super bonus if you know who they were by and what cd's they're on too. *L*
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(no subject)

Has anybody here ever installed a bathroom from scratch -- where there was no bathroom originally? I'd imagine this could be a costly and difficult ordeal...I'm looking to hear anybody's experiences! Thanks.
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(no subject)

i received an e-check paypal payment that cleared today & i noticed that it was added to my 'balance money'. is there any way that i can use that amount as part of my sending limit? that is where i thought it would go.
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(no subject)

So on campus we've got (as ridiculous as it sounds), a Spooning Club. I think it's probably like my high school's Aggressive Fishing Club - basically just the cool kids club. They have shirts and everything "FORK YOU! We like to spoon."

So I saw a kid wearing a Spooning Club t-shirt today and it got me thinking.

Why is spooning called "spooning"?

Also, what's so great about it?

I'm not a big fan, but maybe that's just because it's not all that comfy for me - if I'm laying down on my side the only way to do it right is to be curled up into a tiny little ball...


Who else LOVES the "ma na ma na!" Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper commercial?!?!

(no subject)

I heard this really cool song on the radio last night, and as usual they didn't say who the song was being performed by. It would fall into the rock/alternative genre. The singer was a male who had a somewhat higher pitched voice. He almost sounded like one of those late 80's hair band singers, but way more cooler.

Anyways, if you could tell me who sings this, I would be mucho appreciative. The only lyrics I have for you are:

"You can make me SCREAM/DREAM eternallyyyy."

I google the lyrics but to no avail.
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Command Line Case Rename Utility?

Can anyone tell me where I can find a freeware case rename utility for DOSboxes?  I'd like to be able to do upper, lower, and mixed case renames from the prompt.  Preferably a utility that runs at the prompt and not a Windows utility.  What I need is a utility that will capitalize the first words of all of my Bookmark files.
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(no subject)

Do you name your toys? (Like your car, computer, phone, etc.) If you do, what names have you used? Is there a reason why you picked that name?

And why is it that people use the last of the TP but NEVER replace the roll? We have a regular TP holder, like you'd find at home - not one of those horrible death traps that chops off your hand when you try to push a new roll down. And the spare TP rolls are stacked on the floor right next to the toilet.
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How long into your relationship did you and your SO move in together?

I was considering it, and we've been going out almost two years, but I decided against it becuase I'm afraid of potential problems. I'm happy with my decision either way, but yeah. How long were YOU guys together before you moved in?

cooking help!

what can i do with five pounds of loose pork sausage meat?

i am making lasagne for tomorrow's lunch for my coworkers, and one of the guys that i work with brought me this loose sausage to use, so i have to use it. (he killed this pig, and is selling the meat for way expensive, but he gave me a bunch for free.)

i have never cooked with this stuff. what the hell do i do with it?

help, please!!
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(no subject)

So I've heard a lot about The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. . . Are the books worth buying? Or should I go to the library if they have them and rent them? I just want something interesting to read because I am home alone often. . and it'll give me something to do besides watch TV. Thanks. .
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(no subject)

1) I'm going to Rhode Island on Saturday to spend a long day with my relatives. I cannot stand them. What book should I buy to keep me occupied?

2) What is your favourite drink?

3) What is your current job and if you do not have one what do you want to do?

4) What do you do that is obsessive compulsive?

online-to-offline relationships

Hmm, judging by the answers to this question, a surprising number of people here have hooked up with their partners online. Few mentioned how long they knew each other for though, so:

If you met a partner online and moved to be with them, how long did you spend talking by email, IM, phone, etc, before meeting? Did you just pack up and go, like in a final decision, or did you meet a few times before moving for good?

If you haven't done this, would you do it? And if so, how much talking etc. do you think you'd want to do first?

Also: what sort of things would you want to know about your partner before you'd be sure about compatibility?
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what state in 1970 had a slave population of zero?

no one on the show got this answer... and they didn't tell the answer... and it's driving me crazy...

i have just found out from a friend that they DID give the answer and i just didn't hear it... the answer is... -drum roll- Massachusetts.

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So, now that I think that the thing on my nose ring is Hypertrophic Scarring, I'm going to go see my piercer.... What exactly am I in for? I've looked on google, but I find things ranging from cream to hardcore plastic surgery?


The pope...

What happens if the pope goes into a coma? Presumably they will hook him up to life support machines etc., but at what point do they start looking for a new pope? I know he is quite old, so if the worst does happen and he ends up in a coma, death might not be too far away, but what if he were a younger pope? What if they fell and banged their heads and wound up in a coma for years? Would the Church be run by whoever is running it while the current pope is in hospital? Or would they look for a new pope?

Sorry, these questions probably don't make a lot of sense, as they're the result of a truly random conversation starting at the pope and finishing up with serial killer profiles...
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(no subject)


1) is there a way to download your journal off livejournal WITH the comments?

2) if a dog met his father, cousin, sister, etc., and had never met them before, would they recognize them as being a relative?



(no subject)

there is a rumor going around at my school, and i have no idea if its true, so i'll ask you ladies and gentlemen.

is jon heder (napolean dynamite) really dead?
i've heard he died of a heroin overdose.
i've heard he died in a car accident.
and i've heard he died of a car accident caused by an overdose.

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How come sometimes when you look at the road ahead, it appears wet but as you get closer, you see it's truly dry?
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Quit-smoking question

I quit smoking Feb 1, and have only taken a couple of drags off a cigarette, and it was beyond nasty. I've succeeded fairly well, the only problems being insomnia (sucks!) and sweets-craving (subsiding for the most part).

Here's my question for anyone who's ever quit smoking: did you end up with your mouth tasting like metal? Mine has for 3-4 days now, it's driving me nuts, and I don't seem to be able to make it go away. Has anyone ever experienced this? How did you deal with it? The nicotine should be completely out of my body by now, I can't figure out if this metal-mouth even has to do with quitting smoking, but it's the only thing I've changed lately.