February 23rd, 2005

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I always wish that someone would make a literature version of the All Music Guide (or something half as extensive). Something that would list authors similar to each other, information about different genres and sub-genres, etc. the same way allmusic does. Is there anything at all like this? In any respect? The closest I've found is Wikipedia.
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paid accounts?

i'm thinking about signing up for the paid account, but i'm not sure if i can bring myself to part with even $5 for two months. it's sad, really.

1. who has a paid livejournal account?

2. how much time did you pay for?

3. what is the one feature on the paid version that you can not live without?

4. if your time ran out, would you renew or just go back to free version?

5. who wants to pay the $5 for me? well it was worth a shot.
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Why doesn't this country have a holiday/or a month dedicated to honor the American Indians? There's black history month,Martin Luther King Day, President's Day...Also, there is nothing around here that is like Native American studies, most of the time there is not even a chapter dedicated to the Native Americans in the history books...why is this?

Yeah there is Thanksgiving, but I view that holiday as crock of crap when it comes to honoring American Indians. Wow we should be thankful for a whole bunch of people riding over on a boat and wiping out a whole nation of tribes...I don't think so.
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Dog Troubles

My mom offered to watch over her boyfriend's new puppy, Cody, for 2 weeks. It's only been 3 days and we're both sick of the dog. Seriously, this dog has ADD or something. He needs to be walked every 2.5 hours (I'm not kidding). If it's 3 hours, he'll bark NON-STOP until he does. Trust me, leaving him alone doesn't do anything. He'll bark and bark until he gets what he wants. It's even in the middle of the night 2.5 hrs. My mother and I haven't been able to get a solid night's rest. He's horrible at walking. He's all over the place, he pulls and he jumps up on you. It's a mission in itself just to get the leash on.

You have to watch him like a hawk. My mom went to the bathroom and when she came out she found him chewing on our soild oak chair. You have you watch him ALL THE TIME or else he'll get into something. Spending time with him isn't fun. By the end of the night your throat is sore from saying "No" so much. He is totally oblivious to his surounds and YOU. You could scream at the top of your lungs or throw him out a window and I swear he wouldn't notice/care.

I know how to take care of dogs. I've raised four of them myself. But I have never encountered a dog as problematic as this one. I've only begun.

My mom and I are at a breaking point & we don't know what to do. We cannot bring him to a kennel b/c he has not has his kennel cough shot.

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Are there any good, free FTP programs? Preferably ones that save your login details? I just finished my WSFTP Pro trial, and it was fine but I really can't afford to buy it for $80 at the moment.
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For those of you who go to the salon/haidresser/barber to dye your hair (I understand why you would go get a cut, I'm talking about strictly dying...and returning every 4/6/8 or how many weeks) why don't you just do it yourself out of a box?

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What is the best way to brew white tea? I know you shouldn't steep green tea in as hot a water as black tea and that red tea should be boiled for several minutes. Now, I've got some white tea to try, but I have no idea the correct method for extracting its goodness.
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Why don't more people join this community? I mean when im bored i come here...when my friends are bored i tell them to come here but i never see this on their community list. I love this community...is there a link I can put in my journal for this community to get them to join?

Looking for some songs/music..

Looking for some nice upbeat little Brazillian/Bossa Nova type tunes. If you want you can send stuff via yousendit.com to my e-mail which is modestmaus@gmail.com or you can just give me the titles/artists.. whatever works. ^_^

Also, what Yes album would be the best for me to get if I want to get one that really highlights the best keyboarding work they had?
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Why don't vegans drink milk or anything? I could understand not eating eggs basically because they're meat-ish, but milk? Don't cows like being milked? I always thought it was very pleasing to them, so it's not against the animal in any way.

I don't mean any disrespect, I'm just really very curious.

Ok, I'm in a co-op faculty in my school, I'm looking for an engineering related job. I've tried obvious keywords to search with, but what kind of words should I use when looking for my work term? Anyone wanna help a sista out, I couldn't BE more desperate, the Term 5's are taking all of our jobs :(
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eight is enough to fill our hearts with joy.

1. when do you say "throat" versus "neck" especially in reference to the front half of..?

2. do you get edgey and impatient when waiting for a *phone call*?

3. if you were given a hundred dollars and asked how you want it broken up, how would you want it? (twenties, twenties & tens.......)

4. what does your favorite pair of pants look like and what makes them your favorite?

5. what is your favorite thing to use/wear that is made generally for the opposite sex?

6. what is your favorite thing to eat that is filling and quick & easy to make?

7. why does the muscle under my left boobie keep cramping up?

8. what does your current bed comforter look like?

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For my Writing Class, I need to read a book of short stories, but a variety of authors. The stories are short in the sense of 2 - 4 pages. I hate fantasy, sci-fi and love comdey or real life type of stories, and I want something a bit more..... intellectual than Chicken Soup... I also love artsy, weird writing. Does anyone have a good idea or recommendation? Thanks!

Girls: When you go the bathroom, do you pull up your pants and underwear together or separtly?
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ok, so you know that episode of the simpsons where bart is playing pranks with a walkee-talkee type thing, and he drops it down the well pretending to be a kid named timmy o'toole? but then he ends up falling down the well himself? and they are all trying to come up with ways to get him out of the well.... and then at the end, homer gets so frustrated that he just starts digging, and he breaks through to the bottom of the well where he and marge finally get to bart..... so uh how did they get back UP once they dug their way down???? =\

Dog's eating cat food

I have two cats and my boyfriend has a dog. We are planning on moving in together soon but I'm wondering on how to deal with the feeding situation. I leave a bowl of cat food out for my two cats to nibble on all through the day. His dog eats everything so I can only assume that he will chow down on the cat food as well. Does anyone else have the dog/cat situation and if you do how do you deal with feeding the cats without the dog scarfing down their food??

(The cat's eat dry food and giving them wet food to eat at once is sadly not an option)

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Can anyone tell me how E-Tickets work?

I booked a trip on Orbitz and I'm not exactly sure what to take with me to the airport. My brother told me that there's little "kiosks", like ATM-type machines, to help you print out your boarding pass and check in, but how do they verify that I'm me?

The only info I have are the CC I charged it to, our names, and the ticket #'s. Thanks very much!
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Can you name all 50 states in the U.S. on the spot? How about their capitals?

Are you from the U.S.?

Try it now. ( I trust you'll all(or most of you anyway) be fair an not cheat. ) How many can you name?
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Who has (or knows someone who has) any of the following phones and would be willing to contribute feedback on them?

  • Motorola V551 (camera-phone)
  • Motorola V220 (camera-phone)
  • Motorola V180
  • Nokia 6010
  • Samsung X427M
Gods thumbs
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There have been a lot of cars broken into at my apartment recently and today when I went out to my car was broken glass on either side of my car so I think the cars on both sides of mine were broken into. Big reason for concern because my car is new (for me anyways) and it actually has a stereo that works

My roomate said something to the effect that my car is less likely to be broken into because the cd-player/stereo I have came with the car and isn't likely to be stolen because it isn't "aftermarket."

Anyone know if that's true?

(I should probably note that I don't leave anything valuble on the seats or in the trunk and that my car has an alarm system?)

Anything else you can think of that might decrease my chances of having my car broken into?
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My computer case sucks.

I want to get a new case for my PC. What I need is an ATX Form case that has as few screws as possible needed to open and completely clean it properly. I've seen some that have clips or levers and just flip open, but I don't know how well they fare. I'm not sure what places have the best prices and which models are actually worth it, so I'm turning to you guys. My budget is moderate, but I can't splurge or anything. Any advice would be helpful, since this isn't as huge a purchase as say, a laptop would be. I still would like to invest in a case that has adequate venting and fan slots so I don't fry my baby. Thanks a million. =)
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1. What's with this "woosah" (spelt incorrectly?) to calm down?

2. What is your favourite potato chip flavour?

3. Who is one celebrity you'd like to see disappear?
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1. is it just me or does camilla, prince charel's fiance look like martha stuart??
2. why can't i sleep?
3. what would happen if there were no hypothetical questions?
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top ramen!

what would you add to top ramen (chicken flavor, specifically) to give it variety in texture and flavor?

i love top ramen but it gets a little boring.