February 22nd, 2005

New Bopp
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I'm shopping for new music....

1.) What is the most enjoyable, listenable, rockable album you have recently bought (or obtained through other means)?

2.) What is the most enjoyable, listenable, rockable album EVAR, in your opinion?

3.) What's an up-and-coming band that I should check out?

4.) Can you tell I'm bored with the lackluster and uninspiring music scene lately?

ps. Your suggestions don't have to be of the "rock" genre, I'm just using that term for shits and giggles. I have a very broad taste in music. Suggest away; please, I'm begging!

pps. Considering my obvious boredom with music right now, I don't really have any answers for my own questions... other than you should check out the band Last Falling. They are a band that caught my eye last year, local to LA. Another good local LA band is The Dreaming, which is the new creation of Stabbing Westward's Christopher Hall. Other than that, I don't have any suggestions, and I get impatient waiting for new material.

ppss. Please don't think this is a clever disguise for promotion of the above bands. I'm sincere!

Music Please?

I'm feeling a bit curious right now.
And in need of new music.
I want to know what other people like to listen to.

Would anyone be kind enough to either send me one song, or maybe even pack a few, a lot?

www.yousendit.com is a nice place to send files from. And my email is helen_maidre@hotmail.com

All genres welcome. No difference in when the song/opera/concert/etc. was released. Send me interesting ones. I want to find new things to listen to...

It would also be interesting to know why you sent that one or why you like it yourself.

Pretty please?

EDIT: They don't need to be in english either. It's fun listening to things you don't understand at all.
EDIT 2: It doesn't even have to have music really, poems are great to listen to, too.
happiness is.

damn spies.

So I can't seem to get rid of these pop-ups from "The Messenger Service."
They're grey, and they're warning me about spy-ware and other various things. No pictures or anything, they look like they're actually from my computer - trying to help me, but they're not helping at all. They're really annoying. They pop up every 5 minutes or so.

A friend of mine said to download Ad-aware SE Personal and that would fix it.
Well, I have it now, and I've ran it and such - bu they're still there.

How do I get rid of them?
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Dreaded tax time again


Ok, hopefully there are some accountants and/or more experienced college students than myself here amongst this great group.... ;)

So here goes... I am a full-time college student, and I work part-time.

I know that there is a certain amount that if you earn below that, you are not required to file taxes. Last time I checked (years ago) it was around $2600 or so.... in 2004, I earned only $1500, so I know that exempts me from having to file.

However... if you add in loans and grants and other financial aid, my total "earnings" for the year are at least over $5000.

So my questions are:

1. Does my fin-aid actually count as earnings?

2. If yes, does that mean I *do* have to file my taxes?

3. Will I be taxed for what I received in fin-aid?

4. And lastly, are there any "tax credits" for independent college students? Or anything like that?

Thanks in advance. :)
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Book recs

Do you know of any good books/guides that are empowering/interesting/intelligent dealing with being an independent woman or being happily single (of either sex)? I.e. feminist literature, how-to books, cult doctrine...?

Do you prefer being single or being in a relationship?
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New version of an old question!

Why is this group's icon a Bacos... wait, that wasn't it.

So there's this girl. My old roommate tried to sort of set us up, but we are both shy. He recently asked me for advice about an American girl in one of his classes that he liked (he's Korean - more important that he's not American than specifically where he's from), and for my help offered to talk to any girl I was interested in. Today in the cafeteria, I saw her leaving with some guy (that I couldn't make out), so I thought I'd take him up on the favor and have him check with her again whether she has a boyfriend. (He is friends with her, and can get me more current information.)

Turns out the guy was him, and he even mentioned me to her in the conversation. The basic concept was that I very rarely reply to people saying "hi" to me, and that I never say hi first. She thought about it and agreed with him.

I ran into them shortly after they left (he lives across the hall from me now instead of with me) since they were still in the hall. He said that when I was talking with both of them, I seemed to avoid eye contact with the girl, and was even starting to turn red. He said she seemed like she was acting more confident than he had ever seen from her, possibly for the fact that she could tell I'm interested in her. I found this a bit of an interesting observation, given that she was very timid talking to me both times that I have asked her to do stuff with me. (Once an invitation to a group ice skating thing, the other to a group thing at a coffee shop.)

Now that you have some vague but likely sufficient background information...

1) Does saying "hi" first really make that much of a difference how you perceive someone? Do you think it helps in making friends with people? (To the point of getting them to start conversation with me, both so I don't have to and also so I might ever get the impression that they are interested in me also - girls or guys, but just as friends.) Is there an easy way to get myself to start doing this after not doing it since... hmm... I think I was 14 when we stopped playing that game. (Say "hi" to random unknown person. If they reply, you get a point. We never played to a number, we just kept track of who was leading.)
2) Would you, based just on what I've typed here (aside from trying to be terse, I tried to filter to only relevant information) think that the girl is also interested in me?
3) Since it's not asking someone I'm meeting for the first time (like in a grocery store or bar or wherever else is supposed to be a place you meet people), how effective do you think simply going to her and asking her on a date-ish thing would be? (I'm hopelessly uncreative, plus I don't have a car. It'll have to be the ice cream store or the cookie store.)
4) Do I overthink this too much?
5) And just to break the theme... What is your favorite Homestar cartoon/short/random thing?
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please please please let somebody be up

for those of you who have had impacted wisdom teeth -- what did it look/feel like?

i've had a wisdom tooth coming in on the right side of my lower jaw for about 3 years now (i'm 26). once in a while it'll cause a dull ache for a few days and then the pain subsides. nothing too major. however, last night i kept waking up with my haw hurting. i kept thinking i was just clenching my teeth.

but this morning i get up and i can't even run a toothbrush over the area without screaming in pain, and there's this huge swollen blob in the area where that tooth is, and i can see a tiny bit of that tooth protruding from the blob... but the tooth part is pushed way over to the right, like... crookedly.

my entire jaw hurts. the right side of my face is actually throbbing with pain, but i can'd find any pictures of an impacted wisdom tooth that aren't either drawings or dark photographs where you can't really see anything.

i mean, is it possible for an impaction to happen overnight like that? and be this painful? -- i'm trying to decide if should go to work with my mouth killing (i'm a receptionist) or go see a dentist.

Chat App

Does anyone know of a good multi-protocol chat app (or even just one that supports Yahoo would be okay) that will run stablely on OS 10.2.8? Proteus doesn't run, Fire dies instantly, and Adium hangs around for a while, but consistently and spontaneously crashes, and sometimes takes the whole system down with it.

It doesn't have to be great, so long as it's stable. My friend will be upgrading to Panther sometime in the next few weeks, but would like to be able to chat with me in the meantime.

Thank you!

(no subject)

So, yesterday I went to this school sponsored seminar, something like "preparing for an international career."
I had expected it to be "How to get a foreign company to hire your stupid American ass", but it was "How to get your huge American company to send you to an overseas branch."

I plan on moving to Canada after I graduate, and getting citizenship there. I'm also planning to do a summer internship or two in Canada.

Any words of advice? I've actively been pestering a friend of mine about fairly important things like whether there are questions employers can't ask in interviews... all the way to little questions such as "What is canadian bacon called in Canada?" Luckily (or unluckily) I have a few years yet.

Medical type question

My neice is almost two years old and recently her parents have noticed a small mark at the base of her spine. They mentioned it in passing to a doctor recently and he said that it looks like scar tissue from an operation. My neice was delvered by Caesarian because she was in breach and had her feet by her head. My brother says they took her away for a while, assuming they were just cleaning and weighing etc. But now this scar is showing up and she's had no other operations. Does anyone know what they might have done?

They are investigating and will find out if anything went on, but I'm curious.

(no subject)

im a photographer, and i do a lot of digital photography work...

ive been using my schools G5's, and i need that kinda power in my desktop. i would just go get one if i didnt hate the mac software, and if i actually trusted mac (which i dont). so im trying to basically get that same power, but in a windows machine. i noticed that most of the dual processor motherboards are basically made to run servers on...would it be a bad idea to build a dual processor machine for my needs? really, all i need is power for photoshop. im not into gaming or 3d graphics or any of that crap...just photoshop. would it be better to stick with one 3ghz(about) processor? or two 2ghz(about) processors? the g5 runs dual processors, but i dont know if its made to run differently than a server? i dunno, im all confused.

im also leaning toward the AMD side. bad idea?

From the Socially Inept

You work in an office, and you need to speak with your superior. You locate them, and find them chatting with other people. They see you and know that you are there and that you want to speak with them, but they do not acknowledge you. What is the socially acceptable thing to do? Walk away? Stand there and wait for them to say something to you? Politely say excuse me?
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(no subject)

So, I finally did it. I spilled iced tea on half of my laptop keyboard about an hour ago. I tried to drain all the liquid out and then I took the battery out and dried it off and then tried turning it back on and it kept beeping at me. I found that the keyboard is now not working properly, so I turned it off to let it rest, as it were. Then I tried turning it on, two different times, and the monitor isn't working. Is there anything I can do, short of taking it in to get looked at/fixed? I'm broke so I really couldn't afford that anyway. Keep in mind that it was built in 1999 and still running on Win98SE so it's pretty old (but was in great working condition til about an hour ago).

I'm sad :(
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Two Questions

Do you think it's possible to know someone more than they know themselves?

If you write a long LJ entry about something deep or important to you, would you prefer that people just not comment as opposed to leaving a trivial comment about one stupid little thing in the post? (I'm asking this as someone who sometimes just doesn't know what to say, so I'll just comment on any inane old thing just to comment.)
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(no subject)


Is there anything you'd like to share with the group today?

My answer
On Friday i was with my friend and he bought a shirt that says "Fresno, it still sucks here." I found it halerious and it looks very good on him (no offense to anyone who lives in Fresno).
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(no subject)

1) What keeps you going when life gets rather crappy and unagreeable?

2) Why is it that when it snows people don't clean off the tops of their cars? (I seriously don't understand this because if you don't do this the snow falls on the street and if its cold enough freezes. And if the person is going fast enough it blows in the car behind thus blocking your view.)
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1. you're making food and you get some on your fingers. you lick the food off before reaching in to grab a fork. you accidentally grab a spoon. with the fingers you just licked. do you put the spoon in the sink, since your germies are on it? OR do you put it back in the drawer, since it's just the handle, your family shares your germs anyway, AND how would anybody know?

2. does anybody else's journal format keep re-formatting itself to the generic blue & black generator format? and does anybody else get the "read-only" screen every other time when trying to update your journal?

3. are the re-formatting and the read-only things related?

4. what's your number one, or favorite, source of vitamins? what vitamins are you getting from said source, if you know? what do these vitamins benefit in your body?
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(no subject)

okay, so can you walk to the museum of modern art from port authority? it's at 11 W. 53rd street - i have no problem walking the 11 streets, but how many ave.'s away is it? anyone know? i can't find what ave.'s it's between on google. ;) thanks.
Heh.. what?


How many take showers intead of baths?

How many of the shower people end a nice hot shower by turning the water to freezing cold to rinse one more time?

How long do you take on average?

How often do you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner?


completely random.

1. who's your favourite beatle?
2. sometimes i procrastinate on things that i really enjoy doing, just because i can't get motavated. do you have this problem? what's a good way to motavate yourself?
3. are glass sex toys as good as they are always advertised? are they worth the ridiculous amount of money they cost?
4. are there any deadheads in this community that trade tapes? i don't have any tapes to trade, but i want to start a collection, so that i can trade in the future. would you send me tapes?
5. what is your favourite kind of tea?
6. so....what's your secret ingredient?

edited to add:

7. when i post using semagic, it always makes my quotation marks and apostrophies into some sort of "smart quotes" or something like that. how can i turn this off? it's obnoxious.

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(no subject)

Does anyone here get grossed out really easily? Things like boogers, vomit, rotten food, and mold disgust me SO badly that sometimes it actually makes me throw up! Am I the only one?

(no subject)

Hi! i dont post here ever. i just lurk but i felt like posting some random question right now.

Is humor(or being witty) something one is born being good at or can it be learnt?
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Kevin Green case

What, if any, is the relationship between Kevin Green and Diana Green?

For those that don't know the case, it was a Marine who was convicted of murdering his unborn child and attempting to murder his wife, and he was freed 16 years later after the real attacker confessed. Diana Green was the victim. The judgement of the cold case detectives that worked it was the real attacker confessed out of guilt for sending a fellow Marine to jail rather than any real feeling about the crime itself. Interesting case.
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(no subject)

1. What's with all the polls all of a sudden?
2. Have you ever gotten time off before you even started a job?
3. Besides styrofoam egg cartons and acoustic foam, what are some other ways to (creatively, cheaply, and temporarily) soundproof a room (mainly to keep sounds outside the room from getting in)?
4. What's under your feet right now?
5. Are you going to any concerts this summer? Which ones, if you are?

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(no subject)

1) Do you ever play those games, on the border of some webpages, that are like "Shoot the Duck win a Laptop" or "Hit the bug win an iPod" or "Which Celebrity is this?" for fun?

2) A similar question was asked a couple of days ago, but more specifically: 14 yr. old girl and an 18 yr. old guy: Yay or nay? The guy's almost 19, and she will be 15 in a couple of months. They really like each other, but another friend and I are skeptical of their relationship.

3) Do you watch Veronica Mars? I love it, but am always lost. If anyone could provide me a brief summary of what's happened so far, that would be great.

4) What's your favorite 80s song? (Mine: "Time After Time" Cindy whatsherlastname)

5) What do you do about chapped lips? I'm considering ripping mine off.

(no subject)

Could you please name a few respectable conservative journalists?

My teacher, an ardent liberal, is disappointed in herself for giving us biased columns to read. She's like us to bring in some right-wing articles of the same quality as Maureen Dowd and Thomas L. Friendman of the NY Times.
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(no subject)

1. anyone here frequent www.i-am-bored.com? how do you change the picture on your profile? I clicked change profile and uploaded a new pic to my profile on youthink.com and its there, but the icon doesn't show up when i post comments on i am bored... What do I do?

2. My space users,,, how do you get a music video or song to play on your website? I want Ryan Cabrera's True to play on mine but I have no idea how to get it to do that.
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(no subject)

Poll #442614 College

What college did you/do you want to go to?

What did you study/what do you want to study?

Did you live on campus or commute?

lived on campus full time
lived on campus part time, commuted part time
commuted full time

Did you like it?

Yes, loved it
Yes, liked it
No, didn't really like it
No, hated it

Any other comments about it?

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(no subject)

I didn't hear the whole story, but when I turned on the radio last night(I live in KS), the guy was calling Lindsey Lohan, and a few other stars. I only caught that some how all the numbers that Paris Hilton had got out on the internet. . . . Does anyone know the whole story?? I think it is hilarious. .

When the guy on the radio called Lindsey again she cursed him out and hung up on him. lol.
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Makin' Room

Am I the only one who has deleted the Question Club from my friends list so I can actually see my friend's posts?

The QC gets so many posts a day that I have trouble finding my actual friends. I use Firefox, so I just stayed in the community, took it off my FL, bookmarked it in my dailys folder, and now when I tab-open that folder, it pops up with all the rest.

(hehe, no, I'm not abandoning the QC, just trying to make a bit more room!)