February 21st, 2005


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I've always wondered...why is vomiting (or nausea) the body's natural response to gory sights? I can understand why the smells associated with many gory situations could produce nausea, i.e. we don't want to eat something that smells bad because it is likely contaminated with something (bacteria, etc) that is harmful to us. But why is this the case when we see something gory? Is there some sort of evolutionary benefit to this particular reaction?
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Has anyone ever had liposuction? How was the procedure? Pain? Recovery? Did it last? Did it even work? Did you have places that didn't contour correctly (i.e. skinny belly with giant thighs or skinny frame with fat face)? How much did it cost? Was it worth it?

I've got about 80 lbs to drop and have had no success with diet and exercise. Granted, I'm a complete wuss about pain, so that would be a turn-off. I'm likely to put it back on again, so that would suck.

I do know the best and really only way to go about it is through diet and exercise, so I'm not just romanticizing a possibility, hehe.


Avery W. Krouse

(P.S. Please only post if you've actually had the surgery done or someone you know well did. I don't want a thousand people telling me about diet fads and exercise programs I'm not interested in. Thanks!)

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Would a cigarette holder, the shorter inch ones, stop my cigarettes from making my fingers yellow, or at least help?

Yes, I do realise stopping smoking all together will stop that, and given as in a few months they will probably be coming after smokers with pitchforks and torches I will be giving up at some point, but just for the time being humour me. Thank you.
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I want to start making icons for this livejournal cause I get bored with the ones I got. I hear everyone talk about photoshop but what about printshop deluxe or printshop premiere edition will those work?
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i know i just posted a set of questions, but here goes another (i seriously never sleep) =\

1. are your parents divorced?
2. how old were you when they divorced?
3. which parent did you live with?
4. how often did you see the other parent?
5. which parent were you closer to as a kid?
6. which are you closer to now?
7. did you grow up to resent either parent for reasons directly related to their divorce?
8. if you didn't see one parent as often as the other, did you resent them for not being around or did you think of them as superman when they were around simply because they weren't the parent who was there to punish you and yell at you?
9. has their divorce affected your views on marriage and parenthood? in what way?
10. do you love flamin' hot cheetos?
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1. are you christian?
a. why? (raised that way, self-converted, converted by others, didn't have anything else to do, etc.)
b. how do you feel about the other branches of christianity? (catholics, baptists, mormons, etc.)

2. if not, did you used to be?
a. why did you stop?

3. what are your opinions on faith?

edit: i should've specified that questions 1a and 1b were to be answered IF you said yes to question 1. i'm glad some people understood me. :)

for those of you who have queried my choice of catholicism as a 'branch' of christianity, let me clear it up. i live in the south where catholicism is in the minority and IN COLLEGE i've heard questions like 'do catholics even believe in the new testament?' as a history major focusing on medieval europe, i've got a clue as to which came first. :)
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...one area of life I've always had trouble with!

I've never had a lot of friends, always one or two close ones. But the people I hang out with now are all really popular and social and have a lot of friends. I kinda don't know where I fit in with these people because I always think, "Well, they have a lot of friends, why do they need me?"

It's holding me back from contacting a couple of my friends who I miss a great deal. But I just keep thinking, they have friends, they don't need me.

Does anyone else think like this? Am I just insecure? If you have a lot of friends, would it make a difference if you lost one? Would you want to be contacted by a friend you haven't heard from in a while, even though you already have a lot of good friends?
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"Stripper Songs"

What would be some good songs to make for a "Stripper CD"

I basically have this girls weekend coming up, and we're all going to do the Carmen Electra Strip Aerobics workout for kicks, and then dance around like fools after and pretend we're strippers.

Can anyone recommend some songs?

I have the standard club skanky songs, Dirrty by Christina Aguilera and I'm a Slave for you by Britney, and I need songs along that line..
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Fate, destiny, or free will? Which do you believe in? Why?

Just to be clear:

Fate - Your life is preordained from start to finish. Your life follows one path and one path only.
Destiny - You have a certain purpose in life, a specific end goal, but it is your choice how you fullfil that purpose. There are a certain number of paths set in front of you, and you choose which one to follow.
Free Will - Your life is your own. You can choose any path at any time, and no one controlls your choice in anyway.
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day of silence

Day Of Silence (background)
i was just thinking and getting excited about day of silence. it is officialy April 13th this year.
for those of you who don't know, day of silence is a day where you are silent to show support and remember all those who cannot speak, because of harrasment, or bigotry or homophobia. it is to support all the LGBT people and their allies. i can't do too good a job, but, go to www.dayofsilence.org, and find out more.
you can participate whether or not you have a group at your school. get a bunch of friends together and organize an event, or do it on your own. either way, have fun!
you can go to www.dayofsilence.org for more info, and to register your event!

question: are you going to try and do this? why or why not (no flaming PLEASE!!)
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Do you have any failsafe tips for how to make yourself concentrate?

I have a huge stack of uni work to do and the attention span of a restless and hyperactive goldfish.
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my dad, my sister, and i planned to go out for a drive this morning. they then decided to go without me because they "didn't want to wake me up." i woke up to an empty house wondering where they went. when they came back they didn't even say a word until i asked them about it.

my boyfriend and i planned to go jogging this afternoon, but he decided to clean his room instead, and decided not to call me because he "didn't want to wake me up." he then thought i was being selfish for getting upset, saying he "gets busy" sometimes.

would you feel hurt and rejected or am i probably overreacting?

[disclaimer: yes this is an "i'm angry and i'm venting" post and i'd probably still be angry if thirty people tell me i'm overreacting. but i'm also curious if others would be in that situation.]


"Love is love, but revenge is everything" - JR Eweing...

How far would you go to take revenge on someone who had wronged you? What if you thought you'd never get caught? Or is it important that they know you did it?
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Have you ever thought for a second that you created something new? (it could be any number of things). You get all excited like, "Whoa I bet no one else ever thought of that!," but then you find out that someone else had your same idea and then you don't feel that great anymore. Let me give you an example: A long time ago I was sitting there craving something to eat, when all of a sudden, I decided that I wanted to mix together some peanut butter and marshmallow cream. Turns out, it was really tasty! I thought I was cool for thinking it up, but not too long after my 'discovery', I found out about a few restaurants that actually specialize in serving peanut butter/marshmallow cream sandwiches. Needless to say, my little creation lost it's flavor.

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about floppy's:

i pop in a floppy that has some old school work....first, it wont even open, comp says 'Failed to open A//:' or something.

so i re-try, it opens but it wont open any MS word files...it makes a weird zipping sound, kinda like a techno beat, its actually got a tune going now.

Gods thumbs
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to open...or not to open?

I opened my yahoo email inbox and there's a message from "-" with the subject "-". According to yahoo there is no attachment, and the file size is 886b. Should I open it or is there a safe way of opening it? I probably would have deleted it by now but I'm expecting a return email from someone and I don't know whether this message could be from them or not.

Perhaps its time I switch everything over to my g-mail account.

*edit* I opened it....nothing seems to have happened and the message was blank. Hmmmm. Thanks to those who responded. I love this community. ;D
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Becoming a partner (business wise)

Hello all, I have a question that has been bugging me for the past few days.

I've been told that a partnership interest in a firm (whether it be accounting, legal, medical or other professions) is usually worth some money (and even can be fought over in divorce court). I'm wondering how exactly one attains the interest if they are offered a partnership position after having worked for X number of years in the firm. Do they actually have to shell out cash for it, is the cost a bonus of some sort for them, is the cost deducted from their share of the gross profit or something else?

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I'm kinda bummed that they don't let you into the airport without a ticket anymore to wait at the gate for the loved one/friend who is arriving. That used to be my favorite part of travelling - seeing someone wonderful waiting for me at the gate. Usually it was my grandfather when I went to visit them in Arizona. But even when my mom and I went somewhere, my dad would meet us at the gate. I also used to love going to meet people at the gate. Watching the line of people getting off the plane, waiting until one of them was the one I knew. :o)

Does anyone else really miss this?

Oh yeah, can you do this in other countries? I'm in the US, but I've never flown out of the country so I don't know how it is elsewhere.
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Is there a website that gives you journal entry topic suggestions on a regular basis? I need to update my journal more often but am lacking in inspiration.

Also, thank you to those who commented on my last question (Friends), it was very encouraging and I feel more confident now and will contact my friend. Thanks! :)