February 20th, 2005


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How do you deal with rude people?

Today my head nearly exploded with the number of people with no manners what-so-ever in town, normally I give back what I get – if they don’t move they get a shoulder banged straight into them, if they stare at me I stare right back, if they mumble abuse I mumble it right back – two wrongs may not make a right but it makes me feel better.
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There's this anime I checked out from the library last year and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.

It had three main characters; two girls and a guy. The episode I most remember (or it could be a few combined) was the guy was a supposedly good magician or sorceror and was hired by the two girls to go help them raid some ruins or something. He ended up breaking his wand, or losing it, and screwing everything up in the mean time. Then he decided to go on a mission to get a branch from this tree that wands could be made of, and the girls went with him. That's about all I remember.... on of the girls was some sort of priestess type, if that helps any.

Any ideas?

I thought it was maybe Ruin Hunters, or Slayers... but neither of those sound quite right to me.

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Today is a good day, definitely. The Daytona 500 comes on, racing is back for the year.
Of course I'm pullin for Dale Jr. (and Kenny Wallace)

Anyone else like racing and gonna watch the Daytona 500 today?
If so, who's your favorite Nextel Cup driver?
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why do people (especially in icon communities) insist on always announcing that they're using a fake lj-cut?

who cares? does it matter? are we stupid and can't figure it out?

seriously, i'm curious as to why this is so important. why do i need to know that the lj-cut is not real?
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Tanning Booth Experts

To long time tanners or those who have worked in a tanning salon--

I have been tanning for a couple months now, no problems. I went yesterday and used the same bed, same amount of time, and they had told me the week before that they didn't get new bulbs in for that bed.

Well, I am burnt to a fair thee well, from head to toe.

I feel like they did something very badly with me. They either lied, put me in longer than I had asked, or their bed went all haywire.

Can I get anything for this? Money back? Free products to heal it? What do I say to them?

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Ok so i have a cousin who is on the very large side. She lives in Israel and she's a large people size 6. Does anybody know what that translates into in the U.S.? I got her a size 20 at old navy. think it would fit? Thanks in advance for your help

teeth & tummy.

i'm 21 and getting my first wisdom tooth on the top right. it seems to be coming in with no problems... no pain or discomfort. and i seem to have a lot of room on all sides of my gums so hopefully i won't need any removal.

so how old were you when your wisdom teeth came in? did they hurt? did you need to get them removed?

and....i was hoping to find a series of pictures showing a pregnant belly at each month of pregnancy, but i didn't really find anything on google that was what i was looking for. do any of you know of a website that has this, or just happen to have pictures of your own?

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Between Constantine, The Matrix and Devil's Advocate I'm pretty sure Keaunu Reeves is the only thing standing between us (the human race) and eternal damnation. Any one else got that impression? And - if not Keanu Reeves, then who?
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in what New Jersey city or town does the bulk of Garden State take place?

sam mentions her brother going to rutgers, but that has several campuses, most of which are concentrated in one area but then there's the camden campus, far away from the rest.

and there's a part where they're driving through an area on the motorcycle that looks like it might be Princeton...?

so does anyone know what town Largeman's supposed to be from?

(for the record, i did google this, but i just get links to a bunch of websites about the movie and nothing explaining the setting aside from the obvious fact that it's new jersey.)

Cats in the Garage

My cats LOOOVE to go into the garage/basement and get themselve really dirty. They'd spend all day down there if it wasn't for the fact they have to eat etc. But I've heard this is not unusual for cats. Does your cat do this? Why do you think??
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