February 18th, 2005

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A question about caffeine

Okay, so I know that caffeine can become addicting (or so they say), but can a person actually become immune to it? Where if they keep, say drinking coffee, then they have to drink more and more for the same effect?
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Drink Me

new icon

i desperatly need a new icon. do you have any suggestions as to where i can find some good ones?

EDIT: does any body know where this one came from?

EDIT: never mind, i found a bunch i like. thanx for the help
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1. what's your skin type? what product do you use most frequently for that skin type? how frequently? are you happy with the results of the product?

2. do you usually reply to comments for the amusement of the poster, the amusement of the community as a whole, or with a few random people who've stood out to you, in mind?

3. how meticulous are you about your laundry habits? do you throw everything in together and then dry everything; separate lights from darks; make four distinct piles and separate what needs to be hung versus dried?

4. what is the number one thing you could change about your body with the poof of a magic wand?
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(no subject)

Ok, there needs to be a bit of background for this question. I attend college full time. I have classes four days a week..and two of those days I start early in the morning and don't finish until 10 pm. I live there during the week and then drive 30 miles home every thursday night after I get out of class at 10. The next three days I work nine hour shifts as an assistant manager at a bakery. I get no days off, have no vacation and its hard to get any days off from work.

My question is, I have spring break coming up but my boss doesn't know that. Would it be totally wrong of me to just not tell her that I have spring break so that I can get a small vacation and go visit my friends in another state?

Airfare prices

Why do airfare prices fluctuate so much for tickets? I was looking at tickets from Indianapolis to Minneapolis, leaving Friday evening and returning Sunday evening, and the prices are going all over the place. Last week they were $264, earlier this week up until yesterday they were $168(but we didn't get them because we hadn't confirmed that we could take the trip) and now they're $350. What gives with that?!

ooh first post

1. Do you have a LiveJournal ritual? When I log onto my computer at work, there's a few communities I view right after I check my friends page.

2. If a brand of beer offers a lite beer, a pilsner, and a honey lager, what would be the best one to get? I don't really understand the pilsner thing.

3. What ISP do you use?

(no subject)

Does anyone know how long a direct flight from Hawaii to Australia would be?
Better yet..anyone aware of a website where you can enter two destinations and get the flight time between them?
I've tried googling, but was unlucky!
thanks in advance!
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Ring size

Why is my engagement ring so big on me today? I know your fingers shrink when they are cold, but mine aren't cold right now ... my ring keeps falling towards the side of my finger.
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(no subject)

What was Chii's name? (as in, her sister was Freya, I think...)

In Sociology we watched a music video... I want to say that either the song name or the band name started with M... But the video basically entailed people lining up and the two singers- dressed up very prissylike- taking them over their knees and whacking their bottoms. As weird as the video was, I seem to remember the song itself being fairly cool... any ideas?

Where do you have your taskbar? I have mine on the side of my screen, as does my roommate. I think most people have it on the bottom.

What is today- 2.18.MMV? 18/2/05? Feb.18th, '05?

(no subject)

I had quite a lengthy discussion about this today..
What food product DOESN'T go with cheese?

Who likes licorice with cheese? Any kind of cheese.. keep the thread going! Otherwise there are things that do not go with cheese..

(no subject)

What are your current physical wounds/ailments?

Me, I've got cramps and a papercut on my right index finger. Why do those always show up out of nowhere...?
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(no subject)

what are the best words of advice to live by that you have ever been told? (if that made sense >.<)

mine were "A good friend/boyfriend will never make you feel like crap."

Edit:"A good friend/boyfriend will never INTENTIONALLY make you feel like crap."
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(no subject)

So... if there is a public toilet/restroom/bathroom/whatever-you-call-it-in-your-country you use often (ie, school, work, mall, station, etc) do you have a favourite stall or urinal?

Which one and why?
And are you male or female?