February 17th, 2005

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What is your opinion on self harm?
Do you know anyone who self harms? How did you rect when you found out.
If not and you were put in that situation how would you act?
What is your opinion on how self harmers are treated?

If you have anything to add please do.

I'm asking because I only know the self harmers point of view, not the general public.
I know this will seem silly, but try to be civil, this is a personal issue here.
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Who was the one person in high school that you absoulutly couldn't stand, and why?

*I won't say his name on here because word travels fast on livejournal (I know he has one), but I recently saw him and I remembered all the times in class where just looking at him would aggrivate me. He dressed like a metrosexual and had something to say about EVERYTHING. He never quite said it flat out, but by his responces, anything you said was stupid to him. He had all these horrible opinions on things, and when you shared yours - well, forget about yours because they were just retarded. He spoke like he loved to hear himself talk, and always pushed back his hair every 2 seconds. Everytime I see him I just want to punch him in the face. He's just rediculously pathetic. He'd say stuff about musicians in class, and stereo type people for liking them, but then he'd like someone who was pretty much equal. [Ex. Saying anyone who likes the Backstreet Boys is gay, but liking Nsync.] If he said it/did it, it was okay. If you did, he thought you were pathetic.

Him, and I'd have to say Brooke Keller. She was THEE bitch that you thought you only saw in high school movies. Complete with: being head of the volley ball team, never wearing the same outfit twice, only talking to certain people, always being seen with the same 4 girls - and talking shit about them when apart, and using the word "like" after every word. She was a total bitch.

Definatly two I'd like to see fat, miserable and suicidal at the reunion, haha.

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So, fandoms. There seem to be fandoms for everything. I was unexpectedly hit with a story based on the Harry Potter series a few years back. I honestly had no idea people wrote stories based on fictional books or movies or whatever. And yes, the dirt under my rock was surprisingly comfortable. :P

Anyway, as anyone who's spent any time on the internet knows, fandoms know no bounds. I've seen stuff based on The Giver, Archie Comics, and even Joe Camel. o_O

What are some of the more obscure fandoms you've seen?

EDIT: I'm not opposed to fanfiction, I'm just surprised at the wide array of it. Yeah, I don't get out much. I lose at the internet.

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1. Are there any vices you find attractive in a person you're interested in? (smoking, social drinking, shoplifting, etc)

2. Are there any qualities in a person that could write off a person right then and there as someone you could be interested in? Like lying, stupidity, poor hygeine, the fact they're making out with someone else, etc.

3. Are there any qualities that will actually improve a person's standing in your eyes? Like, you're almost ready to dismiss someone and they display this trait, you'll keep hanging around as a result. Like humor, large intelligence, having a fair amount of female friends, does social work in spare time, etc.

4. Are there any physical qualities that would actually redeem a person who you find flawed or incompatable, to the point where you're willing to overlook those personal defects?

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OK, so I know next to nothing about guns and shooting ranges. However, are there any ranges where you can just go try out a gun without owning one yourself? Like, rent a gun and shoot it at the range? Do you need a permit for that? :o) I'm 20, if that matters.

Oh, and my friend owns a few guns and goes to ranges occasionally. Could I go with him and shoot his gun without a permit? I'm talking just at a range where you shoot at paper targets and wear fuzzy headphones. :o)
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how do i rip the audio from a .mov file? i would like to have it im mp3 or wma format.

never mind that one. what program do you recommend? i downloaded two but neither of them worked.
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I'm looking for a charity in one of the following categories, that is based in, or has a presence in, Milford, CT USA or the surrounding area.

- Welfare of Children
- Urban Youth and Indigenous People
- International Relief and Development
- Organizations that Promote Peace
- Environmental Protection

This is for an Earthdance event I'm planning. Sooner I have a charity lined up, sooner I can apply for the park permits and sooner I can get the lineup set, flyer designed, and promotion done.

I'd prefer a relatively non-political group, something that can unite people in a common cause rather than spark liberal vs conservative vs etc arguments about its worthiness, and religiously based charities are acceptable *only* if the organization can be trusted to not prostelityze at the event(if they can be trusted, they are as welcome as any secular charity would be). I'm leaning towards Welfare of Children or International Relief and Development, the former because its always needed and relatively universal across political lines, and the latter because the world especially needs it *now*, with the tsunami damage and the destruction that various wars have recently caused.

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I've worn at least 5 necklaces for the past five years, nonstop. I sleep, eat, shower, swim, etc. in them, but today, I took them off for a drama show. Now that they are off, I've noticed a discolouration on my neck, almost like a bruise... actually, I just poked it, and yah, its sore like a bruise. Collapse )Do you this I need to stop wearing the necklaces? Or should I ice ths, or what? What is it?


mmm...raw meat...

if you freeze a raw meat in a marinade, will it get more thoroughly (and quickly) marinated?

does anyone else have this strange compulsion to poke packages of raw meat? it's just so...pokey...

did you have a good day so far today?
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Postcard size?

Does anyone know what the regular, standard size for a postcard is in inches (or centimetres)? Google is spitting out a whole range; I just need the regular, normal, general, standard size.

Thank you :)
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Just a bit curious...

Why must you be 21 to enter some adult entertainment stores?
I don't understand... isn't 18 legally known as "adult?"

edit:I mean, there are 2 in my town that say you have to be 21... the other two, you can be 18.

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Is it okay to send medicine overseas? Has anyone had any problems doing this? I need to get some meds sent to me in New Zealand from Canada. Do you think there would be a problem in Customs?
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this is kind of a wierd question, but............

what is a circle jerk? or circle jerking, or whatever the right name is. i was wondering in relation to the band The Circle Jerks, and i didn't know what it meant exactly.
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Can anyone help me with this physics problem?
A jetskier is moving at 8.4m/s in the direction in which the waves on a lake are moving. Each time he passes over a crest, he feels a bump. The bumping frequency is 1.2Hz, and the crests are separated by 5.8m. What is the wave speed?
The problem is supposed to correlate with the equations f=1/T and v=f*wavelength
We were given a hint that the solution involves not just using the latter equation...all that I can figure out is that I need to somehow correlate the bumping frequency to the crest frequency.....however....I can't figure out how to do that w/o getting 8.4m/s as my final answer (which I'm pretty sure is not the correct answer). If someone can give me another hint, you will be my hero!! Thanks.

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Could someone please explain to me home pregnancy tests, I don’t understand them to begin with, shelling out money when it’s free from the doctors and you need to go to the doctors to confirm pregnancy anyway. It’s also the newer pregnancy tests coming out too, digital pregnancy tests for something ridiculous like £20 when you can go to the doctor for free, why exactly do you need a digital one rather than a regular one?