February 16th, 2005

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Ok, so my CD player is broken. I'm looking to buy me a new one, preferably under $100 dollars. What do you guys think is my best bet? Where/What should I buy it? What do you guys think is the best brand and soforth?
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those of you who share a bed with someone on a regular/semi-regular basis, do you have your designated "side" of the bed, or do you just get in bed regardless of who's on which side? if you do have designated sides, what factors dictate who gets which side? do you live together? how often do you share the bed?

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1. What are you afraid of that (A) no one else is or (B) is so dumb, that you don't know why you are afraid?

2. If my nose ring is infected/bleeding, and has been for three days, with sea salt treatments, if I go back to my piercer, is he going to do anything of use, or just tell me to keep cleaning? (Ie. is it worth going all the way there?)

3. Whats your favourtie TV night? Why?

4. You won the lottery! First person you call...?
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rose drying question

How do you preserve a white rose (I want to save one I got for Valentine's Day)? Normally when I want to save a rose, I hang it upside down until it dries. But I noticed that when you dry white roses, they turn sort of tan/yellow. How can I preserve the rose and keep it white?
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Cholesterol Confusion

Okay, now that we all know I have high cholesterol (at the tender age of 18, I'm so pissed)!... What do I do? I know I have to Exercise... I've been doing that for like, ages anyway. I'll just increase it to an hour a day instead of 30 minutes. But what I am really confused on is... WHAT THE HECK DO I EAT?

Doctor said to try a low-fat diet. Well, I know a low-fat diet isn't for me. I blow up like a balloon and I just don't feel like I have any energy on a low-fat diet. I've been doing low-carb. Whether low-carb is good for you, I do not truly know. But I do truly know low-fat is not the right route (for me anyway).

I've read somewhere that if one has high cholesterol, they should, in fact, eat more cholesterol. Now you may be thinking, "Well, why is that?" Well, a few sources have said that if you eat cholesterol you're body will not make it's own, and it will not save it. "Why?" you ask again. Because if you eat no cholesterol than you're body is like, "OMG, WE HAVE NO CHOLESTEROL, SAVE ALL WE HAVE! AHHH!"

At least, that's what those sources say. And the other source is simply the, "Eat as little cholesterol as you can."


*jumps off a cliff*

P.S Please make it quick, I'm hungry!
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Star Trek

Inspired by a convo on my own board.

Are you disappointed that Star Trek: Enterprise has been cancelled?

What was your favorite Trek franchise, and why?

Do you want to see another franchise, and if so, what would it be?

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I keep getting invitations from my friends to sign up for Bebo so I can put all my pertinent info there for their address book. It just feels like a scam. Does anyone know if it is? Does anyone out there use it?
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Did you ever read Porko Von Popbutton as a kid?

I loved that book (being a goalie and all) but I was thinking that it might be offensive to some people, so just wondering.
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I'm trying to find the name of this book I read in 5th grade. It was kind of a mystery, focused on something about a will. The theme of North, South, East, and West was important in the book. Also, there was a little girl that constantly listened to stock reports on her radio. Anyone know of it?
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Halloween 2008

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I'm looking to buy a desktop computer, (non e-machine) with a dvd drive and cd burner, and Windows XP Professional (prefered). I'd hope to pay less then $600.

Anyone know of any good deals going around?

Which would you prefer, HP, Dell, or Gateway? Why?

Any tips on purchasing one? (It will also be for college next year, I'd buy a notebook but they tend to cost more with less memory.)

Thanks, all!

Why I should be able to tan!

Here's the deal: I really want to get a Mystic Tan before we go to Hawaii on Saturday. When I brought up the subject with my dad this morning in the car, his first response was "No." However I am a very persuasive speaker ;) and he said he would consider the issue, but he'd like information as to his safety. So, selective overachiever I am, I wrote an essay. :P It took about 45 minutes to write. Does anyone want to be really, really, really nice and tell me what they think? I don't have time to make any changes really since he's coming home in about 15 minutes, please just tell me if you would be persuaded...Thank you sooo much if you read & comment on it. :) I promise it's really not that boring! Oh, and I tend to write or talk in "big" words so my dad wouldn't be put off by the words I use in this.

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how clean is your house?

how often do you clean your bedroom or your house?

do you tidy up everyday before bedtime; pick up the piles every week or two; attack a huge mess once or twice a year; or can you not even remember the last time your house was clean?

how often do you clean your bathroom?

do you live alone, with roommates, partner (and kids?), or with parents?

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To all Canadians, or anyone who knows Canadian law, I'm working on something for law, and I'm trying to find a rough, general opinion about people's beliefs:

Which do you think should be superior: common law (decisions made my judges) or statute law (decisions people make through MP's)?

And also, can anyone use "fey" in a sentence?

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Anyone here a fan of the Scissors Sisters? Can you recommend three or four songs of theirs that are really good? I've got "Take Your Mama Out" and looooove it, but I just wanna hear a few others before buying their CD =p
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More questions! lol

Which do you like better, the powdered chocolate or the liquid chocolate to make chocolate milk?

So I want to make eggs and I'm not great at making them, but I'm the only one here. The best kind of eggs I've had and that I'm craving right now have milk and cheese added to them. . Anyone know how much milk and cheese I should add? I want to add milk because it seems like it makes them fluffy. Any ideas??? Thanks.

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My bf got me a little rose plant for valentine's day. How do I make sure it doesn't die? I know to keep the soil moist, but do any of you have little tricks to make them stay healthy? I keep it in the sun, and it's not too hot. They enjoy stuffy rooms with uncirculated air, yes? I'm guessing so because they like co2.
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i want to learn to play chess so i can surprise my boyfriend with a new chess set for his birthday (in a few months)

does anybody know of a website that you can play against the computer at a beginner level (preferably after explaining it to you?)
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I've done some digging but I can't find a clear answer. For the past two days when I go to the bathroom it doesn't hurt to pee but it hurts like hell in a handbasket right when I'm done. Is this a urinary tract infection?

I'm absolutely hating myself for drinking so much soda this weekend. I haven't had that much in a long time (usually I don't drink it at all). I bet that's where this came from.
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Abercrombie & Fitch

What do you think about Abercrombie & Fitch displaying live models in front of their store? I know I've seen other stores do it... but I dunno, I just get a funny feeling about it when it's from A&F. Do you feel the same?
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misc - cemetery

pale ale!

Any idea why Rolling Rock has a "33" on the back of the bottle?

My best idea is that the company began in 1933. My friend said that's wrong because the copyright on the logo is 1939. Maybe they just adopted that logo in 1939 but had already been brewing for 6 years?

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does anyone know, if you right click on your hard drive under 'my computer' and click 'format', will that wipe the drive totally? and if so, will you need a copy of the OS (ie windows XP)on CD inorder to reload or will the OS still be there and it will just wipe certain things?