February 15th, 2005

happiness is.

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This is more of a request, but I will try to turn it into a question...

Will you[haha] suggest one band/musican and a song of theirs that you think is amazing?

I'm on the hunt for some new tunes and open to mostly everything BUT country, metal and girly pop.


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Do you have any advice to somebody who is going to be buying a used car?

How does the whole process work? I feel so ridiculous but I have no idea. I think that's one of the main reasons I'm procrastinating. You buy the car, but you can't drive the car until you get it registered but don't you need the car there to be registered? Is it a common thing to get the car inspected before buying it? Do you have to get it inspected, or will the seller normally do that?

Ack, any advice is good.
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Hosting Pics

Can someone recommend somewhere I can post pics on-line for remote loading (for free, of course)? My band has another gig coming up, and I like to post the flyers I make for the shows on my LJ.

I use SBC as an ISP, but Yahoo won't let me set up a link to a picture in My Briefcase, will it? I also remember setting up a Geocities web site for the same reason, only to find out that Geocities won't remote load pics for free.

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Say you're planning a Super Dorky Hawaiian Beach Party of DOOOOOM.

What kind of music would fit this theme? I'd like artists and song titles, please. Bonus points if you tell me where I can acquire the songs cheaply or free.
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How do I turn mpegs, mov's and avi's into wma's? I have a lot of live music I would like to have on cd's, instead of having to watch them play just to listen.
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The Receptionist Classic

A Trilogy

A Triology...

Just like Douglas Adams' trilogy! :D

1) When did Cracker Jack prizes get so lame?

2) My uncle's new wife makes it pretty clear that she doesn't like me or my mom. (Ignores us, won't talk to us more than "Oh hi" when we call, nothing.) She treats my grandma like crap. I've tried to be nice and friendly, but she just won't have any of it. That said, am I justified in calling her *name* instead of Aunt *name*?

3) Where are my glasses?

4) Which was better (for you): "Garden State" or "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?

And finally...

5) Anyone have any tricks they use to un-block minor writer's block?
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I'm currently battling a sty(e). I've been using warm compresses and tea bags to reduce the swelling and lessen the pain. Does anyone have any other suggestions or home remedies?

Thanks in advance.
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Are students' rights being violated?

My high school has a parking lot that includes about twenty 10 minute parking spaces. Students always park there, though, because no one else ever needs to use them. Once in a while the school administrators get bored and go ticket everyone who parks there...these are $25 tickets. If a student gets a ticket and doesn't pay it, they won't give you your grades and not send your transcript to colleges. Someone said that they won't let you graduate but I'm not sure if this is true or not. Anyway, are they allowed to withhold that information?
r brite
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Job Reference Letter

I am writing myself a reference letter as I am leaving my job. (my manager is really cool n said he will read over it and sign it from him)

Does anyone have any examples I can use to get ideas from?

Thanks :)
  • goop


what is the worst NIGHTMARE (as in, when you're asleep) you've had?

is it a recurring nightmare?

what was the BEST dream you can remember?

do you guys ever write your dreams down the next morning?

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there is a virus going around aim, where someone has a link pop up on their away message, and once you click, the virus attaches itself to your away messages. well, i clicked the link and for the past 2 or so days have had an annoying away message saying something about valentine pictures pop up every few minutes.

does anyone know how to get rid of it? i would REALLY appreciate it!
Ahh! Babies!

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1. If you've read the book, 1984:
Do you think the Brotherhood ever really existed or was it just made up?
Do you think O Brien used to be Goldstein?
What is Ingsoc?
Do you think there is any real hope in the Prolls?
What do you think Orwell's main purpose in writing this book was and what specifically do you think he was trying to warn us against?
How do you think our lives today parallel 1984? How do you think they are different?

This is NOT homework. I am out of school. I just finished reading this book and I really enjoyed it. I like discussing books after I've read them and these are some questions that came to my mind.

2. Is there a community where I could get more answers to these questions than this one? Like a book discussion community?

and completely irrelevant:
3. Which is easier to clean and to keep clean, cloth or leather car seats?
tline, 2011

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okay, so a few totally unrelated questions:

1. how long does a chargeoff stay on your credit report?

2. what is the longest drive you've made/road trip you've taken?

3. i need some good books to read. what are your favorites?
tank girl

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Not my type of clothing..but a non-ljing friend (oh gosh the horror) wants to know how one can look as if they wear urban outfitters..but not pay those outrageous prices.

I guess she wants that style, whatever it is, so any tips on what for her to do?

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We're having a debate for my econ class. I'm supposed to be on the side that's "Why government SHOULD NOT provide jobs for the unemployed and homeless." But it's hard trying to find arguments for it online. Could someone direct me to some online resources or reading material that'll help me?

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theres a computer program that my school has that makes charts (flow charts i think they're called) with the big circle in the middle and all of your ideas popping out of it. well i can't exactly remember the name of the program i know it starts with an I---6 (i keep on thinking its called inspiration 6 or something like that but its not inspiration) and i need to use it for homework. is there a slight chance that anybody knows what i'm talking about?
Thanks guys

EDIT: nevermind. i got it
its called inspiration 6
  • divabat

Quicken accounts

I'm using Quicken 2005, for Microsoft Windows XP.

I have one bank account that I use for everything - paying bills, freelance work, general expenses, savings, etc. However, there doesn't seem to be an option in Quicken for me to use the same account in multiple locations, and I haven't found a solution on Google or on Quicken's Help.

Does anyone know how to use the same account for multiple locations on Quicken?

seven, seven, seven.

1. my dishwasher just exploded for some reason. what would make it make loud noises and spew soapy water all over my kitchen floor? how can i fix this? is it going to be expensive?
2. is it okay to put liquid plumber or drano into my kitchen sink, since i have a garbage disposal in there?
3. what are some interesting things i could send to my fiance (overseas, military)? i am running out of ideas, but i want to send him more things that he will enjoy.
4. what's the best way to quit smoking?
5. how often do you clip your toenails?
6. my skin is extra, extra dry. i have eczema, and the cold weather is also killing me right now. what's the best lotion i can use?
7. ...won't you be my neighbor?

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Dammit.. okay, I have another one of these that I can't figure out. If someone knows this, please comment! Thank you x10.

The horror movie you are watching has a mad scientist plotting to destroy the world by altering nervous systems of politicians. His desire is to slow down the transmission of nerve impulses. How should he do it?

A. use radiation to destroy ions
B. create a bacteria that destroys dendrites
C. design a drug to destroy the myelin sheath
D. put L-dopa in the water supply
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Another boring job-related question! Sorry!

I'm looking for a second job to do part-time and most applications require I provide three referees. I'm really struggling with this!

The problem is, the job I do now is a family business so I cannot list my parents as referees (or can I?). The previous job I had was almost two years ago, and I have lost touch with everyone I worked with.

I don't do any activities outside of work except for going to the gym, and I left school too long ago to consider asking teachers.

Any ideas on who I can ask to be a referee? Also, are employers usually very strict on the referees you provide (eg, would it hurt my chances if I listed one instead of three, or listed an uncle/aunt or friend?)

Thanks for any help!
Heh.. what?

Leaving in Gas Permiable (Hard) contacts...

Hey all, back again...

Well I kept wearing those hard contacts... but I tried a few things to remedy my last situation. (For those that didn't follow, eyes were majorly irritated and drying out from hard contacts)

Now I've really gotten used to them... the important thing with these seems to be cleaning them really well by rubbing them, but then kind of squeezing them (they actually bend a little from rubbing into them I think... so I think squeezing them helps them return to a move concave shape).

And well they're really comfortable now, aside from the occasional getting a little dry and having to blink really hard to get some moisture.

So my question now is: How long can I leave them in for? Is there any harm done by leaving them in for a really long time? I've had them in for three days now... (without taking them out) and they still feel fine, haven't even had to rewet them.

Is it bad to leave them in?


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o.k. another health related question.

starting three days ago, i've been experiencing really odd sensation that i can only describe as all over body spasms. first, i get a somewhat lightheaded feeling, then i can feel my muscles begin to tense and i start jerking uncontrollably. this lasts for about 15 seconds and then they stop. This went on for about two hours the first day. it happened a total of maybe four times the second day. and today it happened about six times. i havent had a fever or any other symptoms, just sore muscles and slight fatigue.

im making a dr. appt. tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone might have any ideas about what is going on.