February 13th, 2005

omg double

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Speaking of confusion …

There was this internet game I played a while ago. You started out in a room, apparantly without any memory of where you were or how you got there, and had to get out of the room. You ended up in a different room, then had to figure out how to get our of that one, etc. etc. You moved from room to room picking up clues and hints at the big mystery of the game …

It was like Crimson Room (if you know that game), but with lots of connected rooms.

Anyway, I've been trying to remember the name of this game for ages! It had something to do with space, I think. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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does anybody use apple ibook or powerbook?

and do you ever use your function (fn) key to use your "page down" "page up" "home" and "end" keys?

and does anybody else think it's lame that they are on OPPOSITE sides of the keyboard, forcing you to pull your left hand out of your ass when you're just kinda relaxing and scrolling through the page?

this is the most annoying design flaw to me.

oh yeah and half my letters have been SCRATCHED OFF: e, r, t, h, & n are COMPLETELY GONE, and a, s, d, h, y, u, i, o, g, h, l, & m are nearly scratched off. i should post a picture.

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What does it mean to "crosspost" or "xpost"? I see a lot of entries on communities saying "Crossposted to ladybug4789 " or some username. I assume it means to also post to your personal journal?

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Anybody remember that song by the Police called "Every Breath You Take"?
A while back (I remember it being on the radio during the late nineties) some hiphop group (or artist, I don't know) did another version of that song that had the same melody and basic lyrics, but it was about someone who had died:
"Every breath I take, every move I make, I'll be missing you." Or something like that...If memory serves, they also replaced the bridge of the song ("Oh, can't you see...") with some rapping.

Does anyone know anything about the title, artist, etc. of this re-make of the song? I'd love to get my hands on it somehow, but I have no idea of who did it, or even where I would look for it. Any tips would be appreciated.

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OK, so I'm watching the Simpsons today while avoiding my paper due tomorrow, and I have a question.

Is the Brad Bird who's the executive consultant for the Simpsons the same Brad Bird who did The Incredibles?

Oh, and who's your favorite Simpsons character? :o)
Mine's definitely Lisa. She's fabulous. I hope to have a daughter like her someday, lol.
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i'm bored if you can't tell.

1. how often do you check the personal journal of someone you see in a community?

2. what kinds of things would make you check their personal journal?

3. is your own journal mainly friends or mainly public?

4. i love asking random questions to thequestionclub.
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Fart cloud

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Ok so in the movie Princess Bride there's the grandfather reading his grandson the story. Is he Wesley? (Princess Buttercups boyfriend/the farmboy whatever you want to call him) In the very end of the movie the grandfather says "As you wish." and my girlfriend and I just looked at each other and were like "Is that him?!" Mind you we've watched it MANY times but never caught that;) Thanks in advance! Also, let's do another question. What's your favorite movie?
Thanks everyone! Now I can sleep tonight;)

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1) What's the bad news?

2) What's the good news?

3) Does anyone remember or has anyone ever seen an animated movie made in the 80's called Twice Upon a Time?
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I sent my laptop away to Dell in October before my warranty was going to run out. My laptop gets so hot it turns off! So anyways, I sent it away then, and they said it was fixed. It was okay for a while, but now it's doing the same thing again. I can hardly play winamp and do something else without it getting super hot and turning off. I think they said that the CPU fan wasn't connected properly because I ran all kinds of diagnostics checks and the comp was working fine from what I could tell. Either way, warranty is gone now and they won't give me any support or repair it without me paying over $100.

Any ideas? I'm letting my tech-savvy bf take it apart to check it out, with the proper manuals of course.
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Красивые розы, даже если не оригинально

Question(s) for the girls: 1) What's more romantic: a/your guy having flowers delivered to your work, or bringing them himself? Why? 2) Would you rather get flowers at work or at home? Why?3) What are your favourite flowers?

For the guys: Would you rather have the flowers delivered, or bring them yourself? Why?

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Sad Magic

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I'm curious... How many of you heard that North Korea finally announced that it had a nuclear weapon, and that it's pulling out of peace talks with the 6 countries?

It happened the same night that Prince Charles got engaged (or whatever) and that the Pope got better, but both of those stories are still commented on, and I haven't heard about the N. Korea problems since. IMO, it's kind of a more important problem (although it took a back seat to dear Charles that morning). Have I just not been paying attention to the news, or is there something wrong?

And if the story really faded that much, I'm curious if anyone didn't hear it.

(I *can* find a story saying that China is pushing for talks again on CNN, but you have to go all the way through World to get to it)


EDIT: And on a completely unrelated, happy note. Does anyone else have any songs in a language that they can't/can barely understand? If you do, what songs? And did you actually go looking for them, or did they come on a CD?

Spurred by a sudden craving for any Disney movie-songs in French. :P
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Q & A

I like answering questions about myself. Ask me anything you want to know about me in the comments and I'll answer it here.

EDIT: haha... I meant to post this in my own journal! but hey, why not =)

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Does anyone know of a really simple recipe for dressing? Something like mixing vinegar and oil.

And also about how many diapers does a baby go thru in the first year of life. Are there different types for different months. How much baby fluid and cereal does a baby go through the first year?
Thank you.

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say you and your significant other move in with a friend or two and split rent three/four ways. then you and your s.o. get enganged and decide you want your own place, so you get an apartment, but your other roomate(s) stay in your old place.
do you take the toiletries or leave them for the original/remaining occupants or just buy some new stuff when you get to your new place?
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Copyright law and recordings question

Is it legal to record yourself reading portions (and then distribute the mp3 file) of someone's book to spread the word about a notable phrase or concept? I think I recall hearing about it being covered under artistic interpretation and fair use as long as no profit was being made, but I just wanted to make sure.
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another angsty friendship/relationship question

so, i have a friend...actually my best friend for probably the past three years. we've always gotten along really well. a couple of months ago we had a fight (an actual brawl). it was a combination of alcohol and a few friends (of which i was one) who were really worried about the fourth friend. thing is, we got through that. after a few tense days, we made up of sorts and remained friends. we were planning on moving cross country a couple of weeks ago. Leading up to the move, she kept delaying saying she had things that she had to take care of. i accepted that but finally had to have a definitive answer about the move and she completely closed me out.

one day last week, she just stopped talking to me. we talked that a.m. and things were cool and that afternoon, she told me she was thinking about the move and trying to decide. now she will not speak to me at all. she refuses to see me if i go to her house. a total shut down. im at a loss. i don't know what happened or how to proceed from here.

i love her, still. she is my best friend. other friends tell me to just let it go, to let her go and forget about it all. the thing is, i hate the idea of abandoning a friendship like ours when i have no idea what's going on. i realize that i may not have a choice.

but for the question, what should i do now? should i continue to try and talk to her or just walk away as others have suggested?

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okay...i need an idea for a VERY quick valentine's gift (homemade). i forgot that we have "secret valentines" (secret santa-ish) in my spanish class until tonight, and i haven't gotten mine a gift....and its too late to go buy something. any help would be great.