February 12th, 2005

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do any of you have a career in forensic science and/or pharmacology? if so, would you mind if i ask you a few questions about your job? ((this is for a class assignment, but i am interested in doing this because i want to gather information about my own future career path.)) thank you!

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anyone have cingular/AT&T, and know how to access their SAVED messages? normally, when in your inbox, you get the option of deleting or saving your messages. i usually delete them. if you don't delete OR save it "skips" them and they're still there. so.. long story short, i saved a message i absolutely needed (i know i saved it - it said "message saved for 29 days."), and now when i go back into my inbox it's only playing new and those skipped messages. so.. where the hell are the saved ones??? ugh - i need the info on one of them! thanks. :/
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What's the weirdest thing you've had happen to you at a concert?

Mine would have to be having my head caressed by an extremely inebriated woman whilst her saying "Ohh, Betty, Betty. You're so pretttty..." at a Ministry/TKK show this summer (I guess Betty Paige..I have Betty bangs.) or getting mauled by a guy in a cow suit at an Aquabats show last year. Mine are kind of lame. I've always wondered what interesting experiences other people have had.
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do any of the degrassi fans know if there is a good LJ community for degrassi:tng? like one that isn't a role-playing thing, just where they like to talk about the episodes.... and have a lot of members so there's active discussions and stuff?

i did a search but didn't find anything really good, so just wondering if anybody else knew of any good ones.

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1. Introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you enjoy? Why did you join this community? Whats somethign interesting about you? Etc.

2. Did you find the previous comment creepy/stalker-ish?
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the dreaded V day

My mom has gotten me a new pair of shoes and an awesome shirt for Valentine's and I haven't gotten her anything at all. I'm thinking about going to the bookstore on campus Monday and finding something... like a coffee mug and fill it with peppermints or something. Does anyone have any fabulous last-minute suggestions?
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Teaching + Media + Alternative Learning + Youth = ?

This is a bit of an odd question, and a long post, but bear with me.

I'm currently studying Mass Communications in college - I've always wanted to be in the media/entertainment area. I've done quite a number of media-related stuff - such as webdesiging, some form of Internet PR, newswriting, interviews, radio & tv stuff, etc - and I've enjoyed it immensely. I can see it as being something I'd like to do forever (or at least for a long time).

I thought for a long while that I've always wanted to be a writer. Which is true, to an extent. However, I looked back at my primary school records, and in the section where they ask "what do you want to be when you grow up" (they do this every year), one choice (to my utter surprise) was consistent:


Collapse )

What can I do to reconcile my love for the mass media, with this desire to guide and support teens and youths by giving them alternatives and providing various options to whatever they want to do? I'd like to focus on these:

* The Internet as a useful tool for finding options and opportunities
* Utilizing media in some way
* Alternative education
* "Out-of-the-box" learning - student exchanges, internships, shadowing, apprenticeships, volunteering, etc
* Doing projects based on their interests and getting support for it
* Hooking up with people related to their passions and interests to give them guidance (for example, someone interested in journalism can get a mentor from a newspaper, or someone interested in animals can hook up with a vet, etc)
* A break from "science-is-good-arts-is-evil" thinking pervalent here - encouraging interests in various fields
* Guidance on life issues - relationships, stress, health, etc

Any ideas? Is there something I can do? Something I should do first? If I wanted to set something like this up (I have some ideas), who should I contact or what should I do?

All help is truly appreciated. Thanks, and apologies for the sheer length.

stupid relationship question...

ive been friends with this boy for 5 or so years. hes been in love with me for most of this time, but our relationship was strictly platonic. anyway, this year we're valentines and there is the potential for things to become more than friends. the problem? he has no experience whatsoever with girls. hes never kissed a girl, nothing. hes only 17, so its not that bad, but im used to boys kind of...taking charge in a relationship; im pretty shy about things myself. on valentines day i thought it would be nice to give him his first kiss (maybe more? i wont hold my breath). i dont want to scare him, is there anything i could do to ease his anxiousness? i was thinking a few glasses of wine, some nice candles, keeping things pleasant. but then again if he comes over and things are overly romantic, he might feel pressured to do something. any tips or anything?

another semi-related question. i didnt know what to get him for valentines day, so with the help of a bunch of my friends and my sister i got him a nice cologne (issey miyake, l'eau d'issey). he told me he doesnt wear any, and if i do wind up with him it wouldnt hurt if he smelled yummy. i plan on making him a cd of songs that make me think of him/our friendship to go along with it. i also got a lovely new lingerie set but because of the issue above, i doubt he'll get to enjoy that. is this dumb? ok? i really suck at giving gifts.

i apologize for the juvenile relationship stuff =/
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I'm looking for the name of a personality disorder which would make someone have no internal monologue. So, for instance, they said exactly what they were thinking, even when they didn't want to, or if they weren't even aware they were doing it.

Anyone know of something like that?

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Oops, sorry, another question tonight.

For my Writers Craft classes, each of us need to find 2 words (one with one syllable, one with 2) that are not used often, but could be very useful. Mainly, we are finding words that have alternate meanings and whatnot. Does anyone have any interesting words with deifnitions??
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I seem to have lost my contact in my eye. It's floating around somewhere in there, but I can't seem to find it. I'm fairly certain that the contact didn't just fall out, it has be somwhere on my eye.

So, any tips on finding a lost contact in my eye?

(I think it got lost b/c eyes are really dry right now and I was rubbing them.)
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Okay, I have a PS2 and instead of the 'normal' memory cards, I have MEGA MEMORY where you have to put a CD in every single time to load the game. Now, I just got a gameshark, as I understand it works very much the same way. But which one do I put in first to finish my game? The Mega Memory or the GameShark?
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Touchpad Trouble

My touch pad is acting up. It seems to do whatever it wants (not like "someone broke into my computer and is controlling my cursor" kind of whatever it wants, more like "you can't control your hand, you just think you can!" kind), um, anyone know what I mean? And why that might be?

It's also not a low battery (I know that can make it drag sometimes), I am running on a power adapter.

For some reason it's how I expect some things to react to magnets, though I don't think magnets would affect it (not trying!!)

Doesn't seem to happen for anyone else. I've been using touch pads for a good ten years or more so it's not beginner clumsiness, though I actually prefer trackballs but my Logitech is lost in storage somewhere :o(

Oh! Thanks for the comments about the icons, going to count up votes now.
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I'm applying to college, and they want me to forward my SAT scores. Problem is, I have no idea where the paper with the scores is.. and when I go to the collegeboard.com site, I can't remember my sign-in name or the email I used to sign up.

I took the test back in May of 2003.. is there any way to retrieve the scores?

(By the way, I do remember writing down the name of the school I'm now applying to when the SAT test asked what schools they should send scores to. Will they still have them?)

I'm pulling my hair out now.. this school stuff is driving me insane.
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how many of you can touch your tongue to your nose?

my sister and my boyfriend both can but i can't so we were discussing how common it actually is?
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Kelly Clarkson's on SNL tonight and I noticed that her entire backup band is male. In fact, I can't think of a single rock band that I've seen on TV in the past couple months that's had a female musician in it. Something neo-hippie like Ani Difranco and bands with string sections are the exceptions to the rule, but even acts like Sheryl Crow... the entire backup band is male. Does anyone else think this is unfair?
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Dark Cloud

Anyone here play Dark Cloud 1 (PS2)? How does it end? Teeeeeeeelll meeee!

A gameshark ate my saved files... I was playing it for 3 months straight, building up weapons etc.. but now it's GONE! GONE I TELL YOU!! And I don't have the energy to start a new game...

TELL ME! Please!