February 10th, 2005

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so, I do a radio show every week (www.wbar.org, sunday mornings 4-6am~as in 4-6am late saturday night), and this week's theme is Love and Marids Gras..

so, question is, what's your favorite love song?
  • heybill

I know that guy!

Has anyone ever called Crime Stoppers after recognising somebody from a Most Wanted (or similar) television show?

I haven't, but I always wondered how weird it would be to see someone you know. "Hey, isn't that Bill Jones? He used to sit next to me in Biology! How about that."

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A girl sending a guy flowers for Valentine's Day... sweet or stupid? So far not every guy (about 20) has said they'd love to receive flowers from a girl. If you think it's a good idea, what kind of flowers do you think would be appropriate and how much should be spent? :)

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if you choose to ignore someone on yahoo messenger, do they have any indication that you have done so (ex. do they get a message saying that they have been blocked or what)?

Computer caused pain

I am always getting this pain in my spine at the base of my neck. I dont know if I am sitting too high or too low or what. All I know is that, no matter what computer Im on, I always get it eventually.

Does anyone know anything about the spine and what position may be causing this kind of pressure?

Reggae music question

I have been reading and posting here for awhile now, and it never occurred to me until just this minute to ask this question!

Back in '86-'87 my husband taught at West Indes University in Jamaica. While living there I heard lots of wonderful music. One in particular was a reggae version of "Norwegian Wood". I could never find out who did it but would love to hear it again. Anyone ever heard it and/or know who did it and where I might find it?
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I'm only sleeping

What is it about seeing a person sleeping that makes them seem so gentle and innocent? If we love the person, we get a pang of love when we watch them sleep. If we're ambivalent to them, we start to feel a slight affection. If we hate them, it lessens a bit as we watch.

Does it have to do with them being helpless or something? If you think about it, sleep really isn't all that romantic in itself, so why does watching a person who is asleep provoke such an emotional response?
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  • libram

Here's a thought...

In videogames, has chicken soup ever been used as a health item? I mean, you've got bananas, bandages, mushrooms, hearts...but what about everyone's favorite grandma remedy?
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tinkerbell sparkle

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Is there any free program that I can download that does architectural drawings, like floorplans and blueprints?

Also how do I print out a power point presentation so that there are 6 slides on each page?


Best really weird Valentine's story?

We were making Valentine's cards in Spanish, and everyone looked at me weird because I drew a mushroom cloud on mine. My excuse is that the first date-ish-not-really-but-kinda thing for mi y mi novio involved watching a Spike TV report on the top ten coolest explosions ever (ending with a rocket fuel plant :D).
scanner darkly

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Any home remedies, or anything to fix a stuffy nasty nose? I've tried Vicks three nights in a row, and it only burns.

I hate being sick =x. It seems like a plauge. Everyone in the state of Illinois, is probably sick right now. At school at least half of the class is.

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I have always appeared more confident/together/competent/intelligent than I am. As a result, I frequently get thrown in at the deep end and/or do not get the help I need and/or people get very impatient with me if I ask questions, resulting in one nightmare time after another. Any advice, other than avoiding any challenging situations for the rest of my life?
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Nicotine patch advice

Well, cold turkey and cutting down aren't working. So I'm going to try the patch.

For a pack and a half a day smoker, what brand patch is probably the best? And whats the cheapest way to get them? I live in CT USA, and prefer to shop meatspace, so if you know the cheapest chain place?

Any random tips on quitting with the patch?

Unrelated question- Why do many black people call each other nigger?
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(no subject)

I'm looking for short quotes about comfort, whether it be in the context of a romantic or platonic relationship (though I would prefer the former).

Could you suggest songs that deal with comfort? It doesn't have to be all about comfort - just a passing reference is fine.

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The Receptionist Classic

Hey, Concert Goers...

Is it a faux pas to wear a band's T-shirt to one of their concerts?

In the past few years, the only concers I have been to are Jimmy Buffett concerts and well, we just get decked out in our Parrothead gear for that but that theme is expected. (The only other real concerts I've been to are freebies in the park and Greatful Dead. People weren't dressed in much at all for those, come to think of it...)

But someone mentioned to me how I better not wear one of my band shirts to the concert, that's just so hokey. Is it? (The bands, by the way, are: U2, Flogging Molly, and Alison Krauss...)
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  • lynbug


I just noticed that Buckley's doesn't really have medicinal ingredients. How does it work then to help colds+congestion?

The active ingredients are Ammomium Carbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Menthol, Camphor
The Non-Medicinal ingredients are Canada Balsam, Carrageenan, Glycerin, Pine Needle Pol, Sodium Butylparaben, Sodium Cyclamate, Sodium Propylparaben, Tincture of Capsicum, Water.

Wtf is all that stuff?

Linux help

So I now have that Mandrakelinux, and I really like it.
But it's pretty different from what I'm used to.

I went and got WINE, but I can't seem to get it to work, the windows installs (I don't think I can function without MSN) aren't installing.

Also where do the installed programs go to? (the Linux 'Program Files' so to say)

Where can I add another user to the computer?

Another thing I can't figure out is how to change the language. Does it even come with english or do I need to start using my native language on the computer?

And lastly, what is the purpouse of the multiple desktops?

jerba jerba TAXES!

Can I request a new/duplicate W2 from a past employer? They sent it to my old address and the person still living there already threw it out :(

(I need to do my taxes NOW so I can fill out my freakin' FAFSA!! GAH!!! I HATE this state!)
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Network problems

Something is wrong with my computer's network...I can't connect to anyone else's computer at all. Does anyone know how I might be able to fix this, or know of a community that could help?

Thanks so much in advance.
unfortunate events


What percentage of your monthly income goes towards rent/mortgage? I'm trying to see what's normal because I would like to try living on my own, without roommates, but I still don't think I make enough.

My part of the rent is about 16% of my income, since I changed jobs last month. It used to be about 40% of my income.
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Something About that Name


Does anyone else use TurboTax?

I keep getting this error message: "The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect". I can't e-file my tax return because of this. And I can't figure out what's wrong. Any ideas?

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What would be the best way of explaining to someone the fact women are only fertile a few days out of the month – i.e. in layman's terms?

I've tried the best I can to put it simply, but seem to be failing miserably in making someone understand that a woman can only be pregnant when fertile - apparently pointing out that to make a baby you need sperm, egg and cervical mucus is too simple for them.
Calvin  & Hobbes

Slave or Master?

I just bought a brand new 250 Gig hard drive for my computer. It's going to be a storage drive, not the main boot drive. Does anyone know any reason why it would be worse to have it as the secondary slave than the secondary master? (I've already got my CD burner on the 2ndary Master position).
Calvin  & Hobbes

Open in new Tab

Now that I am using Firefox so regularly, I am noticing that some of my webpages do not work exactly right in Firefox. For example, I can't be as lazy about common mistakes that IE fixes for you. But more importantly, I generally have pages off my website open in a new window, using the target="_blank" attribute to the a tag. My question is: is there an attribute that I can put that will cause the link to open in a new tab in Firefox, but in a new window in IE?

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Are you giving up anything for lent, and if so, what?

Do you go into a particular stall when you walk into a bathroom?

Whats your favorite bad movie? (cheesy, incredibly sketch, box office bomb, predictable romantic comedy, etc.)

What are you favorite kind of movies to watch?
Hugh's So Masculine

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Have any of you been a Secret (Mystery) Shopper?

If so, what was your experience? Also, if you remember, which company or web site you went through?

I'm mostly looking for something kind of fun to make some extra money while in school in addition to my regular job. Thanks. ^_^
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  • goop

awkward conversation?

so um.... ok my boyfriend feels TOTALLY WEIRD around my parents cause, well, they're weird (sorry but they are) and are entirely impossible to have any kind of normal conversation with.... so they always try to make awkward conversation with him just cause they respect him as a person and because he's my boyfriend.

but he hates the awkwardness and HATES engaging in conversation. it's to the point that if he has something to say to me in their presence, he'll literally whisper it to me.

now... this is the kind of person who TAKES PRIDE in his interpersonal relationships and people skills.....

you know, i also feel kinda weird around his parents but i still make cheerful conversation when i go to his house....

so my question....

who else feels awkward around their SO's parents? and am i wrong in thinking it's better to make polite small-talk than to avoid conversation altogether? especially with the family of someone you actually care about? =\
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Ahh! Babies!

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What is your favorite Anti-Bush, pro-liberal CafePress.com store? I'm trying to find a funny creative one and there are way over a thousand, I can't possibly scroll through them all. Which ones your fav? I'm not trying to start a political discussion here so if you are for Bush, please don't respond with your sarcastic remarks, just ignore the question. Thanks

to give you an idea of what I like, this -> http://www.cafepress.com/january2009/427839 is my favorite one so far.

Music video stuff

First, where could I download the music video for "Sound of Settling" by Death Cab for Cutie? Tried Kazaa, no results. I know I can watch it on Launch, but I want to download it for the "keeping" and all that.

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