February 9th, 2005

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Has anyone tried out eXeem yet? http://www.exeem.com/

I guess it's supposed to be the new BitTorrent thing, now they can't prosecute bittorrent tracking sites because now the program itself is a tracker or something. So now there's less (if anything) that the MPAA or RIAA can do to stop them, before they shut down the websites that were used as trackers, maybe they can try shutting down the website that offers the program, but we'll see.

Anyhow, I'm rambling. I just wanted to know if anyone has tried this yet, because I just saw it myself. I'm about to go to sleep, so if anyone here has tried it yet and will OK it, I'll give it a shot.
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Laundry list of complaints for FireFox.

Ok, since so many people on LJ like to be browser elitists and shun IE users, I figured I'd come to you and see if you can help me with some irritating things about firefox. All of these issues are things I could do with IE, but for some reason can't with the 31337 browser. These aren't in any real order btw.

1. The stop button. Why doesn't it stop all animated pictures when I click it? Right now its only function is to stop loading a page before it is fully loaded. On IE I could click the button and it would stop any GIFs from playing. I can press the keyboard equivelant and it will work just fine. And no, I don't want to shut off all animated images, or block them individually. If you should be able to do this by clicking the button, then maybe it's a skin issue.

2. Autoscroll stopping. Ok, I like to use my autoscroll (middle mouse click once and release, then you can drag page up and down and side to side), but now in order to stop the autoscroll, you have to click down on the middle mouse button or right or left click somewhere. I used to be able to just scroll the mouse. Also when you click, you have to make sure you don't click on a link, or there goes your page you were on. HIGHLY annoying.

3. Saving files. This one is one of the worst for me. In IE, it would remember the folder you liked to save files in for every different file type. For instance, it knew what folder I saved movies in, what folder I saved web pages to, and what folder I saved images to. Now firefox just clumps them all together, and I have to navigate folders each time I want to save something. And don't get me started on how stupid the whole download window thing is...ugh.

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Anyhow, if any heavy firefox users can let me know how I can fix these annoyances, I'd love to hear from you.
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Invalid cookies. Try logging out and then logging back in.

I get that almost half the time that I try to open my friends page from semagic ('can't say if it's because of semagic, as I always go through that. . . it's just easier. or at least has always been easier in the past). Any ideas why this randomly started happening, and/or how to fix it? I'm getting tired of clicking on the "logging out" link, and logging back in.
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Sorry. . . I just realized this and don't know how to edit posts that I make in communities (if anyone wants to give me a heads up on that, feel free, and a thanks in advance =)

But what is bittorrent?? Everyone talks about it, but I still don't "get" it. I think it's like napster, or ares or those kinda things maybe, or am I wrong?

Sorry. . . I did go to their website and read through the introduction and faq and still don't get it though. . .
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Heard of any good outgoing messages to record on an answering machine?

We just got one yesterday, and would like to have something less boring than "Hi, we're not in at the moment, please leave a message."
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Movie Question -- James Bond

Hey there, pholx. Was watching "For Your Eyes Only" last night for the first time in more than 10 years. (Spoiler Alert) At the very end of the movie, Bond destroys what they've spent the entire film searching for. In response, the guy who was expecting delivery of that item gives Bond a gesture where he throws up the back of his hand in Bond's direction, then walks away.

At the time I first saw it, someone told me that was The Bird in Italian. But watching it last night, I saw that the guy who was expecting delivery was Russian. Can anyone clarify if that was basically The Bird in Russian, instead?
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Reading questions

I have two questions for you today:

1. When reading newsletters and newspapers, what is your biggest pet peeve?
2. When reading the above media, what do you like to see? What catches your attention?

Thank you for your time.

Birth control pills...and relationships

Ok. For those in relationships if your only means of protection is birth control pills (no condoms) who pays? Ladies, do you take full responsibility for this, ask your man to pony up? split it? If he offers to pay for the full thing would you let him? Men what would you do?? Would you offer to pay at least half?

Does it also make a difference if the woman in question is poor as all hell but NEEDS the birth control pills for other purposes anyway (like regulating) and the man makes much much more than she does??
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Can an out of state company charge me tax when shipping a purchase to me in my state? Normally I am never charged tax when I order online or from a catalog from a company that is outside of my state. But I recently ordered from one of those shopping networks on tv and they said they were adding tax. "You're in another state," I told them. "You're in Florida and I'm in Washington." "Yes," they said. "But we're charging you the tax rate from your state (8 percent)."

Can they do that?
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I was supposed to call about jury duty on the 7th...shitshitshit. I FORGOT IM SORRY I DUN WANNA DIE AAAAH Gah, what happens if you don't call them? I don't wanna get arrested or yelled at by some nasty old lady with hemmorhoids. *worry*
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I heard there is something about mirrors in dreams. Two things... 1) Look how you see yourself and 2) See if you can go through the mirror.

Has anyone ever heard of this? What are their meanings behind it?
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Anyone else hate those scrambled letter/number security things, like on Ticketmaster?

I have to enter one of those things every time I log in at this website I use at work. It's so annoying! And sometimes, I can't read what the letters/numbers are. I need special glasses just to log in now. (Not really, but it feels like it.)

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Do you think it is too much to ask that on a community where porn is posted they put it behind a cut?

Maybe they shouldn't have to because if it is a community for porn it’s obvious what you are getting, but I have a few communities on my friends list for vintage and artsy porn, as they don't use LJ-cut it means I can't really check my friends page at work for fear of huge images of nekid people, don’t want to take them off my friends list because it isn't convenient.
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Please help!

Okay, so I'm not very tech-savvy despite not being old, and I'm new to the whole buying-and-downloading-music thing...

I bought an album on iTunes without realizing that it was MPEG-4 or whatever it is. My music player thing only takes mp3 and wma files. Is there anything I can do to convert files to different formats, or did I just waste $10?

If there is no way to convert files, can anyone please recommend some other websites where I can download music in the mp3 and wma formats?

Please help!
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radio trends

A year or so ago when I went to Texas for a few days, I heard some singles on the radio that I didn't hear back home (in Louisiana) until three months later. I'm trying to figure out if Louisiana really is one of the last states in the nation to get new music (and everything else)... so what are some songs you've been hearing on pop radio lately and what state do you live in? If you can remember, what are some songs you've heard over the past couple months?
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So I posted this


And my friend posted this question in response:

I really do love the analogy Dan. I am curious though...
To any guys out there, in your opinion and experience, is this really the typical situation on the guy's side of a guy/girl friendship

If any one wishes to answer her, you can comment in my personal journal or here and I will make sure your responses get to her.
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I have been in charge of finding music for our phones here at work. Right now, when someone is on hold, they listen to the country music radio station.

My supervisor wants "classic classical," but anything will suffice as long as it is soothing to listen to while on hold.

Any suggestions? What kind of music do you find relaxing while you are on hold? Anything we should stay away from?
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Going rate for revisions?

I'm completely at a loss -- I've got a piecework job that I'm meeting an author for this evening. It's just taking revisions made in pencil to a printed manuscript and editing them into the .doc file and creating an updated version for submission to the publisher. Problem is, neither he nor I have any idea what the going rate is on things like this. Does anyone do this for a living (or even just occasionally) and know how much the average pay rate would be?

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Can employers track what you write on the internet? Even if it is in your journal and marked private?

I just got fired yesterday from a temp position, and yesterday I had been complaining about tha woman there in my journal. Vulgarally (is that a word?). No one was around when I wrote it, and I marked it "friends only", but can they record what you are writing anyway?
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Oy vey

Another query for the domain-savvy. :D

I registered Winterfilth.net on the 6th, with Yahoo's Domain Service. I bought it a little hosting thing at RockstaHost.com. I set the nameservers to ns1.rocksta.us & ns2.rocksta.us, as it said to in the RockstaHost welcome email thing. I've registered two other domains with Yahoo! in the past, which are hosted on my reseller (not with Rocksta), and, after setting the nameservers, I was able to view the sites by their name within an hour. Not so with Winterfilth. I re-set the nameservers Monday evening, and now it's Wednesday afternoon, and, I still can't see it. (You can view what I want to see at WF.net at http://rocksta.us/~winter/. I can log in to the account's cPanel through rocksta.us & an IP address, so I know the account is there.

Yes yes, I know DNS can take up to 72 hours to propagate, blah blah blah. Is it unsual that while the other two domains' DNS propagated within an hour (1 of them was a net, the other an org), this one is taking much longer? If, say, it still hasn't propagated for me by tomorrow evening, to whom do I inquire -- Yahoo, or Rocksta -- or do I inquire at all? How can I tell if something is amiss with the nameservers? Is it true that, if after 72 hours, it hasn't propagated for me, something is wrong?

I always get confused by this domain stuff.
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I have to do this project for a parenting class i am in and i have to list EVERYTHING you would need for a baby first year of its life. And my question is is there randomly any place online that would have that type of info?

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I'm my best friend's maid of honor in her wedding that is rapidly approaching and I'm in the process of planning the agenda for her bridal shower. There should only be between 8 and 12 people attending, between the ages 22 and 60 something, so I'm having some difficulty coming up with activities and games that are 1) not lame with so few people and 2) appropriate for all the ages and generations. Keep in mind almost all of the women invited run on the conservative to very conservative side. So, no references to sex, the honeymoon, etc. What can I do with these people that's fun, but not stupid???
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valentine's day dance.

What would be tacky but still totally hot to wear to a semiformal highschool dance?

my "date" is going emo.. would it work for me if I went all gothed out?
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Microsoft Access

I've created two tables in Microsoft Access, and from them I created a form.

Afterwards, I realized I had left out a few fields in one of my tables, so I went back to the table and added them in.

Now, those new fields won't show up in the Fields List of my Form. How can I add these fields to my form without having to recreate the entire thing?
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My Catholic roommate can't explain to me the significance of ashes. She said "it's because it's Ash Wednesday." Yes, well what does that mean?? She doesn't know.

So what is it? I realize that it's the start of Lent, but what do ashes have to do with that?

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has anyone ever had the problem with photoshop when it loads, then shuts down right away. if so, what'd you do (if anything) to correct it?

(more info: ive had this version/copy of photoshop (7.0)for years and it only recently did this. image ready however, still works. ive uninstalled everything of adobe, and reinstalled photoshop, and same thing happens.)
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Does anyone else just completely lose their minds when a company promises to do something and then doesn't do it? I won't even bother explaining the final loan payment the loan company screwed up, suffice to say that I was on the phone for the better part of 2 hours...

Then the cable company didn't give me the 3-month discount AND charged me for installing the cable that a friend installed for me AND charged me for some equipment that I'd have to go to their office to get. I've never been into one of their branches, EVER. They fixed my bill, but had to fix it over 2 months' worth of billing and not without screwing up my email for a day, which I had to call tech support to have reset.

Then, just now, I got charged by my old dial-up company. I cancelled/closed that account 2 months ago. They said they'd leave the account open, accepting email, till Feb 1 to make sure I got all my emails changed over, without charge. GUESS WHAT.

I'm a very low-key, benefit-of-the-doubt, we'll-work-it-out, give-peace-a-chance kind of gal... but this stuff with service providers of any kind, given that it happens I'd bet 80-90% of the time, enrages me to the point that I'm shaking and screaming my head off at the poor sot unfortunate enough to take my phone call. I always feel badly, because they're not the person who said they'd do such&such, and it's really not an earth-shattering issue in thae grand scheme of things... but I'm about sick of incompetence as the norm.

Does this happen to anyone else on a regular basis?

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cd players and legs

2 VERY IMPORTANT  questions:

1) i have a portable cd player that makes any burned cd skip. if the same cd is placed in any other cd player-suprise! it doesnt skip at all. why does it do this? can i get it fixed? if so, where? i've had it for about 4 years, better to just get a new one?

2) how do you lose weight in your legs? im talking about the part between your knees and feet. that particular part, what excersizes target that specific region? i have these AMAZINg boots that wont zip up all the way becuase my legs are too fat, but the rest of me is not.

I <3 the question club!
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Do abatoirs let you go in and watch them kill the animals? Would you go in and watch? Why or why not?

I am brought to mind something my Grandpa said to me "If you cannot kill your meat you have no rite to eat it" What do you think of that?