February 8th, 2005

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where are my pictures?

I have my screensaver set as a slideshow of my pictures. Because I didn't want things ALL my graphic files to show up in my screensaver (such as desktop wallpapers and the like), I copy my photos into a folder called "screensaver" and have the slideshow set to open only that file. Last I knew, it was working without a problem. The last time I distinctly remember seeing the screensaver run was Saturday night. I just went to go change and when I came back the screen had turned black like the screensaver was about to start but it didn't.

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I checked the folder, and there are DEFINITELY pictures in there. I even made a new one - I copied all the files into a new directory and re-named it and set the screensaver there... and it still isn't working.

What happened to my pictures? They still exist on my computer; so why can't it find them? What can I do about it?
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Design Services?

How much do people charge for professional design services, ala creating posters or custom images using Photoshop? This does not include printing, mind you.

I'm thinking about offering my services on the web to do photo editing / design for people. I've done a lot of sign-making and whatnot for groups on my campus so I think I could probably do a decent job for others. Would I want to charge a flat-rate? Flat-rate plus time? Suggestions?

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How many mp3s do you have?
What proportion are legal?
If you do, where do you buy them?

tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:02
Playlist length: 649 hours 35 minutes 22 seconds
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lovey-dovey thumbdrive

i'm trying to find a link to the site with these appropriate for valentine's day-ish thumbdrives on it. there are two of em, one for the bf to keep and the other for the gf. if anyone can help me find it, it would be muchly appreciated.
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does anyone know anything about cats?

particularily this, my mum and dad have an indoor/outdoor cat and had to go away for a week on a business trip. i was the only (Easy) option for them to give the cat to. i live in an apartment and although i DO have a balcony i live in the city and don't want her going out on her own.
this is only the first night of her here and she's meowing like CRAZY! it's currently 3 am as well. i don't want my neighbors getting upset at me (even though we are allowed pets, she's really loud). right now she's out on the balcony but she's on a leash.

is there anything i can do to stop her from being so stressed and not wanting outside all the time?
i didn't really want to keep her but i was their only option. i know there are kennels and stuff but they are pretty pricey. she's driving me crazy!

Jacksonville, Florida

Did anyone here go to Jacksonville for the Superbowl? How was your experience in our (sometimes) fair city? I've lived here most of my life, so it's nice to see other people's perceptions of the place. Be honest and don't worry about not having something nice to day.

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I am writing a short story for a class (higher level college english).

What word do I use for penis? Do I just use penis?

It seems like such a...cold term, but I also dont want to sound too porn-ish.


black eyes....

is there some way/trick to give a black eye? (I'm talking about for the theatre, and without using makeup & without punching the person)
like some weird thing like mixing a banana with hair gel and putting it around the eye (& causing it to swell)
[that sounded really weird, but i've heard of other really weird tricks to fake wounds, so yeah)
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(no subject)

Can anyone suggest a good game for PC that requires a game pad? Just got a new one, and want to give it a workout.

Does anyone make a space combat simulation (i.e., dogfights) that *isn't* based on the Star Wars universe?
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French and Italian names

This is kind of a weird request...

But I'm writing some fiction set in late 19th century Paris with French, Italian, and Romany characters. (I haven't written a period piece since I was like, 14 years old so I'm kind of nervous...)

I'm trying to come up with some authentic sounding French and Italian character names...but all I have are names like Tony, Christine and other staged/unimaginitive names...I'm particularly having trouble with last names...::facesmacks::

Can anyone recommend some classic French and Italian first and last names I could use?

Thanks in advance!
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Temp Work at a Radio Station

Okay, I am in my first temp position, third day. Apparently, Ive made a couple mistakes. Nothing serious, just transferring calls to the wrong person and not finding envelopes in a large binder when they are easily found by other people (I have a bit of an eye issue as far as that goes). No money lost, barely any time taken away from people's schedules (nothing that re-transferring a call can't fix).

Now suddenly I feel branded as the ditzy temp chick who doesn't get anything right. The woman in promos said "Why don't you have someone show you how to do your job?" I am pretty sure, after the commotion of some confusing stuff about prizes being picked up and an envelope I yet again didn't see in front of me, that the promos woman was bitching about me to my supervisor on the phone. Perhaps I am paranoid, but I think not.

Is it abnormal for me to make mistakes like this in a new temp position? Am I really an airhead? Do people here have a right to think I am not good at my job? Should I not be making mistakes by now?
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music resume

I'm going to an audition that is asking for my resume. It's a music audition, so I'm trying to compile all my music info. What should be included on it?

I don't have recording experience or awards. Right now I have a list of education and the names of the groups I've performed with. It takes up a lot of room.

Also, should I put "formal education" (classes, lessons) and stuff I get from workshops in different categories? or just lump it all under education?
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Planter Wart

I got a planter wart on the bottom of my foot removed on Thursday. Twice a day I clean it in soapy lukewarm water, put some cream they gave me on it (Amerigel), and put on a clean dressing. Well, this morning when I was giving my foot it's daily cleanse, I noticed that the hole in my foot is darker than usual. At first I thought that maybe it could just be old blood underneath the skin. But it hurts more today than it did the day I got it. What you think it's just sore and old blood? Or could it be something else?
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Engaged and Insecure

Hi...I have a serious problem I'm hoping you can help me out with.

My fiance (who is 27) and I (who is 28) are having some issues. We are living apart right now because I am finishing college. I live in New York, he lives in California (difficult issue in itself). I will be moving to California come July (when I graduate). Our wedding is in September (in NY).

My problem is this - I've grown insecure. Why? I think it stems from comments he makes to women. He also has a livejournal and I have read comments he makes to women on his list. For instance, this one girl posted a picture of her back all sunburn and my fiance commented asking "want me to rub some lotion on you" and another instance is when this girl posted a picture (stomach to the tip of her toes) of a tattoo she got on her pelvis (no nudity) and he commented "lower, lower!". That is just the tip of the iceburg. I get upset when he talks about girls from school. I get upset when he constantly discusses womens looks. For instance, he will say "sooo, this girl jessica in my class - she's pretty cute but messed up - is going to give me some homework" or whatever it maybe be. He always DESCRIBES what the girl looks like.

He says I don't trust him. I do...but I think it's a combination of the distance getting to me, me listening to him talk or comment on other women and just overall disrespect. It's a huge issue and I almost feel like it's going to ruin our relationship - even marriage.

I know I have stuff to work on with myself, but this is triggering a depression in me. I don't think he understands. We got into it last night again - and I told him to just do what he pleases. I do trust him, but when I read all those comments, I think it's out of line for someone about to get married to talk to females in that manners (basically flirting). What do you guys think?

I am pondering getting some counseling but he's not very receptive to it. He thinks we can work through this and be fine.

I have a ton of stress on me right now - working full time, going to school, planning a move 3,000 miles away and a wedding. Helllooo, the last thing I want to worry about it THIS.

Any help/suggestions/advice would be very helpful.

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Graduate School Advice

I'm being pushed to graduate from college this spring, after only two years! I just found out about this order from the one who is paying for my college education (my father), so I didn't have much of a chance to meet most graduate school application deadlines.

Does anyone have advice about applying to graduate school on such short notice?
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(no subject)

have you ever gotten someone else suspended from school?

what was your relationship with that person?

if you don't mind, will you share your story?
(please try not to make it a 'novel')

were you pleased or did you feel at least a lil bit guilty?
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Drink Me

what to do

can't watch tv so don't suggest it
* sleep
* work out
* do pointless hwk
* clean the house
* walk the dogs
* read
* keep trying to log into MSN every 5 minutes
(edit); yay! MSN is back on-line and now i have to leave.

it was a tie between working out and cleaning house. i did a little of each.
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scanner darkly

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Has anyone read George Orwell's Novel Animal Farm?

Thoughts, Views on it?
I just finished reading it. Wow. That book made me frustrated at the main villian, Napolean. How could someone be so mean, and cruel to others, then make up a lie about it?

I'm also reading a "follow up" which explains all of the symbolism, and how this whole book has to deal with Russia, when they changed from Czars. It's quite sad.

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Yay for Networking! Drama Tech Director Needed

Hello there. My university, Lee University in Cleveland, TN (20 min north of Chattanooga), is looking to hire a full-time Technical Theatre person.

The only requirement is that they need to have a masters-level degree and be Christian. The benefits of working at Lee are that they would be in a dedicated Christian environment, the job will be full-time and would probably lead toward tenure, and they would get to be a part of developing an already exploding drama department (we went from about three majors when they started the program A couple of years ago to about 30+ now, not counting minors). Lee has it's own theatre (Dixon Center for Communication and the Arts) and many other great facilities. They would probably be asked to teach classes as well as be responsible for the tech directing of the department (we do one to two productions a semester, not counting student performances and whatnot). Our university's president is ready to hire one for this year's fall semester, so the position would be practically immediate.

So, here's my question for the question club: Is anyone here interested in that position or knows someone that might be? Please drop a comment here with an email address (feel free to spybot edit it as you please) and I'll get you some more information.
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(no subject)

Can anyone tell me a good hair community where I can get ideas about what to do with my hair? Along with my eyebrows(any communities for that). . Having a problem with them and not sure what to do. Thanks.

What do you think about snow? Can you drive in it? How do you drive in it?

What do you do on a snowy day when you can't/don't want to drive anywhere, and you're by yourself??

Has anyone ever played the PS2 game called Dog's Life? What do you think of it?
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Did anyone see Kirstie Alley on Leno last night? Yeah, she's gained a lot of weight since "Cheers" and "Star Trek II".

Am I the only person who thought, even with the extra weight, she's still sexy?
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Can we make this the official "What the heck, I have 50 GMail invites" thread? Just because I can imagine that a few more people will want them.

People who want invites: Just comment on the entry with your email address and how many invites you want.

People with invites: Check the comments now and then - make sure to reply to the comment so no one gets flooded with 100 invites they don't need.

And for anyone who hasn't noticed: Yes, everyone has 50 gmail invites, and they seem to regenerate themselves. There's also the GMail Invite Spooler. Basically you send unwanted invites to their email address, which will automatically send them off to other people who enter their email address requesting an invite. They have a lot of invites available right now (it's funny to check the logs and see the massive spike in available invites).

I'll stick this in the memories so everyone can find it easily again.
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so, I'm watching The Amazing Race. They are making their way through Chicago . . . How come when they got off the plan they had their bags, but when they got off the train, they didn't have their bags.(One team, forgot their names, not freddy and kendra or Adam and Rebecca, the 3rd one). Where did their bags go? Just something stupid, but it bugs me.

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i wan 2 make a poster for meh behbeh. she be singin in the talent show.

wut hawt lines could i put on a postrboard to cheer 4 her? "go nancy" iz kinda dumb. sumthin v. embarasing, plz, an immasure.
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lead me

On rough drafts.

The project: A full-fledged paper discussing Flannery O'Connor, five pages, parentheticals, all that jazz. But for now, just a rough draft of that, no sources needed.

The scene: English 102. Not a particularly bright group. One girl wants to write her paper comparing the characters of the different stories we've read, which is fine and dandy, but I get the feeling that's about as deep as she'll go. During a group discussion last week, my group couldn't seem to figure out that "Everything that Rises Must Converge" was about racism. Not that I'm judging them, but I feel really held back by this class. My professor okayed my thesis and told me to go for it. Now....

I'm still highlighting the stories. I have a rough draft due tomorrow.

In your opinion, just how extensive should this rough draft be? Any particular lengths? And I have to have it ready for a peer review, which I think scares me more than anything.
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Hey, help me out here.

Anyone know the name of an 80's eletronic pop song with the lyrics [duet with boy and girl]:

Dont you want me baby?
Dont you want me Ohhh

And then a female singing something like this:

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
When I met you
But even then I knew I'd get very far
Either with or without you

And then the man sings something about how he made the woman who she is and how dare she refuse to see him. The video went along with the song, it was rainy and...>< god, there was awesome 80's hairdo's.

Extra Bonus:

Early 90s one hit wonder song. Male voice. VERY electronic, violins even? The video was dark as well, red, with some plotline with a pimp and hoes...

Sample lyrics:

I can never be your woman
I~I can never be your woman.
I could never be your woman.

God I how I love both those songs. Don't ask me why I never wrote the names down.

that's it - i've had it

Okay - so! How the hell do you successfully kick out a neighbor? We've lived here for about a year and a half, and I don't want to have to move.. our downstairs neighbor is in clear violation of his lease which states you CANNOT have any audible noise eminating from your apartment between the hours of 10pm and 9am. his television BLASTS from about 10pm until 5am, causing me to develop severe insomnia and extreme stress. to give you an idea of the noise, i can still hear it with a white noise machine, fan, and earplugs. i have written management about it twice, after continually going to his apartment every single night for months asking him to turn it off (he'd barly put it down). i want him gone - i don't want to have to move because he's an asshole! how can i make management give a damn??? and if there is no way, how do i get out of my lease?