February 5th, 2005


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1. If a man rapes a woman and she becomes pregnant, does he or his family have any rights to the child after he/she is born? For example, can the parents of the rapist demand visiting rights?

2. When you're done showering, do you always open the curtiain/doors the same way? I always open mine to my right, I don't know why.

3. When do you get more things done - when you're pressured and under stress, or when you have enough time to leisurely go about your tasks?

New year diets

Anyone start a new year diet/healthy eating programme/exercise regime?

Are you following a specific diet plan? Which?

Still sticking to it?

How much weight have you lost?

What unallowed food are you missing the most?

Any tips or words of encouragement for a struggler?

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american psycho.

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Messy, clumsy people: How do you deal with your partner's/roommate's clean freak-like tendencies? My new roommate/boyfriend is such a little clean freak and I'm so casual about clutter and messes. I just don't freak out over things like he does. How do I deal?

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1. What are your opinions on all of the pro-anorexia/pro-self injury communities on livejournal? I dont just mean the ones about poetry and what not, but full out photographs and what not?

2. What brand of deoderant do you use? Whats your favourite type?

3. Are there any colours you refuse to wear? (Ie. I think I look hideous in pink)

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Does anyone use Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security? If so, would you recommend it? I used Norton for the longest time but uninstalled it yesterday because it was really slowing down my computer, so I'm thinking of switching. I can start with a free trial, of course.. but I still don't want to spend the time downloading anything that's not worth it. I have a feeling I won't have much luck with this question.. but it's worth a try?

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Ok, I know, two questions in one day, sketchy, but I'm curious.

People get really nasty over their icons, and this icon (pong) was emailed to me by a friend. My friend, who doesn't even have livejournal, didn't say anything about whether he made it or not, but now I'm in a community where someone claims to have made it and they want me to stop using it. What do I do? Is it wrong to use it? Or does it not matter?
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PS 2 game

I'm looking for a PS 2 game for my husband. I'm not a videogame person at all so I don't know what's hip and new and cool now. He used to play a lot of those "war" games though I don't know if he will continue doing that. So I guess what I'm looking for is a game that's kind of similar to those war-themed ones but not actually about war (Does that make sense?)

I don't know if that helps but these are the games he owns right now:

SOCOM: US Navy Seals
Ace Combat 04
Reign of Fire
Conflict Desert Storm II
The Great Escape
Medal of Honor Frontline
Ghost Recon
Medal of Honor Rising Sun
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Grand Theft Auto (the newest one, St Antonio? Andreas?)

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For those of you who have worked in retail, sales, etc: What are some of the most annoying questions you've ever had customers ask you?
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simply put, i have a live-in boyfriend who is ten times dirtier in than i am when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the house. has anyone been here before(guy or girl) who can help me help him to see the cleaning is a good thing? it's becoming very frustrating and i'm running out of ideas.
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-Why do most diets that allow fruit not allow fruit juice? Can't you get juice that is unsweetened etc?

-Why are Google bothering with fifty invites for every Gmail account? Why don't they just open it up if they're going to give out that many?

-How am I supposed to rinse with my mouthwash for one minute if it feels like acid dissolving my tongue after twenty seconds?
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OK, I need help identifying an old movie.

This was an animated kids' movie, typical 2D hand-drawn style of animation. It concerned a racoon, a rabbit (I think), and another animal. Somewhere in the beginning of the movie they travel down a staircase in an old chest that leads to another world. At another point in the movie, they pass by a place with tons of painted Easter Eggs.

I must have been around 5 when I first saw this movie, so this is a movie dating to the late 80s or early 90s. Recently I saw a CG Christmas special with similar characters, and I'm thinking "AH! It's them!" (the story concerned Santa Claus and a wolf) but I wasn't sure.

Does anyone know which movie I was talking about? I was really enthralled by it.



I've used Windows forever, and am now getting a new computer with Linux.

Can anyone tell me what are the most important differences and what programs I will no longer be able to use?

Oh, can I play sims with Linux?

3 questions.

1.What's stronger and more long lasting:

Eau de parfum
Eau de cologne?

I thought it was parfum. However the rude salesperson at Ulta seems to think its cologne.

2. Heres another one. Can anyone remember a kid's show from the early 80's. I think it might have been on nickelodeon but I'm not sure. It was about these mannequins who came alive after the store had closed. The opening credits had them playing around on the escalators. There was only two real actors. The rest were puppets. This has been driving me crazy trying to remember the name of the show.

3. When purchasing items in foreign countries, would they accept a Visa/Debit bank card from another country? And if so, what kind of currency changeover fees would be charged? I'm thinking about Germany in particular. I know there a quite a few places over there that don't accept credit.

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To go along with a previously asked question, can anyone remember the following game:

Somewhere around 1993
Macintosh system
Black and white
The entire game is set inside this one town. It's laid out like a tall rectangle with a colliseum at the top and a few other places on the left and right sides of the rectangle (very simplistic looking game).
You click on the colliseum to fight a battle, there are shops in the town, and I think some way to level up with experience earned. It's definitely a five minute game.

Any thoughts?

napolean dynamite

for those of you who have seen the movie..

does napoleans dance make anyone else want to jump his bones?


where the hell can i get a tape to teach me to do that dance?

i must master the art of sexy nerd dancing.
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my father and i rent our house, and the landlady lives in the basement underneath us. we've lived here for 2 years and several months. recently the landlady has started playing her music incredibly loud, often until past 12am. the room where she keeps her stereo is right under my room, so in addition to having to endure her shitty taste in music unwillingly, i often can't sleep because the bass makes everything vibrate. i've been sick for the past week, and today i was trying to nap. i was unable to do so because of how goddamn loud she had her music playing. granted, it's only 9:30pm, but if there are people upstairs you'd think she could invest in headphones or perhaps move the stereo as she knows the layout of the house up here. i don't know how to confront her. my father isn't home at the moment, and i've been passive aggressively banging on the floor as much as possible. not that i think that'll help, i'm just in the grouchiest mood ever. if i go and knock on her door, i dont know if i'll be able to keep myself from causing her bodily harm. i've told my dad about this, but he's kind of spineless when it comes to things like this and therefore has done nothing. how do i approach this? i wrote her a note, but as i'm not civil right now i dont think it would go over too well:

dear cunt,
ive lived here for two years and several months. youve only recently decided to be a fucking annoying ass wench by blasting your terrible music at deafening decibels. continue to do so, and i swear one of us will no longer be breathing for very much longer.
your loving housemate.

pleasant. so, any ideas for me? i'll wait until this grouchy mood passes to do anything, dont worry =0)


How often do you shave, wax or otherwise remove hair from your legs and underarms?

Do you go long periods of time without removing your body hair provided your legs/underarms are not on show – if so do you let your family or partners see you with body hair?

If you are a serial body hair remover how would you feel about letting others see - how would you feel personally if you didn't remove your body hair?

If you do not remove your body hair do you go around with underarms or legs uncovered – if so how do people react?

Do you shave, wax or otherwise remove hair from parts of your body other than your arms and underarms - if so why is this important to you?

Bonus question: How do you feel about social attitudes towards shaving, for both men and women?

Please when answering tell me if your male or female!
Interested to see how this goes after thinking about my body hair removal.