February 3rd, 2005


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Any freckly people out there?

Whenever I get a burn I freckle like mad and they don't go away. As a result I'm COVERED in freckles everywhere but my stomach. Anyways, I noticed a couple of years ago that there's this freckle on my shoulder and it's SO BLACK, it looks like a tiny ink spot. It's so hard to believe it's a freckle, it's all jagged. I've had it checked and there's nothing wrong with it and it's not raised. Lindsey Lohan has a black dot on her lip, too. I was watching Mean Girls and thought that we were black dot freckle soul mates!

Does anyone else have the tiny black dots?? I would take a picture but I have no camera. It looks like somebody stabbed me with a pen.
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In manga (and anime, I assume, though I've not watched enough to be sure), people get nosebleeds if they see something that turns them on but have no way of getting release at the moment. Always amuses me and leads to my question:

Would that ever happen in real life?

(I'm assuming it wouldn't, but it never hurts to ask, right? (:)
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Plan B OTC and UTA grading

1. Do you think Plan B (emergency contraception) should be available over the counter to everyone? Why/why not?

2. Do you think it's okay for undergraduate TAs to grade papers? I am a UTA, and I grade papers... but it's been brought to my attention that some people find this unethical, because I am assigning grades to fellow undergrads. My supervising professor has given me specific grading guidelines and these are fairly short summary/opinion papers. What do you think?
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Ok. I am 27, and lately I have been experiencing adult acne. I have combination, extremely sensitive, leaning towards dry skin. I have tried ProActiv and all those things. What do you guys recommend in terms of face wash and skin care products.

Thanks in advance.

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Okay, lets say I need to do something and not have my IP address logged (no, nothing illegal), when I know it's set to log it.
I know there are thingies you can do or websites you can go through to have it changed or whatever, but where? and are there free ones?
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Lets say that someone is looking to move from the West Coast to the East Coast. She wouldn't be taking her car (it's a piece o' junk and she'd be living in a big city where cars aren't really logical - it would be sold before she left the West Coast), but she needs to get her stuff from point A to point B.

A general idea of what would be going over: DVDs, books, a computer, clothes, linens, Christmas decorations, a "hope chest", shoes, games, and some misc items (software, candles, etc). She's thinking about putting a large part of it in storage until she can make arrangements to bring it over (or leave it there in case the East Coast doesn't work out.)

What would you suggest as far as transporting stuff over?
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Are there any synaesthetes here?

When I see a lot of moving, soundless animations (for instance, LJ icons) I can hear a noise in my head that corresponds with the motion when I'm watching it. Is this a sign of synesthesia?
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Does anyone know what happens if someone gets pulled over and only has a permit and they do not have a licensed(sp?) driver with them(i.e. they are alone)? OR do you know where I can find out that info? I live in Kansas. So if that will help any. I've tried to look but didn't find anything.
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Hey. I've got plenty of questions. Some sexual, some drug, ect.

1. Can you smoke pot if you're on Zoloft? I know you can't drink alcohol, but it doesn't say anything about pot.

2. (girls only) Is it normal, that after you have sex, after you orgasm, that you are completely turned off? I know some girls can go on, and have like, three or four orgasms, but after I have mine, I get really out of the mood, and it starts to hurt, if we're still going at it.

3. Can you tell if you're going to overdose? Like, are you awake for a while, then it hits you, or what? (just interested)

4. My best friend needed Plan B (the morning after pill) So I called my Dr. and asked for a prescription, and I'm on the patch, and the lady asked me "If you're on the patch why do you need plan B?" and I said that I just wanted to be safe becuase the condom broke, (blah blah blah) So when we picked it up from the local Walgreens, my friend (that it was for) called in and asked "Can you use plan B with Zoloft?" and they specifically asked me if I was on any medication before hand and I said no.
Do you think they'll tell my Dr. that I'm on Zoloft (even though I'm not.) Because my friend called in?

Thanks so much!
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What is your favorite online shop?

Mine used to be amazon but they have gotten really shit, and PLAY don't take my card which is a shame. I guess I will have to just march up to the bookshop instead.

Pets in wills

Have there been any cases where someone's pet has been named a benefactor in a will? I know that people can create trusts with money that can only be spent on the pet, but I'm trying to find out if it is even legal to name a pet as a benefactor in a will. (I'm not thinking about doing it or anything)
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Is it bad to have Starbucks when your pregnant? I <3333333 Starbucks Javachip frappicino(sp?) and I haven't had one since I got pregnant because of the caffeine and sugar in it. Would it hurt if I had the smallest one? I am usually very good about the foods I eat and the drinks I consume.

What is something that you just cannot get enough of? Food and/or otherwise. . .

How do you feel today?
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What is something completely insignificant that annoys you inordinately?

For me, I think I'll have to say it really irritates me that people think the phrase "Something wicked this way comes" is from Harry Potter (it's from the Scottish play)!

Also, I have to do a behavior change contract for health. I plan to change my procrastination, and it's divided into three mini-goals. I have to include a reward for achieve each of the three mini-goals as well as one for achieving the entire plan. The problem is, I don't like thinking about things I want, and I'd be perfectly happy if the rewards were that I stop missing class and I actually get my work done on time and maybe even do well on it. But my prof. requires that I list "real" rewards. The only one I have so far is because I really haven't been playing my viola lately, so if I achieve my mini-goal of "Not needing to stay up late to finish work (which leads to missing classes)" by Feb. 18, I will spend a few hours alone with my viola and just play to my little heart's desire.

My mother said she is not above bribery and she's willing to pay for a reward for me... but I feel like these rewards are supposed to be from *me* and I have no money.

My other goals are "Starting things the day they are assigned" - by Feb. 28, and "Finishing work before it is due" by March 4. Any ideas for a reward for these things, or for an overall achievement award?
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1. I, for the life of me, cannot find a Zap Book ANYWHERE online to buy, except for places that are in French or Hebrew.


I believe it's a sketch book. Help?

2. What book are you reading at the moment? Is it good?

3. Are you allergic to any foods? Which?


What is something you've always wanted to do in life that's crazy or ambitious and will probably never get accomplished?

Personally, I want to learn how to play every instrument invented. Or at least one instrument from each of the orchestral familes.
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(For background, I've graduated high school, but the past year has been an interim year to take a break from school.)

I'm filling out the college applications, and my FAFSA form, but what should I put for home address? I'm currently looking to move by April, so my address will change. Should I fill in my home address? (currently still living with parents) Is it possible tochange things over for Financial Aid once I move and am settled?
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disputing something on your credit report

Have any of you ever had to dispute something on your credit report (I'm especially interested if it was through Equifax, though I want to hear about it either way)? If so, were you successful in getting the matter resolved? Was it pretty quick?

I have lame credit but never bothered to get myself a copy of my credit report till a few weeks ago, because I'm going apartment-hunting very soon and wanted to be sure that my credit report has as few black marks as possible -- meaning only stuff that's legitimate, which most of it is. But I did find that an account I had with MBNA America is listed as having been charged off in May of 2003, meaning it was written off as a bad debt. I was scratching my head over this since I was certain I'd paid that account off completely ages ago.

I double-checked my old checkbook registers and saw that I did in fact note my final payment to them being made at the end of April 2003. Also I've fortunately made it a habit of any time I close a credit account of making them send me a letter of zero balance -- and damn good thing I do, too. I went into my financial records and dug out the letter from them dated July 22, 2003 that says my final payment "posted to your account on April 29, 2003. Your account is now paid in full." I've now filed an online dispute, but I'm not sure it went through so I'm going to call them tomorrow to verify that they received it.

If I get a copy of this letter to Equifax, will that be enough to have that account listing changed from Charged-Off to Paid in Full? Will that up my credit score at all? How long will it take? MBNA can't fight it since I have that letter, can they?

If any of you have any experience with credit disputes, please tell me how it went for you!

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has anyone else seen (or the commercials for) "Gotta Kick It Up" on Disney? well, they repeat "Si, se puede means 'yes i can'" about a million times. does that annoy anyone else? i keep saying "no, no it doesn't!"


I know this is kind of a halfwitted question, but I'm only moderately computer-literate and I need some help here.

I need to forward mail from my Hotmail account to another, and this is what the "help" link says to do: "Click Options, then click Mail, then click Mail Forwarding." I got to Options, I clicked Mail...and there IS no link called Mail Forwarding. The links that are there are these ones: Junk E-Mail Protection, Mail Display Settings, Message Replies, Custom Filters, Hotmail Navigation, Personal Signature, and Mobile Alerts. I've clicked around all of them and I can't find anything at all about mail forwarding. Is it possible that you have to have a paid Hotmail account to forward your mail? What the heck am I not doing? If any Hotmail users would be willing to poke around and look, I would be most grateful. Thank you!
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What is your job?
Do you like your current job?
What is your dream job?
Would you like to make a lot of money or have your dream job?
How did you get your current job?
How long have you worked there?
Any other previous jobs? If so how long have you worked there and how do they compare?

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if someone was allergic to a certain food coloring, how would they react to that same color ink, say for a tattoo? im sure its not the same "coloring" but should they be careful either way or not worry about it?