February 2nd, 2005

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I have very deep-set eyes..I think that's what they're called. They like borrow into my head. If I wear any makeup they look even deeper and grumpy, so I look like poop.
The only thing I can do is mascara, which looks nice and okay..but meh.
Any suggestions ?


Here's my dilemma:

My friend is just starting to show his art in public places and his stuff will be displayed at an event on Friday night (his 2nd one -- I missed the first). I was planning to support him. I found out the entrance was $25 (yikes!). I recently found out about a dress code. It's suppose to be MTV generation savvy party-goers with a smart and sexy sense of style, which is not me. I'm NOT fashionable in any way. Fortunately, I have a friend who'd shop with me to get an outfit. But here's my problem -- I'm broke. I'm only working part-time right now and I've been trying to cut down my expenses all around by eliminating some fun stuff. A $25 entrance plus new outfit, even an inexpensive one, just seems... extraneous. Technically, I would categorize this as "supporting a friend" and not "frivolous fun" but still... I'm torn. What would you do in this situation?
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I am trying to decide on a good Elliptical - and I am wondering if any of you have any suggestions. I am going in on it with someone else and we are looking at spending no more than $500. Sears has a Nordic Track on sale right now that is great - but it is 200 lbs! I would like something a little smaller/lighter maybe. However, the main concern is that is good, has magnetic resistance, and doesn't cost a fortune. Do some of you own one that you absolutely love?

Thanks in advance!!
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For all of my friends who are going to study abroad I make scavenger hunts. I give them a disposable camera and a list of things to take pictures of. Usually I have an idea of what places they'll be going to or common things they could expect to see, (like my friend who was going london had to take pictures of a british phone booth, the london underground, etc.)

Now one of my friends is going to New Zealand (I'm so jealous), she'll be staying in Wellington, but I don't really know what areas she'll be visiting, or what sort of sites specific to new zealand that she can expect to see while she's there.

The camera will have 27 exposures, so can anyone suggest any fairly common New Zealand/Wellington unique things?

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Any more suggestions?

Also are Hakas common enough that she would have a chance to see one?
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groundhog day

so, it's groundhog day, (see my icon). what are you going to do to celebrate 6 more weeks of winter? does anybody know where the tradition of punksatony phil came from? (my google is acting up ><)
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I've searched the lyrics on U2.com and "Fast Cars" isn't on there. Does anyone have the lyrics for that song? (It's the bonus track on "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" and it's my favorite song on there. Naturally.)
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IM Trubbel.

Eh. Okay. MSN, AIM and ICQ all refuse to connect, whereas Yahoo does so fine. Tried GAIM and there it won't even let Yahoo through. IRC doesn't work either, nor do any P2P apps (actually - Kazaa Lite just connected, Soulseek does not). Last night everything was working perrrfectly. As far as I know, I only turned the damn thing off and went to bed. As you can see, I can browse around fine, reach my mail servers, and everything.

Anyone have any clue what might be up? I was thinking it might be a port problem, but I'm not sure how to go about fixing that. We're on a router plus hub to support six connections in the house. I turned my firewall off, but nada. We've had connection troubles before - not quite like this, though, usually everything just goes down - and it might just clear up, but I'd like to know what might be causing this...

edit: Uninstalled my old obsolete outdated Norton Internet Security, and now MSN works again. Still no luck on others though...

edit #2: Heh. As predicted, it just cleared up, can somehow connect to everything again. Still not sure what caused it, but thanks, anyway.

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Daddy Long Legs

So I've heard a few things about daddy long legs spiders (are they called that everywhere, or is that just an Australian thing? And no, that's not my question), and was wondering whether it was all true.

1. They're highly poisonous, enough to cause serious injury to humans

2. Their fangs are too short to actually penetrate human skin, so we're safe.

Are these facts both true? And if so, what happens if a human swallows a daddy long legs, if their so poisonous? Or does the poison need to go directly to the bloodstream to be effective?

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For all the people who've read the Hitchhikers Guide trilogy, I have a question. I nearing the end of the second book and this one detail has bugged me since I first understood they could time travel. If they can time travel, why don't they find a way to fo back in time and at least post pone the destruction of the Earth for at least another five minutes rather than go through all this trouble of disecting Aurther to find the question? So far, Marvin hasn't been any help telling them the question and from what it sounds like, they left him behind to collide with the sun. All in all though, before they didn't even know Marvin could read Auther's brain waves, so, why were they so eager to off him, when it seems easy enough to travel back in time?
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my room mate and i were inquiring -
how is medicine (in the form of a pill) made? does a scientist just put some chemicals together under his microscope and .. voila! i tried googling this, but nothing!
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A friend is holding a 1920s flapper party. any ideas what i can do with my hair? have long, thick hair, and am not willing to cut it into a bob. any suggestions would make me very happy.
Halloween 2008

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My brother's turning 14 this week, and invited a group of 9-10 kids his age, 4 of them girls.

He wants something for them to do, so any suggestions for games he and the rest would like? How about movies (they watched Mars Attacks! and Ringu last year if that's any help) he's into horror and comedy, bu the parentals have said no slasher or R-rated movies.
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1. Has anyone here used Crest White Strips? Do they actually work?

2. I love taking naps in the afternoon, but then when I when I wake up, I feel sleepy and yucky and if I need to go out, I find it hard to wake myself up. Aside from showering, anyone have pick me up tips?

3. What' your favourite body part? Why?
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1. Have you ever taken a shower and then right in the middle of washing your hair or something you start craving ice water?

2. Is working out for half an hour, three times a week a good plan?

3. I've got two piano recitals to go to tomorrow, one at 4:30 and one at 7:30. I'm probably going to stick around between both of them (they're on campus, I commute). I have a black a-line skirt that I'd like to wear. The 4:30 is less formal and the 7:30 is more formal... are there any color/style combinations I could put into play that would be appropriate for both? I have a pair of *gulp* white shoes that I'd like to wear if that's possible...

Digital camera memory stick?

If I want to take the memory stick out of my digital camera and go have a CD of the photos on it made, where would I go? I know it can be done, but I have no idea what stores have somewhere I can do this. (My computer w/all the digital camera software is in Indiana with my husband and I really want my pictures. :D )
Halloween 2008

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A few days back, a friend mentioned to me a website where he received a "title" and a person could grant themselves a title like Emporer of the Anarchy, or High Priestess of the New Church of the Galaxy, or that sort of thing.

Does anyone know the link?

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1. Does anyone know of any Spanish (if not Spanish, any other language besides English) singers that sound like Elliott Smith or Iron and Wine (mellow singers with acoustic guitars and the like)?

2. How many languages do you speak? Which languages?

3. What is your favourite movie? Why?

4. What is your favourite candy?

Vegetarians vs. Vegans

This has probably been asked at some point in time, but.. If someone is a vegetarian for moral reasons, instead of a vegan.. do you think it's really true to their beliefs? I say this because they are obviously still consuming and/or using animal products, such as dairy and things of that sort.. which still involves the use of animals as "supply" for humans. I just don't know what to think. Opinions?

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So Homer was just wittling down a D battery so it'd fit in a AAA slot in the remote control. When Marge turned off the light, the sparks from the battery lit up the whole room blue. Would that really happen? Would I die if I attempted to wittle a battery in a similar fashion?
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i've had these massive tan lines since last june. if i go tanning, will it even out the untanned areas or will it make it look a lot worse? i really don't know what to do.

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I need to transfer money into an account for a friend of mine. He has Bank of America, and I don't. I plan on taking out the appropriate amount of cash, and walk into that bank to deposit it. Now here's where I'm kinda concerned. He lives in a different state, so when I hand them the deposit slip with all his information, will they give me a hard time, because my name is not on the account, or can anyone deposit money into anyone else's account?

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When talking about hypoglycaemia how do you use fast and slow carbs to regulate blood sugar?

For example:

If I have accidentally had too much sugar, such as when I get given regular instead of diet coke in a bar or restaurant, and I get ill what foods do I eat to try to regulate it?

If I haven’t had enough food and get really down what is the quickest way to get sugar into my system without having my blood sugar shoot up too high too fast and causing a headache?
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inspired by the Equal question...

Does Splenda make anyone else here really sick?

My mom used to use it in tea and then I realized I was having really bad stomach cramps and getting dehydrated whenever I drank it. And it's used in so much other stuff now (yogurt, diet soft drinks, candy) that I have to watch out for it like a food allergy.
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My sister-in-law told me once that consuming Equal sweetener contributes to memory loss. Is this true? I certainly hope not; I use it in my tea all the time.
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