February 1st, 2005



I need good exercises for my ass, thighs and arms.
I haven't exercised for years so it needs to be something not too strenuous that can be worked up.
I have tried girly press-ups but can only reach 5 at a push, I should be paitent but I seem to be getting no where with push-ups.
I have no idea what I could do for my ass and thighs.
I can't afford any sort of equipment, and it needs to be able to be done in the house.
Any ideas, what would be best?

Also, I remember seeing on daytime TV facial exercises, the women looked half their age, even thought they had obviously been doing them too much, does anyone know anyhting about this, how to do them or websites?
Dave Gahan sweat

Crest White Strips?

I have been using Crest White Strips Premium for 2 days now, and I have experienced extreme teeth sensitivity well after i have taken off the strips. I am suppossed to do the strips 2 times a day for 7 days. How look will this pain last? Should i only do it 1 time a day? Thanks!
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I'm sure the relationship questions get old after a while, but... I'll try and be different, I guess. :)

So I finally got up the nerve to ask this girl to join a group activity (bunch of people that meet at The Coffee House every Friday.) The difficult part about it was that she wasn't around and I hardly run into her, so I had to leave it as a note on her door almost a week ahead of time. On top of that, I said she could meet us there or find me at my room a bit before I left and I could walk there with her. I wasn't even ready yet (although almost about to get ready and leave) when she showed up, and I was amazed that the note even worked. (And she said she even had a good time while we were there.)

Okay, given that I have at least a small chance of getting her to do stuff with me if I invite her, where would be a good place to invite her that would be just the two of us instead? Even though it would probably work out, I don't want to overuse coffee shops. I don't want it to seem to overly date-ish (if that makes sense, and also if that's even a bad thing), so I'm thinking not the ice cream places around here. (Although I go to those with my English conversation partners all the time and they all have boyfriends or are married. :) ) I met her through a mutual friend, and this friend says she often goes to movies with friends because that's what they like to do, but she doesn't really like going that much, so I'm ruling out that. What other kinds of places are good?

If I randomly decide to read a bunch of author's books... William Gibson, C.S. Lewis, Isaac Asimov, Lewis Carroll, or H.P. Lovecraft? :) (I have a ton of books by these authors and have only read one or two by each.)

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1. Longest you've stayed up involuntarily? Voluntarily?

2. Is it normal to practice talks with people you hope to meet one day? (me to mirror: Hi Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, how've you been?)

3. Oddest place that has itched recently?

4. True or false: Putting black sharpie on a wart will clear it up.

5. True or false: The Necronomicon is a book.

6. Have you seen a movie called Gyspy 83? What did you think of it?

and finally:

What book should I read next? Just to help along with it, the last few books I've read and liked were: Invinsible Monster by Chuck Palahnuik, Little Sister, by Kara Dalkey, Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman, and Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa.

: D
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Do you work night shift? I heard that working night shift can take years off your life. Does anyone know if thats true? I work nights and I absolutely hate it.
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Blue Eyes


So with Valentine's Day just around the corner has anyone got any nice or even funny poems to put inside a card that is being sent from Britain to America?

The countries don't have to be in the poem but if they were that would be exta cool.

But I'm really just looking for nice poems to send to my girl over there or even a few little funny poems wouud be great inside it too.

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Goddamn. I swear I had two questions and now I forgot one.
A mummy, a werewolf, and an IRS agent walk into a bar. The bartender says "Hey! we don't serve your kind here!This is a classy joint!" and the mummy says "that's okay, you see-"....

What's the rest of the joke?

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Question for those of you married or getting married

Ladies, are you changing your last name? Hyphenating? Keeping your maiden name? Just curious as to how you made your decision

Gents-How do you feel about your wife or soon to be wifes choice? what is your imput on the topic?

Im not looking for a debate i'm just curious, I am getting married in June and having some conflict (internally) regarding the name change idea

thanks everyone:)
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so i'm writing this paper on society and sports..

other than for fun.. why else do people enjoy sports? (i'm looking for a wide range of answers anywhere from 'gambling purposes' to whatever else)


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What makes you paranoid?

For example, I'm paranoid of spoiled milk, so I sniff the bottle/carton/jug every time I open it before I pour myself a glass. It looks weird to other people I guess, but it makes me feel a little better.

I'm also paranoid of sharp objects pointing toward me, to the point where I developed a bit of OCD and need to turn the knife/fork/pen away from me. I can deal if to move it would be rude, but I can tell if one is pointing at me even if I don't know the table setup. My brother likes to bug me by intentionally pointing his silverware at me when we sit down to dinner. =P

How about you?
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If you found out that in the toilets at your work (or any public toilets) had cameras filming you while you were on the toilet or just doing whatever it is that you do in there, able to get close ups on places covered, how would you feel?

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So, I remembered the other question. Girls write into teen magazines or whatever saying that having sex with their boyfriend hurts, or wondering if it'll hurt, or whatever. Aaaaand the columnists always say that it'll hurt a little bit the first time, but after that no biggie.
This was being discussed over lunch by me and some friends. A friend pointed out that her first time hurt so bad she made him stop because she was about to cry. I relayed the stories that one of my friends felt the same way every single time she had sex (didn't do it that often) and that another friend had said nothing about feeling anything.

So, ladies with intimate encounters in their history: on a scale of 1 to 10... 1 being "What? pain?" and 10 being the having-to-stop scenario, did it hurt?

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I occasionally have these dreams where I totally kick someone's ass.
Usually another girl.
I usually am having issues with the person in the dream.
The pure anger and violence in the dreams is rather unlike me though.

Are these dreams really about the issue I'm having with said person or is it possible there is some other meaning to the dreams?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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hey all you malicious bastards.
what's the best *legal* way to really fuck up someone's computer without them being able to trace it back to you?

i'm quitting my job and let's just say i want to leave a good-bye gift..


also, come tax time, what do you do if you never get a w2 from an employer?
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So, I'm an RA here at the University of Hawaii..

I'm putting together a program for my floors, a scavenger hunt(original, eh?)
I am trying to put together a list of 88 objects to get from our floors alone(to build resident interaction) So what I need from you guys are suggestions of things to hunt for.

Has anyone in your dorm(if you're in a dorm environment) done something similar? Any suggestions?

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This is a very serious question!

When was the last time you sat down and had a really good poo?

I never take the time anymore, it's a sad thing indeed. I consider a good poo just sitting down with something to read and just... yeah! Do you guys read on the toilet? I always wait to use the bathroom until absolutely necessary.

Do any of you know what I mean? Of course I poo but it's always rushed. Now I feel TOTALLY silly but it's true!


Are you excited for the Jeopardy tournament of champions? I can't wait to see Eddie again! He's totally going to kick Ken's smelly know-all butt.
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1. I use Internet Explorer (bleh) and when I use to save my favourites they didn't save them alphabetically. Now they do. I don't like it. How do I change it back?

2. Does anyone think they might know what my dream means? My friend asked.

Collapse )

3. How often do you change screen names?

For those eBayers...

1.) What was the last thing you bought on eBay?

2.) What item did you last have a bidding war for?

3.) Do you usually bid on/buy the things on your watch list?

4.) What's your feedback?
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THe text on my journal and other pages are really large, i didnt put it that way. This has happened once before and someone suggested me to click something and scroll. I did that and it worked but idont remember how. So if anyone could help i would appresiate it so much. Thank you. = ]

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When a show gets popular which is worse - clip shows, or when they go totally up their asses coupled with a big budget and do something totally stupid?
Prime examples: Third rock from the sun, and the Buffy musical.
urban canyon

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I know we have some UK people on here, so here's a UK question:

In London ads for apartment rentals, some of the prices are followed by "pcm" - I've assumed that means it's monthly, but what's the whole meaning? Others have "p.w." - is that "per week," or does it have some other meaning?

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Has anyone ever been in a situation where you've gotten used to sleeping in the same bed with your significant other, and then certain circumstances change and it isn't possible anymore? Example, I've spent the last month with my boyfriend coming over to my house at night because his boss was able to pick him up for work in the morning and it was more convenient. Well now they are working in a different place and it isn't convenient, so he's been having to sleep at his house.

I'm finding it very difficult to get used to sleeping alone again. Any ideas on how to make things easier?