January 31st, 2005


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Why is it that on my friends page maybe one of every 20 or so entries shows up

as if it
were some
sort of poem
line breaks in
odd places?

Does this happen to anyone else? how do I stop it?

power violence

power violence
there's a genre of punk/hardcore music called power violence. why is it called power violence? what's the history of the name?

and what's up with casandra's band in Wayne's World?
Give Peace A Chance


I'm going for hypnosis tomorrow to stop smoking. Has anyone ever done this? What was it like, especially the day after? Has anyone stopped smoking a different way and been successful?

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The first question of my journal. Answer there too, if you'd like.

"Who are you and why are you here?"

Completely subjective. Use your interpretive and creative skills to come up with a good answer!
tank girl

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I'd like to put some blonde streaks or chunks or whatever in my hair. The man hates blonde. Really, really hates it.
Should I simply be good and compromise and go for something else, or should I continue nagging?

Anyone remember Duckman?

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In movies and stuff, after people sleep together and then wake up, they always fool around or kiss or whateer. Now... am I the only one who is absolutly gross in the mornings? Bad breath, cranky, etc? Please, let me know if I'm alone, and if I am, whats wrong with me?

Secondly, if you were given the chance to see how and when you were going to die, would you do it?
Die kitty

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Something weird is happening to me... well not happening but coming back again.

As of late when I have been walking down the street or something I am surrounded by mist or something like that and then it just dissapeares. Sometimes it is above me sometimes below. This morning I saw gloden string flowing .... yes I do know how weird this sounds, but these things have kinda always been happening but they are getting stronger again.

Last night I kinda freaked out because I felt like I had something on my back. Now I had not felt like that in a long time. It's almost as if something on my back is making me levitate. I just feel light... and there is defenetly something there.

I was wondering.... if maybe anyone knew what this was, if they have had similar things.... or what? Yes I do realize that it could just be stupid hallucinations but these are not my normal ones - which I also have not had in a long time. Can anyone suggest anything?
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Okay, I have a pet snail, maybe an inch across or so. I cleaned the tank about a week ago- tank is about a gallon and a half, I'd guess- it's one of the tanks from when some stupid people said "hey! let's sell bettas in larger tanks, but seal off the opening with a plant, and tell them that the betta will take care of itself!"... you know, the vase looking ones. Has rocks and a plastic plant and all that.

The water in the the tank is up to the neck of the vase. At the top is this slimy shit- you can't see it looking down into the tank, but if you look at it from the side, you can see a 2-3 millimeter layer of clear/whitish scum. Kinda like snot, I guess. I skimmed some of it out with a bit of cardboard, but it's mostly still there...

WTF is that, anyway? and I'm fairly sure using cardboard and such can't be safe for water quality, so what can I use to scrape it out?
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if someone is really sick and can't keep any fluids in their body, how long will they be okay before they need to go to the hospital and get an IV or something?

my boy is so sick and i feel so bad for him but i'm also very very queasy and grossed out and i feel so guilty because of that. :\
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Second Question

What do your parents say that you find annoying?
If you have kids of your own, what sayings do you use that you've inherited from your parents?

Questions similar to this and the last one, "Who are you and why are you here?" will be posted once per day on the _friendship journal. Participate if you're interested. Suggestions are welcome.

(This is the last xpost, sorry to the mods for any inconvenience.)
Stare into the very eyes of evil.

reminds me terribly of Newspeak.

1) Do you find it irritating when you're told a word is "too strong" to use in a particular situation?

Disgust, hate, never, and repugnant are all words that come to mind. I'm sure there are more.

I'm quite aware of the depth or strength of the words I'm using, I don't need the word-police to come along and inform me that I don't really mean hate, or disgust... Really.

2) On a less peevish note, what should I name my Snail?
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i'm doing a paper on sports and society for my sociology class..

does anyone have any speicfic games (world known, nationally known, etc) where riots have broken out (to narrow down my search)...
The Receptionist Classic

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Don't get me wrong, I like Starbucks (they have my favorite luxury drink, Passionfruit Tea Lemonade... yummm). But is it just me or is their coffee weak? I just don't get the buzz from Starbucks that I get from the cafe here by work.

Second question:
What 6 albums from your collection would give the best example of your musical tastes? Are these the same 6 that you would take with you to that hypothetical deserted island everyone talks about?
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Does anyone know a good way to take care of split ends? I've got them really bad, and I'd like to get rid of them, but nothing I do seems to work.
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If you were to prepare a talk about Life After School for a bunch of highschoolers, and you wanted to focus on more alternative options (because the GO-TO-COLLEGE-STRAIGHT-AFTER-HIGH-SCHOOL-EXAMS route has been done to death), as well as life in general, what would you talk about?

edit for further clarification: since I'm getting misunderstood.

I'm in Malaysia. (Though I appreciate ideas from all over) We don't exactly have a graduation system. You take the final exams, wait a few months, then pick up your results. Many students tend to go to college the earliest time possible (even before they get their results; they're on conditional entry), hence the "straight after high school exams". What I want to talk about is life and option right after finishing those exams - be it taking time off, studying abroad, volunteering, going to college non-stop, etc - as well as stuff like how to deal with people, how to cope with stress, etc. It's sad but they never really emphasize this in schools around Malaysia and you tend to end up with a bunch of clueless kids who have no idea how to manage themselves after leaving school.

vehicle registration...

i have a power of attorney for my fiance while he is overseas. i am curious as to whether or not i am to sign his name to forms, or sign my name and attach a copy of the POA paperwork. i haven't had to deal with any of this stuff yet, as our bills and things are all in my name. however, i just got a renewal thing for our vehicle registration, which is in his name. i'm reluctant to fill it out, because i'm not sure how any of this works.

also, i got a form from the IRS about his taxes from last year, saying that he did not submit whatever it is last year, and they can't give him his refund until he sends this form in. how is that, if his refund was deposited into our account ages ago? should i bother filling it out? i got a form offline for the power of attorney thing with that, but is it necessary? can i just sign his name and get it over with?

i am crossing my fingers that someone in this community has been in this situation, or is a lawyer or tax preparer, because i am too broke to pay for these services. =(

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Anyone ever been to The Shakespeare & Co Bookshop in Paris?

If so, what did you by?

As for me, yes, and I bought the a book on Impressionism, The Fairie Queene, and some Checkov.

(cross-posted some)
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Does it bug anybody else when a journal's navigation isn't clear? Either the main links (info, archive, etc) are difficult to find on the page, or they are labeled something that doesn't tell you what it is?
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random//my dumb face

Fitness and stuff.

Is anyone part of a really great excercise/weight loss/fitness etc. community? I'm on a couple on my "workout journal" but they're only so active and I'd really like to find some more really good ones.
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DVD to sound file?

My favorite version of U2's "Bad" is on their "Rattle and Hum" DVD. I have looked on the internet to find a sound file of this song but I have had no luck. (I do not want to acquire it illegally.) Is there any way I can take my "Rattle and Hum" DVD and somehow convert that one section of the DVD to a digital sound file that I can then burn onto a CD?
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Do you believe the expiration dates on things? Or if it still looks/taste fine you keep it until it turns even if the date is overdue?

How often do you do dishes? When do you get a new sponge? Do you always use the dish washer(if you have one), or do you prefer to do them by hand?

Do you have a nickname? If yes, how'd you get it?

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Does anyone here know how the spell the name of that one cabaret girl, from the movie Cabaret, dressed like a sailor? My attempt was a pathetic one spelling it as 'Mousie'. I don't think that's correct at all......
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Kitty Lick
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What's a healthy drink I can get when I'm on the go? (Excluding water.) I really want to stop drinking sodas and other caffiene drinks, but it seems like that's the only thing available when I'm thirsty.

I've never cared for the taste of water, though I know it's probably the healthiest. I've heard of something called Fruit ^2 0 (flavored water), but I haven't been able to find it at any convience store or grocery store. Do they still sell it? Where could I find it? Is it any good?

How healthy or unhealthy is Gatorade?