January 29th, 2005


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Does anyone know what absent acoustic reflexes in a hearing test means? I went for a basic hearing test the other week and got the results in the mail the other day that suggested I see the doctor for absent acoustic reflexes. I can't find much besides scary things like brainstem lesions or tumors. Considering I can actually still hear things I don't think it could be anything like that. Are there any other causes? My appointment with an actual doctor isn't for another month so I'm trying to look up info and write a list of questions I want to ask, but can't really find anything :\

Any help is appreciated :)
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Hard contacts are a PITA!

I've started trying to wear my contacts again, and every time I try to wear them they just make TOO MUCH TROUBLE.

I have hard (gas-permiable sp?) contacts, I can't get soft ones that I know of.

Anyhow, what happens is I wear them for a while and I get halos all over the place... like when your glasses are wet or something, or your eyes are watery and you look at a light. So I blink to try to fix it... and it rarely fixes it, mostly just changes where the halo is, how big, etc.

Then when I wear them for a long time it feels like there is dust in my eyes... and I start blinking a lot, and they get worse on the halo-effect.

I look in the mirror and I notice the contact isn't sitting right in the center of the iris, more to the bottom... when I push it up I can see clear AND it seems to hurt a little less to blink then. But it always sinks off center sitting in my eye.

I don't know if that has anything at all to do with it, I just noticed it.

SO! Anyone have any clues as to why I'm having this problem with the contacts? I thought it'd be something I had to get used to but I tried wearing them for a month once, almost every day all day, dealing with the lameness of feeling like there is dust in my eyes... never goes away.


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Does anyone actually use ICQ anymore?
It seems as though no one uses ICQ anymore, but when I first started using ICQ it was the only one you should have - others being AOL, Yahoo!IM and MSN.
Which IM programs do you use?
I use ICQ (which is dead), MSN (which constantly disconnects) and Yahoo! (which granted is one of the better of the three right now, despite being laughable when I first started using IM).

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Can cold weather make an injury worse?

I have horrible hamstring injuries, and I thought they were getting better, but for the past couple days they are back to being horrible. Could the drop in temperature really make them this bad all over again?


is it true that if you sleep in high heat you get sick easily? every night i turn the heat in my bedroom up to about 75 - 80, and then snuggle in my blankets.

yesterday, a guy that i work with was telling me that if you want to get rid of a cold, you have to sleep in the high heat to "sweat it out", but then as soon as you wake up you have to take a shower? does that actually work?

i'm confused.

also, how long does a blood blister take to go away? and why do they form instead of bruises sometimes?
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So I got this Rubiks Cube for Christmas from my Brother, and I am taking a break from reading trying to figure the thing out. Does anyone have any good tips or methods on solving it? Or any good websites?
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1) What is "the astro"?

2) In school, do they teach kids "Drug Education" classes like they teach sex ed? (I have weird mental images of teachers distributing clean needles..."we know they're going to do it anyway, so we might as well teach them the safest way"...but I'm sure it cannot be so)

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Before I start, I would like to say that my aim here is not to offend anyone at all, so please don't take it like that.

I was raised a Christian. According to my parents, and to the Christian church(or as far as I know..), God created the earth and then created Adam and Eve. There was no evolution involved.
Last year, however, I took a class called World Cultures. Part of the course was learning about early man, and how humans came from...well, monkeys. We learned about the places they lived in, we saw pictures of their paintings, and many other things about these early beings. Then came my Biology class this year, where we're currently learning about the formation of the earth and how species evolved. When my teacher mentioned how old the earth was according to scientific fact, a girl in my class whom I know is extremely religious asked if this was really...scientific fact, and then she looked really confused.
So, basically, what I don't understand is why this creationism theory is still pondered if we have scientific evidence to back up the theory of evolution. If God created the world and humans, why is there evidence stating that the earth is billions of years old, and that humans did go through evolution?
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Who here has Audioscrobbler? I've had it since the middle of December. I am very much looking forward to the recommendations page. Yet I still have none. It says on that page you need to have over 100 songs in your profile before you get neighbours, which is where your recommendations come from.

Considering I have 2834 songs in my profile and I do have musical neighbours, where the ferry are my recommendations‽
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Sex Ed

Did you guys have sex education in high school or junior high?

We did, it started in grade 7 and ended in grade 9. It was a course called "adolesence" and we had a question box called "George", and everybody wrote a question down and our guidance counsellor answered it. Sometimes we asked what some kind of slang meant, or any question. It was really great! However, I hear that you're only allowed to teach abstinence in America or you lose government funding? I think that is really sad for you poor Americans, really though.

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i generally dislike judgmental people. especially IGNORANT judgmental people. if you have a valid reason for why you feel the way you feel, then hey, cool with me. but blanket judgments based on crap just dont fly with me. that being said...

the other day on livejournal i discovered the phenomenon that is otherkin and furries. i was...um... taken aback i suppose by this, but both seem to be quite popular and have many communities dedicated to them. what ive gotten from my scoping out several furry communities is that these people find animals erotic, and might draw pornographic pictures of them/dress up like them during sex. doesnt that border on bestiality? isnt that, um, illegal? the otherkin communities confuse me. do people really believe they're wolves, or faeries, or whatever? or are they just roleplaying, and im confused?

help me not be an ignorant, judgmental jerk about these things ive discovered, please. and if ive already offended someone, please realize that wasnt my intention. im genuinely curious and a tad confused, as ive never been exposed to anything quite like this.

Baby shower gifts

My future sister-in-law is due in March, and is having a baby shower in Feb. Unfortunately, I am out of the province, so my fiance suggested that we send her a "baby care package." Basically, we're just going to fill a box and send it to her.

So, here's my question for all you mothers and/or mothers-to-be: if you were this particular mother-to-be, what would you like to see in this package?

Please: Read the comments first -- if you see your original answer, either second it by replying to it, or post something new. I'm just trying to avoid getting 70982309482 "pampers!" comments XD
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I seem to lack the ability to smell skunk. I'm not complaining, I'm wondering if anyone else has this ummm, "problem"?

When others complain and hold their nose yelling, "ewww! skunk!" I sometimes only smell a faint odor similar to burning erasers (I burnt an eraser once when I was a kid :) Nothing worse then that and definately nothing to even wince about. Am I the only one?

work at home

Are there really any decent jobs that allow you to "work from home" as a lot of ads in magazines state in the classifieds?

And by this I mean, any job where you don't make money by buying an add and sending a pamplet to people for money telling them to do the same thing. Perhaps something that anyone could do.

I see these advertisements all the time, and I have yet to find one that comes across as valid.


Constant Craving

I had chocolate for the first time in months last night, and now I'm craving it like mad. Hershey's with almonds. Oh, yeah. My second choice would be Cadbury's Fruit and Nut. My mom used to put that in our stockings every Christmas. What's your favorite candy? And if you're not craving candy right now, what are you seriously jonesing for?
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I know this is a really weird question, but I don't know where else I could ask about it. I was watching the movie Dickie Roberts, Former Child Star earlier today, and the alternate ending reminded me of another movie, but I can't think of what it is. There was a man and his girlfriend at the side of the road hitchhiking, and he told her to hide in the bush until a car stopped, then he'd stall long enough for her to get in. But when the car stopped, he got in and they took off without her.

I know I've seen another movie where there was a scene almost identical to this, except it was a woman who got in the car, and they took off without the guy. Anyone have any idea what this is? It's really bothering me.