January 28th, 2005


clothing instructions

ok, I bought some bugle boy jeans the other day, and they have drawstring cuffs, a drawstring waist (with belt loops) and some dangly strings from the leg pockets. oh, and they convert into shorts with a zip on each leg.

anyway, I understand how the drawstrings work, they are pretty easy to decipher, but those dangling strings are confusing me, they are long enough to tie around my leg when i am wearing the jeans, but that would stop me keeping anything in the pockets, surely? there are some belt loop things at the crotch, one on each side at the lower seam, but I have no clue as to whether they are involved with the strings or just for display purposes only.

if anyone has an idea on how to use them, let me know and I'll reply with pictures to show success or failure. I will also edit this post tomorrow to add visual aids.

ta muchly.
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(no subject)

Could someone tell me about an interesting animal sensor? Like, how cockroaches sense air currents to detect movement from possible predators. It'd also be nice if you could link some articles, as well. Thanks!

bottled water question

Does anyone here remember the very 1st Ellen Degeneres show? I think it was called "These Friends of Mine". Anyway, they used to constantly drink bottled water that came in cute little cobalt blue bottles. What brand is that? Is it a real brand? Is it still available? Thanks!
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OK, if you have an interesting question that results in cool answers that would make good trivia, do you just google it to get your answers, or do you post it here and enlighten the rest of us? :o) Basically, I read a lot of fun questions in this community that would be easily googled, but the answers I read are funny and I learn a little something too. So why do people only put "google it" as their answer, when I highly doubt anyone with any internet experience would be unaware that the search engine exists? The whole point of a community is to interact with other people, and by asking questions and reading the answers (both humorous and informative), that's what we do here! I see it like calling my mom for a recipe or cooking tips before simply going to Google - I get to interact with my mom if I call her, but not if I google. Do you see? What is everyone's problem with people asking questions in thequestionclub?
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I wish I knew what to wish for...

"A volcano. That's what you'd be wishing for if you had any wishes left."

I have this urge to ask a question here, so... what question should I ask? :)

But then I have this other urge to ask a serious question... ... ...

So I think I have some social disorder that probably hasn't been named yet. (Not that I particularly want one named after me.) I woke up late the first day of class and missed my first class. Since then, I've been having issues with waking up late, and have somewhat used it as an excuse to avoid starting going to the class, and have missed the first three weeks of the class. It's too late to add any classes, although it's well before (two months or more) the time where I can drop the class and not have it on my record. Should I just go talk to the professor and see what they say about staying in the class and catching up? (I don't even know what my problem with going is... it's a 150+ student lecture, no one would notice that I suddenly started showing up, and if the teacher doesn't take attendance, not even they would know I haven't been there.)

In keeping in the school line of questions... what's a good way to motivate myself to do my homework? (Aside from the thought of me not being in school anymore making me want to break stuff.) My original motivation to start college wasn't to get a degree (that was simply a side benefit), it was to put myself in a position where I'd be around people and pretend to make friends. When that is not working, I tend not to do my homework on time or at all. :)

It's funny that I have trouble talking to new people, yet the idea of not being around people - even ones who never talk to me or even really acknowledge my presense - makes me angry and sick. Yet I can go to an enviroment with people I mostly don't want to be around - people I would term "nerds" that I run into at gaming stores playing RPGs or card games, or people that hang out at arcades all day (if you can even find an arcade anymore) - and I can talk to them like I've known them forever, even if I haven't learned their name yet. (Yes, I know that I set myself up for an impossible situation... I like being around people who play sports, watch and know a lot about professional sports, follow pro wrestling, follow mixed martial arts... and then I spend most of my time playing online games or doing other "nerd" things. The only other person I know that's even close to this personality type is Curt Shilling, and he's a bit far away and busy. :) ) So... *ponders a question* Meeting people at gaming stores is easy, but how do I make friends with people that play sports? (For a bit more excessive detail, for all the years I played baseball, I never once made friends with someone from one of my teams. Occasionally someone I was already friends with was on my team, but never the other way around.)

Similarly, how do you motivate yourself to go to the gym? Apparently the fact that I could be good enough to start as a defensive back if I started training isn't enough. I used to go often with friends to play badminton, but when they are all busy and intramural sports are out of season, it's harder to get myself to go. (I absolutely hate "running" or "swimming". If I'm doing one of those for a game, I can do them forever, but I don't like to just do laps, even if I'm not by myself. Weightlifting I don't mind doing by myself... if the whole room is empty other than workers. I'm fine if I go with a partner no matter how busy it gets, though.)

I can keep a perfect face looking at my hand in a game of poker... so how do I keep from blushing whenever someone asks me if I have a girlfriend or talks about someone I like? (This happens in any language, I've recently found out. Darn strange topics at the conversation tables...)

Can anyone recommend a good pair of headphones? My current ones ($25ish Sony ones that you can get anywhere) are wearing out and sounding bad. I want to get something that sounds good at high volume ("if I take off the headphones with the music still playing, an average person can tell what song I'm listening to from 30 feet away" high volume), won't distort from bass, and will last a long time, but I don't want to pay $200, nor do I want my hair killed from wearing studio headphones. :)

Anyone have any experience buying used digital cameras from someplace like eBay? I want to buy one just to take pictures of other stuff to sell on eBay, and I wondered if there was anything I should pay particular attention to in listings when shopping for a used camera. (Technical specifications for cameras I am already familiar with, I just wondered if there was anything I should look for or watch for.)
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A healthier happier you... or something.

I keep seeing on magazine covers tips that will make you happier, but of course I never buy the magazines. I was looking through one of those little mini magazines at the checkout and it had some breathing exercise that involved moving your arms or something that was supposed to make you feel more energetic.

I know there are little things you can do to make yourself less stressed, happier and more energetic. Do any of ya'll know any of them? Particularly something I could do at work when people are being assholes (customer service job) and things just are NOT going my way?
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Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell?

While we're on the subject, does Will Ferrell sing? The reason I ask is because he was singing in the movie Old School (Stairway to Heaven, I think) and in the movie Anchorman, and I was wondering if that was really him or what. Because if it really is him singing, he's not half bad.

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Can anyone tell me of a web site dedicated to the 1890-1930 era?

I would like it to include detailed information on:

-Day to day fashion
-Hair styles (I've been on quite the hunt finding directions in the marcel wave.)

Those are the main requirements, but information on music, theater etc. would also be greatly appreciated. Just that era in general. Thanks in advance.
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Make a Friend State Check

Hey there. I'm certain people have done this before, but hey, why not repeat the past?

Post a comment with the State that you're in, then the metro area and city you live in, and hey, your age and gender if you so please. If somebody has already posted that state, add a comment to that comment so they'll be grouped together.

Let's see how many states are represented by the Question Club and hey, you might even make a friend, hey?

EDIT: And if you're in another part of the world (hehe), post your country and province/regional grouping of choice and city. (Sorry, other parts of the worlders =P)

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Does anyone know what is so damned special about McDonald's ice cream cones? They're delicious. I'm more of a soft-serve kinda guy. Sure I love a good scoop of cookies 'n cream like any sane person would, but McDonald's ice cream must be made from the souls of innocent little children, it's just not possible to be this damn good without some kind of evil deed going on in the place it's made.

i hate my friends something fierce.

so, i had a friend over for a few days and some things he did i found extremely irriatating. i told my other friend about it and she made fun of me, telling me i've got obsessive-compulsive disorder or something. i don't, really. i'm somewhat anal retentive about some things, but everyone is, right? she told me that i'm flipping out for no reason and it's no big deal.

my question is, Collapse )
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(no subject)

1. What song goes "the phone's ringing and it's 3 in the morning"?

2. Are there smells that you strongly associate with people? Like there's a smell that reminds me of my friend Randy and no matter where i am, whenever I smells it i think he's around.
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(no subject)

well, i finally found some AWESOME brushes, but now they won't work!

when i try to import a brush it says:

(name of file) is a newer format version and is unsupported.

do you know how to fix this? and also, the files are in .abr format, which i've never heard of.

some will work, and they are in Jasc PSP Script format.

(no subject)

How many people have you slept with, and how old are you?
Do you consider yourself a prude, slut, or none of the aforementioned?
Do you ever feel ashamed of how many/few people you have had sex with?
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i'm just so full of questions today, aren't i? haha

well, i'm planning on dying my hair tonight or tomorrow. so i was wondering, should i wash my hair before i do it? i havent taken a shower since yesterday morning, and it's starting to get greasy, so i wasn't sure if i should have clean hair, or somewhat dirty hair.

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I have to write two essays by tomorrow. I get to choose the topics, but for some reason I am at a total loss for ideas. I don't want anything complicated, just something that I can find plenty of supporting information on. Any suggestions? I'm freaking out here!
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone know where I can find some sort of site like Web MD where you can put in symptoms and they'll tell you what may be wrong for a dog? Just curious cause my dog can't hold his head straight up he keeps it cocked to the side like he slept wrong or something. Plus he has something wrong with his left back leg where he wimpers at times especially when he walks or rises. I know I need to take him to the vet but I'm pregnant right now and I haven't worked plus there is an ice storm on the way...so any useful sites that may help me figure out what is wrong with him would be great.

2. Does anyone here like the new no late fee policy at blockbuster? I personally think it sucks because people will hold movies out waaay longer than they should preventing people from renting them.
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I just got a call back from the music store I applied at -- I got the job!! Thank you all so much for your help, resumes, advice, and support. :)

Now my mom's bitching because I didn't immediately say yes to working Saturdays and she's griping that I shouldn't "talk myself out of a job if I haven't already." It's not like I knew, mom!! *sigh* Have I already screwed up?

And while I'm at it, is there some kind of instruction manual to life that everyone else has that I didn't get the memo on? It sure feels like it.
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The right emotions

Why do people feel that anger is one of the healthier expressions of emotion and what happens if someone is not capable of such expression? If someone hurts you, isnt it logical that you feel hurt? Why does there need to be anger in order to get through something? I'm constantly being told that unless I become capable of anger, I will snap. Do you guys agree that anger is healthy?
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The ants go marching one by one...

I finally found the little hole that these freakin' ants have been using to get into my room. It's small. So I grabbed a thing of rubber cement and filled the hole. (It's late and wet and I can't get to a store to get anti-ant stuff until tomorrow.)

Do you think ants will manage to break through the rubber cement or will it stop them? And any suggestions on stopping ants? Normally I sprinkle cinnamon, but these little buggers are coming in though a small hole on the underside of my windowsill. Can't really sprinkle upside-down, you know?
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For you guys who are in college for this/already have jobs in this profession:

I'm thinking about majouring in accounting. It's been a fairly recent choice, and since I'm graduation in June I'm a bit pressed for time. Could you explain anything that I need to know going into this? Any potential difficulties, job placement, courses, etc.? Thanks.

(no subject)

there is this singer (casey stratton) that has a website and you can listen to a few of his songs on the webpage. when you click on one of the songs, it uses quicktime to play the mp3. is there anyway that i can somehow save this file???
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How much would you pay for an out of print CD on eBay that hardly ever is auctioned off?

I'm thinking about $30...and now sitting here debating that little puzzler.
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