January 27th, 2005

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What exactly is the benefit of a digital cordless phone as opposed to a non-digital one?

I'm looking at getting my folks a new cordless phone, as theirs is getting pretty old and my mother always seems to hear an echo on long distance (particularly overseas to me) calls - and I know she wants one with caller ID, an answering machine, and wall mountable.

The one I'm thinking of getting is a Motorola MD681 5.8 GHz Digital Expandable Cordless Speakerphone with Answering System and Caller ID (Silver) - but I've no idea what's so great about it compared to a non-digital type of phone.

Who can help? :)

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Can anyone recommend a good download manager/accelerator? At the moment I'm trying to use Free Download Manager, which is just craptastic and does nothing but freeze my computer up.

Also, I can't make a capital "M" by using the right shift key, only the left. It's not a huge dilemma, but it's just started in the past few days and it's annoying me. Anyone got any good theories as to why?
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One for the Ladies

Long hair on a man -- yes or no, and why?

I'm asking because I've hung out with this one group twice. And I'm told that 2 women recently said, after I left, "If only he didn't have long hair..." Hell, once you get to know me, the length of my hair is gonna be the least of your concerns... ;)
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Well, I'm back again, with yet another "what building is this?" question. However, this time it is for one of the art class buddies, Mya, who is sweet, and lj-less.

Thus, I ask your help again.

Collapse )

Any help would be greatly appreciated and Mya will be very happy.


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How long do pet mice live? My friend bought her at a petstore, but her mother won't let her keep it, so I want to take it.
How would you know if said mouse was pregnant? Its my friend's theory because when you poke her sides, she squeaks.
If a 1991 Ford Tempo is leaking radiator fluid a week after having a buncha stuff fixed, is it worth it to keep her around or should I get rid of her?

Tattoo question

Can anyone tell me why, months after a tattoo has been done, it will spontaneously rise up in areas, and then later go down again? Is my skin still dealing with the foreign substance (ie, the ink)?



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What exactly is the opposite of fate?

I tried to search online for an answer but apparently Miss Amy Tan went off and wrote a book titled "Opposite of fate" and I can't find the answer to my question for searching through all her book reviews.

Edit: Thanks for quick replies! My brain must be alseep!
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*squeak squeak*

ok, does anyone know why my shoes squeak? and how to stop them?

these are shoes I've had for over a year now, they squeaked when I first got them, then I didn't wear them for the summer, then I only started wearing them again this past month. they hardly squeaked when I wore them since they were stored, but now that I've been wearing them a while, they squeak louder than a gang of mice at a cheese concert, what can I do to stop them?

they don't just squeak on hard surfaces either, my office is carpeted and they squeak there! it gets a lot louder on hard floors though.

what can I do to silence my audible ambulation aiding all-terrain action armour?
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Need help finding a longer song

Clocking in at 31 minutes and 42 seconds "Cassandra Gemini" by The Mars Volta is the longest song I have in my library. Know of any longer songs? If so I would like to know what they are.

One "rule" though: no live stuff.
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speaking of tattoos...

I'm going today to Idaho to get my very first tattoo. I live in WA but it is illegal to tattoo a minor in WA and OR. *tear* It's going to be a family tattoo. A music note with the words "To Where You Are" somewhere in/around it. I'm totally psyched but also reallly reallly nervous.

I see a lot of people here have tattoos, so I ask...

What should I expect? How bad will it hurt? The tattoo is going to be small, but I'm still worried. I'm a pretty tolerant person on pain but I've heard some tattoo horror stories before. Is there anything I should know before I go and get it done? Any tips?

Much Thanks.

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Have you ever gone back to see the elementary school or middle school you went to? How did you feel when you went?

Over Christmas I was back in my hometown, and I went by the schools I'd gone to. Kindergarten through seventh was spent at a small Catholic school. The school's expanded now, and much of the playground equipment that was there was torn down, and the field where our PE classes and Field Day went on has trailers on it now. It was kind of sad, one of those "you can't go back" moments.
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When you were in high school, did you have to take your final exams as a senior? And if you got a 3.5 GPA [or something similar], were you able to exempt an exam as a reward?

That's how my school does it, seniors don't have to take final exams unless they're failing the class, and every semester I've been able to pick an exam that I didn't want to take because my GPA was high enough. But my economics teacher says we're the only school she's ever been to that works like that. Is that true? I guess it could be true, but I was wondering if we were the only high school with those kind of rules.
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Doris Day did a movie in the 60s where she told a guy her phone number, and it was something like "Plaza 22748". I always figured the "Plaza" part was a New York City thing, but just now on Leave it to Beaver, Beaver said his number and it started with the letter K and was followed by 5 numbers. Were people's phone numbers really like that in the 60s? When did phone numbers become 7 numerical digits?


What's the website where you have a profile showing what artists you like, and recommendations based on your choices? Also, it shows which users have similar taste. It's not Audioscrobbler.
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1.) What do you think about horoscopes?

2.)Does anyone remember that Disney show called Totally Circus? If so, do you know anywhere I could see pictures of cast members? I used to have a huge crush on a kid from the first season and I wanted to see how bad my taste was at age 12.
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I am looking for a movie to watch at my birthday party. It cannot be a scary movie, and I'd prefer a comedy, but I'm open to suggestions. It doesn't have to be new, either. And the party is mostly girls but there are going to be 3 or so guys so nothing *too* chick flick-y, but if you think it's a good movie then they'll live.

So, does anyone have any suggestions?

edit: Oh, and, the people are all between the ages of 15 and 18.
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1. My hair is flat. How do I oomph it up without looking like an 80s porn star?

2. I wash my face with some foamy Clearasil (I believe), every morning and every night YET I STILL KEEP GETTING PIMPLES! Why? What can I do to stop this? Waah.

3. What is everyones favourite TV show?
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In your opinion, which version of The Phantom of the Opera is the best (music-,cast-,or acting-wise)?


(No, I haven't seen any version, but I would like to own a copy. So I'd prefer you to ignore the 2005 remake.)

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Im having weird chest pains. Like, in my chest around my heart and under my right breast. They come like, every 5 minutes and last 2-10 seconds. They sometimes stop for 1/2 hour periods or so.

Im only 14, and not like, in bad health at all, so chances that its a heart attack are slim :p

What do you think it could be?
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on social awkwardness

Let's say you need to go talk to a professor you don't mind talking to about changing majors and choosing classes and whatnot. You don't have them for a class now although you did last semester and they're more of a peer than anything else. You haven't set up an appointment or anything so you just go into the department and you hear her and two other professors just casually chatting, laughing, that sort of thing. What's the socially appropriate thing to do in that kind of situation? I'm thinking it's between politely breaking in and asking when she'll be free or just deciding to slip out the door and come back later.

Crossposted between thequestionclub and asperger.
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Why is so much done in Adobe Acrobat?
My computer lags really badly when opening a .pdf.
Some of my teachers just make a webpage with the syllabus, and it works perfectly.
Why isn't that the standard?