January 26th, 2005


Bonsai Kittens?

Uh....There's this website on the internet that sells equipments to make Bonsai Kittens (which are young kittens that are being place into jars/tubes so they can take shape of that jar/tube). Well, since the website isn't selling any actual kittens in a jar/tube, techniquely the website is still legal right? What about the people who are actually doing that to their pet, is that legal too?

You can see the pictures and more info on how they make bonsai kittens on the website:
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iPod troubles.

I recently got a new iPod delivered. I am sitting here reading the manual-type-thingy and I come across this: "If you're connecting USB 2.0, be sure to connect iPod to a high-power USB 2.0 port directly on your computer, or to a powered USB 2.0 hub that's connected to your computer. iPod won't work if it's connected to a low-power USB 2.0 port."

Then it goes on to say this: " If your Windows PC doesn't have a 6-pin FireWire 400 port or a high-power USB 2.0 port, here are other ways you can connect iPod:
-Purchase a FireWire card or USB 2.0 card, and install it.
-Blah bliggidy blah.

Unfortunately, my shitty computer only has a low-power USB port and no FireWire. So, yeah, anyway.. What I plan on doing is purchasing a USB 2.0 card online or elsewhere and installing it. My problem is that I have no idea where to buy one or how to install it. If someone could answer one or both of these questions, it would be very much appreciated.

old websites

How many people here had a personal/fansite/misc website on geocites/tripod/etc back in the mid to late ninties?

Did you drift away from it or get fed up and moved to something different? Lost the password? Are you still using it? Can I have the link?

I've been having fun remembering goofy crap I was into on the internet when I was in my early-mid teens. (will livejournal go the same route? duh duh duuuuuum) Haven't found any of my pages yet. :(

Do you think goofy should be in the livejournal mood list?
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(no subject)

About a week ago when I came home from the library the song "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by CCR came on and I literally did not want to leave the car until it was over with. Yet I never consider it to be on my 'favorite songs' list. Does anyone else have a song like that? What song is it?

(no subject)

Two days ago, on January 24, I heard several newscasts that THAT day is officially the "most depressing day of the year" because Christmas bills are now coming in, resolutions are given up by now, tax season is upon us, the weather is taking a toll.

What do you think should be the official "Most happy day of the year"? And why?

(no subject)

ok. i was arguing with a pro-life person about their beliefs (i dont start arguments about this, but it was valid, because this particular person engages in unprotected sex ALL THE TIME and told me if i didnt want to get pregnant i shouldnt have sex until marriage.... HELLO, many married women dont want children either!) *ahem* sorry. anyway, i was talking about the inconsistencies on his side (banning OTC emergency contraception, birth control not being covered by insurance, making preventative measures difficult and often unaffordable) and he said that if a woman uses douche with in 1 1/2 minutes of ejaculation it kills sperm. WHERE on gods green earth did he hear such nonsense? he goes to a catholic all boys school, and they show them videos of abortions (too bad most of that is propaganda) which infuriates me, because MEN will never get pregnant and therefore should not legislate MY body. they apparently told him this little gem of misinformation during this anti-abortion lesson.

1. have you ever heard this douche argument?
2. if you are pro-life and male, do you do your part to ensure that sex is protected? do you refrain from sex?
3. arent those abortion videos of late-term abortions? is there any site that refutes them, anything i can show him?

i -know- abortion is a touchy subject, i dont want to cause a debate. im just curious, because this particular pro-lifer was incredibly ignorant... and im quite tolerant of other views. just not his, because he is a flaming hypocrite. if i should post this in an abortion-related community, just let me know and ill delete.
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(no subject)

I was pondering this as I dried off, How many towels do you use after getting out of the shower?

I use two. One for my hair and one for my body.

Completely different from that other question. . .but I went to the doctor's last week to get blood drawn. No big deal. . well, Now I have this huge bruise from where they took the blood. It's weird because I NEVER bruise when they take blood. Also, when I took the band-aid off there was blood on it, and usually I only bleed a very tiny bit, but there was a lot of blood on it. Is this anything I should be worried about? It hurts a little bit, but not to where I can't use my arm. My mom thinks that they may have ripped my vein and that I should call them. I go back on Friday. . so I might wait until then to talk to them about it. Any ideas?

I think that's it for now. . TTFN
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(no subject)

Does it bother anyone else when no one pulls over when an emergency vehicle goes by? Do you ever feel like you're the only one who bothered to follow the rules on that?

And shouldn't people be allowed back on the road before traffic starts zooming by?
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(no subject)

1. why are there SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE in this world? dear god.

2. i'm a raging lesbo. what's the best way to meet hot chicks? or even moderately ok-looking chicks? kinda desperate here. not really into the bar/club scene, but if i must do that, any tips for success? :P
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(no subject)

My neighbor's dog (a dalmation) won't stop barking, and my home office is close to their fence. I'm trying to work on my thesis...but can't think straight. Do products like "bark free" really work?
Stare into the very eyes of evil.

(no subject)

If I want to quit my job, how do I do it? Just announce it one day? Write a letter? Is there a formal way?

Have you ever tried to teach yourself to become completely proficient in all things with your non-dominant hand (writing, pouring liquids, folding laundry etc.)?

We have a giant plastic cutting board that NEVER smells clean, even though it is cleaned every night with soap, water, and biodegradeable disinfectant. It isn't used for preparing any sort of raw meats or eggs or anything, only to make sandwiches. Any advice on how to rid it of the stench? (And, no, buying a new one is not an option.)
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(no subject)

I have a question about animal testing and then the products that then go on to be used on humans.

If animals have a horrid reaction to something (say, a medicine), under what circumstances do they say, "well, let's go ahead and try it on people anyway"?

I thought about this because we were talking about giving dogs pain medication, and you can give a dog aspirin but not ibuprofen. So, if some animals react poorly to a medicine, why would they say they want to try it on humans anyway?
Heh.. what?

Dealing with the flu...

I have the flu, and I went to sleep last night feeling crappy... woke up in the middle of the night feeling A WHOLE LOT CRAPPIER and I couldn't get back to sleep.. not throwing up or anything but headache and just a weakness throughout the muscles all over my body.

So I was tossing and turning trying to sleep... and I kept thinking it felt like I was cold even though I KNEW I was burning up. So I got under ALL my blankets.. seemed to help a little, but a little while later I was sweating unbelievably hard. So I let up the blankets to cool down, and as soon as I did that I started to feel like crap again. SO, I kept the blankets on and was sweating a LOT (like dampening the sheets and pillow where my head was) but I finally got to sleep... when I woke up I was still sweating like that, so I'm probably all dehydrated now.

But my QUESTION is... hah, why does this work??? Why does making my overall body temperature SKYROCKET work to put a flu at bay?


Ebay items

Why do people post an item for sale on E-bay but not include the little thumbnail picture that shows up your search results page? (Instead you just get that little green camera icon) I just skip over all the auctions in the results list that don't have a picture, because the item descriptions aren't really helpful and I don't want to have to open it up just to see what the thing looks like. I know I'm probably missing things I would want to look at, but I figure if they can't be bothered to put up a picture, I can't be bothered to look at it, especially if I have multiple pages of results and don't have a lot of time to be looking at every single thing that shows up. I guess I don't understand why you wouldn't use a function that's so obviously useful for trying to sell your stuff.


How do you go about getting into a new sport as an adult if you've never played before? (I'm thinking of rugby (women's, in the US) in particular.) I've never played organized sports so I'm kind of clueless.
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(no subject)

Would it bother you if the person who is supposed to cover for you while you're eating lunch just upped and walked out to make a personal call? While you're still eating, of course.

Also, do you ever have one of those moments where you forget how to do something that you're super-excellent at? (I just forgot how to 10-key. Something I've been using every work day for 6 years. Derrrr...)
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circa survive

The stupidest question to ever be asked here.

1.) I suck badly at math. I don't understand it, and I probably never will. For some reason, my mind is going totally blank here and I was wondering if someone could explain how to do this:
You need to create two lines that intersect at a point on a graph.
I have
x + 2y = 4
3x - 2y = 4

How do I get these into "Y =" format? I know this is a really dumb question, but I have a quiz tomorrow and I'm lost!

2.) Has anyone taken Cisco Networking in school? If so, was it a fun class at all?

EDIT: I finally understand the math now thanks to you guys! Thank you all so much for your help!
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(no subject)

About how long would it take to ride a bicycle 100 miles? I'm talking an oldish cruiser with three speeds and a basket on the back. And can anyone tell me laws about a bicycle on the freeway? I'm in Oregon if that helps. I'm not asking dangers, just laws.
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Say Cheese!

So we're in search of a digi cam. From your personal experience, or from things you've heard, what would be the best choice to go with? We're looking for something simple, not too extravegant. Something that's not humongous(sp?) in size. Price range. . .ummm most likely not more than $200. But if it is worth it we might spend more.

red rose

(no subject)

how many of you have or have had a best friend that is so similar to you (in a good way) that you feel like you're almost the same person?
my best friend and i were discussing this today, and were just wondering how common this was.
thanks for your help!
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(no subject)

What is the translation of 'Danse des mirlitons' from the Nutcracker Suite? My French is very rusty.... and I've asked Google, it says they are some kind of pear. Is that the right meaning? Seems a weird thing to write a dance about!


I'm thinking a good valentine's gift for the boyfriend would be if I bought myself a bra that unsnapped- All I have is sports bras.

So... all I have is sports bras. And, that's all I've ever had, except one highly uncomfortable strapless that my mother had laying about for some reason(didn't fit her) that I stole for my junior prom nearly 2 years ago. And I haven't bought a new sports bra in a while.
I have no idea what my cup size is. Or how to find this out. Nor do I really know the number bit- 30-something, if I remember correctly, but what does that measure, anyway?

So, how can I figure out my cup size, and that number thingy... and is buying a standard bra the same as buying a sports bra- as in, can I try it on in the dressing room?