January 25th, 2005


I have an excuse for the excessive posts, it was a snow day today.

We have these little buggies in our bathroom, see under the link. Anyways, they're really squiggly and go fast, and they hide under the baseboards and near the wet gross part by the bathroom floor and the tub (we can't help it, we live gross university apartment that are ages old and gross). Anyone know what they are? My roomate thinks they're termites, now I'm skeered!

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abby genius

Lots of questions!

1. Where have all the nice people in Indiana disappeared to?

2. I've had eggs sitting in the fridge for the past two weeks untouched, and the expiration date is mid-February. I've never left eggs that long without eating them, but being as the expiry hasn't come up yet, they should be fine, right?

3. What is an appropriate birthday gift for your boyfriend of almost a year, but where the past two months have been trying for both of us and only now are things going back to normal?

4. Just an interesting poll that I had an idea for here....
a) How old are you?
b) What is your job? i.e, what do you do? (doesn't matter if it is full-time or part-time)
c) What are the hours you work? (i.e, 9 to 5, or whatever) If your hours are variable, say "variable" and then the hours that are most common. If your hours are unusual for your job (i.e, most people with your job have different hours), mention those "typical" hours as well.

EDIT: What's an effective way to cut down on computer-use time, without turning the computer off? (since I like it for music if I'm doing other things)

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poker.. and coffee?

For about a week the coffee vending machine in my building was out of order; something about the cups. The sign is no longer up and I really wanted some caramel cappuccino so I got some.. but it didn't pour into the normal little Java City styrofoam cup. It poured into a red & white "Poker Draw" cup. Around the cup are pictures of cards - Jack of Diamons, King of Clubs, King of Diamonds, Queen of Spades, and one that hasn't been turned over yet. It says "DRAW CARD ON BOTTOM OF CUP" and on the bottom of my cup is Eight of Spades.

Does anybody know how and why you would use these cups?

EDIT: I only vaguely understand the basics of texas hold 'em; I really don't know anything about poker at all and that's when it's played with cards. How on earth could you play with a cup?
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thanks ahead of time

Have you ever had any of your writing published? What did you write, and how did you get it published?

What would I have to do to do some free lance writing for, say, a small magazine or an online magazine?

How would I go about writing a novel and getting it published? How much does it cost a writer to do so?
circa survive

(no subject)

I'm currently selecting courses for my junior year of high school, and I'm kind of stuck on what to take. I have all of my required classes chosen, and for electives I chose Computer Graphics II, Creative Writing, Contemporary Literature, and Psychology of Communication. I'm seriously considering a career in graphic design, but there aren't any other art courses that would be useful to me in that area...
Can anyone suggest a general direction I should be going in? I was thinking maybe Mass Media would be a good class to take, but I'm not sure. Business classes maybe?

Sorry if this wasn't clear enough.
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Stare into the very eyes of evil.

(no subject)

I was at the DMV the other day, and I kept thinking "BOY it'd be fun to work here" (I'm dreaming of a more intense job involving data entry/secretarial work and interacting with people, for some time in the future)...

So I was wondering, have you ever worked for a DMV? What sort of qualifications would be useful if I were considering applying one day?

(no subject)

More generalizations abound, ya'll.

Do men find women who are forward attractive? What about men from other countries?

I'm somewhat of an aggressive girl and I've become involved with a Turkish guy. I'd prefer not to scare him off with my untraditional "I want you now" sort of attitude.

Meh. I know it's case by case. I'm bored though. Indulge me.

two questions. at least. +1

One, I have a tingling feeling in my foot, as if it's asleep. But, it's just (how to describe this...) on the ball of my foot, right below my first and second toes. And I had it in the other foot a bit ago.

Two, lately I've been getting little blisters in the back of my mouth. I don't really know hoe big they are, because I don't look. It's just one or two at a time, and they hurt... So I reach a few fingers in and pop it, no big deal. WTF, though? I used to get these (read, before even getting a first kiss, so not likley an STD) and now they're coming back.

New one, something a friend and I were discussing over lunch. I pulled my coat on, and he looked at me like I was a freak because it was only barely cool in the room to him. "Dude, Nathaniel, I'm always cold. and my skin is cool to the touch. check it out." and he put his hand on my arm, and was creeped out. My skin is always cold like that unless I've been leaning against something/someone warm. I live on the fifth floor of a building with no elevator, so it's not as if I never get exercise...

So, What's up with those things, eh?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Somebody took my pink pen. :/ If a note is written in hot pink, you know it's from me. It's my signature pen. My boss uses green for everything, my editor used to use an orange pen.

Do you have a trademark colored pen that you use? Or do you use whatever is nearest to you?
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(no subject)

Does anyone else hate the smell of Tide laundry detergent?

And what's something odd that you get you get enjoyment from?  I like opening Simply Smart milk, and popping the top off of new bottles of insulin.
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les miserables choreography

I'm the choreographer (and a member) of a show choir. Well, they used to be a show choir, they're just getting back into the dancing stuff.
In any case.
They are doing a bunch of pieces and want dancing in *2*. Most of them are old and can't move much.
So they pick a freaking medley for Les Miserables.


I have music for Les Mis, which I am very familiar with, but have never seen anybody dance to. Master of the House is *not* part of it, I wish it was that would make things simple! But no, there's "At the end of the day," "Bring him home," "On my own," "Castle on a cloud," "I dreamed a dream" and "Do you hear the people sing?"

Right now all I'm really getting is marching stuff for "do you hear..." and the solos will naturally depend on who is doing them. I haven't seen the musical (but I do know the music by heart) so I don't know how much "dancing" occurs on stage. But I'm thinking it's not a whole heck of a lot.

I'd like to think of things that tie the rest of the musical to this, but somehow loaves of bread and silver candlesticks would probably remind *our* audiences of Beauty and the Beast.

So, if you had to choreograph this silly little medley from Les Mis, and you had a bunch of choir members on risers that can't move much, what would YOU do?

(Other than be annoyed that they are singing New York New York but didn't pick that one for choreography!!!!!)

Kitty Lick
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Emotional Thoughts

Why do women constantly replay a situation that occured that day (or even days ago) in their mind - over and over again - to figure out every way it can be interpreted, despite the fact that they know the majority of those ways will emotionally hurt?

Even when the situation was dealt with eariler that day, and we should move on? Even when we know how it was supposed to be implied, what the situation meant? There's constantly that what-if that replays again and again until you're on the verge of tears or angry or confused.

Why do we put ourselves through that?

(Yes, I'm generalizing. Bear with.)
Drink Me


first, does anybody else think this banana is kinda dirty?
ok, now seriously, does anybody know where i can find the version of "romeo & juliet" that lasts about a minute and is done completely in IMish and really crappy drawings?
how about the dancing banana to the "peanut butter jelly" song? i saw these two in my bio class, (don't ask, we were also setting dry erase markers) and can't remember what the sites were.
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the killers

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a first job for a 16 year old? Preferably one that doesn't involve the food industry or grocery stores. I want something that's not typical...but I have a feeling I'll end up being a cashier somewhere.

When you're unsure of the spelling of a word, do you look it up before posting, or do you just hope for the best?

What is a band or song that puts you in a good mood?
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Aural Pleasure

Posted this in my journal a while back but got absolutely no feedback. [sadfacegoeshere]
Hmmm. I wonder what an Interpol cover of The Sundays' "Here's Where the Story Ends" would sound like?

Dear Interpol: Make it happen, cap'n.

Which begs the question, if you could have one band cover another's song, something a little less expected, what would you like to see happen?

Try to be serious, you beloved knuckleheads. I don't want to see any smartypants suggestions like Pat Boone covering Slayer. Despite the fact that would be mighty sweet.


That would be sweet.

What was I thinking? Go nuts, homeskillets.

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I could find reliable statistics on reliability of birth control methods?
i.e. main contraception methods such as the pill, IUD, cap, sponge, condoms, FAM, etc.

Does anyone know where I can also get a reliable cost breakdown for different menstrual products?
i.e. commercial/organic tampons, commercial/organic pads, sponges, cloth pads or padded panties, reusable cups, softcups – leaving out other options such as diaphragms or homemade tampons, pads and cups.

(no subject)


*ahem* i mean, what's your favorite kind of sushi?

but seriously, i love salmon. and i don't understand how a slab of raw fish, that doesn't really taste like anything in particular, can be the single most orgastic and delicious food i've ever tasted.
when we sparkle

Projector Question

I'm trying to show a PowerPoint presentation on a projector, but have one into one slight problem: the projector is displaying my image upside-down. I have the projector on a rolling cart, and so I just flipped it over, however the image is also displayed at a slant, and now it's pointing to the ground. when I tilt it up-wards, the image's proportions become warped. Anybody know how to make a projector flip the image to be right-side up?
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us citizenship

after recent failure of trying to get a job, ive been talking to my da about shedding my colour green for some ol red white and blue.

im thinking about becoming an american citizen. i dont think i want to really give up my irish, but no one wants to hire someone on a greencard.

i moved here after a few years of uni, and havent gone to any schoolinghere . my only friends in the states are family who are on green cards as well.

i want to know if anyone has had any experience with becoming a citizen? or should i just conitnue on a green card till i go back home.
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yin-yang fried egg
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(no subject)

Do you know of any good fantasy (or fantasy-ish) books out there written in first person?

All the ones I've read seem to be in third person. (But then again, I haven't actually read that many...) I understand that fantasy novels are typically epic and involve a lot of characters that are in constant danger of being killed, so the first person POV doesn't usually lend itself to the genre, but there must be exceptions.
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(no subject)

For those of you with an Ipod/Ipod mini, how do you jog without dropping it (or something)? Im getting one (mini) in a few weeks and want to know whats the best way to keep it safe while running/jogging. I plan on getting the armband as soon as possible, but that wont be for a while.
  • poemi

Ear & Jaw pain?

My ear is killing me right now. Well honestly I'm not sure if it's my ear or my widom teeth, or both. The right side of my jaw and my right ear are really really hurting. It's the kind of pain where you can't ever get comfortable and it wakes you up in your sleep.

If it is my ear, why would my jaw be hurting, and if it's my wisdom teeth, then why would my ear hurt?

Has this happened to anyone?

Anything I can do to ease the pain? It's too late to go to the doctor :(
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i feel like lovecraft in brooklyn.
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(no subject)

When I step onto/off escalators or moving walkways that aren't moving, I always sort of stumble and lose my balance. No matter how prepared I am to the fact that the escalator/walkway isn't moving, I'm still surprised every single time.

Does this happen to you too?

And how about drinking cold drinks (juice, milk, water, whatever) from a mug or cup? Again, I get a little moment of shock when the liquid hits my lips and it turns out to Not Be Hot. :D

How about.. uhm.. okay, can't think of other examples where expectation and tradition have ended up doing funky things to the mind. Either way.

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circa survive

(no subject)

Sorry for all the questions today, haha.

Is it true that when you graduate high school that you don't see most of your friends again?

Is it worth it to move across the country to go to college?

Have any of you been to Full Sail?
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(no subject)

Okay, most people remember those urban legends about different color M 'n' Ms affecting you sexually. Green ones made you horny, and... what color made your breasts grow? My friend and I used to eat a certain color obsessively when we were young and self-conscious, and we're debating whether it's red or yellow. (Or are we both wrong, and is it something else?)
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(no subject)

I'm working on something for my Creative Writing class and I'm stuck.

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I know it's not much to work with, but what direction would you take it? Also, would you add any more detail to any aspect already there? Or do you think I should just throw it all out and start again?

Thanks, I appreciate all input. :)

(no subject)

is anyone else REALLY BOTHERED by fast food restaurants that keep their drive thrus open 24/7, but close the dining room at, say 10? is this not discrimination against people without cars? yes, we know people with cars, but they're not always available. it's not like people without cars can't afford fast food. why are they not willing to serve us? WHY DO THEY MOCK US SO?

and no, you can't walk through the drive through around here. those bastards.
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(no subject)

Often when I see someone using a walker, there are cut-open tennis balls at the bottom of the legs, either at the first two or all four.

Why don't manufactures just make walkers with leg-bottoms that are tennis ball-like instead?
striped socks
  • fifty07

Strippers, stripclubs, bachelor parties, lapdances

What's your opinion on all of these things? Are you okay with your significant other going to a stripclub? Getting a lapdance?
Is it okay for a guy/gal to get a lapdance even if it is paid for by a friend, or should they reject it (the guy/gal being your S.O.)? Would you consider this "cheating"?? (it IS dry humping...)

humor me

1.can bears swim in the ocean?
2.what is the one most addicting game ever?
3.how are nuts made?
4.why do you pay for 24 pictures when developing a camera if the roll is for 27?
5.what is the meaning of life?
6.what exactly is love?
7.what is the most sacred act of love you can think of? (i.e. marriage)
8.what is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?
9.what do you think aliens look like?
10.when is your birthday?