January 24th, 2005



Ok, this is really really weird...Here are the things that have happened:
1) Someone sent my boyfriend an IM of my livejournal user name a year or so ago. I wrote about us in it, and some of our fights, and I didn't give it to him for that reason. It wasn't a big deal, really, it was just weird that someone somehow knew he was my boyfriend. I don't know how in the world they got his screen name.
2) Someone (he's not sure if it was the same person as before) somehow got ahold of some conversations I was having over AIM and sent them to my boyfriend. No one else had access to my computer so it must have been done from somewhere else.
3) My boyfriend got an IM from a friend of mine that the friend insists he didn't send. I'm inclined to believe him, also since his screen name as it showed up on my boyfriend's computer was in all lower-case letters and my friend's screen name is not all lower-case. The only conclusion I could come up with is that someone sent it from a phone using AIM but, for one thing, he had his phone with him, and two, he would know if someone else had signed on as him and no one had.
1 and 2 could potentially have broken up me and my boyfriend. 3 was sensical enough and realistic enough that I asked my friend how he got my boyfriend's screen name, just because I was curious, and he had no idea what I was talking about. It was not a message that would arouse suspicion. It was sent when my boyfriend was away, so he didn't respond at the time.
What the hell is going on?

Side note: I once looked at my boyfriend's deadjournal and called him and screamed at him about what was written there, and he was totally clueless. Someone, and this time, he figured out who, had gone onto his journal and changed stuff. I don't think, for various reasons, that the same person is doing this. I really don't...

Anyway, are there people who just like to hack into other people's AIM conversations or screen names and just mess around with their lives? Is someone trying to break me and my boyfriend up? Is there any way to figure out who is doing this?

Added note: Is there any program that allows people to send messages using someone else's screen name?

Some things I've been meaning to ask...

1.) There's a shampoo usually found in the dog isle that people use as well (so I've heard) called Mane and Tail (or Hair and Mane? or something) that's for horses. I've never seen it, but people have told me it makes your hair thicker. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, and is this true - because my hair is really thin and all the thickening shampoo's I've tried really don't work at all.

2.) Speaking of hair, my rabbit has been shedding A LOT lately. She always used to shed a little, but now when you pick her up you can just see hair go flying everywhere and it's really gross. There's actual hairballs all over the cage that were never there before. (I got her last April.) A friend of mine said that all rabbits do that and she's just changing her coat. But this friend of my mom's has had rabbits her whole life apparently and she said that she's never heard of shedding that bad before and I should take her to the vet. She's not balding or anything, but I'm a little worried. I've looked in rabbit books for shedding, and I've found nothing. Does anyone else have a bunny with this problem? :\

3.)And lastly, I'm looking for neat photo program that's easy to use, and not very expensive (under 30 bucks). Any suggestions?

Thanks and sorry for such long questions!

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The time and date on my computer is perfect down to the last second. But whenever I make a journal entry, the time has been getting more and more behind. It's now saying I posted about a day before I really posted it. How the hell do I fix this?
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clickie the linky

How do you get a nail embedded in your head. . . . much less going in through the roof of your mouth. . . and not realize it? It said the hospital said there had been another person who got a nail in their heads and didn't realize it either. . . . I mean. . .wow. You'd think it'd be obvious, or like were they blocking a horrid memory, or. . . . ?

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I started reading a book about diaries once and stopped, gave it to a friend, etc.etc. I´d like to find it again...

it´s a popular non-fiction book about people´s diaries. I think it goes through the different sorts of diaries people of kept/ keep (formaility, how personal they are) quoting from and discussing diaries from many different people of different times and places.
sorry, this is so vaugue, but if anyone knows of a book like this it would be great
thank you!!
(sorry about my spelling, I´m overseas and can´t do a spellcheck)

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Have any of you guys had an allergic reaction that made you puff up? How long did you stay puffy for?

My roomate's eyelids have been puffs for like, two weeks now, they're even yellow and bruising. They hooked her up to an IV and gave her some meds for the first trip to the ER, the second time they hooked her up with prednisone, and the third time they gave her eyedrops for *seasonal allergies* and this morning, her eyes are even worse. We think she was allergic to ginger, but they have her set up for an appointment in APRIL! Any ideas??
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I recently bought a sound blaster audigy 2 from staples for 99.95 online. Now, in store it was listed as 119.95. Does this mean that with the 150% price guarantee (if you find any item in the store for cheaper we'll give you the cheaper price and then 50% off the difference of the 2 up to a max of $50) I could buy it in the store and show them their online price and get it for 89.95?

I don't plan on, but for future, could you use their online price on an item in the store to get the discount?? seems kinda silly
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I don't know if there really is any way to know, but my friend and I have always wondered if the cartoon Bonkers was somewhat based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I mean a gruff detective who doesn't like toons working with a zany movie star toon partner?

Sure Bonkers was an ex-movie star cop and Roger was a movie star client (sorta) but still... they're pretty close.

(The question here being, does anyone have any idea if Bonkers was based on Roger Rabbit?)
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about a week ago i accidentally went through the EZ pass lane, and i don't have EZ pass. i had my fifteen cents in my hand along with the litte card i should have handed the toll collector, but pulled into the lane to notice there wasn't one. does any one know what is going to happen to me if anything?

i did this a few months ago (i'm really absent-minded i guess :-\) when i was driving my girlfriend's car, and nothing ever happened! i figured i just got lucky that time.

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In The Bodyguard what was it exactly that made Whitney Huston and Kevin Costner both know that she's not what he needs? Or is that only part of the song and not so much the movie? I've never seen the movie.

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Why is the yeast infection medication locked up in the grocery store after the pharmacist goes home? It may just be an Alberta thing, because it said something about provincial regulations, but I'm trying to figure out what devious purpose you could put yeast infection cream to besides treating a yeast infection.

Also, what is an active rating community with high standards?
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Is anyone else having problems staying logged into their Hotmail account? It keeps randomly making me log-in again, but I have it set to remember me and keep me logged in. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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Is it just me or do dogs like to bite at mittens? Whenever I go outside and have mittens on my dogs bite at them and get very playful. I just wanted to know if anyone else's dogs like to tug at their mittens.

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does anyone know what it means if you get a letter back in the mail with a "insufficient address" box checked? i'm assuming it doesn't mean that address doesn't exist, as there is a "no such address" box that is not checked. i don't understand what could be insufficient about a "1234 E. Whatever Road" type address if it exists. :/ thanks.
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food is highly over-rated

so we'll talk about liquids.
how much water do you drink a day?
how many cans of soda?
how many cups of coffe?
how much booze (any type?)
edit2: how much juice?
how much of anything else?

edit: competely different subject-
why do CLOSED minded people always OPEN their mouths? (i want serious answers not snide comments)
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I have an mp3 that I want to cut in half. The first half was the last song on the CD, and the second half is a "hidden track". I just want the hidden track for a mix I'm making. Is there a way to do this, preferably without paying for software? WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and FreeRip don't appear to have any editing capabilities, but I could be wrong.

edit: Got it, thank you!
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poems anybody?

i'm writing a book about being a teen w/ chronic pain. i know that there are sites out there for chronic pain, and i'm posting this there too, i'm just trying to reach as many people as i can.
do any of you have any poems or SHORT stories dealing with pain? i'd really appreciate any. i'll give your name (first/last/whatever) if you want or you can remain annonymous. i really don't care. one poem i have is Collapse )
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unfortunate events

lucky 13

On Friday, I was walking to lunch in Midtown Atlanta, and I noticed that the streets skip from 12th to 14th. I can only assume that this was done for the same reason that high-rise buildings skip the 13th floor: superstition.

Does anyone know if this is still common? Have you ever been on the 13th floor of a buliding with more than 13 floors? I don't recall ever being on the 13th floor of a building, but I have quite the selective memory.
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What can I do to become an extra in a movie, or commercial or something? I'm 16. I'd love to get into that. I tried modeling, but it was a fake, they wanted you to pay $3,000 just to get a kit from them telling you how to be a model.

Any tips?
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What are all the scenes in Not Another Teen Movie in reference to? WHich movies? I can name some of them, but i can't remember the names of some of them. Can you name all of the movies which Not Another Teen Movie spoofs?
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Does anyone know how that "Guess Your Weight/Age/Birthday/Color Underwear/Number of Sexual Partners" game at fairs and carnivals works?

I was pondering it while working out and the only thing I can think of is that they have some sort of ... no, nevermind, that was a stupid idea. How's it work? :P
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It's all about the gmails

Who knows why gmail has yahoo!mail advertisements within its own mail service?!?

Collapse )

I have two gmail accounts: that one, and my real name. I use the gmail notifier for jennilee.tt. I want to be notified by the notifier for both jennilee.tt and my other account. Is there a way to do this somehow? Do you even know what I'm getting at or did I explain it poorly?

By the way, who *doesn't* have a gmail account yet and would like one?

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Poll #424370 Random

How often do you pick your nose?

All the time!
Quite often.

Are you male or female?


How often do you shower or bathe?

Are you a cam whore? (if you are, put a picture in the comments.)

Not really.

homework and music

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to listen to soft music online? (online radio, etc.) I'm looking for music to listen to while I work on studying for finals this week. I know I could easily spend forever looking on google if I really wanted to, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask for suggestions! Thanks.

Oh, and even some music to download would be good too. :)